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  1. I went Brake Performance pads this last time, and turned oem rotors. I really miss my EBC brakes... I'll be going back to them.
  2. I was just thinking in terms of saving money, but yea your right, it may just be worth it to change the whole injector. Still might be worth looking into... Then take the money saved and install one of these lol... https://fleeceperformance.com/dodge/2003-2007/fuel-system/fuel-distribution-hose-and-fitting-kits/2003-2018-dodge-cummins-auxiliary-fuel-filter-and-line-kit.html
  3. Yea, check all the bodies, throw some new tips on for $800 or so and you'd have a good running truck for not a lot out the door.
  4. Just throwing this out there but why not just do the tips?
  5. There is one in Marysville, I don't really deal with car audio, like ever... so anything better than stock speakers would be all new for me lol But it's time for a new head unit too, that dang 1.5 din radio is a pain to find a good replacement.
  6. I just discovered DD Audio this may be the route I got for my 3rd gen speakers... https://ddaudio.com/car-audio-upgrade-guide/ Seem to be decent prices IMHO
  7. Home Depot rents flat bed trucks... and you also happen to know a few guys with trucks
  8. Those were my two choices, leaning more towards the Toyota for reliability. Use autotempest for your search and it will pull up a ton of results, found a lot more Tacomas for reasonable prices. You can really refine it to narrow down to dang near exactly what you're looking for. https://www.autotempest.com/results?make=toyota&model=tacoma&zip=98270&radius=350
  9. That's what Mike did, adapted a porta power. It worked really well, kind of cumbersome but it did the job nicely. I think between freezing and anti seize you shouldn't have an issue with a regular ball joint press. Not that you need this but in case someone else reads this.... This is a very good video done by my buddy Paul at CJC :
  10. Yea the first Carli joints that Diesel Outfitters did was on my buddy Gil's truck. I helped Mike and Ben do a BUNCH of work on that front end, it was in really poor shape. The Carli joints were so tight Mike decided on building a mini hydraulic press, Sage told me to freeze them but Mike is stubborn lol. They still went in, it was just more work than it probably needed to be lol. Just like I found out it's far easier to do control arms on the ground....
  11. Oh yes for sure, I think it even states that in the Carli directions. CJC also has a very good install video on YouTube, not that you need it. Where do you buy dry ice?? Nevermind, I looked it up, I had no idea so many places sold it....
  12. I got my spicers from 8Lug Truck Gear, George had them to me the next day. But I measured all my cups ect because apparently they are notorious for changing mid model year.
  13. Put the cups in the freezer, it will make your life much easier. I helped Mike with his first hydraulic press just to put the Carli cups in, they are that tight. These are the definition of buy once cry once. As long as they stay greased they will last as long as the truck.
  14. Yea the second time I did it, the whole thing just went on super smooth. I don't think 1st or 2nd gens have that stupid bracket at the bottom to catch on (which I unbolted the second time). Did you seal it with anything or just the gasket? I used Motorcraft TA31... That stuff seals beautifully.
  15. Yea, i just did that seal twice. But the seal was fine the second time, the bottom of the front cover caught the shroud bracket and bent it just enough so it would not seal. 100% my fault, but you can't see it from the top or bottom so I thought I rolled the lip on the seal...
  16. The 6 bolt pattern is the same, the issue you will run into is the spline count and shaft length and diameter. Dodges have 23 and 29 spline inputs. Ford uses 24 spline with manual transmissions and 31 and 34 spline units. I believe the internals are the same so if you can swap the input shafts you should be fine. I found this place when I was looking to see if a Rubicon transfercase would work in a Power Wagon.... https://www.midwesttrans.com/ A lot of good information on this site.
  17. Went for a drive yesterday and crawled under the truck when I got back, everything was dry (dry where I cleaned up lol) and no leaks were apparent. Next project is replace the intake gaskets on the car. GM used plastic gaskets on the 3.1 V6 and they are notorious for failing, so I bought a whole top end gasket kit and new intake bolts. After that's done I can move on to other projects with the truck. Get up to Hoss's and do my fuel system, I need to soak the whole underside of the truck with Oil Eater again. Looking forward to moving on to other projects.... Lots of lessons learned on this, created quite a few of my own issues, but also know how to easily change out an oil pan gasket on the ground and get to the oil pump fairly quickly lol. I also learned how to rebuild an alternator and a starter, neither of which go as smoothly as the videos I watched, even still I saved a bunch of money. What would have made it more worth the effort would be able to boost the output of either piece.
  18. And the saga continues with this truck lol... Still had an oil leak, I figured I must have installed the front case seal wrong and it rolled over. NOPE... I got the front cover off today after running around getting parts n stuff. The lip under the seal had caught the shroud bracket and it bent just enough to cause a leak. Got it all cleaned up, straightened, resealed and reinstalled. This time I unbolted that lower shroud bracket and the front cover went on beautifully, lesson learned. I used the guide ring from the new seal I bought, so now I have an extra on the shelf just in case. That Motorcraft TA31 rtv did NOT want to let go lol, heat gun and patience and the front cover finally popped free. Now can I move on to installing my rock lights????? And my fuel system.... And my rear spring bushings lol....
  19. I would start by calling the Retrofit Source
  20. I forgot to update this, got the truck back together last weekend. Went to go start it and it just clicked, first thought was I put the starter back together wrong, then I remembered I disconnected the battery cable on both ends. Got that back on and started it up, for a few seconds no oil pressure again, then BAM oil pressure right up to where it is supposed to be and the engine quieted down a bit. Decided to take it for a drive, and see if any of the dump stations were open. Mechanical unloading only Glad I didn't load the truck up, headed up towards Hoss's to see what he was up to. We walked out of the shop to take a look at the truck and noticed there was quite the mess under the truck. Well two things were going on, A there was a bunch of oil going every where, and B the serpentine belt was almost gone. Hoss let me borrow the Hyundai and I ran down to Napa to get a new belt, wouldn't be there till the next day. Got back up to Hoss's and first thing I did was remove the oil pressure gauge and the line, I stretched it just a bit too much when I moved it and the seal wasn't that great, so oil every where. Then I got what was left of the belt off, Ben thought maybe one of the pulleys was off, but I ran a straight edge from on to another and then all seemed to be lined up. So I put the new one in, and then inspected the old one. I had dropped a cover bolt and did not find it with a magnet, so I figured it must be in the grass somewhere. NOPE, it cut the belt and caused a big mess, especially when mixed with oil, a small piece of it wrapped on the fan clutch and was smacking the cable for the solenoid under the airbox. I brought my marine heat shrink but it was just a bit small, I left the bigger stuff at home. Hoss had some bigger stuff so I got that fixed and reloomed, and rerouted so it's better protected. Started to leave after thanking Mark and my truck got really loud again, I had ordered some 5" band clamps, I should have ordered a 5" band clamp for butt connections... Some exhaust wrap and heavy wire to keep the exhaust from pulling away and good to go. Ran to the car wash and got it cleaner, it's not clean by any means, but far cleaner. Now I have to figure out where to oil drip is coming from, hopefully not from the crank seal... Right now I need to track down a dump trailer, I think Home Depot rents them...
  21. Its a gas one.... Got the starter back on and the engine all back together, still need to tighten the engine mounts, put the shroud back on and put the oil back in. This time I coated the gaskets with Permatex Aviation Form A Gasket per Mr Quinn. I made sure I torqued everything to spec. So tomorrow finish up and see whats what, double crossing my fingers that this time there is oil pressure.
  22. Small update, got all the bolts ect and the starter mostly put back together. The kit from Larry B' says some soldering required, no worries, but it didn't say you need the hottest soldering iron known to man to stick these dang brushes back on. Going to try a torch when I get home, and NOT burn the sleeves on the wires. On the plus side I now have 3 soldering irons and a pretty decent mapp torch. Does anyone know where to get other types of tips for Benzomatic type torches? On a side note, brakes on the car were getting bad which was concerning, I had Les Schwab do them a couple years ago, but they only had 12K miles on them. So I took them in and had them check them out plus rotate the tires, funny thing was they had no record of them doing the brakes, then why do I have this receipt? (same thing happened with my snow chains). Anyway they said my brakes were fine, you have to pull the caliper off the rotor to see the pads, you cannot see the pads otherwise. They kept getting worse so the other day I pulled the front apart and sure enough the caliper side pad was 70% gone, I went and got new pads and rotors, then new boots the next day and more pin grease. Far better brakes than what I had before. Not gonna let anyone else touch my rigs again, even if it takes me 5 times longer. They couldn't even get my snow chains right (completely the wrong size), so I'm done with Les Schwab....
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