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  1. and not holding number 1 injection line may end up in a fracture
  2. Packard, the post above yours shows he bought a truck!
  3. remember to factor the cost of the adapter plate and the starter on the passenger side,
  4. i personally like the 6.7 vgt turbo, on a 12 valve. acts like twins with a exhaust brake
  5. Paul, is it just the ride factor for the switch or is this in addition to the vw?
  6. you are on the right track for installation
  7. there is something about actual type that i like, love old manuals as well
  8. it is a great project to let the boys learn on, it is always worth more in your heart to have built it yourself
  9. i have seen steering shaft u joints make strange sounds
  10. for what it is worth i have never heard a unit bearing knock or clunk
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