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  1. i hop on from time to time... i call mine ugly betty also...
  2. will you hook us up with links to it all? after the last trip with the 08 i think im ready....
  3. you need to spray it down with vinegar..... take that patina game up a notch! oh, and your hair looks nice
  4. book time is about 32hours. most local diesel shops are around $110/hr a couple hundred for gaskets etc, more if doing studs.... etc... i knock out a couple head gasket jobs a month....
  5. i could have sworn dave had a more in depth write up on pump tuneing? any one have a link to it?
  6. holy cow! i told ya it sounded like some one had attempted to tune it 5krpm.... you ever decide on gears...? maby i didnt quote deep enough for that kind of rpm...
  7. book time on the oil cooler? 1.3hours. im sure that must include time to buy parts, run to the store for beer etc, cause i know that shouldnt be hard to crush.
  8. thats one of the reasons ive allways run fass/airdogs thru the factory filter housings. wif light, fuel heater, and redundant filtration/waterseperation. yes, theres a SLIGHTloss in flow, but for 99% of people they will never know it. with common rail injection pressueres, theres no such thing as to much filtration. and even small traces of water destroy injectors. besides, i think thats a cleaner install that way ( unless you do a filter delete)
  9. factory fords are the only way to go if your not going big.
  10. so i followed your advice... 30 second google search and found that he snagged the pic off a companys web site... http://www.attitudeperformanceproducts.com/pdf/1006-APP-Tech-Sheet.pdf the pic happens to be a fully custom dv holder.... i also spent another 30 seconds trying to find inexpensive dv holders to replace the ones that you will most likely screw up trying to machine... they go about $50ea before shipping.. i guess before going off on us, you might want to try doing some research on your own... for those wanting to see the thread he is referiing to but dont desire searching
  11. just my 2 cents. tools are an investment. buy quality once. be proud knowing you have the ability to do the job right. learn to do things right the first time. once you are proficient in doing things properly then you will get the skill set to know where you can safely cut a corner here and there. give respect to earn respect. for some of us, our tools are our livelihood. i dont typicly loan my stuff out to many people. and seeing you spout off like you did, seals the deal as far as your chances. it shows disrespect. if you arnt going to show respect to people you are asking help from,
  12. thats why i use super shims... that and they dont crack...
  13. virtualy no change in how quick it spools vs w/o it but higher drive pressures & egt's
  14. the few people that i know that tryied that BD gadget threw it in the recycle bin.....
  15. hmmmm.... psycic friends network on speed dial?
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