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  1. 4angels

    My new project

    There is room but I plan to take it down an inch on all 4 corners. So a little less room. 😎
  2. 4angels

    My new project

    Dan, nothing down here stays clean.....
  3. 4angels

    My new project

    Hey Shawn, Nope, it's an 08 so no 5.0. But lots of work done to it. Honestly they came from the factory at 13.4 I believe but they had anemic 331 gears. The 410's Shaved half the time lol Different intake, different TB, Different exhaust, custom Dyno tune of a BAMA tune, some trans work and viole' 11.57 but it took some street slicks to get that. Has a new FMS Posi and a TCI ratchet shifter (I am not a fan of that) I however am taking it a new direction. I already did the paint, wheels and tires and a few odds and ends but think I am going to 355 or 373 in the back so I can track it on a road course. That will require a different suspension. It's drag days are over, not that the PO was a real racer, his buddy runs sportsman in the NHRA class and he is the one that did the times in this one not me. I just saw the time slips. I can tell you out here in the country where the Popo isnt around it scratches 2nd to 3rd on warm dry pavement. I am thinking Roush Stage 2 suspension but the gears..... not sure what I will do there. I need some top end back.
  4. 4angels

    My new project

    It's coming along nicely but has a ways to go. It currently hits 11.5 in the 1/4 but I need to re-gear it because the 4:10's are not comfortable on the hwy. She isn't stock as you might imagine. here is where she is at this point.
  5. 4angels

    I got a new Diesel in the garage.

    Love those. You will love it too
  6. 4angels

    Wheels and Tires

    Dan, replied to your text.
  7. 4angels

    Wheels and Tires

    Off my brothers 2006. Chrome 20’s. Some pitting but still look decent. Tires are serviceable, maybe 30% left. Wheels are 3600 pound rated. Tires are 35/12.50. Not really sure what to ask but how does $400 sound. They are in Portland. If interested please text me at 503-544-6372 and I will connect you to him.
  8. 4angels

    Look what followed me home....

    looks like a great project!
  9. LOL, dont you love the coffee cup?
  10. 4angels

    Need help from Monroe to Portland

    If you do text me please
  11. 4angels

    Need help from Monroe to Portland

    ok, no info yet not looking up at the moment
  12. Trying to buy an RV cover from Jon in Monroe, but need it in Portland before the 25th. Any chance someone is heading south from up there?
  13. LOL, PDX is Portland...... lets be sure I can find a delivery person, if I cant quickly I will have to back out since my window at home will be only April. let me ask a few people I know.... Thank you Jon.
  14. I would like it. Can we figure out how to get it to PDX by late April when I move my house to AZ? I can paypal today, I just need to make sure it gets to PDX so I can pack it with our stuff.