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  1. 4angels

    NOx Sensor......

    Scotty, your killing me. Had this one a while and keeping it for now. @Mark Smith, yeah the Dorman is like 480 but 28% seem to fail in less than one year. New exhaust is over 3k with the DEF system and I am not ready to delete it as I get great power and mileage as is. I paid the 1500 and truck runs great but next time I think a delete will be in order. Really trying to stay stock on this truck as far as engine/trans.
  2. 4angels

    NOx Sensor......

    Well, #1 upstream went. Even with my parts discount a Mopar replacement is 1k, 870@ Rock Auto. Then a few hours to change and so on. Nope, I am taking it to a shop so if anything gets screwed up I am not paying for a second sensor. 1500 bucks....crap cost 2 bucks to make. This kills me.
  3. 4angels

    2002 rebuilt title

    Why thank you. 😈
  4. 4angels

    2002 rebuilt title

    A guy is gone for a while and then Rob sells Blu? Gosh, i better stop in more often
  5. 4angels

    The new setup

    Well, today the decision was rendered. She is heading for the scrap yard. Sad day for sure but the right decision.
  6. 4angels

    The new setup

    No, the gas tank. Motor home. Apparently he miss took it for the black water tank. Yeah, like that was better????
  7. 4angels

    The new setup

    Ben, this is in the storage facility. You know, where your not allowed to do repairs or drill tanks... DOH...😠 Our personal stuff is on but we cant open the damaged slide to get it until the insurance company does their thing in case it wont close again.
  8. 4angels

    The new setup

    Well, I suppose for those of you that didnt see it on FB I will share here. It would appear this new 5'er is a total loss, we will know more next week. Short story is some dumb azz decided to drill a hole in his fuel tank to see if it was empty. No, not kidding....... Result was 11 units damaged or burned to the ground. Sad day for sure.
  9. 5k on my 2013 just for piece of mind honestly.
  10. 4angels

    My new project

    Well, i did notice some ping when running 89 oct on the 87 tune. Clearly the tune was truly set for 87. Filled up with 87 and ping was gone. I have read that a 75 shot of NOS in the 3 valve is very impressive, showing 60 on the dyno so that could be interesting. Slicks probably made a real difference but i wanted to really be honest about what i saw on my own. internet numbers are BS until you post what you personally do. But I really want to go the road course route on this one. I even want to go take lessons to learn to drive the car properly that way. We all probably think we are better than we are...lol But here is family so instead of relying on BS'ing, I want to share what I personally got so you guys can give feedback! Even with the gear change his thing is a beast. My hemi SWB was a beast in the 60ft but the top end dropped off. I saw 106mph in the mustang so the numbers seem to add up. Stock is listed as 103. Think about that, different TB, Intake and exhaust, and then 410 gears. only a few mph gain. I just lost the top end due to the drop in the curve with those gears. Add the tune and I got there alot faster of course but the overall mix wasnt right. I will take my time and figure it all out but today I can tell you that with the 355's the top speed should exceed 125. Rember the plus is its an auto, the minus is its an auto...
  11. 4angels

    My new project

    well Shawn, I decided to run some times on my own. Maybe I am a bad driver or maybe he was only running 1000 feet and not a full 1/4. Best I could get was 12.89 and that was only once in 4 tries. the rest were all right at 13. I wasnt running the 91 tune like he was, I was running the 87 tune but I can see that doing much more than a few ponies difference. I did have a hard time getting traction but even then his number was way lower than I could get. But, with that said I already swapped the gears down to a 3.55 and it is much happier on the street. I have done some suspension work now and it rides and handles better too. I miss that push you back in the seat from the line the other gears had but the top end is much better and I am not sure I really lost that much once I was in third. I can still scratch 2/3 on the street so the motor mods are doing their job. Now I need to start doing some deciding, I love it the way it is but would really like to go forced induction. No real reason other than I want too. Time to just drive it for a bit and think about how long it will take to save the $$$ to add air... Just wanted to follow up here. More soon.
  12. 4angels

    2003 Ram 3500DRW 4X4

    If you still see it out there send it to me Bob thanks
  13. 4angels

    My new project

    There is room but I plan to take it down an inch on all 4 corners. So a little less room. 😎
  14. 4angels

    My new project

    Dan, nothing down here stays clean.....