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  1. HOSS

    New to me - not Blue

    Nice truck! I like the ram in the grill!
  2. HOSS

    Marine electrical question

    Excellent! Thank you!!
  3. Anyone know what this connection is called or where I might find them? I can just wire the power and ground direct (yes thru a fused power) ut I would prefer to use this connection. The only thing I did not get with the TR1 autopilot I bought was the power leads.
  4. HOSS

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    With the price of new trucks today doing this does make sense and your doing a outstanding job!!!!! This lady is going to love the improvements!
  5. HOSS

    Bottom painting another boat

    Nice work! I did this to the stalker the boat that Dave Conrad bought. A lot of work but worth the effort. Your neighbor will be happy and thank you for the reminder of why I will NOT sell my 02 to a friend or neighbor! I do not want to be the maintenance guy!!!!!!!!!
  6. Its a very price and I have no doubt knowing you that the planes and all the controls are in perfect condition. My guess is nobody has snatched it up because we don't have too many RC plane guys here?
  7. After the hack job that was done on my 02 during a recall fix I will be using locktite on it and keeping an eye on it. I believe this is a much safer option for everyone than welding it. Like Dave said about the ground????? How easy would it be for them to do damage to the sensitive electrical systems if it was not grounded correctly of if they did not disconnect the batteries and sent current through the truck? I just don't trust them.
  8. HOSS

    Fishing 2019

    Nice! I hope to be over that way soon chasing walleye and trout!
  9. HOSS

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    That looks much gooder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. HOSS

    Cerma Coating

    Now do like they do in the commercials and toss a bucket of muddy water on it and see how well it runs off. The boat looks great Paul!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant imagine anything you own not being spotless.
  11. HOSS

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    those are cool!
  12. HOSS

    Spray in Bedliner

    I did Armathane on my 02 and loved it! I thought rhinoliner was too soft and a shovel or sharp object could tear it to easy and Linex was too hard and slippery so stuff wanted to slide around easily. Armathane was a happy medium between the 2. Its been on my 02 since it was new and still in great shape.
  13. HOSS

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    Looks like fun! I have laid upside down under the dash of mine fixing the linkage after it broke (I was about 10 miles from home on hwy 9 and somehow managed to get home without stopping and shifted without the clutch all the way)
  14. HOSS

    Fifth wheel gooseneck prep into 2011

    I cant help with the retro fit into a older truck but if you get a truck with a bed setup this way Rusty has the 5th wheel hitch that came with his new to him truck I think he wants to get rid of.
  15. HOSS

    Trailer Hitch?

    I looked at them when I put the hitch on Terrys Santa Fe I only put it on to use a carrier rack not pull a trailer but it could.