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  1. In 79 I was in a 1969 Pontiac LeMans small block 4 speed car and loving every minute of it! Soon to make way for a 1964 GTO
  2. How are these priced compared to regular batteries. I am still running the original batteries in my camper (2010 model) I am sure I am not far away from needing replacements. Do these play well with a solar charger which is also in my future?
  3. My pressure regulator is way more complex than it needs to be. I would do like Dave said and go with a first gen pump
  4. Your getting serious! That 1000hp your looking for will come easy now!
  5. Yeah if it was a unit bearing it would be all the time.
  6. Is it constant when your rolling? Very well could be a unit bearing also, I was pulling around by the shop with the 02 and Terry was standing by the truck and asked me what that crunching sound was?????? Like I can hear anything with that truck running (or not for that matter) I thought for sure it was a axle U joint because it was worse when turning hard but when I got it on the lift it was a shot unit bearing. Since I had it apart I did both sides unit bearings and axle U joints.
  7. The 68RFE is not a bad transmission and actually responds better to power adders than the Aisin. They are both good transmissions but if your going to tow heavy a lot the Aisin is the way to go. The new 2500 can carry more than my 02 2500 by far it is no slouch so that is also depending on how you want to use it. The options get crazy expensive but being a guy who until recently only had bare bones trucks and now has a newer truck with some options I can truly say you get what you pay for and the added features are nice!
  8. Text them to me and I will post them [emoji4]
  9. I am 90% sure I have a set of them and they are yours if you want them
  10. OK so...………………. Back to our regularly scheduled programming, sorry for the highjack Bob I for one REALLY want to hear about both your tractor builds. How about somebody start a Poor Babe thread so Bob can have his build thread back
  11. Ben's "it ain't so bad" comment was referring to my "speak for yourself I am kissing everyone" comment. Just sayin.........
  12. I can't wait to see the progress of both builds! I love living vicariously through you! I plan to retire at some point and have to remain a non practicing competition addict in order for that to happen [emoji16] I actually think at some point an old tractor build to play at local pulls would be cost effective fun after I retire and adjust to a fixed income. Hey Bob when things get going again let me know about any Lynden pulls please! I would love come up and watch!
  13. That's what they all say! I remember how hard Mr. Cob preached the stock stuff till Byron and I showed him the dark side [emoji16]
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