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  1. My heater speed control only works on high. I had a fire/smoke from rat nest in the heater system. my mechanic pulled the fan and cleaned it out. For at least 2 years, I have been living with high speed only on 3 speed fan switch. it on or off, Do guys think it the switch? , or is there a resister that can be accessed without pulling the dash apart. Maybe there away to check the resister resistances? My mechanic manage to remove the fan motor from the back to clean all the straw and fiber crap out of the fan cage. . Any ideas, I am getting tired of turning the rad
  2. yes purchased one on Ebay, $42 including shipping.
  3. I am looking to purchase a Geno's Cup holder for second generation. I thought I ask around if anyone has one available, before spending $50 for a new one. They attached to the center consul and provide space for 2 cups.
  4. Source repaired a cracked head for me, the head rebuild alone was $1300 ply another couple grand in labor to pull and install..
  5. Dave want to setup a 4:10 gear for my front differential, I have a 4:10 comple rear axle off a 2002 sitting in the shed. just need to do a front to match it.
  6. Make sense the truck think it a summer of hot engine block
  7. If I plug in my 2001 the grid heater light never even comes on start instantly no cycling.
  8. Tangent Oregon MDU resources auction. these guys are honest you call them for the details. crane only https://surplus.mduresources.com/Listing/Details/1401292/2-Demag-Cranes I purchased a lot of stuff from them over the years. biggest single item for me was Valve grinding machine setup when i was working in Montana and side boxes for the truck. there alway file cabinet available. the auction are monthly, several heavy duty trailers too this month. Watch the locations, some time items are in montana and North dakota. Now I stick to the Oregen and Washington locat
  9. I have a used transfer case off my 2001, I upgrade to heavy duty. this had a leak I could not seem to stop. We replace the rear output seal several times. the chain may be stretched. new bearing by sources ($575) a couple years back. $75.00 like I said "I replace the reseal a couple times. no much luck. good deal for someone, we driving up to Renton oct 24.
  10. there a guy who got 5 can Hilti spray foam for cheap. $40.00 need it move from Factoria to either Renton (my son's) or Vancouver wa.
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