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  1. Had a young guy call me today from Luke AFB, heard about y car from a friend and asked if he could come see it. I said sure. Well after about an hour of looking it over and a long drive he said he wanted to buy it. Called Navy Federal and they said they would approve him for 12k. We chatted a while, he is only 19 so I was suprised that he was looking at such a car. THen he said he used to take his E30 to the track before he joined the AF. After a year in Italy he learned to love a sport sedan Benz. He knew I wanted 13k so he thanked me for my time and called an Uber to get back to Base.
  2. Now now guys, If I admitted I knew where he lived that could make me a person of interest......
  3. So I had a guy last week ask about the car. he went over it and clearly knew what he was doing so that was a good sign. He offered me 12,500 cash, I gave it some thought and said ok so we made a plan to meet over at the bank for them to cut me a check so I don't have to worry about bad bills. He never showed. After an hour of waiting I called him and he said "yeah, I decided I wanted a different color". I asked why he let me show at the bank and wait and his reply would have gotten him knocked out if we were face to face. He said "I dont owe you nothing dude, F you" Yeah this
  4. on second thought it was only two years ago. sorry I am getting forgetful
  5. I bought this 3 years back, also bought the safety chain add on. towed with it 4 times and man I loved it. Truck and trailer are both gone now so I need to sell this. They range from 700-900 bucks plus the safety chain setup. How about $350 for it all?
  6. Dan, if your still considering let me know. Have I told you how much I hate selling on line? 10 inquiries and 10 scammers..... ugh. I know I said no hurry but I am trying to decide what I will do over the next month or so.
  7. I have to say, I never did program my 13. It had tons of power, towed great and got great mileage. Maybe I am getting old but when I have enough power stock to turn 35's on dry pavement I think I am good.
  8. I understand, my new Gladiator is not as "fun" as the Benz but over all it meets all the needs and is comfortable to drive.
  9. not looking at bed storage, its still my pickup and I dont want to remove decking and drawers when I need the bed. Racks on the other hand can be removable very easy.
  10. Dan, I am not in a big hurry. Its sitting in the garage cuz I really dont want to deal the the craiglist whacko's. That and it is so nice to drive... But seriously if you decide you have interest let me know, no hurry.
  11. AEV for sure. No RTT for now but we will see.
  12. Its a beautiful car, 56k on it is all. Its the sport model with selectable engine/suspension E/S (Econ or Sport) All Black leather, heated seats, color is rare, called Cuprite so Brown/Maroon depending on the light. Memory seat, upgraded sound but no navi. A&B services just done, infact every fluid in the car was completely drained and replaced at 52k. Including the transmission and diffs which were not due till 100k. Tires were also new at 52k, they are factory Continental Pro Sports (all weather performance) The wheels/tires are staggered from the factory and this thi
  13. Well, I got a long warranty so the motor stays stock for a while. But there are a few plans in the mix.....
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