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  1. There are also some three camera systems offered. I have looked at those much but I assume the third camera records inside the car.
  2. Figured I’d drag this up again. I ordered one of these for the Jetta today. These Viofo cameras have great reviews and they offer plenty of different models with single or dual camera, 2K and 4K options for WiFi so you can operate it from your phone and gps. I have an older version in my truck and it’s been operating flawlessly. The A129 Plus I ordered is a single camera with WiFi, gps and 2K camera. I ordered a polarizer lens, 3 wire power cord so I can use the parking protection features and a 128Gb card. I opted out if the dual camera unit as I didn’t want to deal with
  3. Interesting thoughts on that Dave. I've wondered about that with these heat shrink connectors as they melting point of the solder is within the range of the heat shrink and heat gun vs regular solder that needs significantly more heat.
  4. Looks like quite the project Paul. It'll be awesome when it's done.
  5. min the neighborhood of $50/wheel. Need to break them down first though.
  6. I think they’d look great Kelly. I’ve been contemplating powder coating a set black for my black wagon.
  7. Drove through there on Sunday headed down the coast. Even my kids commented on what a s hole that place is.
  8. What about one of those tear drop looking trailers with the lid that lifts up. Like they haul behind motorcycles. I swear I’ve seen them for behind cars too.
  9. Hard to say how that’ll go. It should handle three “full size” adults. I envision the boys taking this boat to go fishing and ditching the old man anyway. When we’re at the lake, the oldest boy usually gets up at 5:30-6:00, jumps in the dingy and heads out fishing while I go back to sleep. Depending on how the fishing is he eventually comes back to the boat and goes back to bed. He’s 13 now and dreams of getting his drivers license so he can inherit the minivan. Then pull his boat to the lake, camp in the van and fish all summer 😂. He’s got the fishing bug bad.
  10. Congratulations on the sale Russ. Im not surprised it sold that quick, seems to be how things are going these days. Hope that means a bigger boat in your future.
  11. The boat came with a 1974 Johnson 40 which I’m assuming is the original motor since it’s the same model year. Since it has good compression and fired right up (boat hasn’t been licensed since ‘03), we’ll give it a bunch of new parts and run it. All that that being said, this 750lb, 15’ hull was rated for up to 85hp. If the boat proves her sea worthiness after all this or the Johnson isn’t what I think it is, then I’ll keep my eyes open for a newer bigger 4 stroke with power trim etc. Baby step$.
  12. Awesome Kelly. I need to go there with the family sometime. My wife and I went there years ago and stayed at Almost Paradise Lodges. Was a pretty cool place.
  13. That’s a beauty Russ, good luck with the sale. If you decide to part it out, I could use a few things 😆.
  14. They’re not perfect but darn near. And one of the flag, just because [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Marine ply is spendy anyway but it’s a sign of the times Gary. 7/16” OSB was around $10 a little over a year ago, it’s in the neighborhood of $45/sheet right now. Crazy.
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