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  1. Bulldog

    07 Injectors

    I kind of lean towards DDP injectors.
  2. Bulldog

    2015 side steps

  3. Bulldog

    2015 side steps

    Steps in their retracted state and in their extended position. I also got the tailgate in the mail but forgot to order the latch. It will be here Saturday.
  4. Bulldog

    2015 side steps

    Well, well, well, look who sobered up enough to make a post.
  5. Bulldog

    New to Me 2016 2500 Megacab Longhorn

    Very nice Doug, congrats.
  6. Bulldog

    2015 side steps

    Already installed AMP steps. I've had them for a couple years thinking I would install them on the 02, but they didn't fit. So first thing I did to the 2015 was install the steps. They work great.
  7. Bulldog

    2015 side steps

    His truck has the same ones.
  8. Bulldog

    2015 side steps

    Anyone interested in a complete set of running boards side steps? Shot me an offer.
  9. Bulldog

    Fishing 2019

    My brother and nephew with a couple nice walleye from the weekend.
  10. Bulldog

    Fishing 2019

    Hey! You said you liked it!!!! Negative Ghost Rider.
  11. Bulldog

    Fishing 2019

    If that is anything like Hoss farting in the tub, I'm screwed. LOL
  12. Bulldog

    Fishing 2019

    Leaving for the Columbia tomorrow for Walleye fishing with my brother. Last year we had a great time. Hope this year is as good.
  13. Bulldog

    Taking input and interest

    Blue Tooth.
  14. Bulldog

    Taking input and interest

    Thank you Paul and Mark. I am very happy with this new truck. I love my 02, but these newer ones are just so much nicer. Cindy really likes it too. Quieter, easier to get into. The color is just a little darker than my boat, but I am not complaining. They will look good together. I'm leaving for walleye fishing Thursday and meeting my brother. He will be very surprised to see me pull up with this rig and the boat instead of the ol 02. It's gonna be fun tinkering with this new one finding out all that is does.
  15. Bulldog

    Fishing 2019

    Fishing is stupid.