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  1. i have not yet found any aluminums for sale to try and figure out what they go for. but i will let you know when im ready.
  2. i agree BOB, it would make sense if it was a stick, but the truck is an Auto.
  3. For sure, sounds like he was talking out his butt! that makes no mechanical sense whatsoever.
  4. we got snow at deer camp in OMAK. and got snow at elk camp near Toutle.
  5. did they give you the adapter? looks to me like 1 or more of the convertor bolts came out, and were laying in there rubbing that flexplate. if so the adapter should have been damaged as well. or did 1 of the adapter to block bolts back out? hard to say since you couldnt be there to watch the tech do the work..
  6. i would be powder coating the steel wheels.
  7. i did think about 2 more aluminums, great point on the thickness though..it may not work..
  8. OEM ram wheels, came on my 2017. 17 inch.
  9. not in a huge hurry. my tires are almost gone...so after hunting and christmas im gonna have to get new ones. i hate the fact i cant rotate them at home. my truck has the factory aluminum wheels. with steel inner duals. so im gonna sell the aluminum wheels and replace with steel all around. but i need 3 more steel wheels if anyone has any laying around.
  10. so the bolts probably backed out and boogered up the adapter, and they didnt see the damage till it was apart...
  11. most of the tune boxes i see seem to say 13-16 and 17 and up...but not all of them..and the selection is big.. from 500ish up to thousands of dollars..
  12. and mabye to add to my question, thinking ahead in the future, if i have problems with it and stuff falls of the truck when im in mexico, would one of the tuner boxes available as emissions intact be able to tune after parts are gone? the newest thing i have messed with tuning wise was my 2005 with a smarty. others i have done (not mine) brought there own tuning stuff and they did that part..
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