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  1. proflow

    Engine oil leak

    Ya, the valve cover isn't leaking either. That's what has me puzzled. Yet I'm looking for possibilities b4 I dig ass deep into it...LOL
  2. Hi Folks, I've recently replaced the front crank seal & resealed the timing cover on my 01.5 Cummins with great results. It was nice having a clean engine bay and driveway again. However, I recently found there to be another leak on the passenger side front. The A/C pump looks covered in oil. I checked the oil line to the turbo and it seems fine. Any ideas before I start gutting parts to chase this down would be greatly appreciated. Thanks---Proflow
  3. proflow

    Dodge Performance ECU

    Paul is correct.
  4. proflow

    Dodge Performance ECU

    OK, thanks for the heads up. Looks like I might have an ecm for sale then.
  5. proflow

    Dodge Performance ECU

    Couldn't open files for some reason
  6. proflow

    Dodge Performance ECU

    I was hoping compatible so, however, haven't heard back from Bob. (pm) I know He's a busy guy. Kinda also was hoping to hear of the benefits of this ECU as I'm sure I wouldn't have done it unless so. This was back in the day that Marco and Bob were offering the Smarty that I still run. I had the Comp Drag Edge box stacked together w/Mach 5's , water/meth etc.. as well. Thanks for the quick reply
  7. Back in the day, I purchased this ECU from Bob Wagner for my 02' 2500 Cummins. I'm now transferring my hi-po mods etc.. to my 01.5 trk. Same trans, Cummins 5.9 24 valve, etc. Question is, is this vin coded or will it plug & play? Also I forget what benefits I had gotten from swapping that module out. It's just been too long! Thanks in advance---Don
  8. Pulled the trigger on an axle from fleybay. Unfortunately, it won't be here for over a week, but that's OK. Hopefully, I made the correct choice on the 32 spline as I haven't pulled mine yet. I do have the Dana 70 SRW CTD, so should be correct.
  9. So upon the rollover of my 02' burgundy badass totaled truck, I apparently bent the right rear axle shaft. Haven't even tried the rip me off wrecking yards. Spotted this today after the DTT trans/HD t-case swap. I'm hoping someone here has one for fair price or trade. Thanks in advance folks :)---Proflow
  10. proflow

    01.5 Ram 2500 Lost O.D.

    Its a factory trans. So 4th does hit lock. However doesnt even go into O.D. I made the decision to stage it up to transfer my DTT outa my roll over into the trk. starting tomorrow.
  11. proflow

    01.5 Ram 2500 Lost O.D.

    Hi folks, Before I remove my trans & swap it out for another, is there perhaps a relay i'm overlooking or whatnot related to the O.D. in the CTD trans ? TIA---Proflow
  12. proflow

    New to me 2nd gen project

    When you are ready, I have an awesome connect on coatings. Either keep the heat or rid it. In Auburn so not far from you.
  13. proflow

    New to me 2nd gen project

    I might be missing something here, however beings this is a custom build why not mig/tig an edge at the end of the pipe so it isn't able to blow off ? Just a thought. The best is of course a beated /roll edge, however a sweet weld will do the same as I experienced....
  14. proflow

    Desired front driveline angle ?

    Thanks bud I'll shoot in that area.
  15. I'm finishing up the front diff swap in my trk hopefully tomorrow. I have all four adjustable control arms & of course gonna hit the caster close, actually on the heavy side preferred. With 6.5 " lift I'm looking for a general or better degree on the pinion yoke or driveshaft. That would help w/adjustments greatly. Thanks in advance folks----Proflow