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  1. Project_dog

    Project Slam the Fummins

    Do you know what transmission dodge made for 2wd trucks?
  2. Project_dog

    Project Slam the Fummins

    Thanks guys. We want to keep the dash as much stock looking as we can. I will post pictures as we go. Yes we are going to be on air bags. Drive shaft clearance? HAHAHA. More than likely when we do the body drop on the cab, we are going to make a tunnel. I know we are going keep the stock bench seats. Im going to need to be doing a lot of researching on how people do the engine swap. Its going to be fun and challenging. We need to convert the automatic transmission from a 4x4 to a 2wd. Maybe beef up the transmission up a little bit. He is planning on towing with the truck. at least do a 4 inch exhaust.
  3. Project_dog

    Project Slam the Fummins

    I have been working on this project for about 5 months. She's a 1992 Ford F-350 crew cab, 2wd, 7.3 non-turbo IDI. We ripped the bed off, rear suspension, Engine and trans, front clip. Removed the body. Welded a Chevy 3/4 ton front end on it. "C" notched the rear frame, added a 4 link to the rear end, and got the rear fuel tank mounted in. Next we are going to finish the pan hard bar. Cut the frame 2 or 3 inches, flip the front body mounts. Then get the cab remounted. Then we are putting a 24 valve Cummins in donated from a 2000 Dodge Ran 2500 4x4 auto truck. If you need any parts off the truck let me know. Here are some photos of the progress we are making. I have a lot of research to do on the dodges transmissions, fueling, wiring. So if you have any suggestion on how to make this a smoother process. I would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Or something like this? http://rvhaulers.ca/smart-car-bed/
  5. So something like this? https://youtu.be/PequDTl6KEw
  6. Is there brand of truck you'll looking for?
  7. Project_dog

    1990 Ford F-350 issue

    Im helping a friend out. He has a 1990 ford F 350 crew cab automanic. He is only about to 55 mph. Anyone know why? He wants to turn up is fuel pump. Any how too.
  8. Project_dog

    What to do? I really need help

    I PM ya Eric for a cost on a block.
  9. Project_dog

    2nd Gen Dash Replacement

    Hey Ben, Can you find the sellers username on amazon for me? My mom's 98 needs a new dash cap and bezel.
  10. Project_dog

    Ugly Betty upgrade help...

    For some reason. it only does it went the engine is warmed up,
  11. Project_dog

    Ugly Betty upgrade help...

    Well i went a head and talked to vaunh today. I backed off the springs 3 clicks. Started up the truck. Now she idles at 670ish. Turned the ac on. bumped up the idle. went for a drive. I had no issues with the truck until after 30 mins of driving. Scenario: truck is in neutral, i rev the engine up to 3000 rpm and it will stay there. Until i shut the truck off and start it up. idles fine.
  12. Project_dog

    Big Black

    You should put some red pin striping in the wheels and on the truck, or that spicy orange color dodge has.
  13. Project_dog

    building custom box sides and tool boxes

    Hope it goes well installing those. Install some HID's from v-LEDS.com I put some in my durango and Mazda 6 and they made a world of difference.