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  1. Phil B

    TIPM ?

    Thanks Gary - I shall. Figured to pull it out and spray clean the connections, etc. Nothing to lose anyway - Thanks all!
  2. Phil B

    TIPM ?

    Hi Guys ! Thanks for the replies. My problem, and only problem is no AC. Went to the local shop and they did all the Freon, etc. Said no signal from the ECM (TIPM). Stealer did their thing and said TIPM. Gary - I read - Thanks for the links - Mine is a 2006 so would seem to be before the rash of 2007 Jeeps, etc. Guess I'll check on the used TIPMs. Any more thoughts with the fact that I'm only having problems with the AC?
  3. Phil B

    TIPM ?

    Any suggestions, advice on where/how to get a new TIPM? Stealer says $1600 + 2 hours install and setup. Has anyone had to do this? The change out looks easy enough. Any particular junk yard that might have some Dodges? Any advice appreciated - Phil B
  4. Phil B

    Mag-Hytek with sight glass

    Guess what? If all else fails, read the directions. The Mag-Hytek install directions say fill 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the sight glass. Guess that answers that. Duh!
  5. Phil B

    Mag-Hytek with sight glass

    Thanks, Mark! That was kind of my question. I not sure where that is. Guess I'll just leave it be. Haven't had any problems yet,,,,,
  6. ​Anyone have a thought as to what level in the sight glass is considered full? 6 quarts on a straight drain and refill brings the level right up to the top - 7/8ths. ​Mag-HYtek said call Geno's, they say fill it to the top or almost. ​Have never seen any info on this and of course there is no dip stick with the sight glass version.
  7. Phil B

    Drivers side mirror for the 06?

    Yep and Yep! Did the Ebay one - Thanks!
  8. Any suggestions for a wrecking yard that is apt to have dodge parts? Need the power and towing model. Thanks, Phil B
  9. Okay I blew that on the beans! The Boss now says it will be Chicken oriental salad cause it's going to be hot.
  10. Well I don't know about "Wicked" but baked beans it will be. Thanks
  11. Hoss - Do you have a paypal account or how does that work? And - In the food department is there a known shortage of anything in particular that we can bring? Thanks Phil B
  12. Phil B

    irratic shifting

    What, besides maybe the Apps, causes irratic or mild hunting between gears particularly at slower speeds? Light throttle at around 20 it hunts, empty or with trailer. My "New" trans has had a slight hiccup since new, now it is getting bad. Thanks, Phil B
  13. Phil B

    68rfe ??

    What I have is an 06 3500 2WD 48RE, GCW of 20K. I have an inline ex brake and a Smarty Jr on towing. At 91K the input shaft broke and took who knows what with it. At time of failure I was going 60 with cruise on I-10 south of Las Cruces. I know things break but the repair lasted 365 miles so it was a less than pleasant experience.
  14. Phil B

    trailer Ins.

    I see that you're familiar with the "Escapees". I would peruse them heavily as they are all fultimes and have suggestions and advice. I use Good Sam/ Camping world on my Fiver as I am not full time.
  15. Phil B

    Rip's & beyond

    The loose plan is Albany over to Bend and 395 south to around Menifee and family. Thanks for the repair recommendation. Don't want to be doing any of that but I seem to be hearing a front wheel bearing or ?. Hope not. On to AZ, Denver and Yellowstone. No target dates this time, just whatever grabs us....Really ready for this....