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  1. Packards42

    Here is a working man's drag car!

    A couple years back the wife and I got a chnace to ride in 1000hp 57 chevy,, the burn out were crazy throwing me back in the seat, and the run, I could hardly breathe. a 6 sec 1/8 mile at 100 mph. Butch the owner said he would want to run 1/4 mile as it was tough enough keeping it straight on 1/8 mile track, constantly swing back and forth.
  2. Packards42

    Doin outside work

    Nice looking wall, I build a 15 x 35 foot wall once with keystone using a grid tie back 7-11 feet back in 1995. Your wall look easier to construction the tee shape block I used were 90 pounds each and use pins. I like your desgn, what the free standing maximum height recommended. I just saw I can go 10.5 feet, with the base course using a 5 foot deep block 2 rows then 3 deep blocks. wow!!!
  3. Packards42

    Firestone air compressor

    No sure now local companies are going to survive against Amazon, same think on my tractor water pump, $69 on ebay, and $150 at the Kubota dealer. the difference is now or wait a week, those a lot of good stuff can come Prime Shipping quickly.
  4. Packards42

    Free 2002 Dodge Ram truck service manual

    great. we get taken care of .😃
  5. Packards42

    Truck needs some love

    I thoiught the same thing, where showing our age.
  6. I have a guy wanting a pair of old Packard fenders, no rush the deal not made, shipping is the issue.
  7. Wil


    I could sure use the manual, as I have 2002 rear end to swap into my 2001.  Factory disk setup

    SHip to


    Joe Block

    37104Se Mt Norway Dr.

    Washougal, Wa 98671


    Can you take Paypal for the shipping. if not I can mail a check.

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    2. Will


      Got cash in hand yesterday, thanks Joe.

    3. Packards42




        I have  already read the section on disconnecting the rear emergency brake cables.  I need to replace mine with 2002 SB cables.  I don't know why the wrecking yard always torch the cable off.  Quick and dirty.

    4. Packards42


      We get occasional cash from England from our family for birthday gifts.  It just a little less hassle than a check and having you to run it to the bank, or do the new bank photo copy thing,  I haven't tried that yet.  I like to cash the check when I sell packard parts.  I tearing two apart right now.

  8. Packards42

    Free 2002 Dodge Ram truck service manual

    I could sre use this as I upgradinbg to facotry disk on the rear wheels, I have a new/used rear end from 2002.
  9. Packards42

    Our trip to Grand Canyon (we hope)

    Nice rig for a nice trip. Never seen the Gran Canyon, it one on my Bucket list.
  10. Packards42

    Pay It Forward Tool Box

  11. Packards42

    Time for a new battery!

    yes, I think costco batteries for backhoe next time too.
  12. I order the isolator, I coulld local the DTT unit I purchased years ago. Need to do a front brake job, the pad is into the metal. I hope the disks can be turned.
  13. Packards42

    Portland, OR to SF Bay Area (CA)

    rent a local U-haul for a couple days. or do a enclosed 4 x8 one way.
  14. Packards42

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    that coming up fast.
  15. no not for edge comp at this time. I running a smarty and the edge is not very compatibl, to much timing. Most of the time my TST is off since installing Mach-4 the smoke is just to much a light and low throttle untila t least 10 pounds boost and doesnn't clear until 20 psi.. The TST was a excellent combination with my old mach 2.3, , I was greedy going to the M-4, thinking of down sizing the injectors.