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  1. Glad to here this was a great success. Once I start on working on the exterior, Im going to be doing this.
  2. Cummins been using those for years. Some industrial QSB5.9 and QSB6.7 uses the block stiffener plates. the ISX15 and ISX 12 uses too.
  3. Well I'm sure I will be doing this to my truck.
  4. On 98, I have factory decals saying "Sport" but I do not have the dual headlight bulbs. That is odd. Not to high jack your thread.
  5. Once I have the dash out. Its also getting painted seats are coming out, carpet is getting replaced. I haven't decided if i want to go back with carpet or rubber mate.
  6. At the time, I had a local shop to it. I did all the prep work. Remove and cleaned up the headliner. Im also going to the visors black and paint the overhead console and dome light. I haven't touched the truck in a long time. Family is busy.
  7. I had a single din with a large screen. It blocked the a/c vents above the stereo. but with a press of a button it didnt block the vents.
  8. As for the stereo, Im a fan of Kenwood. Im planning on installing a double din in my truck and my dads truck sometime in the spring time. Metra has a double din kit. You will need to cut your dash. Im okay with that.
  9. I would say your air cleaner is sucking a lot of hot air in. Engine bay looks good.
  10. Well I found a 2000 dash. No cracks in the dash. The lower part is in mint condition.
  11. It is a little bit less noisy but I still need to add the sound material to the doors and the floor. I'm making designs for the one 10" Sub or a 8"sub behind the seat with storage.
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