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  1. DieselBound

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    Have stumbled across cheaper rear view mirror solutions, though wireless, and since this is a low use function I'll reconsider.
  2. DieselBound

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    Mark, that operates via ODBII, no? No have on this old beast. Looking for low cost... Not finding anything round (not that that's a surprise), but am finding some pretty small footprint displays: https://www.adafruit.com/product/910 On the edge of being too small. The overhead cubby might end up being the more practical location (can go a bit bigger, which would be necessary because it would be farther away than would something at the pillar).
  3. DieselBound

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    Paul, is that possible in an early Gen2? It only has a single DIN slot. I'd thought about a flip-out screen but that'll end up covering the vents. I currently don't use the truck enough to justify spending a lot on this: already has a reasonable enough, newer bluetooth capable stereo. NOTE: I misspoke about the hot wire run for the camera. One just needs to pull power from the reverse lights (cameras are really low power): on cars/trucks- on my tractor, however, I had to do a full run.
  4. DieselBound

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    I don't like wireless as it's not real robust. Also issues of providing a power source: with wired the power is running in/over the video cable; issues with snagging the cable (I've blitzed a couple on the front of my tractor), but I still prefer wired. I recently installed a wired backup camera in my car, which was a LOT more work than it'll be in this truck: removing a bunch of interior trim, routing within the car vs with the truck it'll just route out along the frame. BTW, off-topic - I'm starting to think about improvements to braking and I see that you went with the GM brake cylinders; how much improvement did that get you? (I'm aiming to improve for towing activities; I have a Pacbrake exhaust brake, which is a good thing).
  5. DieselBound

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    As there are no round displays it has to be a rectangular one. Square peg in a round hole so to speak. Just a regular pillar pod mount. Perhaps notch out one of the holes to make it more recessed. Something this small could probably be mounted just about anywhere, though I'd prefer it to be mid-to-higher level (not down on the bottom part of the lower dash). http://www.millertech.com/specs/lcdp25lsmt-specs.PDF Not something that I need all that often. A display-in-a-review-mirror would be nice, but I cannot justify the expense (these appear to run about $250; when added to other things like gauges that I need to shell out for).
  6. I would like to install a backup camera system in my truck and am wondering where people locate their display. I don't expect to need a display that's very big, in which case I have thoughts about possibly fitting one in/on an A-pillar pod hole (as I am looking to install gauges, needing only two gauges I figure I might be able to go with a three-hole pod and use that third hole for a display- I can get a 2.5" display, either mount on the surface of the pod hole -kind of tacky- or somehow modify the pod to better accommodate) OR in the overhead console "sunglass storage" cubby.
  7. DieselBound

    Newbie with first Dodge/Cummins, 2nd gen

    I'm thinking only two.* Existing EGT is ISSPRO, but it's an older one; kind of thinking about going with a newer EV2 style with color. *Have thoughts as to whether I could go with a three-hole and use the third hole to "mount" a small backup camera display (smallest I can find is 2.5", so would have to have it sitting flush to the pod hole. Contemplating the possibility of sticking a display up in the overhead console cubby. If it had a a double-din stereo slot it would be a piece of cake to solve this one.
  8. DieselBound

    Newbie with first Dodge/Cummins, 2nd gen

    Lots has happened since last post. I had a SB DD3250 installed and the injection pump tweaked (4k springs and fueling turned up). It's taking me a bit to learn how to manage the behaviors of the DD3250 but I'm starting to feel better about it: for sure is nice backing up (my old Ford, with it's SMF, would buck like a son-of-a-gun); following a rotator cuff surgery (four months ago now) I've found that the position and travel of the shift lever isn't a lot of fun, but, again, I'll just have to adjust. Power bump is substantial and very welcomed: I'd have to say that relative performance change is similar to that I encountered between my VW TDIs stock vs injector bump and stage 2 tunes. Speaking of my TDIs, since I'd noted that I had to sell one before I could have the above work done, I sold TWO. I hadn't wanted to part with my 2000 Golf 6spd, but I did. My wife's old car, which I was expecting to be the only one I was going to sell, and the twin to my DD, was sold to Mike Boyd's son. Since the truck is now deemed reliable it can be called in to serve for DD use if any significant work needs to be done on either of our remaining two TDIs: other than a set of rear brakes on the wife's car (I have rotors and pads sitting on shelf), both cars are 100% up on maintenance. I'll be getting a better sense of how much change the truck mods make when I go pick up feed next week. Only about 4k, but will have a couple inclines to traverse (highway). As one of the headlights was doubling as an aquarium (when pulled discovered it was Chinesium), I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to the sports (tracked down OEM carriers, and one OEM headlight, the other headlight fixture is an aftermarket ["Eagle Eyes"] and I didn't realize it at the time- I can tell the pattern isn't as clean as the OEM one). Bought a wire harness from Daniel Stern: I spent a lot of time making a clean install, routing along existing harness running under battery tray and under radiator support (I doubt, however, that I even had an inch to spare for the passenger side). Removed the tacky, cheap fog lights (after I'd cleaned up the wiring and added a relay): the Sports with good bulbs more than make up for any lighting losses from those fogs (esp since only one worked- one was dead). Next on my list for this truck would be to get an A-pillar gauge mount (have an EGT gauge, but it's screwed down to the dash, ugh): want to add a boost gauge. A backup camera is also on the list: if the truck could take a double-din stereo I'd just get one with video inputs, but I'm going to have to go with a small display and tuck it away somewhere.
  9. DieselBound

    NV4500 shift tower swap to newer style

    I guess I missed the best opportunity to make any swap when the clutch was done. Oh well... Will keep in mind going the short way, bending the shift lever. (if only I had a torch...)
  10. I "think" that I kind of ferreted it out but wanted to verify in a dedicated thread. After having rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder I'm realizing that the shifting on my 94's NV4500 is a bit of a hassle (of course, 5th/OD being the big "reach"). Anyway... I've read that the shift towers (and/with shifter) in 98.5 and up NV4500s bring the shift lever further over, that they're a direct, drop-in replacement for the older ones. Is this correct? [If so] How much work to swap the towers? (can do in-vehicle?) Is the same shift lever used/retained? Lastly, should I spend any time contemplating the Whiplash shifter (not quite sure what all it entails, just had picked it out from one thread)? I don't think that a short shifter is desirable given that I just installed a DD3250 clutch.
  11. DieselBound

    Frozen headlight adjuster in Gen2

    Got the sucker! Couldn't get nuts on the tail end, in which case I had to work on the head end. Before cutting the head off I figured I'd give.a shot with vise grips. That proved to be the winning ticket. Initially moving like hundredths of an inch. Took a ton of patience. Once extracted got it cleaned up and assembled. Project now finished except aiming.
  12. DieselBound

    Frozen headlight adjuster in Gen2

    I'm thinking that I'll try giving a shot at double-nutting it (which.will.allow.me to get a.wrench on it). Not sure if I can do this on the tail end; if not then I'll cut off the head and do it on that end. Got this part off of eBay. Must have been from the rust belt! In the future I will make sure to pay closer attention to where stuff is coming from.
  13. DieselBound

    Frozen headlight adjuster in Gen2

    I'm in the process of doing the sport conversion in my truck and one of the headlight adjusters for the passenger side (have not installed the assembly yet) is frozen, rusted. I got it used and didn't think it was going to be an issue. Brushed at some of the rust and have a couple of days of it soaking with PB Blaster but it's not budging. I've tapped on the adjuster a bit, but this is a bit tenuous with the assembly sitting on the table top, and, of course, the plastic. I'm unable to find anything on the Internet about dealing with something like this, rusted metal in plastic. The star bit head doesn't allow for a lot of torquing on. I want to get this project done and would prefer to not have to track down another assembly bracket/mount just because of one measly adjuster.
  14. DieselBound

    Parts Internet Links

    I suspect it's fairly recent. Will keep this in mind, thanks!
  15. DieselBound

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    Yes, winter and winter fuel puts a dent in MPGs, no doubt, but I still get over 45 mpg: http://www.fuelly.com/car/volkswagen/golf/2000/uhoh/333519/fuelchart Mostly the same with my wife's previous car (one of the later big dips, can't recall which one, was from a dragging brake): http://www.fuelly.com/car/volkswagen/golf/2000/uhoh/333520/fuelchart 36mpg is on the lowest end of any MPG report I've ever run across: and that person's car had issues (not sure what they were).