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  1. stroketeck

    70 charger for sale

    i will be going to see my sister, to help her with a few things and will try to get a better idea of what is there interior wise. it has been inside for all the 25 years i have known him. car is in dawson creek and will help any purchaser ant way that i can
  2. stroketeck

    70 charger for sale

    it should be easy
  3. stroketeck

    70 charger for sale

    383 i believe auto, needs to be put back together this was my brother-in-laws, and my sister wants to sell it now that he has passed. $15,000 usd
  4. stroketeck

    Prodigy brake controllers

    p2 for me as well, always wanted to try a p3
  5. stroketeck

    Prodigy brake controllers

    great controller
  6. stroketeck

    A good day on the water

    that is a trophy reel, about half the price of a islander
  7. stroketeck

    First Gen

    i would not trust anything from pensacoladiesel
  8. stroketeck

    sprint boat Port Angles sept 07, 2019

    must be a boeing employee, don't they try to make everything fly
  9. stroketeck

    Factory repair manual for new truck

    scotty might be able to get one
  10. stroketeck

    First Gen

    6.7 vgt turbo
  11. nice and close, great action, was there last year and will be there again this Saturday http://www.extremesportspark.net/
  12. stroketeck

    new truck question

    things changed in 2015
  13. stroketeck

    new truck question

    looks like people are just putting the cd's to thumb drive and plug into the usb port
  14. stroketeck

    new truck question

    https://www.etrailer.com/audio-2019_Ram_2500.htm try this