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  1. Well, I got my door pins, dash bezel, spring compressor, anti rattle pads ( for the new dash). Tuesday I get my dash. I cant wait.
  2. My only issue I'm trying solve before tackling removing the dash is my parking brake handle broke from the lower dash. Has anyone ran into this ?
  3. Morning all, The time as come to make the interior of Ugly Betty less ugly. The dash has large holes and the instrument bezel is broken, blower motor is making noise and only works on 2 settings, radio hardly works. The headliner is gross. Parts are ordered: New dash and instrument bezel from LMC Door Pins LMC Stereo and install bezel Door Speakers Black headliner material I will take pictures as I go.
  4. Im looking into getting a set of Traction bars for my 98 3500. Im figuring about 500-700 for a set. Does that sound right?
  5. Glad to see another 2nd gen get painted. Sometime next year, I'm going to get the dually in to get some dents fixed caused by Ram4ver.
  6. Thanks, I'm okay with stock wheels.
  7. On my way home from work. I had the opportunity to take s picture of the truck with nice sunset.
  8. I deleted my last thread. I'm trying not to make so many threads. I upgraded my clutch to a Southbend 1947- OFEK With the 1 and 3/8" input shaft. I already had the Southbend updated clutch slave. Updated transmission main shaft, updated 5th gear, with updated 5th gear nut. Installed all new bearing Kit races, seals, gaskets and shift fork pads, synchronize ring kit and resealed the rear seal. I took apart the transfer case and resealed it too, but I didn't take any pictures. I had a hard time installing the transmission due to my pitted concrete drive way. So I came up with idea is to put a piece of 1/2" plywood down and bought a Harbor Freight Transmission jack. After I did that, it went in smooth. That transmission jacked helped installed the transfer case. I need to put some new u-joints in the rear and front drive line. Installed a short shiftier in the truck. I like how it reduce the throw by 30%. But it something didn't feel right. After driving around for 2 days. I was unable to get the transmission into gear. then all of sudden I was able to get into gear. then after 4 more days, It happen again. I was able to get a tow from another fellow dodge person. waited for a tow truck for 2.5 hours. then all of a sudden, I was able to get it into gear. took the chance and drove it home. I talked to my old man about it. I removed the short shiftier and installed the stock one and feels better. No leaks so far. Its hard not to get on the gobabygo petal, Im only 182 miles out of 300 miles of breaking in my clutch. Enjoy the pictures.
  9. Heck, you have two working arms and two working legs. OOOO that right, you cant use that lump 3 feet above your butt. LOL
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