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  1. Been out in the garage for a while now. Need to get rid of it. Its in pretty good shape and has all the parts. I used in on the long bed with a toolbox. Need to get rid of this thing. Make me a reasonable offer. Not a stupid offer. Here it is when it was on the truck.
  2. SlyBones

    Toolbox - What to do with?

    Here is a pic. I also have this Access Rollup Tonneau cover. Designed for 94-98 shortbox.
  3. I have a toolbox that was on the truck. Been out in the garage a year now. Needs to go. Its locked and I cannot find the key anywhere. Looked every where. Not worth taking to a locksmith for me as I think it will cost a bunch to get it open and a key, and I probably cant sell it for that much. Rather find a good home than take to goodwill. But that's where its headed shortly.
  4. SlyBones

    Truck Club

  5. SlyBones

    Truck Club

    speaking of pics
  6. SlyBones

    Truck Club

    Thanks. Yeah I have been lurking under the covers. I have not logged in for a while. But I have been reading the forum. I have some stuff out in the garage for 8-9 months now from when the truck left, and its time I got rid of it. Taking up to much space and I need room for the new to me 2005 Goldwing GL1800 I bought last month in Jan. Found a great deal from a friend in Portland who had a very nice bike and was interested in selling. Made a deal I could not refuse. -- I had been saving for 3 years. And I had been watching the prices on the 2003-2005 range bikes get down into a price I can afford. Then it becomes the matter of looking around and waiting for the ride one that's well kept, lower miles, etc. And when I saw this one come available, I jumped. I have some tire chains for 285/75-15, the tool box, and the access roll up cover for a shortbox 94-97 ( might fir all 2nd gens ?? ). I'll make separate threads for each. With pics.
  7. SlyBones

    Truck Club

    I have one of them truck club steering wheel locks with the keys. Free to a good home. NWB member. Needs to come and get it. South Everett.
  8. SlyBones

    Slybones fund raising sale

    I'll try and get up some pics of the toolbox and tonneau cover.
  9. SlyBones

    Bombed 12 Valve fuel mileage

    21.5 was the best ever tank. 19-20 pretty common for long freeway trips depending on the number of BMW's encountered, 16.5 sitting on 405 traffic back when I did that. 10-11 towing the trailer. 3.55 gears, 285 tires, auto.
  10. SlyBones

    Truck died this morning

    well its not even a diesel. Been thinking about this since the truck broke, and came to the conclusion that if I didn't fix it, then I was going with a small commuter car with good mileage. The wife has a nicer mid-size car and that will be our Touring car, car with family, etc. For them days when I don't ride the Connie, a small commuter car will do. This way I can still contribute to my Goldwing fund and have 4 wheels both. So....... I now have a little Hyundai Accent.
  11. SlyBones

    Truck died this morning

    So..... I sold the truck. After considering the cost of fixing, the fact the wife and I sold the travel trailer last summer and I don't have pressing need for a truck, and that I was made a reasonable offer for it as it sat. After 14 years and all the great memories, it was hard. Definitely had tears in my eyes.
  12. SlyBones

    Truck died this morning

    This forum software sucks almost as bad as watching my truck ride off yesterday on the back of that big truck. It was sad. I pretty much wanted to cry. Amazing how attached you get after 14 years. So its at the shop as of yesterday afternoon. Don't know what they have for other customers and work. I am not expecting immediate action. Gotta wait my turn. Will see soon enough.
  13. SlyBones

    Slybones fund raising sale

    Looking at the internet I see Prodigy, Prodigy P2 and P3 available. Looking at the pics its definitely NOT a P3. From the descriptions my guess its an original and not a P2. Still as digital display, supports 2-8 brakes, boost mode, diagnosis for no connection, proportional braking. That I can tell the only real different between the original and the P2 is the original has a 70 degree vertical mounting range ( which this one has ) and the P2 has 360 degree range ( mine is not this ). Looking at the internet pics the only thing I don't have is the metal mounting bracket. I mounted the plastic cradle directly to my interior panel down by the steering wheel, just to the right.
  14. SlyBones

    Truck died this morning

    Yeah getting close. Starting to look like the likely scenario is a new cam, lifters, new push rods, replacing some valves, new gaskets, etc. And a pile of labor. Hopefully there are no holes in any pistons.
  15. SlyBones

    Slybones fund raising sale

    Prodigy brake controller with holder, pigtail and guide.