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  1. Mike G

    Check your head?

    Eric I will make you a hell of a deal on a new oringed head. Pm me for details.
  2. Engine is out. Big thanks to Hiss and all who put in a helping hand.
  3. Mike G

    Looking for a first gen two gauge pod

    I installed mine in the dash whare the stupid ABS light is,if you take the whole display out it gives you just enough room for two
  4. Mike G

    Ist gen sticks...

    Lucky Jeff has some.
  5. If its a matter of cutting a section out of a Donner truck check with Hoss and see if that truck he's tearing apart has a good section
  6. Mike G

    Terry and Mark

    Thanks again, had a great time!!!!!!
  7. Mike G

    February Bomb party is on!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU HOSS AND TERRY, you two always host a great party!!!!!
  8. Mike G

    fuel pin and 3200 gsk

    I will be pulling & repleceing the timming cover soon, I will make sure everything is whare its supposed to be.
  9. Mike G

    fuel pin and 3200 gsk

    If I line it up with the marks the truck DOES NOT RUN. So there is something wierd going on with this pump. The pump looks to have been replaced at one point. Im sure someone knows whats up with it at the bp next week.
  10. Mike G

    Mrs. Hoss' truck is getting a facelift

    Looks like its comming together nice. I really want to see how that trans that you guys put together works out. I do have a core trans laying around so keep me posted.
  11. Mike G

    intercooler hooked up pics

    I could see 2-to-3 pound drop but 8 seems to be a bit much IMO.
  12. Im fairly sure the hardware kits do not have the e brake retainer clip in them. Hoss your talking about the clip that attaches the cable to the brake assembly right? Good luck finding one of those, I just made sure my cables were in good shape and tack welded them in pace.
  13. Mike G

    intercooler installed

    I have an extra 2nd gen one here if you want it its yours. I can bring it to the bp later this month. You may have to rotate the intake plentum 180 degrees to get the intake horn to clear the master cylender. I had to do that with the particular intake horn I had.
  14. Mike G

    1st Generation 4x4 weight

    I do know there alot lighter then 2nd and 3rd gens.