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  1. Old Dog

    47RE converter problem

    Is the torque converter in a 47re the same as the 48re? Because if they are, I might have a deal for you. ATS triple disc.
  2. You might look at this place. Seems spendy, but what do I know. http://www.airflo.com/
  3. Old Dog

    Is your truck as bad as mine?

    Go South for the winter.
  4. Old Dog

    got a new truck today

    Nice, Bro!
  5. Old Dog

    off to the deep blue sea

    Dude! That's some nice fish! Yeah, they sure fight better than a salmon. Looks like you had a great trip. gratz.
  6. Old Dog

    Donin' what it does.....

    Boy, ain't you heard of watermellon and puzzy?
  7. Dollar down and a dollar a week?
  8. Old Dog

    No more smoke on the trailer???

    Two thumbs up what?
  9. Old Dog

    off to the deep blue sea

    Sounds great! Catch a couple tinas for me
  10. Old Dog

    RAM Trucks Say 'No DEF'

    Yeah. Maybe a Power Wagon!
  11. Old Dog


  12. Old Dog

    I went and did it now....

    Maybe you could do both!
  13. Old Dog

    I went and did it now....

    Going to Baja in November?
  14. Old Dog

    Floating home

    I have. Pros: You live on the water. You can fish off your deck after work. Traffic noise is minimal. There is usually a good sense of community. Not enough room to collect a bunch of crap. Nice sunsets. Nice looking, skimpily clad Women in the summer. You can cool off by diving in the water with the nice looking women. etc. Cons: Dock gets icy in the Winter. You cant'just let the dog out the back door to take a dump. Some wives will complain that there is; a. Not enough room for all her crap. b. Waves rock the boat occasionally. c. Too many good looking women in the Summer Months. d. Too far to haul groceries. e. etc.