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    I buy trucks! I pretty much buy anything-run it past me.
    I opened up my own car lot in Buckley.
    Four-ten auto sales. Call me 206-730-5746
  1. Hondo11

    Geoff Balls truck for sale

    On that note I'll pay $32000 cash for it. Don't need a loan. So, If somebody want's to keep it in the family. There's your money line.
  2. Hondo11

    Geoff Balls truck for sale

    she should be able to get 34-35 standing tall
  3. Hondo11

    Geoff Balls truck for sale

    That's fine. I'll help her price it to get the most out of it for the family if she would like or I would consign it. What Marty said is correct. Put vin into car gurus to see real value. I hear what you are saying but I'm a pro at this and I've noticed a lot of bombers always want to tell people what a car is worth. People spouting off that the truck is worth 28 grand are not doing her a service. Without the vin it looks like trade in book is 35 grand. So anybody else who thinks they are helping her by "keeping in the family" and paying 28 grand? I would't feel right about.
  4. 98 ram 24 valve 5 speed making my shop/advertising truck. I want to put a single stack out of the bed. Any ideas on what else I should do? Anybody want to work on it close to Buckley? Injectors, 5th gear nut, putting in the exhaust? This is going to be my advertising truck for my new car lot four-ten auto sales. Toby 206-730-5746
  5. Hondo11

    Geoff Balls truck for sale

    I am interested in buying it 206-730-5646 Toby. Thanks
  6. Hondo11

    2009 Challenger SRT8 with 600 miles

    If it's Still for sale, I will take it. Have him call me. Thanks Toby 206-730-5746
  7. I'm trying but, importing as a dealer that isn't licensed to import is hard. They are telling me it is much easier for a private party but, may take me 3-4 weeks.
  8. Edge juice with attitude color touch screen monitor back up camera in mint condition. I put this on my 2006 dodge mega cab 5.9 diesel for 3 months before i sold the truck. It cost me $1000 plus $800 install. Plus the back up cam. You can have for $600. Will trade for stuff that goes bang. call or text. I always have my phone but I get away from the computer for some time. Toby 206-730-5746
  9. Kel tech sub 2000 for sale. Glock 40 cal. Will take your glock mags. Comes with 1 10 round mag, 1 33 round mag pre-ban. (these are going for 125 on armslist and gunbroker) Soft case and original box. Only about 300 rounds through it ever. Everything is perfect, gun is just not real left handed friendly. Short stock puts port right in front of my face while shooting left handed. $950 is what I'm looking for. These are extremly hard to find right now. Will trade up or down for gun safe, benelli m2 or m4, semi-auto tactical shotgun, saiga 12 20 or 410. I have a bunch of 40 ammo also. Will only sell with transfer paperwork. Thanks, Toby 206-730-5746
  10. Open to cash offers or trades. Diablo Predator chip off 06 dodge. Says 06-07 on box. Also have new in box, Sinister steering box stabilizer. 03 and newer dodge. Things I will trade for: -ruger 10/22 take down -kel-tec sub 2000 -glock -Shot guns. Make offers. I can put cash on top for toys. Call or text is best. Toby 206-730-5746
  11. Hondo11

    4 inch exhaust

    I'm interested call me 206-730-5746 hondo11 Toby
  12. I am interested in buying the ranger call me 206-730-5746 Thanks, Toby hondo11
  13. Please don't reply to this topic. If you are interested contact Kelly Teed. Here is the generic listing for a mechanic for our dealership. It's a fun place to work. Plenty of work with specialty work as well that makes it fun. Lifts, diesel work, upgrades, A few things that other shops don't do. Contact Kelly Teed, shop Manager at 253-256-4600 for more info. Website is www.nwmsrocks.com. Thanks, Toby hondo11 Seeking an ASE Certified Technician ASE Certified, Able to Diagnose & Repair Most Makes & Models of Automobiles and Trucks. Candidate should also be able to perform brake work, alignments, timing belts, water pumps, starters, alternators, tune-ups, and other maintenances and related operations. Must have current valid driver's license. We are a very busy dealership, and we still growing. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to grow with a company. ASE or some other form of certification is required. This is a full time job.