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  1. Thanks, Mark. I spoke with H&H Diesel in Fife just now, and they need the vehicle present for this one. May have to load up and leave it on the flatbed while they reprogram. I'll reach out to those you recommended now, as well. Thanks again!
  2. Is anyone able to point me to someone that does mobile ECM / PCM reprogramming, or that i can send the ECM / PCM in to? I have a 2008 Ford 6.4 diesel that needs reprogramming back to STOCK because it had the EGR deleted and was tuned, but the tuner didn't come with the truck. Truck has no engine, and dealer cannot do this for me. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Still searching for a 4x4 trans/ tcase. I picked up a truck for this build (88 F350 Dually, 4 door) About to pull the good-running 460 and ZF-5 2wd, if anyone is looking.
  4. I listed both for reasons of availability. I would absolutely prefer a G56 myself, but as far as "better", that's a lengthy debate for sure!
  5. Hey fellas, It's that time of year again where I build a Cummins Ford or Chevy. I haven't decided which truck to transplant an engine into, but I know it'll be manual and 4x4. That said, i'm looking for a good used tranny! Here is a short list of what I "know" I'm looking for, but I'm open to education on alternatives. Ford ZF-6 4x4 NV5600 4x4 (Also need T-Case) G56 4x4 (Also need T-Case) OR Any ideas on running a divorced t-case and a 2wd trans is welcome. My last 2 builds have been Ford Excursion 4x4 projects. T
  6. I know oil based compounds can slowly weaken paint and cause bubbling, but never heard of Silicone doing it.
  7. Yes. I'll grab some examples here shortly. This current issue is that the threaded hole for the vacuum sender is missing on this case. Same part number for front case half, but different build. If that is all that is wrong you could just add the Pozilock axle engage and do away with the vacuum system for the front axle.
  8. That is some serious custom work, Ben. You are an excellent fabricator and problem solver.
  9. I'm leaning toward a complete case now. I have already had this thing assembled and torn down 3 times.
  10. Well, 2 incorrect T-case halves from North Country Gear later, my transfer case is still out of the truck. I sent photos over, discussed numerous times which truck this is for (97 Ram 2500 4x4, NV4500, 12 Valve Cummins), and included the part number which is stamped on the case half. Still the wrong case half. Does anyone happen to have an NP241DLD (Or similar) for sale? I need to be using this truck, and since buying it i've gotten to drive it once.... So bummed right now.
  11. This is turning out awesome! Love custom work like this, it inspires me to try new things. My 97 needs clearance lights, and a ton of interior work. Has a messed up door hinge that i might consider fixing via welding after watching you play around. Keep it up!
  12. The conversions might go for that, but when you start adding wheels / tires into the mix that price-tag definitely shifts. I plan to make a custom flatbed for it or use a service bed, no junky dually fenders for me.
  13. I am searching for a driver door that will fit a 97 extra cab Ram. Hoping for a "complete" door w/ hinges. This needs to be the rounded bottom corner, and anything with rear doors that open won't work. Thanks!
  14. Hey Fellas, I have a 97 CTD 4x4 with single rear wheel. I'm looking to convert this rig to DRW for towing. Any chance someone wants to trade? It would be front rotors / spacers and rear axles. My wheels / tires are in decent shape, can exchange more detailed info if someone is interested. Cheers!
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