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  1. i will 2nd Doug Musall stand up guy,have been friends with him for years.
  2. a cool website i stumbled across while looking for a 4th gen with aisin trans,just input the vin and gives you everything the truck came with https://www.ramtrucks.com/webselfservice/ram/ just go there and click on equipment listing,then input your VIN
  3. nice truck! im envious! enjoy!!!
  4. sorry for the engine loss again Hoss, your not deserving of such nonsense! hope you get a new truck that doesnt let ya down!
  5. leadfoot067

    dumb question... head interchange

    i just googled new 12v head.. the companys that sell them say they fit 88-98....but they are aftermarket..
  6. leadfoot067

    2002 5.9 bus engine

    just go to quickserveonline input the engine serial number and you should be able to find specs
  7. leadfoot067

    FASS vs. Fuel Boss

    i really think its a crapshoot with an aftermarket setup..just spend all that money and hope you you get one that lasts....
  8. leadfoot067

    FASS vs. Fuel Boss

    don (the guy that bought Rips 2012 dually) the truck had 2800 miles on it when he bought it and it had an air dog..it failed last october with a little more than 10k on the clock....it has a FASS now..
  9. leadfoot067

    HELP!! The Belt Squeal that just wont go away!

    there are 2 different locations for the tensioner.if by chance its on the wrong one the belt may not get tight enough..
  10. leadfoot067

    So I did a thing......

    nice ride,aisin is on my wish list,im tired of shifting! ive read many opinions on the aisin trans...it seemd to be a love hate thing...i havent personally had one..would be happy to hear your thoughts once you get some miles and use on it.
  11. leadfoot067

    Ball joint press

  12. leadfoot067

    Ball joint press

    this is the good set i had at my last job. it did AAM axles,ford and 2nd gen ram https://www.otctools.com/products/master-ball-joint-adapter-set
  13. leadfoot067

    Ball joint press

    the otc is a quality piece. but more importantly you need the set of rings/adapters for pushing the joints in and out.i had a cheap set of those and it wasnt worth it...they didnt last long doing dodge/ford ball joints a few times a week at my last job.i have the ball joint press your welcome to use, but i dont have the adapter set anymore i made the shop buy a good one,and i dont work there anymore.
  14. leadfoot067

    Any glass guys in the Bomber network?

    im an EX glass guy. leaks are generally easy to find. get some foaming glass cleaner i use sprayaway,spray that stuff on the outside perimeter of the glass,i start with top corner to the middle,get your air hose out with the blower and blow it from the inside where you sprayed the foamy stuff.leaks will bubble that foamy glass cleaner. you will have to pull the plastic cowl off the bottom .
  15. leadfoot067

    Going up!

    the toyo AT2 wet traction sucks...i have the nitto trail grapplers now bought from skyking a few months ago,light years better wet and dry pavement traction! they work very well!