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  1. just phone my local station. they assured me their diesel isc100 percent number 2. not biodiesel.
  2. I not sure if i have fuel problem or lift pump problem? both? I lost injection pump pressure with a 3/8 of tank going down hil leaving the house the other day. it has happen once before many years ago and I had to bleed the injectors. this time; I was able to bump the starter quite a few time and got the lift pump pressure back just like I change a fuel filter. The truck started like i change the filter, with the truck running, turn it around and back up the hill to home. I change the fuel lifter as i notice the pressure had drop from 22 psi idle to 20 and drop to under 10
  3. how difficult are the clearance light to install. I have always wanted a set on my 2001 2500.
  4. He has to find LED bulb that have the lights (leds) concentrated in the same spot and direction as the lens he using. the one with a bunch of LED on all four side will just blind on coming drivers and waste his lights. Nice light I am surprised their not tune better for H7.
  5. just looked and many of the 2020 ram were 80K, not a real basrgin yet. Not a Ram but 53K for powerstroke is starting to look good. 475 Hp and 10 speed auto.
  6. Yes, thank you Yogi_160: place order on amazon this morning. $7.95 shipping included. I can't drive to the parts store for that.
  7. anybody have a spare antifreeze bottle yellow cap floing around. lost mine on the 2001 CTD. thank Joe
  8. Well here: a 580 Electric backhow. https://electrek.co/2020/03/16/case-electric-backhoe/ it be game changer in time,m Caterpillar has been especially interested in electrifying its lineup and it even invested in Fisker last year – citing interest in their solid-state battery technology.
  9. I about 45 days out unless we find a scream deal, I have my family home in California pending for sale. hopefully it close by April 6 or 7. They doing some additional structural inspections. scares me as conservative as engineer can be! especially lawsuit happy California it likely worst for geotech guys. My agent told be a story about recent buyer finding a replacement beam in wall he was tearing out that wasn't disclosed, the buyer suited the seller and won a settlement.
  10. The wife and I rent a 2019 PowerstrokeF250 4x4 crew cab SB from Enterprise rent a truck recently to haul a load of stuff home from Walnut Creek California to Washougal Washington. My truck to loud for her with mud terrain tires and monster exhaust wore out. unlimited mileage $69.95 a day. 4 days and 1350 mile later. 20 plus mpg We were surprised how quiet the truck was and how easy it was to drive. As I said: we average better than 20 mpg round trip. I was wondering about getting one. we can get one of these with around 20,000 miles on it for under $40K, is that good price. w
  11. Yes, i just saw this post. plus 1.2 million in Attorney fees. that over 2 million in fines. https://jalopnik.com/discoverys-diesel-dorks-ordered-to-pay-850-000-fine-fo-1842250802
  12. https://www.post-journal.com/news/page-one/2020/02/cummins-looks-to-power-electric-fleet-vehicles/
  13. sweet anvil. been looking for one for years. expansive the few I seen of any size.
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