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  1. David S

    Does anyone want a new hospital bed?

    Check with local a local church or retirement home. Some have a supply of medical equipment to loan out, for people in need. Sorry to hear you and your family going through this.
  2. David S

    B&W Patriot 16k 5'er

    Took the year old hitch out of the '01 4x4 long bed. All the under bed brackets and bolts, above bed rails included. Listed for $400, Bomber price $325
  3. David S

    New to campers

    Nice set up!
  4. David S

    new truck question

    When I was looking for an '18, the salesman said to go aftermarket. My '19 had one at the trim level ordered.
  5. David S

    Replaced my "01

    I did have the stealer apply one. Opti-coat is what they used, or advertised. https://www.opticoat.com/
  6. David S

    Replaced my "01

    Thanks everybody!
  7. David S

    Replaced my "01

    Picked up the truck I ordered last April. Limited black leather, amp running boards, puck system in the bed..... Got the trailer out with it, this thing is a pleasure to drive!
  8. David S

    Fifth wheel damage

    A nightmare when traveling. Great no one was hurt, and insurance is cooperating.
  9. David S

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    I ordered a dually last April.
  10. David S

    new to me truck

    Very nice find! Congratulations!
  11. David S

    Diving in!

    Plus tax! Calling this my last truck. Time will tell.
  12. David S

    Diving in!

    Working on the order form, 2019 Limited 3500.
  13. David S

    Long drive tomorrow

    Chains on truck and trailer. Words of experience. Safe travels!
  14. David S


    My new neighbor sees me turning wrenches, and figures its time to introduce himself. As I am venting about design engineers, he has a funny look on his face. Yup, design engineer. Still friends after 26years.
  15. Looks like a longer sleeper than I usually see.