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  1. good luck Mike, is it a v6 or 4 cylinder?
  2. looks amazing, thanks Kelly
  3. 6.7 turbo's work great with a standalone controller, i have done 3 of them
  4. looks like a autopilot might be in the future, they work really well
  5. i have used a std flat washer with a dab of sealer on the bottom side
  6. looks like a great time!
  7. what lake? i sure miss catching fish
  8. moog has never been great in our trucks
  9. if they are that specific on what you can tow, i would not tow anything. too close to being on the edge
  10. i love it, who hasn't wanted to take a chain saw to a dodge dash. i really like his set-up there, would love to have land like that
  11. are you going to drop the pan and check some bearings?
  12. that is a very common spot for the head to be cracked, but will be coolant. put a radiator tester on it before messing with the injector
  13. very crapty response from the company
  14. that is the part we used at Piers Diesel Research for years. that is a very goofy piston, pump and injector combo
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