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  1. I'm very new to tuning, just going with what i have seen examples of. With this set of tunes, i can get what i'm after for about $300 if i can find someone with hptuners kit. Otherwise, EFILive is fairly expensive PLUS i haven't seen it in use before. Change my mind! 😃
  2. I have a tune and knob i'd like to get installed into my truck. Looking to see if someone has the hptuners hardware i could use "will travel!" and see how these go =)
  3. p2computing

    New to me 2nd gen project

    You're going to enjoy this!
  4. p2computing

    Newbie with first Dodge/Cummins, 2nd gen

    If you plan to modify the fueling on this truck, I recommend doing this yourself under the supervision of someone that has successfully completed the procedure a few times on their own. Learning about how the AFC works, as well as the delivery system of the P7100 will save you a ton of $$. It seems like a lot to grasp at first, but all of the "bolt on" stuff, like this, is just so easy to complete on your own.
  5. p2computing

    12 Valve on CL 580,000 miles!

    I just picked one up myself with about 305k on the ticker. Drives better than you'd think. Such great trucks! (and my first Auto!) I'm excited to rebuild the entire drive train on this one. Love this hobby =)
  6. p2computing

    2006 AAM Dually Axle

    I actually saw that one earlier. Not sure shelling out $3k for one is in the cards, though. You're lucky to have yours w/ a 6 speed already!
  7. p2computing

    2006 AAM Dually Axle

    Hey Fellas, I'm looking to see if anyone has a complete dually axle from a 2006 (or same era) Ram 3500. I'm looking at converting mine from single to dual. Would possibly be interested in a bed as well!
  8. p2computing

    TDI Swap to Toyota - Questions

    What do you mean by "core" engine? If you could, PM me with what you're asking price-wise etc? Might be able to scoot this project along soon!
  9. p2computing

    TDI Swap to Toyota - Questions

    I have most of my ducks in a row now. I need to find a good engine to swap in w/ ECU, including pedal assembly
  10. p2computing

    TDI Swap to Toyota - Questions

    I fired you a PM a week or so ago, livingez... Hollar back and we can chat about some ideas =)
  11. p2computing

    TDI Swap to Toyota - Questions

    Now comes to long wait for a good donor vehicle under $1500
  12. p2computing

    TDI Swap to Toyota - Questions

    They don't have anything listed for the V6 tranny (R150F). That site is horrible to navigate!
  13. p2computing

    TDI Swap to Toyota - Questions

    have any of you done a swap with a TDI into another vehicle type? I'm curious about the engine mounting.
  14. p2computing

    TDI Swap to Toyota - Questions

    Right on. It's not in my budget for this vehicle just yet. Need to locate my power source first
  15. p2computing

    TDI Swap to Toyota - Questions

    Roger that! I'll look for one. Hopefully i can find a decent one around here.