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  1. HOSS

    First oil change on 2018

    Mark how long did you go between oil changes? I am doing 5,000 on mine and using Delo new filter on every change to me its cheap insurance
  2. If this trans can teach an old dog like me new tricks it will do the same for you!!!!!
  3. HOSS

    Gary’s new truck

    Here is Gary's truck. Scotty sent the pictures to me
  4. HOSS

    Gary’s new truck

    I haven't seen an email yet or I would have posted them already
  5. HOSS

    Gary’s new truck

    Holy twins Batman!
  6. HOSS

    New to me - not Blue

    That was always my biggest problem I could never find anyone to help Buck bails more than once. After the first time I talked somebody into it they always had other things to do.........
  7. HOSS

    Gary’s new truck

    Goldy says where are the pictures????
  8. HOSS

    New to me - not Blue

    Not a problem!
  9. I would love the turbo for my jetta….. wish I had a use for the rest I sure don't need another project
  10. A factory head bolt? I have a bunch of each of these just give me your address and I'll toss them in a if it fits it ships envelope.
  11. I was glad to everyone who made it! It was great to have time to sit and BS. the weather was perfect and so was the company!
  12. No rain the clouds are breaking and it's nice Some chicken ribs and pork bly in the smoker
  13. I got to sleep in for a while today! First day off in a few weeks! Just getting stuff ready to put in the smoker now. Abbyfireguy showed up last night and we got his camp setup now its time to start cooking and enjoy the day