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    👍 great , way less $$ and great heat , buy a pallet at a time +/- $220
  2. GTroyer

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    The extended range is a huge factor of cool in my book , especially for the guys who go in salt waters for tuna and such
  3. GTroyer

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    What’s the $$$$ like Dave ??? near instant hit I’m sure
  4. That Algae was probably water from a stations fuel underground tanks that got pumped into their tank , not uncommon good reason to fuel at high volume diesel sellers / truck stops As to additives, I own old not new so no help
  5. Need to convert my 2001 Snow Bird pin box mine is straight down king pin not cantilevered forward , can’t tow it with my flat bed with square corners ( far to close to front bulkhead) so need to convert the pin box to a cantilevered style ( probably make for smoother ride as well with that) not interested in air ride style suggestions for parts supplier ??
  6. GTroyer

    Back into a CTD

    Nice rig I say with envy
  7. GTroyer

    Trailer supply places ???

    Ok thanks guys ill shout out to them when I get home in Lil over a week the trailer has been sitting since I got the flat bed on , it was way close with a regular bed , had to back under then close tailgate and then hook to hitch or crush the tailgate. Ill have ave to make sure it’s rated for 20k lbs as the trailer weighs 16k. thanks again
  8. GTroyer

    Trailer supply places ???

    Oh it’s a fifth wheel
  9. GTroyer

    oil supply for a 2nd turbo

    I’ve used the port above the filter for both for many miles (well over 150k) on my 3B/40 set with zero issues not saying one is better than the other , just what I have
  10. GTroyer

    Bought 2018 dodge 2500, need

    Thanks to bad the computer ability is not there for earlier models
  11. GTroyer

    Bought 2018 dodge 2500, need

    Do they have models for older rams (like 2001) ... or do they need newer computers to work with i tried to look around the site but wasn’t able to on my phone , not sure why
  12. GTroyer

    2002 rebuilt title

    Hi-jack Good luck on surgery Kelly hope for great outcomes
  13. GTroyer

    ISO Canopy for new truck

    Good looking for sure ! enjoy the heck out of it !!!! when I first read this I thought you meant lights under the running boards .. started chuckling after I reread it
  14. GTroyer

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    Arctic Fox has hatch doors that are random keyed not the “751” key with the exception of the outdoor shower and the key is not a “normal” shape .. it’s a long key and I believe it’s brass material . Fits all hatch doors
  15. GTroyer

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    You and I both would go to jail as I sure as heck would leave my mark on the culprit(s) no matter the age. as above hope for minor damage
  16. GTroyer

    2002 rebuilt title

    Nutt’in Butt the truth , no thanks needed !!
  17. GTroyer

    Winter weather

    Heck it’s Even chilly here in the Arizona Desert , been a very cool winter so far last night was almost freezing (33 degrees) with day times in low 60 or high 50’s sorry guys had to rub it in 😁
  18. GTroyer

    2002 rebuilt title

    Anyone looking would buy very short sighted thinking this is not a PERFECT TRUCK .. Rob went way overboard in the restoration process every nut n bolt used was factory parts the rebuild was show quality back then .. maybe a lil wear since but knowing Rob even that is very low wear spots ive seen and marveled at the quality of the work he did on this rig . !!! if I was looking this truck would be a gotta buy rig !! strongly suggest you post up that thread Rob
  19. GTroyer

    Winter weather

    Just Wondering about the roof loads , and if they are rated for those loads on the wet side seeing as snow is not a “normal” thing
  20. GTroyer

    Winter weather

    But his company does sell Chains 👏
  21. GTroyer

    Winter weather

    For sure , need weeds burned anyone lol ice roads .. where are they .. got burner will travel (for a price lol)
  22. GTroyer

    B&W companion 3500

  23. GTroyer

    Know this pickup?

    Thought I read somewhere that only the “heavy duty” manual transmission trucks had different gear choice available sure as heck could be wrong on that , but the OLD mind says just 3.42’s
  24. GTroyer

    Tank level sending unit.

    Must. be nice (fun) having access to the parts room lol