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  1. Packards42

    Look what followed me home....

    sound like fun, I glad to see your staying busy. We final got caught up on our rental two vacating at once, a lot of clean up work, and there leased again.
  2. My front seat motor is stuck in the up position, it use to click, now does nothing when I touch the switch. do the switches go bad, or is mostly likely the motor. I actual just need to lower the seat in front to the mid position can it be force manually?
  3. tire are sold and Paid for: Delivery arrange too.
  4. Packards42

    has anyone converted their srw to a dually?

    the Dana 80is bigger, so you need to some drive shaft work. I have spare drive shaft out of 3500 Dual around 1998 or 1999 , didn't work out for me, the driveshaft shop did not want to use the front with heavy duty box, and sold me a new yoke to the transfer case. and adapted to my Dana 70 singe drive shaft. the shaft i have is two piece. It available for free if you can use, I got for $50 when I bought the heavy duty transfer case. I buffet the yoke It looks good to me. but you could use the back or adapted to your two wheel drive.
  5. Packards42

    4 each 35 inch wheel and tires to Tacoma for Nov 5th

    Yes Bob that works, Let me check my schedule, and we can pick a date. mostly early next week.
  6. Packards42

    Ram 2500 Wheel Caps,

    It either the heater Reheostate of I think there some piece in the heater box, I never has it apart.
  7. Packards42

    4 each 35 inch wheel and tires to Tacoma for Nov 5th

    Dan. It been a while. What city are you near. I should be able to get the wheels and tires up to your place
  8. Packards42

    4bt cummins expedition

    that should be sweet, twins, we did my son Comanche with a single turbo, HY35. in jumps with 4:10 gears.
  9. I need these move and stored in Tacoma, for Ol Blue to pickup on November 5 or 6th, thanksgiving. post in Bomber express.
  10. Old Blue would like to get my wheels and tires, he lives in Idaho, he will be in Tacoma, Nov5th. I always like visiting the Great American LeMay Automobile Museum. I could drive them up if someone can store them I away most of November.
  11. Packards42

    New to me 2nd gen project

    anyone had sucess with a 53 block: weld or repaired? I used ceramic sealer in Packard engine and it work wonders.
  12. Packards42

    New sway bar links arrived

    I think those are the one I run too. for a 2-1/2 inch leveling kit.
  13. This was spare off our old Suburban, it only C rated, something like 2300 pound 35 psi as I recall. free to anyone who can use, it, good tread, not sure if it been used much. I make a nice light duty spare. or work on smaller truck. trying to clean house
  14. Yes these are the wheels Joe Casper machined for me years ago.
  15. hard time uploading these compressed files, the white is from sitting out side , . moisture I guess, no pits it surface and cleans. I had heart A-fib surgery again this week, so I not moving the tires around to much. Monday will be a week and I hope to be back to full strength.