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  1. proflow

    1000ftlbs of torque

    Paul, I bet on a cold day your truck could hit that
  2. proflow

    WTB: Head bolt & injector crossover tube

    Did a good job of taking care of me bud! Thanks:)
  3. proflow

    WTB: Head bolt & injector crossover tube

    Came in the mail today HOSS Thank you so much Please give me paypal info to compensate for shipping ! Thanks again---Proflow
  4. proflow

    Catcher ECU

    Paul, I have a person w/a 99' Cummins auto 4x4 that is interested. I know the cruise control runs through this puter, would the 99' run its own bus & jump being no problem? TIA---Proflow
  5. proflow

    Catcher ECU

    Tried to find him, so just posted it for sale on c.l. & fleybay. I'd rather give a better deal to a member here though. And thank you for the lookout for me Proflow
  6. Also if someone could tune me up on a decent inline fuel filter for the Vulcan big line kit b4 the frame-mounted fass drp that would be great Thanks in advance---Proflow
  7. proflow

    2nd & 3rd Gen Parking Brake Adjust

    Its no sweat, just position your body opposite when doing either side. B.T.W. drivers side tightens upwards and passenger side downwards. Proflow
  8. proflow

    Catcher ECU

    Posted on C.L. and fleybay for 450, best offer is excepted at 425 on fleybay. (Item ID: 202762529903)
  9. proflow

    Catcher ECU

    Very cool to know, thank you bud !
  10. proflow

    Catcher ECU

    His trk is a 6spd, does that matter ? Thanks---Proflow
  11. So, I'm fixn to mount my FASS DRP pump near the tank on the frame rail as I had in the 02'truck w/Vulcan lines & large banjos etc.. I actually have two of these pumps that are runners. While I'm there, would I be crazy/stupid to run them in line full time for durability or just wait to swap it on the side of the road? Pressure should be same yet less strain right? Just a thought cuz I have them is all. TIA---Proflow
  12. proflow

    WTB: Head bolt & injector crossover tube

    Yes, stock head bolt. Thank you much buddy Remember getting the pwr leather seats from my 02' back in the day! lol That was 8yrs ago! I'll PM you my addy & let me know what's owed for mail my friend Thanks---Proflow
  13. Hi folks, I'm about done transferring my aftermarket engine parts from my 02 '5.9 trk to my 01.5 In doing so, I found one head bolt and one injector crossover tube not to be sellable to a friend kinda thing. If anyone has these two items it'll get my 02' engine for sale as I'm almost ready! Please let me know & how much Thanks in advance----Proflow
  14. proflow

    Catcher ECU

    10-4, I could do that & just apply fuel & not timing as I understand. However, I'm thinking because I already have the smarty & edge box I likely don't need it. Knock on wood!
  15. proflow

    Catcher ECU

    I did the same w/this ecu/smarty & comp drag box !