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  1. Dave, My plan is to stick with a single turbo. I am running 285/75/17 tires at this time. I'm thinking about going back to my stock HX-35, unless there is a real nice stock replacement turbo available on the aftermarket platform. I'm a little hesitant on going to a different gear ratio until I have this turbo thing figured out.
  2. I just returned from my first camping trip with the new turbo. For the most part, the truck ran good and hauled our slide-in camper just fine. The biggest difference I noticed between running the stock HX-35 and this new turbo is how it handles 4th gear (overdrive). When the transmission locks in 4th, the truck begins to smoke a lot (even on flat grade). EGTs quickly climb to 1100 degrees. I find the rpms chugging along at 1500rpm (out of the powerband) in order to maintain 55-60mph. This makes for a smoky highway drive in 4th (overdrive). If I lockout OD and let it drive in 3rd (lock-up), the rpms climb to 2000 rpm and my speed is limited to around 50-55mph, unless I really want to wind out the rpm further. The good news is that the smoke is pretty much non-existent when I'm in 3rd (locked-up) @ 1900-2000rpm. Again, my most noticeable thing with the new turbo is my 4th gear (Overdrive). I used to be able to climb slight grades without dropping out of 4th and having very minimal smoke (when towing or hauling my slide-in camper). I do believe now that my OEM HX-35 performs better than this new turbo. I might just chalk up this turbo upgrade to bad advice given (originally recommended from a business) and a hard financial lesson learned. It's not a horrible turbo, but doesn't perform as good as my stock HX-35. Strictly talking about single turbos............. what is a good HX-35 replacement turbo out there? My current turbo is an Industrial Injection PhatShaft 62/65/12. I do still have the original HX-35 off my pickup, it needs to be freshened up. I''m thinking more and more that going to 4:10's might get me into the power band that I'm lacking in 4th gear overdrive.
  3. Not too bad. Just cruising down the highway @ 50mph (675-725F). If I punch it hard, (1025F or so). My next camping trip is in August, we’ll see how this new turbo plays with a load.
  4. Glad I could provide a bit of nostalgia for ya. 🙂
  5. My altitude is not far from sea level (about 300-400ft above). The normal terrain around where I live is somewhat hilly with a few flat stretches here and there. I have learned to ease into the throttle to control smoke. Sometimes its difficult when you have a car riding your ass on an on-ramp and your trying to speed up quickly. I rarely put my pickup in D and let the transmission do all the shifting. I use 2nd & 3rd (with OD off) to achieve better driving results.
  6. Truck is back from another turbo swap. New one is the 62/65/12 as mentioned at the beginning of the post. It is a lot more responsive than the previous 62/74/12 recommended & installed by the shop. I ended up turning my EZ down to level 1 to decrease the smoke. I do get a heavy haze when the converter locks in 3rd & 4th gears, then it eventually clears up as I build boost. I’m still thinking about all the previous comments/advice given and what direction I should go. I’m just looking to clean up the smoke some more. Just to review, here’s my setup again: Mildly built auto, 3.54 gears, DDP1 injectors (50hp), Edge EZ, 4” exhaust, 62/65/12 turbo, cold air intake, performance intake elbow, 285/75/17 tires. The goal is somewhere around 350hp and using it to occasional tow (less than 8k lbs).
  7. A tuner that taps into the VP (Edge Comp or Quadzilla), how much difference does it make over something that doesn’t tap into the pump? Perhaps someone can give me a true “real world” experience on drivability manners (city & freeway).
  8. Do you remember what settings you used on the Edge Comp when towing?
  9. I’ve been living over on the Wetside of WA for a while. I do miss the Spokane/Northern Idaho area very much.
  10. It seems that the most talked about tuner for the VP44 pickups these days is Quadzilla. Many guys are raving about all the tuning options and tech support from the company. I’m a set it & forget it kinda person, rather than fiddle with settings over & over to find what’s optimal. In reality, this may be the best option for someone owning a VP truck in 2021.
  11. Good info for sure. Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve chatted with you. Way back when I lived near the ID border. Are you still livin’ in the same place?
  12. Just out of curiosity, what are the most popular size compounds people are using for 2nd gen tow rigs?
  13. Dave, I was able to get everything sorted out with the shop I was dealing with. The plan is to swap out turbos are put in the 62/65/12. I’ll be looking into the 4.10 gears. I like to haul/tow stuff at the same speeds you described above. I agree with the concept of keeping the rpm in the peak torque range. I appreciate the insight and suggestions.
  14. I ended up calling the manufacturer of the turbo charger. I asked them what they thought about a 62/74/12 size turbo to be run with my DD1 injectors and EZ tuner. The answer was quick, "Absolutely not, that is too much and will be laggy for street driving". I told him a local shop spec'd out my setup with this. He told me that a 62/65/12 is much more appropriate for me. I do agree with that. I contacted another reputable diesel shop in my area and explained the same story........again, same reaction "Ah, yeah that's a bit much for your application. You need decent fueling/timing to spool up that 74". At this point, its me working things out with the shop that recommended & sold me the turbo. On the subject of gearing, I do agree with you guys that 4.10's would tow better. My pickup general runs empty in the bed with the occasional lumber yard run or going camping a handful of times each year with my slide-in camper. What kind of fuel mileage change did you see going from 3.54 to 4.10?
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