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  1. Someone has a truck that I'm kind of interested in and it has a RaceMe Ultra tuner. It's a 2013, deleted, with an Aisin. I'm not exactly after something that's got a tuner or has been deleted, but the truck is otherwise pretty much matching what I'm looking for. My understanding is that one cannot do an appreciable power bump with an Aisin (no ability to program to deal with power changes). The owner of the truck had a shop set things up for towing (personal rv only); says that it works great and that he doesn't really mess with it. What concerns are there with something like this?
  2. DieselBound


    VW has an extended warranty on all these Dieselgate cars. I know that lots of people yanked premium accessory parts off before turning them in. Figure that many of these cars might have been beaten like a rented mule before being turned in. I'd be looking for a good indy mechanic to look over any potential purchase.
  3. DieselBound

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    I've attempted to contact THREE different sellers and have gotten no responses! What's up with people? Anyway... Things just ain't lining up for now. Nothing local and heading into winter I don't think it's a good idea to try and land something that's any significant distance away. Targeting a Laramie Longhorn (w/Aisin) also narrows the field. Lots of trucks out there look like they're trade-ins of hotshot drivers. I don't believe that I should be concerned here with regards to those with Aisin transmissions as I am not hearing of issues with the Aisin. What concerns would there be with one of these trucks? (rear ends?) Found out that the frontend changes in 2014 were for the 2500s, the 3500s were already running the newer suspension bits: in 2014 2500s also got changes to the rear suspension, air bag option (?).
  4. DieselBound

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    I think I may have found THE truck. 2014 Laramie Longhorn w/Aisin. Granite exterior and saddle brown/black interior. Private party. Original owner. Stated, and pictures tend to confiem as being in "immaculate condition." Price creep for sure, but it is in the general range.
  5. DieselBound

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    Discovering that it's a tad hard to find what I'm looking for so I kind of expanded my view a bit... After reading that folks really like the refinements with the Gen4s I decided to peek over the fence (and at that "greener pasture"). I have accepted that I'd have to shell out more money, though how much more I'm willing to push it I have yet to determine: Gen4 2013s and up along the lines I"m looking at tend to run at least $35k (if under 200k miles). Would like feedback/comments on two candidates (both 3500 Laramie DRWs): 1) 2008 with 68rfe trans and 75k miles; 2) 2013 with Aisin trans and 140k miles. The 2013 is about 17% more money than the 2008. Figure all else being fairly equal. I understand that I'd pretty much be stuck at stock power with the 2013 and Aisin. At 385hp and 850 lb-ft stock I doubt that I'd ever need any more. It's my understanding that the 2014s have significant improvements to the front ends. Seems that things are always better the next year(s), which leads to the slippery slope to brand new (I can't justify $40k, there's no way I could justify $80k [new]!).
  6. DieselBound

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    $24k. But that depends on the interior (and engine compartment). While looking for a late Gen3 dually I run across a ton of these SRWs. With a 6spd manual, and a Laramie, one would be looking closer to $28k. Dealers, of course, seem to bump up prices by about $2k. One problem is that there are a lot of trucks from Alberta flooding the market; they clean up well, but... if folks aren't aware to be wary of these then they might slurp up one of these for a lower price. Is your brother looking to buy new?
  7. DieselBound

    Assessing condition of 68rfe

    Paul, yes, I agree. But, how does one assess in the cases in which someone states that the transmission has been rebuilt?
  8. I'm looking for tips on how to evaluate the condition of a 68rfe in, of course, a used (gen3) truck. Seems that knowing if one these transmissions is on the edge of failing that one can use that as leverage when negotiating the purchase price of a truck. I"m OK with paying out for proper value, but certainly not for over-paying. Age (well, it's getting up there!) and a diminutive wife have me really leaning toward going automatic. I've been advised to just figure on a proper rebuild right away. Mike Boyd told me that I shouldn't worry and just wait until the trans pukes and then have it done right. Either way I would be looking at putting money aside for the inevitable.
  9. Sigh, this would tend to reduce my search distance.
  10. So, all dealers cannot resell if deleted? I can see listings on CL from dealers that show clear evidence of deleted bits. Would upgraded exhaust always mean it's been deleted?
  11. I'm researching buying a gen3 with a 6.7L in it and I'd like to be able to identify if it's been deleted. Currently just browsing on-line, in which case I can only go by pictures. Not sure what it's referred to, but the extra plastic(?) "wing" that wraps around the front of the engine (covers EGR stuff?), if it's off I can pretty much tell; but, if that piece is on I don't know how to discern if it's been deleted. Seems that dealers don't look to advertise whether a truck has been deleted or not.
  12. DieselBound

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    Kelly, yeah, I'd run across that. It's from back in 2005 so I don't know whether the parts (kit?) is still available. I'd be all over this if I hadn't found out what the dual HVAC zone control is about: it's a constant issue with the wife messing with temps- having two zones might make for less hassle. Yeah, getting picky, but I figure I don't want to be going through this again any time soon. I'm a bit concerned on the head issue on the early(?) 6.7L. I can deal with EGR and VGT issues (having been around my VW TDIs for a while). I just ran across someone with a gen3 stating they upgraded the steering to gen4. Sigh, my gen2 has upgraded steering (gen3-like?). I would like to have something that doesn't wander all over the place (my truck isn't bad, but I'd like it to be better [considerations for the wife]- I think it's probably as good as it could get). Slippery slope if I'm willing to go 6.7L, as then I could push out into the gen4: still an issue of trying to cap expenditures.
  13. DieselBound

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    There's a TON of dually rigs that match what I'm looking for (minus the duals that is). Aiming for the power pedal adjustment makes it exponentially more difficult: pretty much puts me in the Laramie package- possibility that someone optioned it, but rare as rare could be). Someone on CL just posted a really nice 2007.5, which has everything I could want, except the 5.9L.
  14. DieselBound

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    Going to a 4th gen, sadly, at this time, isn't going to happen: my bank account isn't that big. I really need to be able to assess the costs for getting something up to par. I'm pretty convinced that I could manage a late 3rd gen with a 5.9L. Finding the right one, however, appears as though it's going to be a challenge: seems like it's nearly illegal to sell a used one with a manual transmission 😉
  15. DieselBound

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    Hi, folks. Been kind of caught up in other things... I've been doing more introspection on what I "need," and am now leaning away from a dually. Need for a mega cab is also in question. Anyway... Due to concerns over the wife being able to drive a rig like this -comfortably- I am thinking that I need to find something with the adjustable pedals. This option seems to be primarily only available in the Laramie package (though I'm sure that one could have ordered it separately, though not likely many such candidates existing out there like that). That 2003 is sure purdy! On the truck I posted about I could see the following issues: - Leaking front axle seal (passenger side; no pic of driver's side, so that one could also be leaking) - Possible leaking rear main seal (not a big deal if one is figuring on changing the clutch) - Leaks around transmission side case (not sure what to refer to this as) - Missing air flow meter on air box - Poorly maintained battery connections (in addition to hold-down hack) I did, however, learn that Colorado and Nebraska aren't rust belt states. I'm reaching out to a dealer in Montana who has a possible candidate.