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    25 Good Years

    19 and counting , took delivery of my ‘01 on 10/2000 IIRC was still healing from wrecking the ‘98 (wasn’t supposed to drive but it got to dealer so drive 2+ hours and got it and drove home ) .. been a good one with one exception the damnnn notchy transmission gate glad you got so many good miles and years on her Old Feller
  2. GTroyer

    Builing a compound set up

    Stainless or fresh grind job ? no matter looking good here 👍
  3. GTroyer

    98 12V Quad Cab for Sale

    Agree with Paul there 4x4 might get there , but doubt a 2x the one thing in his favor is the low miles
  4. GTroyer

    My Last 98 - Build Thread

    Give a company called Transfer Case Express in Oakland Calif .. believe they carry trannys also ? reasonable prices and a good co to deal with they are online so go there and look for trannys a great place for transfer cases for sure lol last I checked they sell new almost as low a rebuilt about as nasty a air air cleaner as I have ever seen BTW
  5. GTroyer

    The new setup

    glad they did the right thing , you'd never have been happy if it had been repaired and put back into service.... memories alone would have ruined the use experiences
  6. GTroyer

    I'm ordering a new 3500

    same tank I have Joe , 'kept they call mine a 54 gallon ... I hold by the gauge 84-85 gallons when I fill it but believe that there s still fuel in it .. maybe a small un registered reserve ? if 54 is the rated capacity of the TF and the truck is 35 then I should have a 89 gallon capacity .. OH on edit .. be careful or you'll end up caring a ton of stuff in the tool part and never need the stuff LOL need not ask how I know LOL ..more sh** than a pack rat in there. bet easily a couple hundred pounds of crapola there
  7. GTroyer

    Builing a compound set up

    when your in the normal driving mode what gears do you use, knowing that you skip a bunch of them
  8. GTroyer

    12 Valve Injectors question

    Best advise I can give is a towing & multi purpose rig IS NOT a power /hot rod rig with a manual tranny as much is lost in the shift . Ya you can ad nice power at reasonable $$ with a 12 valve but usually that means more smoke with 12 valves as you can’t just reach down and turn the power down. Care in selections or you’ll be buying parts more than once. now fasten your seat belt for opinions lol
  9. GTroyer

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    Unrelated Yogi good luck to new digs/beginnings
  10. Lol Steve... takes a year or so for the new retired status to wear off lol. NOT
  11. GTroyer

    Fuel pressure monitor for ‘99

    yes you did LOL
  12. GTroyer

    12 Valve Injectors question

    Remember the green weed is very legal and available in his state 🤔
  13. GTroyer

    Going hunting again

    GOOD LUCK , got a prayer going for Daughter’s pain none of us wants to live in pain , too many do as it is.
  14. GTroyer

    For Sale 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI

    Paul I was just yanking your chain ... no offense meant , my bad if you took my "humor" badly
  15. GTroyer

    For Sale 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI

    Starting to sound like Craig’s list in here lol
  16. Remember Rancho’s lifetime replacement is only to original purchaser with receipt
  17. GTroyer


    Glad u stopped in to see the Az. Folks see ya in return trip through there I hope . We’ll be there 12/29 through probably Feb. again
  18. GTroyer

    Looking for a extended or quad cab 12V

    Exactly .. for turning radius issues between the bed and the trailer especially the ones with shorter stingers if you remember right after I bought the new Arctic Fox I posted on myself , yup the bed corner punched a six inch long hole in the front nose / facia of the trailer cause I took a tight turn and didn’t realize I was that close ... my bad obviously and that cost me a cool $1000 to fix ( parts only plus labor)
  19. GTroyer

    Looking for a extended or quad cab 12V

    BTW if you haven’t looked up that bed for value depending on the options it has it’s somewhere between $3000 - 5000 new and by pics it’s a higher end one
  20. GTroyer

    Project revive 93

    Oh so many FORD jokes could come to mind here buttttt we'll let the opportunity pass as it's a troubled machine right now good luck figuring this truck out Dan
  21. GTroyer

    The new setup

    Wow sorry to read / hear about that hope the replacement works out better .. hope your insurance covers all the costs and temp. Living costs
  22. So some of my lecturing sunk in on one of my family 🤔 and he is passing on the lessons learned to another 👍 lol you’ll be much happier when you get old not having back issues HONEST i know I can’t take credit but I do feel better it’s in your head now to use the tools not the body 😁
  23. GTroyer

    Count Your lucky stars

    darn lucky
  24. GTroyer

    Looking for a extended or quad cab 12V

    yup ^^^^^ your right there Hoss , Bradford is real proud if ya know what I mean