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  1. stroketeck

    Operation Enterprise has begun

    nice, i am sure it will be nice to have running this winter
  2. stroketeck

    Looking for a NV5600

    glad we could help out!
  3. stroketeck

    Odd wiper issue...

    maddi has not learned to put the truck back exactly the same way yet
  4. stroketeck

    Looking for a NV5600

    you are welcome,
  5. i use royal purple assembly lube
  6. stroketeck

    Site Artwork Files

    i always loved the pin-up girls at the old PDR shop
  7. stroketeck

    For Sale 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI

    i remember the toyota
  8. stroketeck

    Looking for a cheap deck trailer

    he could become a trailer at my place, wink wink. i have a trailer to go get him wink wink
  9. stroketeck

    Looking for a cheap deck trailer

    you do realize wilbur could become the trailer fairly cheeply
  10. stroketeck

    Finally found our camper!

    looks good
  11. stroketeck

    Looking for a NV5600

    a friend might be buying a 6 speed truck for the box today, if he buys it he wanted $2500 for the 6 speed
  12. stroketeck

    Truck needs some love

    that has been fixed
  13. stroketeck

    4bt cummins expedition

    every now and then you need to change out your underwear
  14. stroketeck

    4bt cummins expedition

    well fast forward 3 years, i have put 55,000 miles on this conversion with just oil changes and 2 fuel filters. and it was been a great truck. it is looking for a new owner, as i am going to build another project in the spring, a 2004 expedition with a auto tranny and a vgt turbo
  15. stroketeck

    New to me 2nd gen project

    i have not seen one work yet