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  1. That water pump got your sister a free car! 😎
  2. Well at least you got some more timing belt practice.
  3. Your going to be slow either way but I think I would stay on I-5 With thousands of Renton people now driving to the Everett plant every day I would think staying on I-5 would be a better choice
  4. What he said! Crazy fast and zero traction!
  5. Hollar if you have a little time either way when you go by my place. I will buy you dinner or whatever.
  6. Aug 14th and 15th Friday and Saturday no prep Kings is coming to Seattle international speedway. If anyone is interested in seeing these guys in person. I am thinking about camping the weekend there to watch both days.
  7. The date for this year's party will be a week earlier than usual. We have a few guys who can never come on the third weekend of the month so I am going to bump it back a weekend this year. Same gig as usual just a week earlier.
  8. Are you interested in parting with it?
  9. That is definitely more like it I will take some measurements and see which it is.
  10. Phase a matic does not mention voltage being an issue but I have to have the starting motor 50% larger than the motor running so 2hp minimum and they say a 3450rmp motor is best to use.
  11. If anyone has one laying around or knows a good place to find one I need a 3 phase motor for a rotary phase converter I am putting together for the horizontal band saw I got. It needs to be 2hp or 3hp and it does not matter if the shaft is good or not it won't be turning anything so damaged threads or keyway does not matter. If you know of anything please let me know
  12. Nice job finding a way to get it done! I love the left hand dash mounted shifter!
  13. Mark no longer owns the truck but the guy who showed him this mod had them in for 2 years with no issues and I know Mark did not have any problems with his while he had it. I did the high beams in my 14 but I have different low beams in mine so I was not able to do those.
  14. The stuff I have is definitely not train rail because it's bigger than all that.
  15. Thanks for the hook up Ben! These are going to work great for the new saw! Well worth the price!
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