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  1. proflow

    New to me 2nd gen project

    When you are ready, I have an awesome connect on coatings. Either keep the heat or rid it. In Auburn so not far from you.
  2. proflow

    New to me 2nd gen project

    I might be missing something here, however beings this is a custom build why not mig/tig an edge at the end of the pipe so it isn't able to blow off ? Just a thought. The best is of course a beated /roll edge, however a sweet weld will do the same as I experienced....
  3. proflow

    Desired front driveline angle ?

    Thanks bud I'll shoot in that area.
  4. I'm finishing up the front diff swap in my trk hopefully tomorrow. I have all four adjustable control arms & of course gonna hit the caster close, actually on the heavy side preferred. With 6.5 " lift I'm looking for a general or better degree on the pinion yoke or driveshaft. That would help w/adjustments greatly. Thanks in advance folks----Proflow
  5. proflow

    Count Your lucky stars

    I certainly do consider myself lucky ! When I got stopped & saw the rotor hanging in the wheel no more than an inch, I bout crap myself. Glad it didnt cut loose & glad I had the tools with me to fast track the fix !
  6. So, about 1.5 month ago I was heading to Roslin to meet up w/a buddy to do some dirt bike riding . In the right hand lane (thankfully) doing about 70 the front of the truck felt like I hit a huge pot hole. Then I noticed steering all jacked up. Heres the deal, Prior owner put aluminum spacers on the front & rear of this truck to clear the 3rd gen wheel. Im going to try and attach pics for you guys. I got lucky eh... Original studs were perfect so I dumpted the spacer & 10 min. back on the road. Didnt like those Semis 2" away doing 75 right next to me ! So, got the pics figured out, minus the last one shouldve been first. Can someone tell me why the wheel rode on the brake disc @ 70 plus till I pulled over ? Inside the wheel shows only 1" of contact. No damage , just strainge if you ask me. I would have thought that wheel/tire would have let loose 4 sure.
  7. Might be seeing Mike sometime soon to put a 2nd gear band in my DTT billet trans b4 I install it in old blue. Or if I have time , might gut it myself, dunno.
  8. proflow

    New sway bar links arrived

    Same ones I bought but I have 6.5" lift so they are longer. Bought longer links for the rear also.
  9. Pretty much the title says it all. This is for a 5.9L Please p.m. me what you have & how much moola. Thanks---Proflow
  10. Sorry so late to get back to you , my darn puter smoked a week ago or so, Anyway, the answer is yes,but...I had a very extensive stereo system in that trk so the end I chopped &replaced w/a multi-port gig. Ive heard of folks sweating on the marine terminals and are a decent way to go. Let me know if ya still want it bud, I could pull this weekend likely.
  11. Are you looking or selling ? I dont have one even on my driver at this time !
  12. I do have the front driveshaft complete, pinion yoke needs to stay w/diff though. Whatever is fair for price & I"ll pull it
  13. Sorry for late reply. my puter is down .Seats are gone. Thanks for your patience .
  14. proflow

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Sweet build & I certainly like how clean everything is ! Good job sourcing out the correct parts for the fuel pump ! Looks awesome Dan, keep up the good work ! It'll be a beast for sure ! Proflow
  15. Sorry the heater core went w/cowl to scrap. Didnt wanna stop cutting ! The A/C condenser in the front of the truck I have & is in good shape if thats what youre asking ?