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  1. 4angels


    Well, 500 buck later it’s all good. Seems all the sensors and the module crapped out within 50 miles of each other. 😔
  2. 4angels


    yeah, not sure... It worked for a day and the pressures still read from all 4 wheels. I will search to see if there is a reset function.
  3. 4angels


    yeah, not sure... It worked for a day and the pressures still read from all 4 wheels. I will search to see if there is a reset function.
  4. 4angels


    Ok, 2013 was a while ago and apparently after my last rotation the sensors said no thank you. So new ones installed, all the old ones tested and yep they were done. 5 miles and new sensors turn off the light and the system is smiling showing all the pressures. 20 miles later I get the system service warning and light is back. Go back to the tire shop and they scan for me and wtf? Now I have codes saying my TPMS module is faulting? All 4 wheels still read properly in the dash for pressure but th darn light is on Thoughts? Tricks? Or am I screwed and have to go to the stealer?
  5. After 3 months off the market he has listed again at 26k OBO
  6. THey cam over for BBQ here in AZ while they are on a scouting mission. Nice to see you guys!
  7. Just for fun...... I am not a fan of drama reality, and I dont care for this show. But people are a bit hipocritical and you know it. I have been at the Bomb parties where we have tuned, deleted and done crap they dont even know how to do and no one was worried back then about "rollin coal". Heck we couldnt wait to see someone do a crazy larry tune or the newest stuff from MADS. And frankly folks are doing it to TDI's right now, Malone makes a living at it. If you want to have some fun, go back and read threads from 10 plus years ago up to the time when the first DEF trucks came to this group and others and were deleted and remind yourselves of all the crap people did/do. I am not advocating anything, just kinda irk's me how social media and TV jump all over this stuff when we know the guy running the camera for the news channel has a deleted RAM with 7 inch stacks 🤣 The only difference is someone figured out a way to make a bunch of $$$ doing a TV show, even if its really just a advertisement for a truck dealership.
  8. What reminds me of just how stupid this is...... Most all of these items, water, paper, wipes, even cheese puffs......all made domestically. No import issues, no worries on the ports locking down, stupid as heck if you ask me. But my favorite is I went to Safeway yesterday to get some meat from the fresh counter to BBQ, yep dumb azz people buying that out too. Guess they think animals will be gone too.....
  9. Well, it will be here when you come next week....
  10. OK, new price and pics guys
  11. You got that right! OK, TTT with a big price drop.
  12. TTT, just in case your tax return screams for a jeep..................
  13. OK, really deep price cut, it's time. This is a really good deal if you know anyone looking. Well gents it was a long weekend of discussion. With all the medical bills piling up I need to let go of a toy, I can always get another so Dona and I decided to sell the Jeep. Frankly it was an easy decision when its to help your kids. Now to add to it she needs to move. I swear it never ends....lol If anyone is seriously interested I will get pictures of whatever you need. I am sure I am forgetting stuff, there were no cheap parts on this one. 2014 JKU automatic 72,000 miles 3.5 inch Metal cloak suspension, brand new bilstien shocks Drag link flip Power everything Nav and killer Kenwood system AEV wheels Toyo MT 35s with 85% tread all new gears with master rebuild and LSD in rear, 4:10s XRC bumpers Winch EVO armor on diff's, engine, trans, evap system AFE high tuck exhaust New ball joins and Tie rod ends in last 2k Lots of lights Vector JK mount bar with 67 designs phone and tablet mount Flashcal to reset tires and gears Smitty Built Heavy hinge for rear heavy spare Dual on board air Up/Down Air system
  14. thanks Paul, trying to figure out how to handle the payment and get my daughter up there to pick it up. I will figure it out tomorrow I hope.
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