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  1. stroketeck

    P7100 Advice

  2. stroketeck

    P7100 Advice

    i figured it was, the other factor in these trucks was finding injectors that would work well, we never had one that worked well (clean)
  3. stroketeck

    P7100 Advice

    that will be the limiting factor, you only have x amount of air that can get through the runner , to be efficient you need to match the fuel to it. 10 plate is better for you
  4. stroketeck

    P7100 Advice

    is there any port work done to the head
  5. stroketeck

    P7100 Advice

    in my option you have the wrong plate, a 10 would be better suited, to pull out some fuel at the top end
  6. stroketeck


    going the other way, for sure you will need a computer
  7. stroketeck


    yes and no, with that truck it is all mechanical so you can run it without any tranny outputs from the PCM. (no ECM on this truck)there will be a bit of wiring for the starter and reverse lights
  8. stroketeck

    Ultimate Callout Challenge

    thanks for posting this up!
  9. stroketeck

    Fishing 2019

    good luck guy's
  10. stroketeck

    23 glasply

    very nice unit
  11. stroketeck

    Bottom painting another boat

    looks good
  12. stroketeck

    47RE shift kit

    it says on the box except 48re
  13. stroketeck

    New to me - not Blue

    good looking truck Rob, and real nice trim level
  14. back around 2005 at PDR we had a customer from alaska that had air rid seats in his ram, i believe he was a pilot,
  15. stroketeck

    Cummins powered Trophy

    the penta drive the D6 uses would be a good choice if you wanted a cummins