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  1. Ok, if that works out I’ll run up there. Doesn’t take much convincing to get momma to go to the big city 😂 If not, no big deal. Thanks.
  2. I saw you sent that picture the other day but didn’t understand WTF it was lol. You sure there’s no double sided tape on that can!?
  3. I’m in no hurry. Not sure if Kelly is. If it were to get a ride after turkey day that would be fine with me. We’ll see what happens between now and then. Thanks.
  4. There are some clamp on loader forks at Kelly’s that need a ride over to my place in Ephrata, or hopefully somewhere this side of the cascades. They’re a bit heavy and awkward, not likely to fit in a VW Beetle (safely), probably need to go on a trailer or truck bed. If someone’s headed this was from that way, I’d appreciate it. I can always meet someone along I90 in Moses Lake or Vantage or... if that works. Thanks
  5. Sweet, they’re even my favorite color so I don’t have to paint them. Shall I make a post in the bomber express?
  6. Maybe snap a picture next time you’re there.
  7. LMAO, I was wondering where you were. First thing I thought was I wonder how much wood Travis could haul with that 😂
  8. Don’t sweat it. I’m sure I can deal with a few seized bolts.
  9. Nice to see someone still doing Some work to freshen up an old 2nd gen. Thanks for sharing Vaughn, it’s looking good!
  10. Sweet. I can send you some PayPal. Then maybe try and sort out a bomber express?
  11. If they’ll work on the bucket of my Deere 310C I’ll take them. Maybe need to know the clamp opening.
  12. My inner Sanford is twitching, but I got enough stuff piled around the house lol.
  13. Bit of progress today. The boy and I cut the floor out. The plywood was completely soaked from front to back. The foam was saturated with water as well, we got most if that out today too. Drilled a few holes in the glassed stringers, surprisingly they seem solid but I’ll need to check them out a bit further. The stringer running up the middle will need to be replaced for sure. I’ll try and make a 12” square hole for a bulge at the back. I’m think I’ll be better off just separating the entire top cap to do the transom. It might not be too difficult to do but I’ll need to build some supports
  14. Safe travels over the hill Paul. Supposed to blow hard here early this afternoon.
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