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  1. It is in PHX, but I can get it anywhere pretty quick.
  2. Sigh... 3 more scammers today. Seriously I am not sure how people deal with these low life's. No wonder selling by word of mouth is better. Ok, done ranting for the moment, thanks for the good wishes
  3. 1 day and already sick of all the scammers That is all.
  4. here are some pics, no matter what I do they are coming in at 90 degrees. Sorry.
  5. Mark, glad you like the GC! Actually it is in a bit better shape over all but they are close for sure.
  6. Ok, so today I managed to help one of my daughters get her first new car! So now i need to move the old one because the bank of daddy is, well, not unlimited... 2005 Jeep Liberty 140k Auto, 4x4 Silver 3.7 V6 that runs solid I actually had the transmission completely rebuilt by my guy in Oregon last yet. (Yes I towed it up there to make sure it was done right) It is straight with a couple door dings but pain and all is good Tires are coopers and they are good. Aftermarket Blue Tooth Stereo Full spare hanging off the back. A/C recharge
  7. J Dansie, If I tow it down here I need to buy a trailer to do it so you could just hop to PHX and hook up to the trailer....just saying. I can actually buy a trailer in PDX and sell it here for the same $$ (No sales tax in OR)
  8. Never smoked in. But kids and a dog. Don, if no one wants it in PDX, happy to bring it back her to AJ for you.
  9. Bought this in October to use in PDX while Dona took care of her dad. Now that all is handled we are selling. We will be in PDX this weekend and next week so let me know if interested. Title in hand and fresh tags for the Oregon plates. Here are the details: 4 Ltr 6cyl Auto 4x4 129k tires 50% Bought from a friend of the family, mechanically it is excellent. He did all the right things to keep it in top condition. Recent gaskets replaced to stop normal leaks on the 4.0. AC redone last year. New radiator/pump/hoses last year. $4500 is the
  10. No question about it. Just gotta figure it out is all. 😎
  11. Yeah, Dona is not going to live in an RV. 😎. Since my work is here that would be for my place. Lol. Don’t know what will happen but I know I don’t want to come back.
  12. This is a possibility for sure. My issue is I never want to own a rig I can not tow myself. The new 1/2 ton Ram aint enough for the size rig I would get. Its true the spring is a great time to buy down here but most of these snowbirds have 35ft plus many times.
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