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  1. Transfer switches are the best, I've had one connected to the house and gen set for years plug and play.
  2. I put the same toyo tire on my truck back in 2015, still running on them. 285/75/17 but I have 6 of them.
  3. I'm running Don's Flux 1's in my truck I like them.
  4. She's a beaut Clark!
  5. Looks more like a 04, my 04.5 's tps is under the battery not under the intake horn, air box is different. Nice truck.
  6. You have full disclosure on the truck, I think that anyone wants to buy it from you I say sell it. They know what they are buying especially from this site watching you build that truck. I really don't think being a branded title will have anything to do with selling it, you may not get top dollar but you'll get a good price.
  7. Being they grouped everyone in the 18 year old age group not being of mature mind, you then must repeal the 26th amendment on the same basis.
  8. Feel the same on this. Being 1639 saying 18 year old's are not mentally mature enough to own or purchase a 10/22 until you're 21 than the same goes for voting and joining the military.
  9. Called XRF they found my stuff and are sending new ball joints free, bottoms were knurled so I guess I'll stay with XRF the price is right.
  10. 212500 on original unit bearings and 45k on XRF's
  11. The XRF's I installed back when I remembered that the upper or the lower ball joint was knurled. Do I have to reinstall knurled ball joints, I see from the AAM parts they are not knurled.
  12. EMF is never in stock, I've looked at them before.
  13. Mark can I get the part No. for the AAM ball joints. is it 74100001
  14. Went with the Bilstien 5100 front and rear, Timkin unit bearings and still up in the air on the ball joints, my XRF's didn't make it 50k. I'm thinking Moog factory replacement this go around last factory ball joints went over 150k.
  15. Rancho 9000 the ones mike had off of his old truck. I got the springs shocks and air bags, you put them on for me at The outfitters.
  16. Hey guys looking for part # for ball joints and unit bearings and what front shocks are guys running? I'm still running the shocks I got from Ben (Mike) when I got the truck in 2012.
  17. I know my truck is different, I use a smarty So6 on 3 for everything, towing it keeps me cooler than stock. I sold my Edge.
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