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  1. stroketeck

    Taking input and interest

    seems like a heck of a good price
  2. stroketeck

    Cerma Coating

    good looking boat Paul, glad to see the drive shower
  3. stroketeck

    Wish list for new truck

    do yourself a favor and spoolit with amsteel synthetic, best and safest stuff around
  4. stroketeck

    Airbag install

    under the truck on the frame rail
  5. stroketeck

    2019 ford fusion hybrid

    no just front wheel drive
  6. stroketeck

    Andersen ultimate (5th wheel) hitch.

    Anderson makes nice stuff, i have meet the owner in the video before @ st athony dunes.
  7. stroketeck

    2019 ford fusion hybrid

    it is a really nice car to drive, and really wanted a few things like adaptive cruise control, and now she can start her car with her phone lol
  8. Wendy decided to upgrade from the TDI and got a 2019 ford fusion hybrid that gets the same mileage as the VW
  9. stroketeck

    Airbags coming

    looks like you have some finishing to do on the fireplace
  10. stroketeck

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    thanks Dave
  11. stroketeck

    Trailer supply places ???

    says free shipping over $99
  12. stroketeck

    Wiring for new canopy

    there is no such thing as a waterproof tap
  13. stroketeck

    Winter weather

    it will be the cord not the actual heater
  14. stroketeck

    Winter weather

    if you are lucky they just pulled out of the pinch bolts, where it grabs the window. we got lucky with the wife's jetta a few years ago
  15. stroketeck

    I need Boss shocks, anyone?

    that is his site, just changed the name. good find Pat