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    '98 Intense Blue 12v, l/b ext. cab, 4x4, Air bulldog hood.
    Full billet auto trans
    5th motor, with:
    PDR/ NWCustom HX40/HT3B
    Stock 215 pump with DV's
    Industrial Injection Dragonflows
    11.60 6500lb daily driver.

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  1. I have very little footage of my truck racing or dynoing over the years and would like to collect some if anyone has any. I'll appreciate all, but would especially like more recent where it was running sub-12's and near/over 700hp. Like my run at Fast Specialties at 729? Looking back it's kind of strange I never thought to ask anyone to take video; I guess I was just so focused on competing it didn't occur to me... Thanks! This is the best photo ever taken of it, by Jason Mihlbauer, after winning my class at the last PDR dyno day. I couldn't "heart" this more but would sure love to see some video!!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/600977601340140/
  3. Okay, folks, I won't need the hubcap as I have decided it really is time to sell. Here is the ad on Marketplace if you'd like to share. Also any suggestions of other places to advertise are appreciated.
  4. Lol, Rob, you totally DID!! Now I remember! It rung a vague bell when you offered but it has been awhile and I'm a bit swamped right now. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks, Rob. I have never wanted to sell it but have contemplated it a few times when my back is to the ropes. I'm a girl of very modest means and every time I can almost get ahead I've had to drain my bank account and sell things, like a couple of years ago I sold my only riding horse, which I use for WORK, just TRYING to keep it going. On top of that it has gotten a lot harder for me to do my own work because of bad shoulders and other injuries (broke four ribs and two lumbar vertebrae in a horse wreck two years ago), and lets' face it, I'm not getting any younger! The final issue is that we have no shelter at all since my mom's ranch burned to the ground in last year's Whitney Fire on Labor Day; she lost all structures including the house. We have concrete pads and no shade or wind block even. It has become quite disheartening and I finally felt like maybe it's just time. BUT, Casey has convinced me to give it another shot and can give me the help I need to make it happen. I'll count myself lucky to be with someone who is absolutely as passionate about these things as I am (he has a very fast First Gen he modified himself). Like he says, "You can sleep in a truck, but you can't race a house." LOL I would love to have a fourth hubcap if you have a spare! I've lost two on the sometimes awful gravel roads I live on, and it would be nice to have a set for "going to town." If you find one, you can text or call me at Five Zero Nine-Four Two Nine-Three One Six Six. Heck, maybe my guy and I could drive over and get it once my Ego Diesel is back on the road. Thanks so much for the moral support. It's nice to have folks who will talk me off the ledge now and again...
  6. I get that perspective, but I've gotten some pretty reasonable offers and no low-ballers. Nothing high enough to make it worth parting with... What I've seen in every ad for these trucks in the past few years is that a price is posted and most all responses are insults as to the seller being stupid, no matter what the price is or the condition of the truck. People love to try and look knowledgeable (but they don't) with no intention of buying. By being clear about my stance that didn't happen at all, and actual interested parties who don't need the deal of the century contacted me directly. It's like the horse market, which I've followed for decades. I never like when a horse is "private treaty" but I know it's out of my price range so I don't waste their time. I only look at a certain price range. I didn't expect people on a budget to try to buy it...
  7. I'm going to disagree, Paul. The transmission has a few thousand miles (less than five, and never raced) on a TOTAL rebuild (not by DDP, I reluctantly moved on from them years ago, obviously) with new billet shafts, converter, etc. (in the ad). If you read the ad the truck is a complete package in very, very good condition, other than the spun bearing and a few minor body issues. The motor is not "shot" as the cylinders, pistons, block, cam and brand new top end including turbos (with the best parts money can buy) have GREAT value, plus it still runs, just makes noise. It simply needs a rebuild to machine the cam and check clearances, so therefore is FAR from a parting out-condition rig and I would never consider that. I have been pleased that nobody has wasted my time trying to force me to name a price, and actually I've gotten offers that aren't insulting. That being said, my awesome boyfriend Casey Munter was against selling it to begin with and has talked me into keeping and rebuilding it, and he will take the lead on it. I guess it's time for me to learn about building engines too...
  8. Very reluctantly offered 1998 Intense Blue 12 valve 4x4, extended cab, long bed, 365k overall miles (about 60k on this motor) PLEASE NOTE: engine has a spun rod bearing. I will provide video of it running briefly, but it cannot be test driven. Also, I am not pricing it, and harassing me about it won't change that. I'll know the right offer if I hear it. Engine: 12 valve with bored cylinders, shaved ceramic pistons, custom cam from Diesel Pros 215 injection pump, balanced by Seattle Injection, 191 delivery valves Industrial Injection DragonFlow injectors, fresh from the injection shop ATS exhaust manifold New harmonic balancer New O-ringed head with low miles: 30 miles post- valve job NEW Industrial Injection 120# springs NEW I I billet push rods Recent 625 head studs Twin compound turbos: NEW HX40 over HT3B ½ This setup makes 100 lbs of boost Drivetrain: Full billet automatic transmission with less than 5k miles DPC triple disc converter (also fresh) SFI flex plate Lockup switch Transfer case less than 10k miles on rebuild Dana 70 limited slip rear end Dana 60 with Eaton E Locker (used twice) front end Recent U joints and carrier bearing Driveline loops Other: Recent Holly Black electric fuel pump on a switch Dash pod with Autometer Ultralight gauges NEW Mishimoto transmission cooler Very recent slotted front rotors Recent Red Head steering box, braced Recent brake booster Air Bulldog fiberglass hood Towing brake Straight pipe exhaust with single stack Power + heated mirrors Power door locks and windows A/C and heat work well Has matching canopy with hole cut for stack, which works great, needs buffing (goats got on it). Body has one dent and a few paint issues, no rust. New grill. Missing one hub cap. Recent headlights. Windshield is cracked, could use front shocks, tires have minimal tread. Interior is in very nice condition. Seats have always been covered and dash is nice. Steering wheel needs recovered and a few small cracks on top of center console. This truck has been my heart and soul for many years. It was a NW icon, raced in the points series (this engine and refreshed trans have not seen the track) at multiple tracks in both Sportsman and Pro brackets, multiple dyno event winner, and featured in Diesel Power Magazine. Best ET was 11.62 at 118mph (#2 only), and will run consistently in the high 11's. We had many sponsors when I was racing and dynoing, from tires to transmission to engine. Honestly the truck is a legend. Highest dyno # was 729, (#2 only) in competition at Fast Specialties. Should be closer to 800 now. This is an honest, EXTREMELY fast truck. It's always been my daily driver and I changed nothing for the dyno or track. I spun a rod bearing in it last fall, we cleaned it up and put new rod and main bearings in it with the motor lifted in place, but unfortunately on test drive it happened again and I lost oil pressure. When we had the head off last fall the pistons and cylinders looked fine. Open to serious offers only (made to me personally, not posted on fb), keeping in mind the value of the components. For example, the transmission alone retails at $9k+. I don't need newbies telling me what they think this truck is NOT, or any s**t whatsoever. Please do your research. It truly breaks my heart to sell it, as all my long-time diesel associates well know. I don't HAVE to sell it, I have plenty of parking space, however I don't have the resources to fix it now and have THOUSANDS into it in the past few years. MAY consider part-trade for good running stock-ish 12 valve or Common Rail, 4wd, ext cab or 4 door, long bed only.
  9. None of us ever thought it would happen, least of all me, but I'm reluctantly entertaining offers on my truck. It makes me sick, I'm simply out of resources to repair it any more. I don't HAVE to sell, it would just take a financial miracle to get the motor rebuilt after spinning a rod bearing. We don't even have so much as a shelter, let alone a garage/shop, nor a house, after our ranch burned to the ground last year in the Whitney Fire. I'm trying to post it on FB Marketplace, and not sure if it's okay to post ad details here but I'm going to go ahead in replies. Admins please let me know if I can't. I wanted to post in this forum because NWBombers was where I got my start and I know many of you actually care about us... Pictured last week during the one drive I got before spinning the bearing again.
  10. Well, hell, it HAS been a long time and I sure miss this crowd. If mine is on the road (always a crap shoot, lol), I just may have to make the trip, and have my bf Casey bring his badass First Gen too.
  11. Whoops, yes, we did find one!! Sorry I forgot to delete this, but I'll respond before I do. It's for a '92, not mine, and I guess the disc brakes won't work. The '92 has broken TWO Dana 70's (I've never even done that, lol) so it's time.
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