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  1. CSAGrey1

    Our new grocery getter

    Looking good Good. You always have good tatse in rigs.
  2. CSAGrey1


    In your travels out and about, please keep an eye open for a tailgate like the one in the picture. It is from an 1983-1984 Nissan 720. It will have the NISSAN in big letters (preferably painted a contrasting color) and have a Datsun decal in the lower left corner. There may be a variety of different marking in the lower right corner, ie. King Cab, Diesel, 1 ton, 4wd, etc... I don't care either way. There are also two different fonts, the early version as pictured, and then they changed it up a little to the current Nissan brand font. Again, I'd be interested in either version. They did come in a variety of colors, however I would prefer a main color other than black, or blue, but also understand I may not get to be real choosy. Lastly, I am not terribly concerned about it being in real nice condition. As a matter of fact I would prefer one that shows some use. Surface rust, worn paint, dings etc... would all be acceptable. Please let me know if you happen across some dead p-up in a field, or know a wrecking yard you think may have it etc... I appreciate the help. Keith- (509)969-6831
  3. CSAGrey1

    Looking for a truck

    We got a new rig so the one in my sig is going up for sale. 197k mi so WAY below his budget.
  4. CSAGrey1

    Trans is bad.....

    I feel your pain.... I have pretty much the same story about a now defunct local shop. I now have a Dunrite. Hopefully your second go around will turn out better.
  5. Right there with ya, and he surely had it coming!
  6. CSAGrey1

    New truck

    Over 6,001 lbs and you're exempt for a passenger truck http://www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/rta.html
  7. CSAGrey1

    New truck

    Beautiful... The Bronze Fire is a personal favorite. Can you believe what they cost these days? I sell the dang things and still suffer from sticker shock.
  8. CSAGrey1

    2017 Diesels - could use some help

    I can't speak for the other manufactures but we try to make this info as readily available as possible; both online and in printed brochures. http://www.fleet.ford.com/towing-guides/
  9. CSAGrey1

    Delete kit for 2013 Duramax

    Johnny on the spot. He called up and placed the order. Thank you Mark.
  10. CSAGrey1

    Delete kit for 2013 Duramax

    Acutally I just found your recommendations all nice and neatly packaged together there on Alligators site. I will send him your direction.
  11. CSAGrey1

    Delete kit for 2013 Duramax

    He's under the impression that eliminating the EGR will improve fuel economy so was looking to do that as well. Is this not the case? I can see the exhaust making a dent in the MPG but didn't have a straight answer for him about the EGR.
  12. Please note that I am looking for info on a 2009...NOT a 2013 as I wrote in the title. My farrier has been running a 2009 LMM Duramax for a couple years now and is looking to do a delete. I told him I'd reach out for opinions on who is offering a decent kit. He is not looking to add a bunch of power; just wants to delete and turn the lights off.
  13. CSAGrey1

    Best chip/tuner for 7.3???

    If I could fill even part of my front line with 7.3's in decent shape, I would be skipping all the way to the bank. My Mrs. has been asking me for one of those since we met. Kewl find....
  14. CSAGrey1

    Acura TL SH-AWD

    Good looking car for sure, and they didn't try to take your head off on price. That should be a nice piece for years to come.
  15. CSAGrey1

    Acura TL SH-AWD

    Nice looking ride... did you get a history report?