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  1. Woodenhead

    Wtb second gen 4x4 cummins

    I fixed it for you 😂 supposed to rain here for 3 days, we’re looking forward to it.
  2. Woodenhead

    Wtb second gen 4x4 cummins

    Looks a nice ride! You’ll have to get some better pictures in June when it stops raining over there 😁.
  3. Woodenhead

    Fishing 2019

    20% reduction in fuel!? If there was a guarantee on this for my boat I’d sign me up yesterday.
  4. Woodenhead

    Fishing 2019

    You’d think that crud would just cone off with the power washer but nooooo, it’s stubborn as all heck. I hear ya on the list of stuff to do Dave. Seems the life of a boat owner is spend winter working on it and spend summer making a list for next winter lol.
  5. Woodenhead

    We are starting our 2 week trip today!

    In the book “Code Talker”, Chester Nez biography, he describes life with his Navajo tribe in the New Mexico desert. It sounded fascinating to me, I always wanted to go visit the area since reading that. Looks like an awesome vacation Ben.
  6. Woodenhead

    5" exhaust w/muffler

    Could always use a couple reducers in and out of the brake. Mine comes off the HT3B at 5” and gets choked down to 4” at the brake. Not ideal but it is what it is.
  7. Woodenhead

    New trucks are so expensive

    That’s all I need, plus an exhaust brake, my phone has the rest.
  8. Vacuum pump on my ‘96 leaked all the time. This kit fixed it. http://www.fostertruck.com/dodge/rod-end-for-solenoid-snaps-on-ball-6mm-x-1-00mm-thread-female-352.html Turned our that was just one of the leaks lol.
  9. Woodenhead

    School me on 5th Wheels.

    You're certainly on track questioning the pin weight. I know it's not the same setup but with my goose neck it's all in the weight distribution and pin weight. If I don't load it right it'll drive you nuts with chucking on every bump, load it right and it drags along just fine.
  10. Woodenhead

    Project revive 93

    It’s no power house but was always a comfy ride for me. Hope it’s treating you well.
  11. Woodenhead

    Project revive 93

    Nice bike 😎
  12. Woodenhead

    Fishing 2019

    Definitely a re-coat then. One hr of prep and one coat of paint doesn’t get you far. Regardless of what the mfg. says about your gel coat, I think a good epoxy sealer is good insurance and peace of mind. Also makes a good primer coat for the anti foul. I’m really just regurgitating what I learned in my research here, I know you’ve been around this stuff longer than I’ve been alive Dave[emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Woodenhead

    Fishing 2019

    Not sure what $40/ft gets you but I got a quote to do my buddys Rinker 230 Festiva last year and it was in the $3,500-$4,000 neighborhood. Like yours, it had never been done before so needed prep work, epoxy sealer, anti-foul paint. That was the boat I painted last winter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Woodenhead

    Fishing 2019

    My bad, I thought you were referring to a complete paint job. Still, that’s not bad for a haul out, stands and a spot to paint!