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  1. So upon the rollover of my 02' burgundy badass totaled truck, I apparently bent the right rear axle shaft. Haven't even tried the rip me off wrecking yards. Spotted this today after the DTT trans/HD t-case swap. I'm hoping someone here has one for fair price or trade. Thanks in advance folks :)---Proflow
  2. Pulled the trigger on an axle from fleybay. Unfortunately, it won't be here for over a week, but that's OK. Hopefully, I made the correct choice on the 32 spline as I haven't pulled mine yet. I do have the Dana 70 SRW CTD, so should be correct.
  3. proflow

    01.5 Ram 2500 Lost O.D.

    Hi folks, Before I remove my trans & swap it out for another, is there perhaps a relay i'm overlooking or whatnot related to the O.D. in the CTD trans ? TIA---Proflow
  4. proflow

    01.5 Ram 2500 Lost O.D.

    Its a factory trans. So 4th does hit lock. However doesnt even go into O.D. I made the decision to stage it up to transfer my DTT outa my roll over into the trk. starting tomorrow.
  5. proflow

    New to me 2nd gen project

    When you are ready, I have an awesome connect on coatings. Either keep the heat or rid it. In Auburn so not far from you.
  6. proflow

    New to me 2nd gen project

    I might be missing something here, however beings this is a custom build why not mig/tig an edge at the end of the pipe so it isn't able to blow off ? Just a thought. The best is of course a beated /roll edge, however a sweet weld will do the same as I experienced....
  7. I'm finishing up the front diff swap in my trk hopefully tomorrow. I have all four adjustable control arms & of course gonna hit the caster close, actually on the heavy side preferred. With 6.5 " lift I'm looking for a general or better degree on the pinion yoke or driveshaft. That would help w/adjustments greatly. Thanks in advance folks----Proflow
  8. proflow

    Desired front driveline angle ?

    Thanks bud I'll shoot in that area.
  9. Might be seeing Mike sometime soon to put a 2nd gear band in my DTT billet trans b4 I install it in old blue. Or if I have time , might gut it myself, dunno.
  10. proflow

    New sway bar links arrived

    Same ones I bought but I have 6.5" lift so they are longer. Bought longer links for the rear also.
  11. Pretty much the title says it all. This is for a 5.9L Please p.m. me what you have & how much moola. Thanks---Proflow
  12. Folks, Im finally in the works of cutting up my roll over 02' Ram 2500 Best offer on these parts pulled as of now. 35 gal diesel fuel tank w/sender assy., Hood in pic. Rear under seat storage compartment from SLT Gray dash top, no cracks. SOLD Auto dim rear view mirror SLT Dual battery trays Radiator, A/C condenser, intercooler Rear section of 2pc driveline , front driveline complete Auto trans pedal set-up complete Stock front coils, upper trailing arms, sway bar Front dana 60 , 354 gears. complete, disc to disc. includes brake calipers lines, ABS wiring etc.. 4.5" lift Skyjacker Nitro shocks (4) need some poly bushings replaced (cheap @ amazon) Firestone rear air bags complete w/frame and leaf brkts and hardware for mounting. ABS unit Driver & passenger airbags , tilt steering collum w/shaft , drop pitman arm & box that is tapped w/lines, cooler, custom res. , PST ram w/bent shaft This is a hydro over set up. Shaft is replaceable. Will separate if needed. Gen 3 8 lug wheels w/Toyo Open Country MT's . Wheels are coated semi gloss blk. 3 center caps & all lugs included. Tires are better than 65% w/no plugs or patches etc. Siped when new. On the tires & wheels I hit two w/simple green & rinsed, didnt chery pic for picture ! lol Only have pic of wheels/tires @ this time but can take more as requested. Possibly within in a few weeks I'll have complete front & rear diffs out of my daily for sale. (01.5) Rear is 354 ratio locker w/disc brakes, calipers, e brake cables, speed sensor etc.. Dana 60. Brakes are about due for replacing. Front is 354 ratio w/disc & calipers included. Dana 70. Front steering links are gone. Newer greese able ball joints Front is out & ready to sell Truck just turned 130k jfyi Complete 5.9 minus vp or not. Tight trans just serviced last year (have receipt) prior owner claims rebuilt, however I have no paperwork on that. HD transfer case. This engine, trans, t-case can be driven b4 pulled. Radiator, Intercooler, , trans cooler all w/lines & hoses if needed. will be available out of my current driver (130k) when I find time & facility to swap my 02' power plant. These parts only @ this time. I'll update as it goes WANTED: Stock harmonic ballancer & fluid dampener for other Im located in Roy near the Y. Best to call 253-737-7270 Thanks---Don
  13. Sorry so late to get back to you , my darn puter smoked a week ago or so, Anyway, the answer is yes,but...I had a very extensive stereo system in that trk so the end I chopped &replaced w/a multi-port gig. Ive heard of folks sweating on the marine terminals and are a decent way to go. Let me know if ya still want it bud, I could pull this weekend likely.
  14. Are you looking or selling ? I dont have one even on my driver at this time !
  15. I do have the front driveshaft complete, pinion yoke needs to stay w/diff though. Whatever is fair for price & I"ll pull it
  16. Sorry for late reply. my puter is down .Seats are gone. Thanks for your patience .
  17. proflow

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Sweet build & I certainly like how clean everything is ! Good job sourcing out the correct parts for the fuel pump ! Looks awesome Dan, keep up the good work ! It'll be a beast for sure ! Proflow
  18. Sorry the heater core went w/cowl to scrap. Didnt wanna stop cutting ! The A/C condenser in the front of the truck I have & is in good shape if thats what youre asking ?
  19. proflow

    Truck needs some love

    Looks like they went in the metal run. Only the tank here, sorry
  20. proflow

    Truck needs some love

    I might have your strap from my part out, let me see.
  21. Anyone have one of these brackets kicking around ? This would be the one most didnt use on the steering stabilizer. Im almost ready to swap in my other diff in my trk & want to mount the dual skyjacker back up. TIA Proflow
  22. Heres the dash top, Well I have two pics of it, but need to resize them im guessing.
  23. Heres the pics as promised, SLT leather wheel w/cruise , tilt steering column. Gray dash top. Looks like I need to post the dash pics in another box.
  24. I can take pics of dash top & steering wheel for you tomorrow. The gear box is in my storage about an hour away from me.
  25. I do have a complete instrument assy but would rather sell it complete. And actually its in my storage @ the moment anyway. Id go 75 on the dash top as I have already pulled it. Its a bit of a chore. The steering box still has shaft and I think pitman arm on it. Not sure of the arm. The leather slt wheel only has the typical light scratch marks on top but not ripped in any way. I could take a pic of it tomorrow if you wish.