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  1. Can I have it back now? Wow she looks good.
  2. Car looks great Paul. Glad you are enjoying it and it's getting used.
  3. Does this mean you don't want my toilet paper?
  4. 2 slightly used rolls of toilet paper. $150 each. Price is firm. Don't low ball me. Take that somewhere else.
  5. We could have had lunch.
  6. Paint was in very good shape and body too. Interior was in very good shape also, not tears in cloth seats. Brand new tires. Only had 120K+ miles.
  7. I sold my 02 last year, all what you have for performance plus twins. Sold for $15K and was told I got a good deal. Hurt to watch it drive away though.
  8. Hey saw your pictures on FB, I'm really about Cindy's car.


    I know that may have made you pretty busy.  If you need help let me know. If you need more time on the Bug that's fine to.  Or if you need to change your mind and keep it, I'd understand. 


    Just let me know.  



    1. Bulldog


      Cindy's car was a bummer, but it will get fixed. 


      All is good with the bug and the window will be working soon and ready for you. 


      Thanks Paul. 

  9. I have the motor home.
  10. Yes, also Mike in Arlington did the cleaning of the intake and uploaded the level one program.
  11. Thinking about selling the bug. Bought it from a member here 4 years ago. Manual trans, brand new tires, new battery. Haven't driven it much in the last 2 years since I retired and don't commute to Everett any more. I think it has about 110K miles. not sure but I can check. Been a very good car for us. Ave 46 MPG. Accepting reasonable offers.
  12. Upgrading the motor on my river boat, so I'm selling the motor that's on it now. About a 2005, Mercury 115/80Jet pump Tiller handle. Runs great, in good shape, no issues. Has it's own oil tank for oil injection. Been a great motor, just been looking for a 150 and found one I couldn't pass up. Let me know if you are interested or know someone who is. TIA
  13. A friend of mine is looking for a canopy for his 2002 Ford long bed. Anyone have one for sale or suggestions?
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