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  1. Thanks for al the feedback! Going to start with new Bilstein shocks and a Hellwig rear sway bar, and we'll see how it does from there. This a pretty light trailer, but does catch the wind so we'll see if this works well enough, or if I need to add sway control with this choice of tow rig. Thanks again!
  2. Picked up a low mileage (63k) V10 Excursion 4x4 to pull our 20' EzHauler (Mission) aluminum cargo trailer to race practices. Trailer is ~2500 lbs, and then we add another ~2k in quads, fuel, gear, etc. We've had this trailer for years now, and its been great. Pulled it behind everything from a half ton crew cab Dodge 1500, up to our current Dodge 3500 dually. Now it will primarily be used with the Excursion since my entire family is racing (we need the space). Hooked everything up last weekend and drove to Eugene from Puyallup so the three kids could have a practice day. Its d
  3. We picked up an 87 project for my son to work on. Its got a GM crate 6.5 that was dropped in with about 40k miles on it now, but they ran the 6.2 accessories. He's done a few things to it after he found some leads (return lines, couple of modules, etc). However, we need a couple of items done that he's not ready to tackle yet. Looking for a recommendation on a good shop within a reasonable distance of Puyallup. Thanks!
  4. Bought these for my sons truck, and then the truck died. Been in the shop since May. ~1500 miles on them. Like new. Chevy / gmc 6x 5.5 bolt pattern. 17” wheels. Hankook all season tires. $400 for the complete set for a nwbomber.
  5. This is very timely as I saw a lot of the same messages coming out of California, and wondered about my 48' trailer and dually truck. Easily exceeds 26k gross combined with a three axle trailer and truck rated to tow over 30k lbs from the factory, but it doesn't look like an RV, but is registered as an ‘Private Use Trailer’. The prior owner of the trailer had a class A CDL (coincidently, he moved boats too). To play it safe, I was wondering about just taking the test with my truck and trailer so I have the class A license (even without the air brakes and auto restrictions). I used to h
  6. Follow up - had it done. The service manager addressed my concerns, and said that they have been told a follow up fix will be available to replace these parts. I still can't believe they didn't have something better planned out, but as the owner, definitely caught between a rock and hard spot (have the dealer weld it vs liability for putting it off). I opted to let them make the 'repair' so if anything happened pulling the trailer, I would be covered. Attached a pic of the tack weld. Not sure if it was related, but my drivers side TPMS died and had to be replaced when I picked up the
  7. I wasn't sure about the Aisin, but the truck on the lot had it, it was deeply discounted, and the dealer did a great deal on the trade to move it. Now I love this truck and the trans. The combo of that trans/tow haul and the Exh brake makes it so I hardly use the brakes while towing. And my wife asked me on our first drive "is this a stick - it feels like a manual". Our '18 tows better than any truck I've ever owned. I don't use the dually for daily driver duty, but on the days where I've had to drive it to work, it does get out of its way just fine. I drifted it around a corner with the
  8. awesome truck Gary. I love the interior - sooooo much nicer than my all blacked out interior. And the puck system in the bed is the best too! So easy to drop in the gooseneck ball, remove for security, etc. It quickly became one of my favorite parts of our '18.
  9. That's our favorite vacation spot. We used to go back there annually for a number of years to reunite with family, and then more recently went back a couple years ago. We typically grab a cabin in Island Park, and venture into the park for a couple of days through the West Yellowstone entrance. Rent SxS's and explore Island Park, rent canoes and explore some of the small lakes there. Hit Jackson for a day (its growing too much IMO), and enjoy the Tetons. Mangey Moose for dinner, and then roll back to Island Park through the fields of Idaho. Love that country!
  10. Brings back fond memories of just the wife and I camping with our tiny Lance 815 with our two dogs, before we had our kids. Now we have a 48' race trailer and the only campgrounds we visit are Motocross tracks. How things have changed... LOL Enjoy the camper - that is a beauty!
  11. Had my new '18 in for its first oil change, and the they let me know about the recall (I hadn't received anything in the mail). I didn't have the time to wait, so I told them I'd have to schedule a separate time, and they made me sign a paper saying I refused the recall at that time... Its going back next week to get it done, more out of concern for the liability issue (insurance not covering if something were to happen). Poor initial design apparently, stupid fix to the problem, and another couple hours wasted at the dealer. I'll grill them on the repair and make sure they are qualified t
  12. I've had great luck with the Cooper AT3's as someone said above (ran 3 sets of them on various trucks), and my latest Ford had the Duratracs with the winter rating - a little howl on the road but great wet weather and snow traction, plus I thought they looked pretty good too. I may look to put these on my dually before winter again.
  13. whew - finally sold these off CL. Got them out of the shop and few bucks for the kids racing habit.
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