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  1. Folks, Im finally in the works of cutting up my roll over 02' Ram 2500 Best offer on these parts pulled as of now. 35 gal diesel fuel tank w/sender assy., Hood in pic. Rear under seat storage compartment from SLT Gray dash top, no cracks. Auto dim rear view mirror SLT Dual battery trays Rear section of 2pc driveline , front not pulled yet. Possibly within in a few weeks I'll have complete front & rear diffs out of my daily for sale. (01.5) Rear is 354 ratio locker w/disc brakes, calipers, e brake cables, speed sensor etc.. Dana 60. Brakes are about due for replacing. Front is 354 ratio w/disc & calipers included. Dana 70. Front links are gone. Newer greese able ball joints . Brakes are about due for replacing. Firestone rear air bags complete w/frame and leaf brkts and hardware for mounting. ABS unit , if interested let me know if lines are needed or Im going to cut them. Steering column , SLT leather wheel w/airbag , shaft , drop pitman arm & box that is tapped w/lines, cooler, custom res. , PST ram w/bent shaft This is a hydro over set up. Shaft is replaceable. Will separate if needed. Gen 3 8 lug wheels w/Toyo Open Country MT's . Wheels are coated semi gloss blk. 3 center caps & all lugs included. Tires are better than 65% w/no plugs or patches etc. Siped when new. Could be sold anytime if replaced w/rollers. On the tires & wheels I hit two w/simple green & rinsed, didnt chery pic for picture ! lol 2.5 or 3" RevTech front leveling kit w/shocks. Rear shocks as well. not sure of brand, not stock. but nothing special. Only have pic of wheels/tires @ this time but can take more as requested. Truck just turned 130k jfyi Complete 5.9 minus vp or not. Tight trans just serviced last year (have receipt) prior owner claims rebuilt, however I have no paperwork on that. HD transfer case. This engine, trans, t-case can be driven b4 pulled. Radiator, Intercooler, , trans cooler all w/lines & hoses if needed. will be available out of my current driver (130k) when I find time & facility to swap my 02' power plant. These parts only @ this time. I'll update as it goes Im located in Roy near the Y. Best to call 253-737-7270 Thanks---Don
  2. Heres the dash top, Well I have two pics of it, but need to resize them im guessing.
  3. Heres the pics as promised, SLT leather wheel w/cruise , tilt steering column. Gray dash top. Looks like I need to post the dash pics in another box.
  4. Hi Folks, I applied a Sorenson steering box & shaft a few yrs back on my 01.5 , love it btw. Im now in need of a drop pitman arm (5') in near future & need to know about the compatibility w/say Borgeson ? I know its different than the stocker. Am I loosing my darn mind & thinking this is Sorenson & not Bergeson ? I did a trade on this forum for these awesome parts (box & shaft) & do know it requires an adaptor plate to mount the box to frame rail. I also know the Dodge pitman arm was a different spline. Thanks in advance---Proflow
  5. OK, its been a bit, Delphi is the factory box & Im going to order a Borgeson drop arm. Hope it fits ! lol On a side note, who makes steel braided extended brake lines for the gen 2 reasonable ?
  6. I can take pics of dash top & steering wheel for you tomorrow. The gear box is in my storage about an hour away from me.
  7. Does anyone have an answer to this ? It might be older or newer than my 2001 factory box , dunno However the part # is different for all of them Ive been all over the internet, ug. Any help would be appreciated Thanks---Proflow
  8. I do have a complete instrument assy but would rather sell it complete. And actually its in my storage @ the moment anyway. Id go 75 on the dash top as I have already pulled it. Its a bit of a chore. The steering box still has shaft and I think pitman arm on it. Not sure of the arm. The leather slt wheel only has the typical light scratch marks on top but not ripped in any way. I could take a pic of it tomorrow if you wish.
  9. Please let me know what you think is fair on the dash top. Id like to transfer it to my other truck (typical crack) but no time. I do also have another factory steering box & shaft from this truck b4 I did the conversion @ likely 80k mi. Do you need the SLT leather wheel w/controls ? Air bag ? Please let me know of all items desired & we will work it out Im sure
  10. Perfect, need lines is all. cheap anywere I might pull them tomorrow actualy. 253-737-7270 Thanks ----Don
  11. Looking for a nice 8ft box for my 2001.5, must be in great shape and priced right. Thanks in advance. Prefere blue in color if I can be picky ! 253-737-7270 text is best
  12. Hi folks. Been searching the web for a set of 6" extended DOT steel braided brake lines for my 02' disc brake 2500 4x4 CTD w/4whl ABS. The misc. obviouse places Ive been trying to order from & without luck. Any suggestions would be great, I work swing so calling while open is tough. Id love to find a link that has a package to order from. Thanks in advance---Don
  13. Possibly this might have to be bought in a 3 kit & have the two lil guys made. I want all the stopping performance of braided lines.
  14. Just the 3 extended 6" & the two rear disc lines stock
  15. That Crown place would be the hit if they werent 03-11 3pc instead of 5pc. I'll try calling those guys. Thanks---Don
  16. Ya, Williams Oil Filter Service in Tacoma Ive had do custom lines for my old motorhome oil cooler, but always left with an empty wallet. All these lift kit companies have to have what I need. Actually, what I need is nothing special---its just finding a kit that has 5 lines not 3 due to the rear disc brakes. And of course the 4 wheel ABS for whatever the diff is there. Just want to order & install once is all !
  17. Thanks Hoss for the reply. I did the good ol youtube look up on this last night. Job doesnt look too bad minus swimming through the freekin sludge ! Obviously Purple Power & power wash in advance. Im pulling my rad. regardless. I want the room & able to clean it nicely ! For sure front cover off ! yepper !!! Have a good day guys
  18. Oh & yes I knowticed I dug this up from the grave ! Cant kill a guy for searching though !!!
  19. Ok, this topic has been sidetracked, if someone could set me straight on replacing my front seal without pulling cover that would be great. The kit I bought has a crank speedie sleeve, 2x seal, seal install tool . Im guessing the one seal is for the 12 v & one for 24v. I dont mind pulling the rad, gives me a good reason to clean it properly & swap antifreeze Is this seal installed from the rear of the cover or no is the question ! Thanks in advance---Don
  20. proflow

    "Y" to "T" Steering 2nd Gen

    Worked out sweet for my rig for sure. Did an adjustable track bar at the same time. Now if one of these asshats that keep sending me the wrong steering brace would get their crap straight, that would be great. Ive decided to mod this 3rd one for the Borgeson box to fit my truck correctly. I swear there is NO pride in a quailty built product anymore...Anyone can powdercoat crap. Pisses me off....Oh well whatever
  21. proflow

    "Y" to "T" Steering 2nd Gen

    Just did mine tonight on my 01.5 driver. Took it out for a drive & noticed the difference right away ! I think just the beef of the links & joints makes a more solid feel ! Love it ! My tie rods had 132k on the clock im guessing, ball joints however had already benn replaced & I did the Borgeson box & colum rod also. Im now looking for a decent but not overpriced track bar and steering stabilizer. I dont have a Mag front cover on this truck, so should be easy really. Just want something adjustable for 2 1/2 -4 or 5" lift and ends replacable. Oh ya, not paying the chumpis price like I did for a aluminum tube w/bracket that failed & was told to send it all back on my dime to try & match up threads as they revamped their crap. No names nessasary obviously ! Anyway, This Mopar kit was about $307 shipped & worth every penny
  22. Please get a hold of me when ya can bud, I still need a clean box & gate. I would like to see your gate. What color/condition is it in ? Thanks---Don in2proflow@msn.com or 253-737-7270
  23. Need a clean single axle 8 foot box & gate for my 2001 Ram.2x or 4x I believe doesn't matter. To be picky in dark blue metallic. I can update paint code if needed. Please let me know what you have & best cash price. Some uninsured asshat hit the back of my truck & I dont have uninsured motorist Any help would be appreciated & please send pics & info/price to 253-737-7270 Thanks---Don
  24. That box is for an employees truck there. Thanks for looking out though ! Smokn Bio, get ahold of me on the gate please---in2proflow@msn.com
  25. Thank you so much buddy, I'll give them a call in the a.m. Thanks again !----Don