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  1. HOSS

    Aug 18th roll call

    The only smoke I wanna see is the thin blue kind rolling out of my smoker!
  2. HOSS

    Aug 18th roll call

    With a crew doing the work you should be free to come up! Just steal a plane and fly up! Too soon?!?!?!?!?
  3. HOSS

    Aug 18th roll call

    I am very sorry to hear this Dan. My best to Liz
  4. HOSS

    Huge estate sale this weekend

    Well after trying to call out the rain by washing and waxing the truck last weekend and getting nothing we got it today. Steady drizzle all morning then it cleared up for a while and flat out downpour now. But there has been a steady flow of people and money coming in all day. Brought in a few thousand already and only had one issue with a doughhead who tried to steal from us. He found out that was not a good choice and a even worse choice to get all fired up when I told him to pay up for the stuff in his pockets. Well just say I got my stuff back and then some. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.
  5. Terry and Amanda are having a huge sale this weekend tons of high end (and low end) woodworking tools and furniture, clothes, electronics, dishes blah blah blah there is a ton of stuff so come buy some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today and Sunday 25823 70th ave ne Arlington wash 98223 Follow the signs
  6. Oh god yer Killin me! That R1 [emoji41]
  7. HOSS

    8200 rpm Cummins explosion!

    If your gonna make a omelette ya gotta break a few eggs......
  8. HOSS

    Put in some work!

    Yes sir I have thanks to your educating me on it. I need to get a big jug of the green stuff. The smell is addictive!
  9. HOSS

    Sockeye opening

  10. The guy that had that tree split from each side had somebody watching over him! That was a Widowmaker for sure. Nothing he really could have done about that. It was one of the ones I was thinking of and the rotten core. When we fell the big hemlock right next to my house I knew as old as that tree was it was most likely rotten inside, they just don't live that long. We were very careful and luckily it only had about a 6 in diameter soft spot on the middle. Kept watching for the chips to turn dark and it never happened. [emoji41]
  11. A couple of those crushed cars were intentional.
  12. Hey!!!! I resemble that remark! A few of those are professional loggers doing everything right and still having things go sideways. Some of the others well.....ya can't polish a turd. 不
  13. HOSS

    Put in some work!

    Glitter delete is 100% complete!! The seat bolsters and few other spots need a couple more good doses of conditioner to get the leather back to where it should be.
  14. HOSS


    The Oak Harbor drive in is cool. I miss going to the one in Burlington when it was there. In high school I would back my old 62 Ford up into a spot and put the lawn chairs in back and had a box built in the back with a keg on ice in it.