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  1. GTroyer

    A little run of GOOD luck

    👍 it’s nice when all are happy
  2. GTroyer

    Fire pit patio project

    Is your plan to sand them in after laying ?
  3. GTroyer

    Parts truck

    K now that you say that ... of course it is a Dodge ... duh CRS these days
  4. GTroyer

    clutch not disengaging

    Not driving them is hard on them also
  5. GTroyer

    Parts truck

    can't see the marker is that an International ? if so there is a guy who collects internationals in Coeur d'Alene .. probably has 5+ acres of them , not sure what he does with them either and don't believe he restorers , maybe sells parts ??? don't know name but maybe we could find out with Mark Smiths help if you need info
  6. GTroyer

    Fire pit patio project

    nice Job , looks like fun / relaxing times ahead after the hard work.
  7. GTroyer

    Fire pit patio project

    Looks great Mike
  8. GTroyer

    Major upgrade to the Duckworth!

    👏👍 have fun fun fishing with it Hoss assume it follows a course set in it ? these new fangled devises are way cool lol
  9. GTroyer

    Fire pit patio project

    Just keep thinking how much your family will enjoy this lol but you did remember the snow will still be on top of it new pavers Eh lol. .... Just kidding you Mike
  10. nice looking rig for sure
  11. GTroyer

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    nope Ben agree Bob
  12. GTroyer

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    X 2 Ben , I too am waiting for the "pitch" I do find the video's interesting , but have a big can of skepticism opened up right next to me when watching and waiting THANKS Shawn for keeping the post going
  13. GTroyer

    One more sleep

    if you haven't already thought of it yet ... be careful as to fumes inside the cab on drive home , but with your background I'm sure you have
  14. On my phone now .. no no idea where /what that is Carl .. I’m a one finger operator like many of us “old farts” .. these things are a mistory to us lol
  15. 'bout darn time Dave , now ya know what we've been telling you LOL so Mike n Sallie's next summer ? Congrats and have fun with the new toy ... some nice ride pic's there too THANKS
  16. stating the obvious here .. drive habits make a huge difference ... if one is using in the commute world or stop n go traffic then the shorter intervals are a must but when the majority of the miles are long drives where the engine are fully heated up and have a chance to burn off the junk then longer intervals are just fine .. but the owner needs to be honest with himself/'herself if combo driving then believe shorter intervals are required. In my days of driving to work I averaged 70+ miles one way [140-150 a day] drives for many years so the 50K intervals I did were not like a 10K city commute of stop n go crapola . where the heck did that line come from
  17. GTroyer

    One more sleep

    enjoy that ride home LOL be safe out there Buddy
  18. GTroyer

    International No start/Engine Dies

    Repair dielectric grease, or harness ?
  19. I have a bypass set up , oil [synthetic here] still looks bad in a few miles so looks isn't a determining factor .. sample is I quit doing samples after a few years as I never had any fluctuation worth the expense [my changes back then were at 50K as I felt guilty.. but samples said good to go still but changed at 50K ] my change interval is one year now , but we all know that way less then 10K is still good to go ... I probably put on less than 5K a year now .
  20. annual changes , before heading south for the winter , truck sits most of the time so milage isn't the issue to me.
  21. GTroyer

    My new project

    any room for a taller rear tire and cheep re-gear that way ?
  22. GTroyer

    My new project

    it's a nice looking ride for sure !!
  23. GTroyer

    My new project

    Or high wind desert area , what dust storm lol
  24. GTroyer

    has anyone converted their srw to a dually?

    if your using these adaptors be sure to clean the bolts and nuts used and torque to spec the install carefully ..... part of the issue using these type of adapters is the they don't hold torque well or fail in use. *** just a heads up ***
  25. GTroyer

    I got a new Diesel in the garage.

    I have been lusting on them .. have fun with that bad boy .. report in occasionally about it please