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  1. HOSS

    Low voltage on the gauge

    I agree Larry B's practical solutions is a great resource!!! His starter rebuild kits are the way to go. He has great instructions makes it very easy and much cheaper than replacing it with a poor quality remanned unit that you know will need replacement again.
  2. HOSS

    Low voltage on the gauge

    Angry voltage regulator?
  3. I was thinking more of educational advice. You know like Joyce Brothers
  4. HOSS

    Newbie with first Dodge/Cummins, 2nd gen

    Sounds like your setup very well now! Congratulations
  5. HOSS

    Helping my neighbor.

    Very cool!!!!!!!!!!! Good on you for helping a friend in need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. HOSS

    I'm ordering a new 3500

    Joe I was really shocked at how inexpensive they are (at least I thought they would be much more than they are) granted I ended up not having to pay for mine thanks to the fine members of this board!!!!! But I truly dont know how I lived without one for as long as I did. I am sure that just in maintenance alone a lift would pay for itself rather quickly for most people as long as you have room for it.
  7. HOSS

    Paint chips on the 2014

    Cool I will check it out!
  8. So I am wanting to clay bar and wax the new truck but I have a few (more like a dozen or more) chips in the paint. Mostly the typical front fenders and hood rock chips and I would like to deal with them sooner rather than later. I dont just want to buy some touch up paint to fill the chips with it so that it can continue to rust under the touch up paint but I am not sure how to properly prepare such a small spot and I am not sanding it down and re painting it. Any suggestions?
  9. Cool I tried to find this yesterday at work from Tapatalk and could not find it. Maybe with this forum we can get Paul to check in once in a while
  10. Is that like the stuffing a rear diff full of sawdust to get it home?
  11. That would be great if it just needed a hone!!
  12. HOSS

    Trying a couple new cleaning products

    I have read that the hydrosylex stuff is not all it's cracked up to be. The fact that they say the more you use it the better makes me wonder. I am thinking I will try that silver line stuff on my camper. The new truck needs a clay bar and wax badly.
  13. Very nice Dave!!! I bet its kinda hard to find campgrounds that can accommodate a setup as long as yours. It looks like you use every inch of that site. Very cool
  14. HOSS

    I'm ordering a new 3500

    Save a lot of money and hassle getting rid of trailers and put a lift in your shop. Makes that filter change a breeze