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  1. leadfoot067

    Wild Ride

    holey cow!
  2. leadfoot067

    Diesel filler cap on new CTD.

    i have this on my 2005 and love it!
  3. leadfoot067

    WTB cold side charge pipe 03-07

    this was the cheapest i could find one..bought it today https://www.ebay.com/itm/172513933587
  4. So im cruising to my family thing today,decided to drive the truck(its been a few weeks). got it into 4th gear and layed into the throttle about 25psi the charge pipe blew off the intake horn.continued on to my destination.got the neccesary tools from my cousin and after the best sausage biscuits and gravy breakfast i went out to put the boot back on.and i did..and i gave it one extra partial turn to hopefully keep the boot on this time...and i broke it...the charge pipe that is...darn plastic POS! so im looking for the drivers side pipe that connects the intercooler to the air horn.hopefully a metal one..
  5. leadfoot067


    on my top 3 list
  6. leadfoot067


    yup,nose a bit higher than the rear.....22x14s!
  7. leadfoot067

    12' G56 clutch tricks or tips?

    after much reading i chose mobile delvac 50 weight synthetic gear lube. slightly more effort to shift when cold compared to ATF, but fine otherwise,it quieted down the gear noise in the trans common with ATF. no special tricks i can think of,the crossmember is much easier than a 2nd gen!
  8. leadfoot067

    Front Axle Assembly 2013 Ram 2500

    that is probably dealer pricing im guessing...
  9. leadfoot067

    Front Axle Assembly 2013 Ram 2500

    exactly, if its just a R&P and or carrier problem.thats easy.all that stuff is available aftermarket.
  10. leadfoot067

    Question on brakes

    i will probably go with what i have used in the past on my other dodges.. performance friction carbon metallic pads.
  11. leadfoot067

    Question on brakes

    update on my cheap brakes..lol have a couple trips on them now,chinook pass towing a couple times, and to omak and back,rotors still true, not impressed with the brake pads though,they just feel like they lack braking power.hot or not.gonna go with some better pads on all 4 corners.
  12. leadfoot067

    Question on brakes

    the rear stuff showed up today,rotors,pads and e-brake shoes.turns out i have a bad axle seal on the passenger side.that would be why my e-brake barely works!...the e-brake shoes looked close to new.so i got the drivers side done this evening.changed the e-brake shoes anyways...ordered a seal on amazon,national brand,about half the cost of the parts store.im busy the next few days probably wont get back to it till monday.
  13. leadfoot067

    Question on brakes

    thanks for the heads up i will keep an eye on them.
  14. leadfoot067

    Question on brakes

    i just installed ebay slotted rotors and ceramic pads on the front, and the rears are on the way. was $114 dollars for the fronts and $117 for the rears.i hate brake dust.i will have an opinion after hunting season is over,they will get tested towing in the next 2 months.i usually run performance friction carbon metallic pads and like them alot.but with the exhaust brake im not nearly as hard on brakes anymore. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nakamoto-Performance-Drilled-Slotted-Brake-Rotor-Posi-Ceramic-Pad-Front-Set/311392392887?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  15. leadfoot067

    New truck!

    congrats nice truck! efi live