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  1. I'm still blowing of the click fittings that VW used on the PD intercooler on a regular basis, not sure why they decided to put a half inch part that quadrupled the number of connectors in a 2 inch space so I think before the semester is over I will be swapping the intercooler and piping, it looks like the 1.8t metal pancake pipe alongside their upgraded SMIC should be almost a bolt in. Helps we have a Krispy crème less then a mile away. As I remember it from the other golf, the PD 150 manifold shouldn't be too hard to do either while I'm in there. It will also give me a chance to get a better
  2. Down here campus security doesn't like me too much after replacing my transmission in the parking lot, I can only imagine how mad they would be if the entire front end was in pieces🤣
  3. Plan is over the summer after the big road trip. I am still trying to figure out the best way to set up the exhaust manifold, I'm not sure if there is room to use a t3 cast manifold with a adapter to t25, or try and figure out how to weld a t25 flange to the cut up manifold of my dads old turbo.
  4. Well it was all in time that the knowledge of having a SBC stage 2 endurance cam, pd130 injectors, and the nagging of Malone saying the stock turbo was the restriction that I caved. Unlike my dads unplanned turbo replacement, I have been itching to do this for years 😁. Seeing the turbo I wanted for a smoking deal from a US based seller, I now have a Holset HE221W, it flows a max of 38 lbs/min and is reasonably sized to make as much power as I want to make. The 6 cm exhaust housing should spool relatively quick while not limiting the high end power. I will be adding a pd150 intake manifold wit
  5. Alright, here is a massive video dump from all the races this year, Being in walking distance of the track makes it hard to pass up the chance, doesn't help that you can hear every race from campus. Tap talk does not like the video size so I just put them into folders on drive by race, they are in no particular order. Daytona 300 & 500 https://photos.app.goo.gl/mX9CajouEdXuYZJp9 Rolex 24 practice https://photos.app.goo.gl/VLXdMxDLBQh7MtQu9 Rolex 24 https://photos.app.goo.gl/fnsHuKakBBBjEe7z8
  6. J Dansie, I was down at Cascade German last month, and I asked them about PD injectors nozzle replacement, Aaron told me he does not know of anyone in the US that he trusts. When I asked him about a shop he recommended one in the UK, take that for what you want. There is a measuring block in vcds that shows variances between injection quantities if you want to check them, I think it is block 13 off the top of my head.
  7. I haven't forgot, but I didn't get the photos resized, and so I didn't post yet.
  8. Here is an update from the past few times we have been working on the golf. We removed all of the parts that are to be replaced, and installed the new injectors, PD130's from the European tdi. It seems like every time we get going and hope to finish up a part and move on, there is a part that was wrong, missing or damaged. Cascade German has been great about this, usually having the part in the next day with no questions asked. this last roadblock was due to one of the modified bearings that comes with the cam being damaged, so we are at a standstill until the new one comes in. the good news
  9. I think the clutch would be one of many things to go.... Here is the next update from yesterday: The clutch and pressure plate went in great and Ben explained how having the OFE clutch design works, which was super interesting. and then the transmission was reinstalled along with the new starter, it was SUPER EASY with the sub frame out, Ben had been saying how on the other mk4 clutches navigating the transmission in and out was a pain, however after dropping the sub frame the steering rack is very easy to push out of the way allowing the transmission to ju
  10. Here is the progress from day one and two, which was stopped by a wrong axle seal and lack of new pressure plate bolts. However we have completed the and cleaning of transmission, installation of new flywheel and removing the lower control arms.
  11. After I decided I would be going to college in Florida, and hoped to take my car, my dad and I decided that we should do all of the work other then regular maintenance that might need to e done while I am there. we will be installing a south bend stage 2 endurance clutch & flywheel, Franko6 Stage II cam, PD130 injectors, motor mounts, timing belt & filters, hoses, axles, suspension bushings & Bilstein TC Sports. Most of this would not have been on the table had it not been for Ben's willingness to help and provide shop space; and none of it would have been possible without t
  12. Would this be what you were looking at? shop.moderngroup.com https://www.moderngroup.com/ They seem to be a forklift, and parts company out on the east coast, but their shop has a random photo on the page for the housing you are looking at, I am also skeptical, but they seem to at least exist as a company, might be worth a call to their customer service.
  13. The 4 on the wheels are getting close to the tread bars, but I have two of the same tires in the attic that have a bunch more tread on em. I will post pictures tomorrow after school.
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