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  1. leadfoot067

    1988 CTD GMC

    im a follower on the facebook page. glad you finally got it driving! looks great
  2. leadfoot067

    New Truck

    looks good russ! enjoy!
  3. leadfoot067

    2004.5 Ram 2500 quad cab 4x4 6 speed

    im talking about the blue truck i sold a few months ago. the flatbed i had was silver and it was a 2500 with the nv5600.
  4. leadfoot067

    2004.5 Ram 2500 quad cab 4x4 6 speed

    my 2005 g56 3500 single wheel long bed brought 18000, with 191000 miles in good shape. stock other than exhaust.
  5. but with all your mods are stock specs really what you need? i found this useful. https://www.thurenfabrication.com/tech/alignment-and-handling.html
  6. leadfoot067

    new to me truck

    finally towed the toy hauler with the geo tracker inside. all i can say is WOW. went over chinook pass (hwy410) and the truck didnt even break a sweat. Im very happy with the towing performance. so a couple weeks ago i installed a set of torklift stableloads. the lower ones, NOT the bumpstop spacers. i had them engaged when i hooked up to the trailer, got everything loaded and truck was still ass high. so i dis-engaged them truck sits level with trailer and overloads werent touching yet.. the tork lift stableloads are not neccesary for my needs. the AISIN trans is great,seems to know what gear i need. although coming down the pass i manually put it in the gear i wanted and it stayed there, i set the exhaust brake to AUTO and it would hold what ever speed i wanted going down. when the exhaust brake is not in auto mode, i found it would downshift the trans and slow me down to much. in comparison to my 2005 5.9 the 6.7 pulls at a much lower RPM and that took a bit to get used to.the 3.42 gears in my truck do not seem to be an issue getting things up to speed.The trip home was heavier than going over, had half a truck bed full of firewood. truck didnt care. dash said i got 11MPG while towing. and my clutch leg isnt sore!!!!
  7. leadfoot067

    Lost another air dog on the 04.5

    funny thing is most medium duty trucks with 6.7 cummins and the same cp3 pump, have no lift pump. no electric pusher. they draw right from the tank. i understand the power levels reguire less fuel than a turned up one,but it makes me wonder why dodge did that at all...
  8. leadfoot067

    pay it forward couple things

    ok no problem, i have to go there anyways, i also have a smarty JR i need to plug in to his truck and see if its viin locked.
  9. leadfoot067

    pay it forward couple things

    i dont remember for sure if it fits in the bumper or below. i can figure it out easy enough though. gimme a couple days to get to my buddys house, he has a 2012. i can check it on his.
  10. leadfoot067

    Front hitch on new truck

    i have a couple of the red ones, they didnt fit with my grey ones due to the divider in the WARN ones. nothing a bit of trimming couldnt fix.
  11. leadfoot067

    5th gear got me.

    when i had my 97 i lost 5th and we use the updated nut. lasted about a year it came off again. so i went with the quad 4x4 mainshaft. and its still working today.
  12. leadfoot067

    Front hitch on new truck

  13. leadfoot067

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    darn thats purty!
  14. leadfoot067

    Front hitch on new truck

    i have the jumper setup with quick connect plug, also have the winch, my cables work on the winch also so it can be used with anybodys truck if it has a reciever. so my winch just has a 3 foot set of cables and a plug. i use it on my trailer and 3 different vehicles. not i just need to install the plugs on the new ram but havent yet.