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  1. Woodenhead

    New to me Race Trailer

    Sweet trailer. That’s a good looking truck too.
  2. Woodenhead

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Awesome. You’ll be able to toss the cramp buster now 😃
  3. Woodenhead

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    I have a few fittings and turbos laying around, I could measure the ID this afternoon (if I remember) and see what they are. The reason I asked about what gets pressurized with the VGT exhaust brake is I was wondering if it was pressurized around the turbo shaft seal as you mention it leaks when the brake is on.
  4. Woodenhead

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    When the vanes on the VGT close to create the exhaust brake function does it pressurize the cavity in the exhaust housing (wheel and shaft) or just the volume leading into the housing and back into the exhaust manifold? Have you pulled the oil cap to see if you gain any significant crank case gasses when the exhaust brake is on? I know on the turbos I've worked with (HX40, HX35 and HT3B) the drains are significantly larger that the hole in the top that feeds oil in. I believe the intention is that the oil is pressurized into the bearing cavity and keeps it flooded but just gravity drains out. I think it's more likely that you have some sort of restriction on the drain side be it case pressure or hose restriction than an over supply of oil to the turbo. The hole in the top of the housing and the hole in the top of the turbo and in the filter housing (at the oil line ends) would be the flow restriction, not the hose feeding the turbo. I had a 3B leak on the compressor side at high RPM and boost, it was a result of restriction on the drain side, the bend in the 3/4" hose (or 1"?) was too tight and reduced the ID down to about 75% opening. If you didn't just have that thing rebuilt I'd have sworn the shaft seals in the turbo gave up but I guess that's not likely the case.
  5. Woodenhead

    Trailer Hitch?

    Probably get some bags too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Woodenhead

    Fishing 2019

    Pike fishing was a bust, we did good on the small mouth though. We couldn’t get my buddys boat as far up the sanpoil as we’d have like to. The new plan is we take both our boats (his is a cuddy cabin) up as far as we can and tow my dinghy (the Loose Screw). Then anchor and raft our boats together so we can spent the night up there. We’ll be able to fish till late and take the Loose Screw further up the river to explore and see what we can catch. If nothing else it’ll be an adventure but I’m willing to bet the fishing is good. Odds are we’ll see some bear as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Woodenhead

    Trailer Hitch?

    and a brake controller...to haul my maple syrup tanker.
  8. Woodenhead

    Trailer Hitch?

    Thanks Bob but I’m going to fab something up to work with what I’m planning.
  9. Woodenhead

    Trailer Hitch?

    The hard part is finding a 1 1/4" receiver that'll take a 2 5/16" ball, probably have to make my own. Might be a bit hard on the clutch too but it's a diesel so...
  10. Woodenhead

    Trailer Hitch?

    Finally put the hitch on today. Easy job can be done in less than an hr, just backed it up on my ramps. One of those step bits for sheet metal works awesome for drilling the floor of the trunk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Woodenhead

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Nice work Russ. I remember considering an aftermarket cruise unit for my FZ1 but I ended up just using a throttlemeister setup to relieve the cramp. I don't have any bikes anymore but I do miss my XR the most.
  12. Woodenhead

    Camping and some work.

    Wow, that's a beauty spot! It's great that you guys have those lots to go spend time with your family when it fits your schedule and not have to deal with fighting for reservations in a state or national park 6 or 8 months in advance. Looks like an awesome place to bond and make memories with the kids.
  13. Woodenhead

    Fishing 2019

    A week or so ago they netted a 28lb Northern Pike up the Sanpoil on Roosevelt, up till now they've only been finding them at the North end of the lake. I moor pretty close to the confluence of the Sanpoil so this is a pretty convenient location :). I did a lot of fishing for Northerns when I lived in Ontario and still have all the gear I used there. My buddy and I are planning a trip in the very near future up the Sanpoil to where the river flows in to see if we can find a few. It's a bit of a long shot as I don't think they're very prevalent but I'm pretty excited about trying!
  14. Woodenhead

    Project EOS

    Where the heck did this car come from!?