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  1. that a screaming deal, I have a Pro-tech headache rack and Loews tool box or I would be all over it. the lighting bar is a bonus above the deal. I actually like my over the rail tool box, I raised about 5 inch with two pieces of rectangular aluminum stock and can slide plywood and sheet rock under with the tailgate down on the short bed. Is your head-rack the on with ears, the major problem with my headache rack is the ears are not 48 inch apart, plywood and sheetrock doesn't fit.
  2. 4 get the job done for me, I like the set he made for his Band Saw, If you remember I sold my small band saw after i go chance to pick up large ridge horizontal band saw.
  3. let me know if you get more, Hoss will need them more than me, and I some adjustable rollers from harbor freight (pay to forward from another member0 , something dedicated would be GREAT too.
  4. Governor Inslee in copy cat mode as usuall. He pushing a carbon reduction bill through the senate, to cut overall emission 20%, refinery to truck. high ethanol is coming for cars, lawn mowers etc. https://www.capitalpress.com/nation_world/agriculture/ag-applauds-senate-passage-of-usmca/article_6c442d2c-3890-11ea-8388-3bd6100423bc.html#utm_source=town_news&utm_campaign=daily-capital-press-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline
  5. I could use these! we need to get them to Washougal, ie portland or Vasncouver. I could use the bases too. but my son can fabricate a set too
  6. Its a little worst, EPA says "if the parts/programs can installed on street truck" it is illegal to sell as offload equipment" . I am surprised we can still buy injectors.
  7. I always fill the filter, also I pour clean fuel in the fuel filter housing too on filter changes.
  8. One of the flash to my ECM, cut the power to the pump during startup cycle. power up and then drop to zero
  9. It EPA no longer accepting off-road after market parts that are not CARB certified. 42 enforcement against after market emission deleting or altering manufacturers last year. Not sure where injectors fall?? https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2020/01/14/epa-launches-crackdown-on-emissions-defeat-device-makers/?refer=news&utm_source=edaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020-01-14 https://im
  10. Tough to find.. Good hunting. I like a mega cab 2007 or newer. low miles like 2001 155000
  11. something new and promising. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1125635_turbos-are-going-electric-and-becoming-part-of-hybrid-powertrains
  12. nice a run, just realize your third generation so my a new VP44 I carry with me when we travel, is of no use too. .
  13. Found some 350 amp plug similar to Andersen. Most Anderson plugs are only rated 175 amps. I on the phone I lost links later.
  14. I get a picture later today today, mine has 5 or 6 inch round speakers,
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