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  1. Let me know if you need a hand I might be able to swing out this weekend
  2. Do you have a timing light Dan? It would be easy during a rebuild to offset the distributor by one tooth the truck would still start, but be absolutely gutless.
  3. If I recall.... there are Three MAJOR mounting areas for your dash, 2 on the most outside edges, and one center mount, the center mount has been known to work its way loose a time or two, this is a fairly easy fix.
  4. ... Its Stock.... just like your Truck Denny... :-D
  5. Looks like were gettin close to that time of the year again... any inputs on a final date... not sure off the top of my head when the park closes this year. and on another note... Ford guys are lookin to start a M & G at Sonic in Bonney Lake 2nd Friday Night Of each Month, Be kool to see some of the our Bomber Buds there...
  6. Howdy Y'all, your Cousin Site NWFD was putterin around wondering if we were going to get together again this year for SOTM?... Last year was awesome, Food Drive was a GIANT success.... plus its the one time we REALLY do all play well together..
  7. "Locally, its www.nwforddiesels.com" You mean there are others?.... Arn't they located in San Fransissyo (TDS)
  8. [quote\They just told me to put my vicious dog in the truck. They did a driveby eyeballin him and then came back 15 minutes later to tell me "hey pal, There ain't a dog in this world that won't bite and when that one does it going to be bad.... Should I post some pics of him sleeping with the cat.....or getting a massage from the cat?? Oh...And definitely a big thanks to the Power Shop for hosting! I had 6 raffle tickets- 5 were winners! This post has been edited by Jeepermc: Today, 02:59 PM\quote] So Mitch....what did Scott and I win?.... :-D and yup you genuinely have
  9. Had a great time good to meet some of yall face to face... Looks like you Dodge boys had us FOMOCO guys out # 10:1 ...also Big thanks from me to the POWER SHOP guys for hosting...
  10. A good friend of mine has an ATS... it did fail on him, however they gave him a NQA warranty... tranny # 2 he has had now for about 2 years with no problems. (nqa No Questions asked)
  11. Ok... I see you have a pic of my girl friend... but no pic of your truck.... waz up with that?....
  12. Welcome aboard Sail Pipes... Youve probably hooked up with the BEST bunch of BOOBS in the Country... (For the New guys) Brotherhood Of Oil Burners
  13. If I recall there are 2 Rubber Grommets that may make it feel like the head lamp is still screwed in... this may make it a bit tough to yank...
  14. The Power Stroke has an Exhaust Back Preasure Valve... Butterfly Valve on the down side of the Turbo, Its there to Aid in Winter time Warm up. The "Kit" allows you to put a charge to the activator, and close the Valve. Acts like a weak exhuast brake. Its on my to do list.
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