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  1. Could be a cool 3D printer project.
  2. Usually the importer will convert the dash for you too.
  3. These stories about failing stands are scaring me into wanting to put a lift in. Anyone know if Harbor Freight sells lifts 😂.
  4. Yeah, my fear is that if I do that and there are other issues with the injectors then it’s a fail and I end up putting more time into later. The fuel filter rarely if ever got changed and it has an edge box so that’s probably contributed to the demise of these injectors. I don’t know what that means for which parts of the injectors are likely to be toast.
  5. Good info, thanks. Were the injectors you were getting from Industrial their own re mann or the Bosch ones?
  6. Someone else recommended the +50 injectors too Paul. I don’t see them in the Source Website for an ‘03. Most of the over stock injectors are re manned BBI. Can you post a link to them? What exactly is it about re manned injectors that makes them a bad idea? Stock BBIs from Source appear to be the only true new injectors available. 99% of what I’m seeing are re manned, even the Bosch.
  7. Ok, I’ll do that too. Just so I can see what’s inside.
  8. These in house re manns https://www.industrialinjection.com/product/industrial-injection-reman-stock-5-9l-03-04-injector-pack-with-connecting-tubes/ Or the Bosch ones they sell? I’m pretty careful about keeping things clean with injectors. You saying if I keep everything clean we should be good? My concern was more that there’s a risk they may not seal right.
  9. I'm helping out a buddy with an '03 that has an idle smoke issue and blows a good cloud of white when you stomp it in neutral. It's fuel smoke and with some quality direction from a good friend who is well versed in these things we're fairly certain it needs injectors. So, I realize the word on the street is BBI injectors from Rips are the king and only buy new never re manned but I'm trying to help out an old man on a budget here so are their other good options? I see many of the BBI injectors are now re manufactured so maybe re manned isn't that bad anymore? Options I'm seeing are? New stock fueling BBI injectors are $2530 Source re manned Injectors are $1,800 (I called and spoke with someone, details on who builds these and how were vague) From Industrial, Genuine Bosch re manned stock fueling injectors are $1800, seems hard to thumb your nose at genuine Bosch. Industrial also has a set of re manned for $1957 with tubes 2yr unlimited mileage warranty. While I understand it's possible to re-use the supply tubes (I probably would in my own rig), I'm thinking I'll suggest we replace these in his as I'd hate to see him have an issue down the road based on me rolling the dice here. He's not typically too aware of what's going on with the rig and tends to drive to total failure. Anyway, I got some solid advice from said well versed friend on the subject but I figured it's time we had something truck related to read around here so I welcome any and all input.
  10. Also needs a NHTSA sticker and EPA. If it was made to be sold in Canada it won’t have that. They’ll tell you you just need a letter from the manufacturer. Daimler Chrysler won’t issue one for you. Trust me on this, you will be forced to use a registered importer. GMC and Ford will issue the letters for you, DC will not.
  11. Looks like a nice truck but if it wasn’t already a US truck and you’re planning to import it, plan on paying about $2k to a registered importer. These days I’m sure it’s an even bigger PITA.
  12. I talked to my brother in law who works for said contractor, his work rig is a Ranger with a 6 cyl automatic. He’s got an air compressor bolted in the box and a loaded tool box, to the point he had to add air bags lol. Says it runs great, he’s happy with it for what it is. The 4 bangers are gutless as is usually the case.
  13. Kelly makes a good point. I know a construction contractor here that has a pile of Rangers. He buys them cheap at surplus auctions, they’re nothing special but his guys aren’t easy on them and they seem to keep rolling. Might be worth some more research.
  14. That looks like a cool old machine, I often find myself in similar predicaments over pulling the trigger on older machinery. Usually common sense loses, I only see the potential it has, not so much the potential problems and I get someone elses project I had an old simplicity garden tractor with a tiller that looked a lot like that (they all do) but it had a one lung briggs, I sold it here. That little diesel would pretty fun.
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