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  1. Woodenhead

    Project Firebird

    That dog, nice cameo
  2. Woodenhead

    My Last 98 - Build Thread

    This looks like a fun project! Starting with a hammered truck like this really leaves the door open with which direction you can go with it.
  3. Woodenhead

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    I used to have a chrome 2nd gen grill on the wall in my apartment with cool blue lights behind it. A self aligning spherical roller bearing for a 12” diameter shaft in the corner and a shaft coupling stud that was 6” in diameter and about 24” long... with the nuts on each end. Somehow that stuff disappeared over the years 😢.
  4. Woodenhead

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    I'll keep an eye out, it's amazing what you see parked in fields around eastern Wa. Don't bother doing it if you're not gonna make all the lights light up! On the other hand, I might want it for myself lol.
  5. Woodenhead

    Operation Enterprise has begun

    That thing’s gonna be primo when it’s done. Will be nice to know exactly what you’ve got.
  6. ...Ben takes his saw to new limits. Hoss ends up with a 4 banger, Bens lawnmower gets the first 2BT.
  7. Woodenhead

    2012 Ford exhaust emissions stuff

    I think I’ve got her convinced to keep it this time. Never know what this crazy state will come up with next.
  8. Woodenhead

    2012 Ford exhaust emissions stuff

    I suggested keeping it in case the truck got traded or sold. I think she’s planning on keeping the truck for a long time.
  9. I’m posting this for a friend. She’s not 100% sure on the price here but I’m just trying to help her get it gone. It’s from a 2012 F350, she’s asking $200. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. That’s an awesome idea Ben. A guy could easily add forklift pockets, casters ... Sure beats an old tire in the back of the truck.
  11. Woodenhead

    For Sale 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI

    I swear that happens every time I sell something. If only I could figure out why.
  12. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Suprmn, are you on Facebook? There’s a dude on the Upper Left Cummins page parting out a white 1500 sport.
  14. Woodenhead

    Fuel pressure monitor for ‘99

    Are all of the Isspro EV gauges programmable? Thanks for the feedback fellas and offer to help with programming. I’ll put the options before him and see what he wants to do.
  15. So what’s the general preference for monitoring fuel pressure on a ‘99? Light or gauge? Getting ready to do some work on my buddy’s ‘99, he’s not super mechanical, not sure he’d actually monitor the gauge. Maybe I just answered my own question lol.