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  1. Packards42

    We are starting our 2 week trip today!

    nice a run, just realize your third generation so my a new VP44 I carry with me when we travel, is of no use too. .
  2. Packards42

    Winch wiring on 2018 Ram

    Found some 350 amp plug similar to Andersen. Most Anderson plugs are only rated 175 amps. I on the phone I lost links later.
  3. Packards42

    extra rear speakers 2001 quad cab.

    I get a picture later today today, mine has 5 or 6 inch round speakers,
  4. Packards42

    (4) 18x9 KMC XD Hoss Wheels 8lugx6.5

    any recommendation on the bend control arm set. Look like I keeping the truck longer after putting over $4k into cracked head repair and new lower turbo.
  5. I had the rear reversing door open up on my truck and notice a spot to add 1 more rear speaker speaker in the door. . can I just add to speaker in parrellel with the rear . any recomendations. thanks, joe
  6. Packards42

    Got moles?????

    can you post a link to mole killing machine
  7. Packards42

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    my favorite color, maybe I should go back to work.
  8. Packards42

    (4) 18x9 KMC XD Hoss Wheels 8lugx6.5

    need one for spare with four maybe a Ser winter studs. I think If I get another set of wheels I like. 20 inch. rims. mine. 9 wide rub with Nittro Mud Grabbers. huge side lugs. no damage. i have a set longer control arms: will that make it better or worst?. no offset their straight like stock.
  9. Packards42

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    Yes GMC 1 ton are nice upgrade for little money. If you ever need rotors go to third generation rotors and pads, nearly 50 to 75% increase in barke surface, it take two new calapiror brackets, one each side, same calipters work.
  10. Packards42

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    that looks hardwired, Is hat a better option than wireless. I hit my truck son many time backing up especially with the tailgate down!!!🤔
  11. Packards42

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    I love to see the pod your proposing.
  12. Packards42

    Rear brake upgrade ‘02 2nd gen to 3rd gen

    my third generation brakes with ECB yellow pads save me from a freeway a wreck just after the upgrade. A dumb a** cut in front me so close I had to jam the brakes to avoid hitting at 70 mph. The new brakes grab so hard that the shoulder harness lock engages when the truck threw me forward. It is a cheap upgrade especial if you already doing rotors. just 2 new caliper mounting brackets.
  13. Packards42

    Bunch of stuff

    I could use 2nd gen taillight. my son lives in Renton
  14. Packards42

    (4) 18x9 KMC XD Hoss Wheels 8lugx6.5

    are these still available
  15. Who should I purchase Rear Calipter from for a 2002 2500 Dana 70. Also need a source for e the rear emergency brake cable: numbers and length. N. I am rebuild the brakes before install the 4:10 Rear disk axle assembly to replace my 3:54 ratio drum brakes. the rebuilding of the front axle pumpin is next project to match the 4.10 rear.