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  1. the plan is a tow tune, BHAF and fuel pump perty sure thats the basics for a bit more power??.. im doing the front cover,kdp, ball joints, brakes all the way around, steering box brace, basic once over, fix everything with a few upgrades. trans is fresh but still stock, he drives like an old man so the trans should be fine for awhile. his current truck is a 98 12valve stick, and his legs dont like the clutch anymore.
  2. im upgrading a friends truck. its a 99 auto dually. will be towing a 5th wheel. i have never messed with a 98-2002 truck before. what mods should i do to the fuel system? it will have a tow tune, smarty? edge? other? thanks for the guidance guys!
  3. i put bosch remans from platau diesel. in my 2005. reused tubes, did it clean of course, and zero issues.
  4. ive ridden the rzr and the yamaha, they both have pros and cons. it mostly depends on how your going to use it. the yamaha doesnt like to go slow, due to gearing and the engine likes RPMS. so if you wanna crawl on trails probably not the best choice. rzr is better all round machine, but prepare to have a couple spare belts on hand..
  5. yes, i converted several when i worked at the car lot.. easy..
  6. we had a 2003 tahoe for awhile. if the factory coolant is still in it, it will jelly and clog the heater core. i flushed it replaced with new coolant and it was fine, water pump, front bearings, autoride compressor, and trans are the big things..
  7. well i dunno know about all trucks, but yes i only found 1 part number. for dodge/ram trucks. these work as long as your pack has a lower overload.
  8. i have a set of the lower stable loads for a 4th gen ram. removed them yesterday as i just dont use them ever. $200.00.
  9. yes, you have to pull the pump to change the pod anyways if i remember correctly. mine was just a bad diaphram/ check valve, and thats usually the problem with them most of the time.
  10. on my 2005 when it went out i was able to buy a rebuild kit for cheap... i just got done searching for 20 minutes... only the replacement pod available, or the whole pump. also duramax uses the same pump so the pod can be had from one of thos as well. https://www.genosgarage.com/product/GOULD-GG09-HDDIPH/engine-rebuild-kits-3
  11. my 17 is stock. all of my previous trucks were not.. if and when the expensive parts fail, they will fall off... the power it makes is as much or more than my 2005 with the tow tune.
  12. codes will help with the direction of your troubleshooting. the tubes that connect the hard line to the injector inside the head can come loose, causing symptoms like yours. have you done an injector return test? i would do that before testing them seperately.
  13. they are hit or miss. and very expensive to buy from wrecking yard because they are sought after. some are fine with 100s of thousands of miles, some dont last 80k...not sure why.
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