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  1. my 17 is stock. all of my previous trucks were not.. if and when the expensive parts fail, they will fall off... the power it makes is as much or more than my 2005 with the tow tune.
  2. codes will help with the direction of your troubleshooting. the tubes that connect the hard line to the injector inside the head can come loose, causing symptoms like yours. have you done an injector return test? i would do that before testing them seperately.
  3. they are hit or miss. and very expensive to buy from wrecking yard because they are sought after. some are fine with 100s of thousands of miles, some dont last 80k...not sure why.
  4. 1 friend of mine bought a new one a few years ago. returned it to the dealer as a lemon. it had electrical/computer issues. 2 other guys i know have had zero issues and love them. 1 is deleted and tuned and the MPG increase is substantial. the other is stock.. we almost got one for the wife a couple years ago, but couldnt find one in her price range at the time. we got her a toyota tacoma. every brand has its own issues.
  5. i dont pre fill. when taking an engine apart even after it has sat for months, there is still oil in the bearings. a few seconds of crank/run without pressure doesnt hurt anything IMHO. and Hoss i am struggling with the length between changes on my 17. im close to 8k now since i bought it. OTR trucks go alot more between changes and its the same oil...
  6. no noise complaints from the field service guys. for what its worth, they are on the supersprings all the time. i dont think they are ever light enough to come off them..
  7. none have said anything about noise. some of our service trucks at work have them as well, i can ask my coworkers about noise.
  8. have you seen these? several of my friends use them, they dont engage until truck starts to squat, and they are adjustable. may be something to look into. https://www.supersprings.com/shop/SSA25/
  9. FLO PRO#655 https://www.ebay.com/itm/FLO-PRO-655-11-17-DODGE-CAB-CHASSIS-5-TBE-WITH-MUFFLER-RACE/113922726796?epid=210409542&hash=item1a8652db8c:g:ac0AAOSwEd1do0Uk
  10. it means the front and rear O2 sensors are reading too far apart from each other. could be lean or rich, could be ignition related, could just be a worn out cat.on a subaru, new plugs,air filter took care of it. one of the more difficult fault codes to make go away cheaply, because it can be caused from so many different things. a really good scanner is a big help with this one, then you can watch spark and fuel and all the emission stuff while its runnning to find whats out of spec...good luck. i would start with the basics if you havent already.
  11. im a follower on the facebook page. glad you finally got it driving! looks great
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