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    Front hitch on new truck

    2/0 welding works great even at the back distance ground at the frame near there works also do less cable needed BUT make sure your well grounded at battery strap and additional if needed
  2. GTroyer

    New to me Race Trailer

    Nice set up .. congrats on the find ! inside pics when ya get a chance
  3. GTroyer

    Front hitch on new truck

    Tail gate ? Nice stand up spot and very handy
  4. GTroyer

    Front hitch on new truck

    IIRC you have a topper also, think about installing on of those cheep bolt on receiver brackets in the bed and have a secure mount spot for the portable winch and if mounted in standing position using up little space .. let the imagination work 😁
  5. GTroyer


    God be with you in surgery
  6. GTroyer

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    Mark .. remove the kids booster seat and you’ll clear just fine 😁
  7. GTroyer

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    Oops k I’ll shut up lol
  8. GTroyer

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    Quality of rebuild ever suspected ? Seal not in place correctly, buggered up on install , correct kit used ... just throwing out there for noodling
  9. GTroyer

    Fishing 2019

    darn that looks good .... fresh fresh shrimps 👍
  10. GTroyer

    06 Radiator - fix or replace ?

    Agree 100% with Mark .. the stuff they use today best to replace as to your PM Phil .. I have a bunch of old TDR friends and several of us were X-racers we ( if I remember correctly 6 of us ) did a group buy and special ordered a lil larger and thicker finned than stock radiator from Griffin radiator , I “saved” mine and installed it about 2 or3 years ago . i would use them again if I were buying again .. it’s a nice one with fully welded seams n tank .. all aluminum problem imho rodding one out it won’t last like a new one so your just prolonging the issue . And unless you pay them to thoroughly clean one on the outer fins the lower part of it will be heavily gunked up with oil and road debris as the road draft crap jjst get in it everywhere on the lower third ... a PIA to clean out
  11. MUCH BETTER imho 😁👏
  12. GTroyer

    Dually hub cap for an 06

    That looks like an early one Hoss not newer .. more rounded ones are newer “I believe” lol
  13. GTroyer

    In Search Of a 22cm BHT3B Turbine Housing

    I’ll follow up later this week busy next couple days
  14. GTroyer

    Dually hub cap for an 06

    Hey Phil .. want me to run over there a look for it Lol i’m only a half hour away 😁
  15. Hoss sending $50 for meats donations for Bomb Party as I promised above any guys going to get involved in smoke off .. so we can taste several “styles” or favorite items
  16. GTroyer

    What tires do you like?

    Assume 17” rim no help if it is as I have never had larger than 16”
  17. GTroyer

    In Search Of a 22cm BHT3B Turbine Housing

    Hey Ben .. would a 18cm housing interest you ( would have to waste gate it ) ???? I found a guy that has 4 in stock right now let me know if you are
  18. GTroyer

    In Search Of a 22cm BHT3B Turbine Housing

    Have you placed an inquiry to Holset ? maybe with enough interest the might cast up a few ( I know not enough people interested 😏 )
  19. GTroyer

    Just got back from Sitka

    Same here .. very jealous glad and youguys had a great trip
  20. GTroyer

    First trip of the summer

    With life so short and days passing faster than you’d like make every minute a pleasure and a adventure .. enjoy the heck out of the trip and Glacier Park is one of the most beautiful out there to see, if you have time go over the border and see the Canadian side Watertown lakes national park also a real beauty. Keep us posted as you can, include the pics too 😁
  21. GTroyer

    Need help

    Cancel request issue resolved now thanks Mark !!!!
  22. GTroyer

    Need help

    Need a 2001 vintage dip stick or earlier 24 valve one .. it’s a very thin one about 3/16” unlike todays replacement ones that are 1/4-5/16” wide and thicker material .. it also has a unique twist about 12” from the bottom maybe less there for some reason the replacement ones hang up i assume on the pan or the casting down low .. to the point of having to force it down past the catch and almost breaking the new replacement stick the one I have n there is I’m sure getting weak do to that forcing and I believe becoming work hard and short life left in it. Any one got an early 24 valve one laying around ?
  23. GTroyer

    Offroad Lights

    Hoss .. did you cut the factory holes larger or is the the aftermarket bumper ?
  24. GTroyer

    New to me Toy Hauler.

    Sooo we assume your traveling to golf hot spots , or is that to use shorting the walks at destinations have a ball with your new rig in any use , BTW you have room for a side x side too 😁
  25. GTroyer

    First trip with new truck

    Outstanding .. have a GREAT TRIP.