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  1. Anyone know if there is a bolt in air ride type seat available for the Ram trucks? My back has progressively gotten worse, and this last weekend's trip to Richland for the kids MX races was painful trip (what are those grooves cut into I90 between Cle Elem and Ellensburg anyway?). I did some searching on Google and found a couple really old links, but nothing current. Just wondering if perhaps the Sterling badged trucks came with suspension seats, or if anyone has a line on aftermarket. Thanks
  2. I dug into this a bit also for the kids' MX racing - wanted to just pull our 20' enclosed trailer, and use the RV to sleep/eat/rest. But had a hard time finding anything that could tow more than 5k. Found a couple Class C's with a Ram 4500 chassis and CTD, and also a Ford F450 with Powerstroke, but those were almost more than the Class A pushers. Gave up on that idea, got the dually, and looking for a gooseneck race car trailer with living quarters now.
  3. Lock

    Back into a CTD

    Yes sir! Decided that if we were doing this, we were doing it once. Since this rig's primary purpose will be towing, I had to go with the training wheels.
  4. Pulled the OEM Continental's off the '17 Ford F250 when I went with the Duratracs for winter use. Had the Continentals in storage when I sold the truck a couple of weeks back, so wondering if any interest in them? One had to be plugged for a nail hole at Les Schwab. Otherwise they came off the truck with about 8k on them, and have been stored indoors since. All Season tire tread pattern (I'll get some pics if anyone is interested). $160 for the set of 4 sound fair?
  5. Lock

    Northwest Bombers License Plates

    That is cool! Not to add to your idea list, but I always struggle to find a license plate frame that I like to put on my vehicles - any plans to make a license frame version that maybe has the NWB logo on it somewhere? Something that only folks in the "know" would recognize and appreciate?
  6. Thanks for all the input from everyone. Good info as always! Looks like I'll save some $ skipping the additives unless I end up somewhere where gelling may actually be an issue.
  7. My sister and brother in law had to renew the tabs and the truck failed the snap test twice. They took it to the shop in Enumclaw that did all the work it back when I owned it. They ended up pulling the tank and finding the screen in the tank clogged-full of the stuff apparently. Had to clean it all out, replaced the pump, and left with a hefty bill, but a solid running truck again. I'm pretty sure I know how they ended up there, and it was their own fault.
  8. I tried to do a search but didn't find anything recent. Do any of you with the newer trucks run fuel additives (like Diesel Kleen?). I used to run the Power Service grey bottle all the time in my old 12 and 24V trucks, but wasn't sure if it helps, or messes up, the emissions systems on the new trucks? I saw some article online that mentioned that Cummins now recommends their products... On a side note, My sister and her husband have my old 2003 CTD, and they just had to have the tank cleaned due to algae and that truck is driven everyday as a commuter. I assumed that a daily driven truck would never have issues with that, so now I'm thinking about my new Ram, and it will sit quite a bit in between trips.
  9. Lock

    Back into a CTD

    Sold my Ford and picked up a 2018 3500 Crew 4x4 Laramie Dually with the Aisin transmission. More bells and whistles than I'm used to, but we are going for a much bigger trailer and needed the capacity. I'm not partial to any of the three brands anymore - I've owned them all at one point (and some more than a few times) and each have worked well for the most part. However, the differences between the 2018 Ram and the 2017 Ford were pretty noticeable. First off, my Ford didn't come with their low speed steering assist option, so the Ram's steering effort is much lighter (I like that - nod to the Ram for not having to pay extra for power steering, LOL). The Fords auto was buttery smooth - couldn't even feel the shifts unless you were really paying attention, while the Aisin feels like my old Suncoast race transmission with very obvious gear changes (I have to admit I liked the smooth Ford tranny while just driving around in commute like settings). The Cummins makes good diesel noises, while the Ford was electric motor quiet (tie here - I liked the quiet Powerstroke, but I think I prefer the Cummins sounding more like the diesels I grew up with). Got a great deal at Enumclaw CJDR, and looking forward to getting enough miles on it to tow with it. Next up - find a bigger trailer (which drove the change over). Took a pic of my now 14 year old standing in front of the new truck. He went with me when we picked out the Ford too.
  10. Hi, haven't been on the forum for a while (teenage kids and promotions at work, plus traffic - eats up a lot of free time). But I'm looking to sell my 2017 F250. Bought it new from our local dealer. $52k truck when new; $40k for a anyone here, or a referral (have it listed for more on CL, but sheesh - all I get are scammers replying). Root beer metallic color in sun; sort of a dark maroon in the shade. Tan interior. Cloth seats. Flip down center console seat in the middle so it seats six. Lots of rear cab leg room. 33k miles on the 6.7L powerstroke. 4x4, crew cab 6 3/4' bed. Has upgraded Goodyear Duratrac winter tires (and the original Continental highway tires if wanted). Rated to bumper pull 15k lbs (which is I went with the Ford). No accidents, no dents. Oil changes done at the dealer ever 5k miles. Nice truck. Looking at bigger trailers. If interested, or have anyone you know that may be looking, let me know. I'm located in Puyallup. Thanks for pics and reference:
  11. Pricey, but I got a Bak Revolver rolling aluminum hard cover. If you have a locking tailgate, it help secure any items left in the bed. While not theft proof, has left me much more confident that items that are in the bed will be there when I come back to the truck. I bought one originally for a trip to WY we took, but I love it and its easy to use.
  12. Lock

    Dually Conversion Q's

    Hoss, sent a PM. Been a few days off the board with work and kids activities. Long story short, we wanted to install a slightly shorter flatbed if we went this route in order to reduce the overall length of the truck (since my son is a new driver). Very, very costly as soon as you go anything "custom". Even the off the shelf generic flatbeds were pretty costly with all the parts needed to install, wiring, etc. And to top that off, the liability for a new driver in a 3/4 ton or larger truck is excessive. According to our agent, statistically, since new drivers have a higher probability of accident involvement, the bigger and heavier the vehicle actually costs more since they cause more damage. So we're looking at other alternatives at this point - likely some sort of 1500 short box if we locate one that hasn't been hammered. Thanks to all for the great info in this thread. There was very little in TDR and other sources on these types of swaps. Lots of folks wanting to go to a dually, but not much interest in a dually to a single conversion.
  13. Lock

    Dually Conversion Q's

    I may not need the bed at all - just the axle; we were thinking of going to a smaller flatbed, but Gary's advice above is good. I need to price out a flatbed - I had figured around $1500 to $2000. Now he's got me concerned, LOL. I'll PM you. Thanks!
  14. Lock

    Dually Conversion Q's

    Hey Hoss, Its Dark Garnet Red (more of a maroon color). I'm not 100% sure what the rear ratio is, but I don't think its a 4.10. I want to say its a 3.54 IIRC. I'll check tonight.