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  1. You might want to include the possibility you have a leaking seal on the cp3 pump
  2. Why didn't you ask a couple months ago.
  3. Sorry to hear this. One thing that will help with odor is white vinegar and water mix. Mice also love motorcycles and atv's air boxes and exhaust systems
  4. As it says. Innercooler for first gen in good shape. $100 obo
  5. Since I no longer have a canopy and I can't think of anything to convert it into, I am selling the whopper. It's a one man loader/unloader for those heavy canopies. It's simple in design and easy to use and with the steering system and fat tires it will follow you wherever you go even over mushy yards. It does need a couple things such as tires for the front and in a few years new top boards. I've tried to figure out how much this thing is worth but cannot find anything like it for sale anywhere. So, with that said, if anyone is interested, make an offer thanks Dave
  6. moldX works well to kill it then a good steam clean to get rid of it, then a good soaking of vinegar and water to kill the spoors.
  7. OK, I would start with stage 1 or 2 injectors with correct pop pressures, a 3200 gov spring, a fuel pin, and timing advance. Now you should consider a better turbo. For that rig I would lean towards an hx35, or equivalent, with either a 14 or 16cm housing. A 16 will run cooler. a 4" exhaust system. I am assuming it had an intercooler? 1990 dodges did not. If it does not, then limit the injectors to stage 1's. A more efficient intake system is in order too. Something else to think about. What kind of condition is the radiator in? And, once you turn up the power you may need a better trans cooler. Gauges are a given, because that thing weighs almost 20,000 pounds and that motor is going to be working all the time
  8. what year is this engine? Is it normal install facing front? What kind of drivetrain? How much does it weigh? How many miles on the clock?
  9. If you buy your gasket set from cummins, in the box will be a gauge for you to test the bolts for stretching.
  10. Mark, Does he need an intercooler? I have one and it's all pretty
  11. I just found a 1st gen intercooler that was part of a project/test I started back when I had my 1st gen. I had the outlet tig welded back on and cleaned it up all pretty. Now I want to sell it but I have no idea what it is worth. Any input would be appreciated Thanks Dave
  12. Bob, does a "Proud parent of a soldier" offer any hp gains?
  13. Have you checked tomake sure the oil drain on the 3B is not kinked or pinched? That could cuase oil to back up.
  14. Good units and yes, they do work. Just make sure to have the truck on a level surface (left-right-front-rear) to be sure the gap is set right.
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