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  1. Great to hear from you Mark. I tried to call you on your old number and when I got the funky fast beep I was afraid you had gone and done something silly like move further away. Trust me, if you were still in Post Falls we'd be paying you a visit and bringing some of pork from our latest breeding triumph. Hope you are having a great time down there, the fires didn't get too close and if we find ourselves heading southbound towards Eva's family in CA we'll call and see if it would be convenient to stop by. I will take your advice and hopefully find someone a fraction as
  2. Well it's been a good few years since the mighty 97 Ram 2500 farm truck made a visit to Mark Smith to cure its multitude of oil leaks. He went through and replaced a lot of seals and dried that engine right up. It's been wonderful and I admit, I've taken "dryness" for granted for a wonderful time Well that ship has sailed. I am loosing an unacceptable amount of oil out of the blow by tube. Then engine has about 240,000 miles on it and had about 215, 000 on when Mark went through it. I just did its pre-winter oil change and there is a lot of oil on the underside of things, mostly dr
  3. I'm not likely to do better in finding something like this than Mark. Fortunately the truck's electrical system seems to have come back on line at least for the short term. I suspect there were a number of problems, many of which Mark found and corrected and then one that a friend of mine stumbled upon when we lowered the spare tire and found a torn wire that was pinched between the tire and the frame. As Mark can attest one or more of my dear truck's previous owners were quite sloppy and very creative in their modifications to the frame harness As soon as the ground freezes I will be
  4. Gave them a call Gary and while they sound great they don't sell anything for vehicles newer than 1977. Usually it's the other way around and I'm getting told my truck is too old, in this case it's too young. Appreciate the thought though.
  5. I've asked about this on another post from back in April where I was turned on to Mark Smith's fine work. Not sure it's going to get seen there so I am asking for help in this forum as well. I have a 97 Ram 2500 full bed. The existing bed is in the process of self-destructing and I have a bed to replace it. When I told Mark I was going to swap out beds he strongly suggested replacing the wiring harness under the bed since he described it as "rough". Not sure the best way to go about finding that piece of equipment and since I currently don't have brake lights, although the third eye is
  6. Had a great experience with Mark Smith. He dried the old girl right up, I can park for 15 minutes and not leave an oil stain. Truck runs much better and the fuel economy is even better. That said, I'm on to the next great project. The current bed is in the process of self-destructing. I got a replacement bed from a friend who went the flatbed route. Talked with Mark about electrical issues I'm still having and he recommended that I replace all the wiring from the connectors behind the cab to the tail lights while the bed is off. Local junk yard was less than helpful about getting that wiri
  7. Well the big day is finally here!! Tomorrow I take a trip across the state and The Green Machine meets Mark. Just want to thank those of you on this thread who pointed me in his direction. It will be fun not to leave an Amsoil oil spoor everywhere I park AND have turn signals that work reliably, Who knows I might be able to charge my phone with the aux port AND listen to the radio. I will let you all know how things work out for my hardworking machine.
  8. Stopped at body shop this week to see about getting the rust over my wife's truck repaired and got the bad news about that year's wheel well construction. So now I'm looking for a flatbed. We farm and aren't looking for anything fancy. We haul bales, take ice chests full of meat all around Washington north of I-90 and only have bumper pull trailers. I'm thinking I could build an insulated enclosure and bolt it down to the bed to keep our meat colder during the hot months but that's about the only modification I can imagine making right now. I was turned on to Mark Smith in Post Falls b
  9. Livingez, I got a rebuilt PCM from that outfit in FL, nothing changed. Not sure how old the alternator is, I haven't done anything to it since I got the truck. Only thing electrical I've replaced is the starter. I went through the electrical wiring as best I could, naturally it had been "customized" before I got the truck. Then I had some folks who actually know what they're doing take a look. My mechanic who handles all things not diesel actually had the turn signals working for about 6 months, he's not sure what he did though. Then I drove through a cloud burst and, poof, they were gone
  10. Thanks for getting in touch Mark. You've got some pretty powerful recommendations. I know G2 is "only" a farm truck but when I'm hauling livestock from Tonasket over Sherman Pass to Chewelah it's really important she get the job done safely and reliably. Bad enough I have to move my critters that far to have them USDA processed, I really don't want them to have to stay in the trailer on the side of the road because I didn't take proper care of their ride. Living at the end of the food chain over here I try not to wait to the last moment to schedule things. My dear wife will be return to dr
  11. Did a quick search and I'm betting you're not sending me to the Mark Smith in Indiana or Australia so I'll go out on a limb and ask if you're talking about the Mark Smith who manages Eagle Systems in Spokane.
  12. She's not pretty but boy is she reliable. Had this truck for over 10 years now. Right around 200k and a few things need to be looked at. I farm and am on my own until my dear wife recovers from dropping a 100lb bale on her knee. Tore both of her meniscus and did a lot of damage to her ACL. Not getting around real well right now and of course spring is upon us so I just don't have the time to work on the truck. Have a weird electrical situation with the turn signals. When dry they work. After a good rain or moisture on the road surface the fuse blows. Local mechanic says something is not ri
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