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  1. Albino99

    WTB: 3rd gen Dodge stock aluminum wheels

    I appreciate the offer! I ended up finding a set of 3rd gen wheels. Thanks!
  2. I installed an APPS Noise Isolator on my truck to eliminate unwanted unlock at lower speeds/throttle input. It made a very noticeable difference. The part is cheap and easy to install. Just something to think about.......... http://cppdiesel.com/bd-1300030-apps-noise-isolator-94-05-5-9l/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzavfvqyY2wIVDsZkCh1jcQUJEAQYAyABEgLenvD_BwE
  3. I am looking for a set of factory 3rd gen Dodge 17" aluminum wheels. Wheels need to be in good shape, no big scratches or curb rash. Tires can be trash, just need the wheels. Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, I am looking at having some work done to my 2nd gen Ram in the coming months I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for trust worthy shops in the Puget Sound region with good customer service. I live over on the Kitsap Peninsula and don't really want to travel beyond 100 miles to get to a shop. Thanks
  5. Albino99

    94-02 Long Bed Canopy

    Selling my Innovation Fiberglass Canopy. The canopy is in decent shape, but needs new rear hatch struts & side window seals to be replaced. No structural issues. Inside is fully carpeted and wired for dome light and outside LED 3rd brake light. $200.
  6. Ben, that is a score!
  7. Thanks everyone for the input so far, this really helps me figure out what I want to get. The descriptions and pictures were great Greenmachine114, thank you! I really like the Extang Trifecta 2.0 (Tri-Fold) model: 92575. The attachment clamps underneath require no special brackets to bolt onto the bedsides, I like that. I really don't want to drill holes into my spray in bed liner. One thing I'm curious about, do you guys put any kind of protectant/dressing on the vinyl to keep it from deteriorating over time?
  8. I am looking at replacing my old worn-out canopy with a tonneau cover. I do not want a hard-shelled fiberglass one, but something I can "retract" or "fold" back for hauling oversized items. I have looked around online and have seen a few "soft-top" ones with the aluminum frame on the under side. I am curious if anyone on the board is running one and happy with what they have. I am looking for "real-world" reviews on the designs and durability out there. Thanks.
  9. Albino99

    por15 paint

    I have used POR-15 for over 10 years on various car projects I have done. I love the stuff! The engine paint kit is awesome too! You can use a brush and it leaves no brush marks because its self-leveling. I absolutely recommend that you use the POR-15 Top-Coat if you are doing a piece that it exposed to sunlight (UV rays). Just like everyone has said already, prep is everything! I use the POR-15 "Marine Clean Degreaser", followed by the POR-15 "metal prep". These products work and I continue to use them on all my automotive preservation projects. Oh, also make sure you use saran wrap under the paint can lid after opening, if it's not air tight the paint will cure to a hardness over time.
  10. Albino99

    Steering Box Upgrades for 2nd Gens

    I pulled the trigger today and decided to buy the PSC XD (extreme duty) steering box for the 94-02 trucks. I guess this box came out last February and was marketed to Geno's Garage as well. Currently, PSC has a back order on them 3-4 weeks! I was able to find another vendor that had one on hand. These boxes are not the OEM 4-bolt top style like many of the after-market guys are using. They are an oversized 6-bolt top design with a much larger sector shaft bearing. The word on the street is that these are just about equivalent to a medium duty steering box. Dodge Offroad sells a fabricated steering stabilizer for these boxes that looks completely different than any DSS you have seen on the market. I'm excited to see how well this setup will work and the longevity it will provide for tight steering.
  11. Albino99

    Muffler choices, suggestion?

    I installed a FTE Resonator on my 4" exhaust system. I read a lot of reviews about their resonator's and how well they cut down on inside cab drone/vibration. I have been very happy with mine and they are built to cut down on noise, but not cause exhaust flow restriction. Check them out, they have lots of choices on sizes.
  12. Albino99

    Nissan Cummins

    At my workplace, we have a fleet of Chevy Colorado's with the small liter Duramax. It's odd seeing such a small "gasser style" pickup rattling in the parking lot.
  13. Albino99

    Toyo M55 Tires..........Who's got em'?

    I was curious if you guys have a favorite local place to purchase tires or buy online? Tires are expensive, no matter how you slice the pie.
  14. Thanks Ben! I will have to stop by the next time I'm down in that region. Yeah, I have been eager to get a fuel gauge in. The Airdog has been working trouble-free since you and Mike installed it years ago. I just like to keep a watchful eye on any issues that might come up.
  15. I just ordered the Isspro EV2 fuel pressure gauge and fuel line accessories. Looking forward to installing it.