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  1. i am sure Russ has a plan, i thought you left!
  2. hopefully next year this will be under control
  3. my friend has sprayed it out of his low pressure gun
  4. you should be good on those years of trucks
  5. i had a blue 64 ford econoline , like the white one in the video
  6. seriously, are you this much of a douche bag!!!!!!
  7. yes there is a low volume low pressure piston pump as a upgrade, then people started making a high volume low pressure piston pump, for more fuel volume
  8. i use a high volume low pressure 1st gen piston pump
  9. i hope hamilton redid the castings, the last ones i sen flowed crappy, there was no swirl in the head
  10. who's truck is that? i see dust and dirt?
  11. i love Utah, riding the trails at coral pink is a highlight
  12. my guess would be Pat, i am sure Ben has his sea legs
  13. easier to apply 12 volt direct to the brake wire.
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