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  1. Project_dog

    12 Valve Injectors question

    yep for information.
  2. I see that is there is all sorts of injectors out there for the 12v. From 50, 75, 100, and 140 hp over stock. Then I see, 94-98 5.9L 12V Cummins Contagious 5x.011 SAC Injectors. Anyone want to clear up on what the cummins Contagious 5x.011 SAC Injectors are? What would be the safe HP over stock on a stock pump?
  3. Project_dog

    I little family bombing

    You need to come back up pops. I need to do my valve adjustment, install my mirrors, stereo speakers, and stereo deck. Then we can removed the head liner and put some other things on the truck.
  4. Project_dog

    Valve adjustment.....

    Its all about consistency when you are setting valve lashes. I have done a lot of overheads on Cummins, Cat, and Paccar motors. Im going to have to do my dads 24 valve and my 12 valve overhead done soon.
  5. Project_dog

    Finally Bought a Diesel

    You know your son wants a baby sitter. lol
  6. Project_dog

    Finally Bought a Diesel

    I got a metal bender while back ago. So I'm going to be making them. I like to fabricate. I built my Front Mount Inter Cooler, exhaust down pipe, Air compressor bracket, washer fluid reservoir bracket and the washer fluid reservoir for my Mazda CX-7. I also built my Sub boxes and amp rack.
  7. Project_dog

    The Freightliner, has been SOLD.

  8. Project_dog

    Finally Bought a Diesel

    I already got my new cup holder. Best mod to the truck yet. My 3/4" round led's for the running boards and mud flaps , and my window vents.
  9. Project_dog

    Finally Bought a Diesel

    Yep, Im getting yelled at already for ordering parts. I order come window vents, center console cup holder and LEDs. I'm planning on making some custom mud flaps. Similar to the ones I have attached. But Ill have my own twist on it.
  10. Project_dog

    Finally Bought a Diesel

    Last weekend I bought my Mom's truck. 1998 Dodge Ram 3500, 4x4, 12 valve, 5speed manual. Im happy to say shes in great hands. She needs some love on the exterior and interior. But she has a heart of gold. The short term goals on the truck is to get the interior looking great. Going to need a new headliner, dash, stereo, window tint. Then start ordering parts to reseal the front gear housing. I have all the tools to do it at my house. Plus I have done about 4 of them at my place of work ( Cummins Sales and Service). Not to hard to do. A lot of time. The last one I did was in 16 hours and that was on a gen one 12 valve. Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity to help you. I true feel that I have check one off my list to repay my parents.
  11. Project_dog

    Sad day...bye bye our 12V

    I have to say. Its a great feeling to help my parents out big time. Buying the truck from them, to make them happy. Im in a little bit of hot water with my wife but oh well.. Love ya dad
  12. Project_dog

    Project Slam the Fummins

    Do you know what transmission dodge made for 2wd trucks?
  13. Project_dog

    Project Slam the Fummins

    Thanks guys. We want to keep the dash as much stock looking as we can. I will post pictures as we go. Yes we are going to be on air bags. Drive shaft clearance? HAHAHA. More than likely when we do the body drop on the cab, we are going to make a tunnel. I know we are going keep the stock bench seats. Im going to need to be doing a lot of researching on how people do the engine swap. Its going to be fun and challenging. We need to convert the automatic transmission from a 4x4 to a 2wd. Maybe beef up the transmission up a little bit. He is planning on towing with the truck. at least do a 4 inch exhaust.
  14. Project_dog

    Project Slam the Fummins

    I have been working on this project for about 5 months. She's a 1992 Ford F-350 crew cab, 2wd, 7.3 non-turbo IDI. We ripped the bed off, rear suspension, Engine and trans, front clip. Removed the body. Welded a Chevy 3/4 ton front end on it. "C" notched the rear frame, added a 4 link to the rear end, and got the rear fuel tank mounted in. Next we are going to finish the pan hard bar. Cut the frame 2 or 3 inches, flip the front body mounts. Then get the cab remounted. Then we are putting a 24 valve Cummins in donated from a 2000 Dodge Ran 2500 4x4 auto truck. If you need any parts off the truck let me know. Here are some photos of the progress we are making. I have a lot of research to do on the dodges transmissions, fueling, wiring. So if you have any suggestion on how to make this a smoother process. I would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Or something like this? http://rvhaulers.ca/smart-car-bed/