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  1. good luck, did you buy direct from them?
  2. with your talents, turnover goose ball. remove the fifth wheel plate from the trailer and build a goose hitch, no need for a adapter
  3. not a bad idea to throw a set of test springs in and a dial indicator
  4. at least we know it is the tranny not the injection pump
  5. here is the post This year I have put a lot of bucks into my 1st Gen. The biggest was a new Tranny & TC and a rear end rebuild. I upgraded the tranny / TC to a heavy duty one only because I wanted the extended 3-yr. warranty. What I didn't know was how much it will cost me over the years in added fuel cost. It seems the heavy duty setup uses a lockup TC (unlike the stock setup). This has dropped my mpg from 22 city/26 hwy to barely 18 city and only 20 hwy. For me this is totally unacceptable as I drive this thing A LOT! So in talking with the dealer yesterday and he assured me that there was no possible way they could have changed the gearing in the diff as it would have involved a different pumpkin...ok then what caused my mpg drop I asked. That's when he told me about the difference between a lockup and non-lockup TC. He said told me that when I had the tranny changed out the with a heavy duty one instead of Stock that they probably put in a Lockup TC. Ok...now I need to figure out a different way to get that back. So I think the easiest place to start would be to install a 4" exhaust system. Maybe after that a set of 40hp injectors? I hate removing a perfectly good exhaust system though...and the injectors are ORIGINAL. Your thoughts?? Thanks, Terry oct 13 2012
  6. digging through his posts he lost his mileage after the tranny went in. back in 2012
  7. swap and go, with a colt stg3. if the engine has not been apart
  8. awww like the power but don't want to pay the price
  9. ya it really is not a rpm that i would adjust as well
  10. with a auto the idle is checked in gear a/c on. if the rpm you listed is in park it is not much higher than it should be. that more peep you have is because more fuel is being burnt
  11. only the insurance company would know
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIbHh7V6qC4
  13. i have not put anything but a stg 3 in anything for a long time. and every engine gets a new cam
  14. https://www.foodiewithfamily.com/homemade-maple-canadian-bacon-smoker-optional/
  15. don't know, never been in a commercial one. what year color is the sport chassis?
  16. they always do have hone marks, except the last inch of ring travel, and with the heat cycles the holes will not be round anymore
  17. at 500,000 miles go to the first oversize. this will make the holes round again
  18. made many miles with one in a freightliner M2 sport chassis, we never had any engine trouble. wasn't a rocket but was dependable
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