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  1. leadfoot067

    Front hitch on new truck

  2. leadfoot067

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    darn thats purty!
  3. leadfoot067

    Front hitch on new truck

    i have the jumper setup with quick connect plug, also have the winch, my cables work on the winch also so it can be used with anybodys truck if it has a reciever. so my winch just has a 3 foot set of cables and a plug. i use it on my trailer and 3 different vehicles. not i just need to install the plugs on the new ram but havent yet.
  4. leadfoot067

    WTB dually center cap

    for my 17 anybody have one?
  5. leadfoot067

    What tires do you like?

    i had toyo at2 on my 2005 single wheel, wet pavement traction wasnt good for me.they were down to around 50% when i removed them. bought a set of nitto trail grapplers from Skyking.they werent new. those nittos were superior in all conditions to the toyos. they made a nice hum on the highway but that was the only drawback IMHO. my 17 dually has coopers at3. only had it a month, seem fine so far.
  6. leadfoot067

    pay it forward couple things

    front hitch for a 10-12 ram. wont fit my 2017 thats i was saving it for. and a set of 3rd/4th gen center caps in chrome.
  7. leadfoot067

    new to me truck

    got running boards put on, and spray in liner done in the bed.did a bunch of reading on front end alignment specs, as the front tires are eating the outer edges, more than likely it has too much toe in. will fix that this weekend. will tow the toy hauler on memorial day weekend for the first time and im looking forward to it.
  8. leadfoot067

    weight dist hitch, what type?

    i will be going with a round bar type again, the brackets are already bolted to my trailer tongue. all the other styles use different trailer side hardware and brackets. and my tailgate doesnt open with the trailer on. so im getting a longer shank to fix that.
  9. leadfoot067

    weight dist hitch, what type?

    i will be replacing the whole setup, the ball hole is ovaled out, and the ball moves for and aft when towing, also the bars and the things they slide into are worn. its probably 20+ years old.
  10. i have a old eazlift now with 1000lb bars. 1 bar fell off last year and is ground down a bit from dragging. its an old setup. looking to replace it. this is the style i have now. i see a few other styles,with strait bars and some with chain. just wondered if there is a better setup that you guys have used? or should i stay with old faithful style?
  11. leadfoot067

    new to me truck

    i towed my daughters broken nissan exterra yesterday. its just like you describe Hoss, smooth,quiet and just pulls at a much lower rpms than the 5.9... the aisin seems to know what gear to be in when in tow haul mode.
  12. leadfoot067

    New to me - not Blue

    best place to buy said parts?
  13. leadfoot067

    new to me truck

    thanks guys! its been 2 months to the day (yesterday) that i sold the 2005. was beginning to wonder if i was ever gonna find the right one. today i moved the rubbermaid tub of the stuff i kept in the 2005 in to the 17, this truck has more storage. have space left over.
  14. what monitor are you guys using?
  15. leadfoot067

    new to me truck

    i very much like the 3.42 gears.