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  1. Woodenhead

    Headstud Comparrison

  2. Woodenhead

    Trailer Hitch?

    The way the Drawtite mounts is completely different than the Curt. The Drawtite has some braces that attach further forward. After some research I found out that the Curt needs to have straps used if you’re using it for a load that’s not a trailer (bike rack, carrier...), the Drawtite doesn’t need extra straps. Since I’m planning on running a hitch carrier on it I ordered the Drawtite.
  3. Woodenhead

    Cummins powered Trophy

    The Volvo drive on your 4B makes sense but I’m not sure I’d want any outdrive on a 6B or bigger diesel. They all seem to be on Jets or direct drives.
  4. Woodenhead

    Cummins powered Trophy

    Replacing the strong running small blocks I have now with a diesel would be an insane project and a colosol waste of $$. The idea is to find a bigger boat and try to hit as many wants/needs at the same time. Fuel economy is one of those. Something like this https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/boa/d/gig-harbor-mechanic-special-bayliner/6870609964.html or this https://bellingham.craigslist.org/boa/d/bellingham-bayliner/6849456136.html would make more sense. As much as I steer clear of Bayliners, these would still fit in my slip, could still be trailerable for the distance I travel and still fit in the shop for the winter (less than 12’ wide & 14’ tall). I think the 3288 is about 3,000lb lighter. I’d need to research them more before ever moving in that direction though.
  5. Woodenhead

    Cummins powered Trophy

    Never, it wouldn’t be worth the effort and it’d be a step back in power and maneuverability. Plus we’re starting to outgrow the rest of the boat anyway. Wife finished her bachelors this year which has been a big $$ suck but worth the investment. I thought there was maybe a newer boat on the horizon but now she’s talking graduate school and masters. I guess the next boat will get pushed out a bit further lol. I can still look though.
  6. These are for short bed rigs?
  7. Woodenhead

    Cummins powered Trophy

    Sure did Pete, many many times. Those were genuine 370 marine engines. A lot has changed up there even since my time. New crew boat, tour boat, tug boats, small boats. Pretty much all Deere diesels now.
  8. Woodenhead

    Getting out of hobby-R/C Aiplane liquidation

    I have a friend up in Marblemount that’s interested. I’ll PM his number to you.
  9. Woodenhead

    Cummins powered Trophy

    That’s interesting. Didn’t know there was such an animal.
  10. Woodenhead

    Cummins powered Trophy

    I know there’s at least a couple guys with Trophy’s here, saw this as I was browsing diesel fired boats today. I’ve come across a few over the years seems like a good combo. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/boa/d/gig-harbor-2005-bayliner-trophy-pro/6867038167.html
  11. Woodenhead

    Bottom painting another boat

    Yeah, this is all getting done from a creeper, I like that office chair plan but it’s too much work to get it up higher.
  12. Woodenhead

    Getting out of hobby-R/C Aiplane liquidation

    For that price it’s worth it just hang in the man cave! Something I’ve always wanted to get into, bows not the time though 😕
  13. Woodenhead

    Bottom painting another boat

    I hear ya there, I cringe at the though of selling something to someone I know. I’ve taught him to do all his own motor and drive maintenance and let him do it in the shop. He’s not setup to do this stuff but I’m certainly not doing it for free.
  14. Woodenhead

    Bottom painting another boat

    Got a good jump on it today. Scrubbed the bottom with scotchbrite and fiberglass surface prep/wax remover and washed it. Sanded with 80g, vacuumed, wiped with solvent. Even got the first coat of barrier paint on. It’ll get the second coat tomorrow then on to the anti foul. Probably gonna feel this later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Woodenhead

    Fishing 2019

    Burned a bit of vacation time today to spend the day at Banks with my buddy Paul. Was a great day, no monsters but lots of 2-3 pounders. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk