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  1. John

    Know of a Good Local Powder Coater?

    I too need to locate that powder coat shop in Auburn as the powder coat place I'd been going to for well over 20 years closed a few years back. I have a custom (HAND) made battery hold down I need coated....once I finally complete the pre-finish work on the part. This will be for my 2000 Dakota 5.9 R/T, not my brand new 2017 1500 Sport (Sublime Green) 4x4 Crew Cab Ram.
  2. Personally (and I've had at least 4 different Serpentine belts on my Ram), the Goodyear GatorBack is the only one I removed within 1-month! It started squeaking within a week or two. I removed it and gave it away to some interested BOMBer at a get together and then purchased another Dayco belt which worked like all the others, QUIETLY. As suggested, it would seem as though you might have an alignment issue. I would suspect that you have a weak belt tensioner as well.
  3. John

    Looking for...

    Yup! That's EXACTLY what I'm looking for (sans the blue inlay). Mark, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You but...I would absolutely not feel right about taking the one you're currently using because I would like to have another one. Thank you but, I cannot do that. I was merely wondering *IF* there were any of those billet hold downs not wanted and possibly looking for a new home.
  4. John

    Looking for...

    Hey guys... I tried to make a detailed response post the day after I made my original post only to have it vaporized in the cyber ether. Anyway, now that I've cooled down and remembered to get back on to NW BOMBers I would like to thank all who posted suggestions. It sounds as though Hoss might have what I'm looking for and Bob W. knows exactly what I'm looking for because he provided me one for my '04 Dakota. Someone sold the billet aluminum battery hold down clamps (Not an entire battery hold down assembly). The one I'm referring to had a Ram's head shield CNC milled into the top center of the hold down clamp. These were sold with a natural finish (i.e., no coating of any kind). I purchased 2 for my Ram and paid about twice as much as each clamp cost at Queen City Plating having them chrome plated. The one I received from Bob W. had the valleys of the milled out areas coated with some sort of translucent red coating. It looks quite nice. I'd like to purchase a raw or natural finished Ram's head hold down clamp which I can have either: 1) Powder coated black (matte or gloss) or 2) Urethane painted gloss black (I already have the paint/clear coat) to match my all Black Dakota R/T Sport. I think it would look awesome and be relatively low key. At least my kind of low key. Outwardly, I'm trying to keep this truck stock ().
  5. John

    Looking for...

    I am looking for one of those trick, billet aluminum (with Ram's head), Optima battery hold downs for another Dakota I purchased in August. Bob Wagner very graciously provided me one a number of years ago for my new (to me) Dakota but, I would like to find another *IF* possible. Again, thank you, Bob. You see, I added an Optima Blue Top Marine (D27) battery to replace the OE counterpart in my '04 Dakota 4x4 Sport and now would like to add another like Optima to my recently acquired '00 Dakota Sport (5.9 R/T)...kind of a mini-me to my '98.5 Ram Sport. Does anyone have one of these they are willing to part with? And get this, I'm trying to keep the R/T pretty much (outwardly anyway), looking STOCK! [Did I just put that into print???] Plus, you'll never believe this, the truck was originally spec'd, custom ordered and driven by a little old lady! It was always garaged and maintained. When I purchased it the R/T had 43K miles on it! I know this because... the R/T's original owner was my friend's mother. BTW, first two wheel drive truck I've ever owned!
  6. LMAO @ Lucky Jeff! And yes, that does sound like me.
  7. Oh ya, I still have the Banks / Magnaflow / Rip Rook stainless steel exhaust which RR and I modified and enhanced early in 2002 at RR's garage / shop. But, as the date approached Rip modified it into an event. What a great time!
  8. "Maybe we should have a prize for the "oldest Bomber" to show up! I mean the guy who has been a member the longest not age." Well, the very first Event was at Rob Hanson's house...December 31st, 1999 for a New Years get-together/party. Of course, amongst all NW BOMBers, Rob is no longer with us (except in spirit ), Mike Ramos, Evan Beck and myself. Probably the oldest members (All things considered...which goes way back before NW BOMBers), is Scott Pirsak and myself, dating all the way back to the Happy Campers BB back in 1997. That was even before the TDR had its website! LOL! Rob had to practically drag me kicking and screaming to the NW BOMBers. As I was quite happy on the TDR website at the time I didn't see the need to branch off at first. But, Rob's insistence finally won out and I joined. Heck, in the interim I think even some young punk kid joined before me... some dude who went by luckyjeff55. Kids! Anyway, that was many years ago.
  9. I just ran across this on craigslist.com (6-20-13)... White, 2G, SWB, Cab-High Leer canopy. It's missing the rear window but I would imagine that another could be purchased from the manufacturer or possibly a local Leer dealer. The price? FREE! Look here: http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/pts/3882683588.html
  10. John

    New tires!

    The Toyo Open Country A/Ts most asuredly pickup MUCH LESS rocks than any BFG A/T tire (and I've had BFG A/Ts prior to K/Os). That was the reason I quit purchasing the BRG A/T tires…rock/pebble retention.
  11. So that's it! I can't see one thing that I type!
  12. John

    New Boat

    Awesome boat, Dave!
  13. John

    Exhaust Blankets

    That silver exhaust manifold blanket on Rob Hanson's "Big Red" was purchased for next to nothing from his "Buy high, sell low, buddy,"...me. I originally purchased it at least eight years ago from Geno's Garage (TDR).
  14. John

    Exhaust Blankets

    BLCKOUT has: * Custom ATP exhaust manifold/turbine housing blanket. He!!, I re-designed the 2G blanket for ATP! * Custom ATP down-pipe blanket, designed to work with my BD exhaust brake. * ATP oil pan blanket. Irrespective of what their website states, the oil pan blanket WILL reduce in-cab engine noise. The noisiest place on a 24V engine is right next to the oil pan! * I'm currently thinking of removing my heavily customized, chrome plated Cummins valve cover and re-installing the OE '98.5 counterpart, and then add an ATP valve cover blanket. That, along with over a grand of Dynamat (applied in multi layers everywhere), will make one quiet 2G Ram!
  15. John

    Torque wrenches??

    I am absolutely certain that does not apply to Snap-On digital torque wrenches. I have two of their latest (3/8" and 1/2" square drive) Tech Angle torque wrenches. These can be used in torque unit values as well as degrees of handle rotation. This will exactly torque a Cummins head per spec without the guess work. All in all, I have 5 Snap-On torque wrenches. If I purchased them all again I would have to shell out a little over $2,000. * Regarding click type torque wrenches, ALWAYS rotate the scale down to the minimum torque value or slightly below (if possible and without bottoming out the scale), after EVERY use! This will preserve the calibration. * I noticed that Griot's Garage ( http://www.griotsgarage.com ) is offering a new digital click type torque wrench for sale. It looks just like the Snap-On counterpart but at a fantastic price. And with everything else that Griot's Garage sells, the quality is excellent with a customer satisfaction policy that is second to none!