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  1. Cool lets yard my junk out and get your springs ect on. Still haven't heard back from A to Z and my tv cable won't be here till Monday, but I found some JB weld I may try, it's specifically for that type of plastic... worth a shot.
  2. You should see Baca's arm, severe 3rd degree burns... Glad he's ok, could have been much worse.
  3. My guess is unit bearings as well. Get SKF's, they make the factory units.
  4. T Case got dropped off, worked on the TV cable and ended up breaking it. Somehow it got bound up and broke at the swivel, Hoss and I took apart the old one to see if there was a way to swap parts to get it to work, and of course there isn't. So I have one coming from Summit, no idea why I the dealers was twice as much. I thought maybe I installed it wrong, but when I went back through the manual it was done right, there is a clip on the back of the adjustments that popped off behind the bracket I didn't see and it allowed it to extend and bind up. So.,... on hold for a new one Hopefully T C
  5. Got the fuel system all sorted out. Had I listened to Hoss and downloaded the destructions I probably wouldn't have had to pull the tank again, well lowered it quite a bit. But when you change from the stock fuel filter to the bigger cat style the lines are upgraded. There was nothing in the instructions for the pump about it, and the fuel filter assy didn't come with any. My own fault, anyway I changed out the fitting, and then pressed in the new AN which is no fun trying to do between the bed and frame lol. That's all done... Got the transmission pan cleaned and put back on with a new filter
  6. Actually I want a Power Wagon, Raptors are just another rig to dump a ton of money into to make them capable and reliable off road. There's a group I follow that runs primarily Raptors and some of those guys should have just stopped and bought trophy trucks, they easily have $200K into their rigs, but they have AC so that's a bonus.
  7. So the saga continues... Hoss and I got my over drive in, it was a little stubborn but we got it in there and bolted up, thanks to the mini Canadian hockey stick. Then we went to get the transfer case bolted in and it would not go. Turns out the 29 spline input shaft for 271/273 for a manual transmission transfer case is .750 longer. SO.... I'm gonna tear into my new case and swap the input gears as I have one the correct length, there is no point in cutting a perfectly good part, it was suggested I cut it. That got set aside, visited a bit with Rusty while this was all going on,
  8. I did not order any of the parts, your former boyfriend did lol. As far as the transmission parts, well that was the idiot who pulled the parts. Mike told the guy in Portland, this is what I ordered, and this is what I got. He pretty much told the guy he didn't feel that he wanted Mikes business lol. The transfer case, not sure... could have just been a mix up at the warehouse, or what's his name at Randy's was already in vacation mode and headed out the door, or Mike had already started his vacation lol.... Who knows, but I got the right one now so it's all good.
  9. Picked up my new transfer case last night, wires got crossed somewhere and they sent me a 271 manual shift case, so I got that sorted and they sent me a 273 electric shift for a manual transmission so I don't have to open the case to install the 29 spline input, plus it has a 2 year warranty. Overdrive is being rebuilt today, they shipped the wrong parts to Diesel Outfitters other wise it would have been done friday, no idea when my driveline will be done, maybe today. Since I got the leaf spring bushings done I decided to order the shackle rebuild kit, so that will tighten the rear end up con
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