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    '98 Intense Blue 12v, l/b ext. cab, 4x4, Air bulldog hood.
    Full billet auto trans
    5th motor, with:
    PDR/ NWCustom HX40/HT3B
    Stock 215 pump with DV's
    Industrial Injection Dragonflows
    11.60 6500lb daily driver.

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  1. Well, hell, it HAS been a long time and I sure miss this crowd. If mine is on the road (always a crap shoot, lol), I just may have to make the trip, and have my bf Casey bring his badass First Gen too.
  2. Whoops, yes, we did find one!! Sorry I forgot to delete this, but I'll respond before I do. It's for a '92, not mine, and I guess the disc brakes won't work. The '92 has broken TWO Dana 70's (I've never even done that, lol) so it's time.
  3. Must be drum brakes, single rear wheel and in working order.
  4. Hey, Hoss, how are ya? And thanks, Bob. I'll let her know about that shop.
  5. A friend in the Corvallis area needs a decent mechanic for her ‘04 Powerstroke. Anyone know of someone in that area?
  6. Hey, guys! Nice to see you too! Looks like I should have started a poll, lol. As far as headlights, those are brand new and $$$! from Dodge, so not going to replace them now. Not that they're worth a crap (not bright at all) but the old ones were pretty wasted. The reason I'm looking at changing the grill is that mine is broken at the mounts on one side plus it's bubbling like they do. This pickup has been hemorrhaging money since December so I have to be real picky about what I do next. Shoot, I don't even have it back together from the latest head work. Ugh. Thanks for
  7. I'd like to see what my pickup looks like with either a black grill or body color (not the whole Sport look, though). Can anyone here do that? Thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies. If I hear back from Boss I'll ask about the warranty. I've never had anything warranteed on this beast that I can remember... Any further suggestions are welcome too.
  9. Yes, that was them. I contacted them and they said there was going to be a new US distributor and that someone would contact me but nobody did. Thanks for the recommendation; I'll call Chris. Are they E OR?
  10. I have a set of Boss shocks on my truck but the fronts are worn out. For me these shocks have been far superior to any other brand I've used (including Bilsteins, Ranchos, KYB). Does anyone have suggestions for getting them or a comparable set? (NOT the aforementioned brands) I want oil-filled, adjustable with rebound dampening. The company is in Australia so I assume shipping costs from there would be prohibitive but I have inquired. The place I got them before was a Canadian suspension site and they're not available at this time. Here is a link for the Boss shock manufacturer: http
  11. Just started up the truck and the air is flowing perfectly. ????????
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