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  1. Packards42

    Woodinville to California.

    That cheap I shipping a seat/custion back from 1940 packard, and if I pack really tight, it just over $200, 60 x 14 x 24
  2. Packards42

    WTB three phase panel/breaker box

    I would think it work for metal with the proper blade. As far as i know it work Ok. what the VFD Variable frequency drive how would that work .
  3. Packards42

    WTB three phase panel/breaker box

    How difficult is it to get and use a three phase convertor. I huge band saw the has a 3 phase motor 2 Hp wired 208, but can be setup 480 too. Alternately we might sell it at the CIA auction if I get it over there. Cam from a commercial wood shop. say $200
  4. Packards42

    Long drive tomorrow

    I hate chaining up. the wife chain are a lot easier than the trucker style on the Dodge. No sure I could run chain on the front wheels as the tires already rub. If i move the front wheel forward will that stop the rub on the lower control arm. it not bad, it the Mud terrain side wall lugs. no wear marks, just some missing paint.
  5. Packards42

    Yakima valley West bound

    darn, I just made a run to The Dalles, to pick 4 heavy duty industrial quality electric reel -= 40 foot new extension cords. from a recent auction.
  6. Packards42

    Ram 2500 Wheel Caps,

    these went with the H2 Hummer wheels.
  7. Packards42

    Craigslist Finds

    seem like a good price to me if I had a shop for it. I always want a metal lathe.
  8. Packards42

    2nd gen short bed

    $1000 at wrecker last time I checked. here on one craigslist for $300 for the bed, and weird $500 for the tailgate., https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pts/d/parting-1995-dodge-ramwd/6777234273.html
  9. here you go. https://mailchi.mp/cyberauctions.com/final-auction-of-the-year-today?e=f4a87af6f6
  10. Packards42

    Using antifreeze?

    I smell more outside of the truck than inside. and strongest on drivers size, I check for stains.
  11. I smell antifreeze for several year in the cab. I was pretty sure that the heat control valve, as the only time I could smell it, and pint a year maybe. Now I smelling when getting out side of the driver's side getting out, other tell they can smell it when i can't. Looked around this morning, I did not see any leaks, those I add a gallon of antifreeze recently. How do tell if the head gasket is blown.?
  12. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2018/11/rivian-reveals-400-mile-range-electric-truck-and-suv-starting-at-61500/ Nice load rating 1700 pounds, and 11,000 towing capacity.
  13. Packards42

    Look what followed me home....

    sound like fun, I glad to see your staying busy. We final got caught up on our rental two vacating at once, a lot of clean up work, and there leased again.
  14. My front seat motor is stuck in the up position, it use to click, now does nothing when I touch the switch. do the switches go bad, or is mostly likely the motor. I actual just need to lower the seat in front to the mid position can it be force manually?
  15. tire are sold and Paid for: Delivery arrange too.