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  1. Absolutely the feel good story of the day! Good on ya Phillip for helping the young lad out. He’ll remember that forever and I’ll bet it inspires him to be good to someone else when the opportunity presents itself.
  2. Anyone remember that episode of Seinfeld? Kramer on the test drive....
  3. Definitely my happy place. Nice to see you had a good trip Hoss. I’ve driven to that area before but never with the boat, only a bit past two rivers. One of these years, maybe next year, the boys and I are going to do a trip past there as far up the lake as we can go. I’m finally back here this weekend and it’s cooled back down to comfortable temps. Consider camping here in the fall, it’s my favorite time of year on Roosevelt.
  4. LMAO Shawn, got my day started with a laugh. Thanks! The gauge on the old ‘98 works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t. So I always reset the trip so I kinda know where I’m at. Except sometimes when I fill up at Safeway and use the fuel discount it shuts off at 25gal so I don’t know how close to full it is. Bottom line, sometimes it’s a bit of a mystery.
  5. Cool project Russ, I'd consider doing something similar if I didn't have to do everything twice. My understanding is it's about $1k to convert to EFI but I've never really researched too hard. Good on ya for sticking with CG approved stuff. Keep us posted on the conversion.
  6. Who does that?! I’d be signing up his name and number for all sorts of quality organizations.
  7. Cool beans Shawn. That’s a fun project. Things are coming down on me a bit these days and I don’t have time to get to the boat at the moment which sucks. So the shop is always a good relief from life, even if it’s just a short while.
  8. You can borrow my gooseneck. It’s a deck over with a 10k Warn winch for dead rigs. Picking it up might add a few miles to your trip though.
  9. That’s funny, people ask me the same thing when I travel. I tell them no, I live in the desert, less than 8” precipitation in a year. 300 days of sunshine.
  10. My theory is we’re not driving much these days so the planet is cooling back down. Need to light a few tires on fire and get some carbon back in the atmosphere.
  11. Summer has been weird here too. Yesterday was the warmest day we’ve had at the lake and it hit 88F. Water temp is still 63F, typically it’s 70+ by now.
  12. We absolutely need more of that, seems my kids will miss out on it. I’m a spring chicken compared to most of you guys but that was still a thing even in my teen years. I didn’t have the cool rides you guys did but my ‘83 GS750E with a 4-1 header and a Wolf pipe got the job done 😁.
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