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  1. Congrats on the new setup. It's stunning! I will NOT be showing this to my wife!
  2. Kelly, watch out for the issue with WebLink. Folks at Kenwood never got the memo that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay would pretty much make WebLink obsolete. My HU is a JVC. I wanted to get one for the wife's car but she wanted easier-to-use manual volume controls (buttons on the left side; screen slightly smaller). Kenwood absorbed JVC. I don't believe Kenwood has pushed WebLink into the JVC line. Aside from WebLink the Kenwood is really about the same as my JVC: both are great units. I just love jamming my phone into my docking station and Android Auto launches and start my
  3. Aaron seemed to say that the transmission wouldn't come with a tower. Or that's how I heard him. Earlier conversation he said I'd need to swap them. Might be that it makes no sense in shipping with one if I'm going to use the one from the existing transmission. As my wife is fine with the existing shifting I'll opt to just leave it alone. I'll be getting the transmission next Friday. Perfect timing for me!
  4. Years ago when researching fluids I saw that Red Line wasn't all that great in these transmissions. Pretty much the case with everything. I ended up going with AC Delco Synchromesh, which has worked extremely well in my car (I could tell a drastic improvement even before I got out of my driveway!); no idea on how this will compare long-term as it's on the light side for the diff; but, my trans wasn't good but now it's usable. Sounds like folks have found the secret in doing the mix with different Red Line products. That makes sense. I don't expect any improvements wi
  5. I'd like to head down there but then there's the core (I haven't pulled the trans from the wife's car as she's still driving it). Time is something that I'm short on (I'm not retired, and I've got lots of property work, equipment and animals to also attend to). $150 for shipping the new one up and to ship the old one back down; figure it's worth it. Started shuffling things around in the garage to prepare for the fun to begin. At this time it looks like I'll be starting in on things starting next Saturday. Meanwhile... still waiting on a replacement cab door for my t
  6. When talking to Aaron he said that someone had an issue with a trans and it was found out they had only put in HALF the fluid that is required! Break-in will be with Liqui Moly SAE 75W-90 GL4, then will run Red Line MT-LV and Red Line Superlight Shockproof per Aaron's an mine's discussion. Will be interesting to see how the Red Line mix works. I have yet told my wife that I'll be driving her car for a while (and that she'll have more seat time in my dog car than she will like!). Aaron was up late last night and e-mailed me that the transmission guy was also up late w
  7. Folks, sorry, I thought I was subscribed to this, my own, thread! (now subscribed) carl, yeah, that's me! I had thoughts about giving her the jack out of my car. The beauty of having similar cars. When she recently had a flat and I discovered there was no jack in her car (the son had it I never bothered to check because these things almost always seem to be there, until they aren't...) I just pulled the one out of my car. Just looking for an easy find.
  8. Been kind of off wondering for a bit... Regarding magnetic connectors and such, it's been my personal observation that they're rock solid for Android Auto (I've been running this setup in my car for a long time now; even got a new phone and haven't modified my docking station to more snugly hold it [magnet does a good enough job that I placed this on a lower priority] and I'm still good with it) but is very sketchy with Apply CarPlay. For those with Android Auto feel free to jump out and go this route. As for Apple CarPlay, read on... Before I could embark on installi
  9. Thank you to everyone who gave me references! Got a hold of Mike. He's booked (can't wait that long). He suggested Northstate in Marysville, but they're booked for a couple weeks. Bud's in Marysville (really like them!) doesn't feel confident in being able to get any necessary parts. With Bud's I figure they're going to go through things and not just do a simple reseal. And, frankly, this only seems proper. Lots of labor in yanking and reinstalling a trans only to have it not too long afterwards start crapping out. So... After lots of thought (time/scheduling bei
  10. I'm pretty sure that there's a ton of these kicking around out there. Can't get one from a wrecking yard as they apparently don't want people using them in the yard.
  11. Paul, I only need a reseal on a trans. I'm good with the suspension work: it'll be the fourth such job for me on MKIVs. And the clutch is also not a big deal for me (made easier in conjunction with the suspension work). I can only afford to pay someone for work/repairs for ONE vehicle, and that would be my truck (I only have one of those, and Mike is the expert for it; I'm an "expert" on my MKIV TDIs [I've owned four of them], in which case I do the work on them [with my labor I can afford high end parts for the cars]- PLUS, I trust no one to work on my wife's car). I think Mike
  12. Mike is/was my first choice but he wasn't around there when I swung by the other day: I was looking to kill two birds with one stone as I was also wanting to check on my rental bill with/from Springer. Since Mike wasn't around (and he can be a bit hard to get a hold of) I figured I'd post here.
  13. Next month or so I'll be looking to replace the clutch in the wife's 2003 (as well as a complete suspension refresh). The 02J is leaking at the case (got it that way) and I'd like to have it resealed while it's out. The trans otherwise performs flawlessly (less than 200k). Can anyone refer me to a good transmission shop in the Arlington area for doing something like this?
  14. I was just talking to someone about water pump impellers the other day. It was over a wp for a Chevy Colorado, but I noticed that it had the stamped metal impeller. Kind of thinking that manufacturers discovered that the cast metal ones were problematic; maybe too much mass (compare to the plastic ones), so they went with the lighter stamped metal. My car is running the cast metal impeller. Holding up for 80k miles now: knock on wood.
  15. There's the $400 and then all the other time (and transport). I'd make sure that the daughter pays (reimburses) the $400. Figure it as paying [for lack of] attention!
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