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  1. i dont short trip my 17. 70k on it now have never seen that message. most of the time its towing when i use it
  2. my dog in her younger years, was a rabbit eater, rat, possum squirrel she just killed when cought.... ohh wait lets not forget all the chickens she killed lol...nowadays she barely gets off the floor...
  3. i have a bearing and seal kit for the t-case... new in the box, never used it on my 2005. if your interested this is it.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Transfer-Case-Rebuild-Kit-2003-on-Dodge-NP271-NP273-BK485A/321553850681?hash=item4ade1a6139:g:06YAAOSwAHZUP~I4
  4. i will be going over 1 more time in september, will have truck bed space and an empty 20' trailer for the trip home.
  5. its better than FITECH.... i havent heard anything bad about the holley
  6. heading to pasco saturday. we will have 3 empty trailers, 7k, 10k and a 14k dump trailer all returning to the west side empty! we will take I90 over in the morning, and come home VIA SR410. we will have truck bed space for the trip over.
  7. im not, but if they can get to me i can bring them to you.
  8. not sure of the exact date yet. but soon. will be trailering a car over there and dropping it off. will have empty 7k car trailer on the way back and the pickup bed will be mostly empty also. unless i can find something interesting to buy while im there.:) more than likely next week, but mabye as soon as saturday.
  9. victron bmv-712 battery monitor for solar setups. i found 6 volt battery boxes on ebay, nice thick, well built.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GCE-G-Dual-6V-Deep-Cycle-Battery-Box-Auto-Marine-and-RV-End-to-End/282981414026?hash=item41e301b48a:g:LbwAAOSwh6pcyHsK:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!98338!US!-1
  10. thanks, i looked thru the box but not very closely. mabye its there. i planned on making him register it for warranty. because its not IF...but when it goes bad....lol
  11. so he got the FASS, do i need to remove the factory in tank pump? do i need a aftermarket draw straw?
  12. on my 2005 QCLB the shudder never went away. i pulled a rear driveshaft complete out of another truck and swapped it into mine. my shudder didnt change. i lowered and raised the carrier bearing with no change. in the end i just dealt with it. i gave up.....but i always kinda figured it was axle wrap causing it, it only happened when under load and in the first 2 gears on my truck, once i got into 3rd gear it went away. this BD diesel video really shows axle wrap.
  13. the plan is a tow tune, BHAF and fuel pump perty sure thats the basics for a bit more power??.. im doing the front cover,kdp, ball joints, brakes all the way around, steering box brace, basic once over, fix everything with a few upgrades. trans is fresh but still stock, he drives like an old man so the trans should be fine for awhile. his current truck is a 98 12valve stick, and his legs dont like the clutch anymore.
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