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  1. My buddy Marcus is a PSC dealer, he's down in Tigard. One man show so give him a ring.... Dethloff MFG I've done a lot of upgrades to my truck, huge understatement, but the PSC steering box is by far one of the top upgrades. Completely changed how much truck drives.
  2. Got to take the truck for a drive Saturday over to Cle Elum, went to help a buddy put his 4 post together. When I first installed my transmission I was told to use the same stuff that Allisons use because it works with the clutches better. Whatever I was just stoked to get a built trans in the truck so I ran it. After having the overdrive rebuilt, I was talking to a friend of mine who's an Amsoil dealer and he pretty much said that's hogwash. He told me to run the red label atf and I should have no worries. Well with the old oil I was normally seeing 180-185 on trans te
  3. Fluid extractor/dispenser worked awesome, turns out the reusable gasket wasn't so reusable. So I got the pan all cleaned up, and hit it with some Right Stuff. So far no leaks... Truck drives smoother with the new one piece drive shaft, that was worth the upgrade, and about 1/3 the weight. Only lost a couple drops of Amsoil so the extractor was worth the money, plus it's nice to be able to walk away and do other stuff while it does it's thing. Warmer weather would have improved the time lol.
  4. Well my truck made a decision for me. I wanted to keep a two piece drive shaft for a little extra clearance, but the carrier bearing is shot again. I don't even think there is 500 miles on it. The factory one lasted 168K, the last three didn't even last 7K miles. I should have just left it all alone and not upgraded the u joints... Oh well.... So I ordered a new one piece aluminum shaft from Action Machine, it's a 5" with 1550 u joints which is massive compared to the factory ones, but far lighter. It'll be here Monday, I'll get that in and the old one out. The old one will be cut
  5. I swapped my Red Head for the PSC, huge difference, way less flex in the box itself. I also removed the steering brace and did not put it back on. Makes a difference when you go from a mini van steering box to an actually truck box.
  6. Well the T case in is, and filled. Transmission pan is on, new filter, and filled. Drivelines are on. New TV cable is in and this one came with the adjuster already set, same packaging and part number. This one was from Summit and it pretty much fell into place without hassle.... Had the truck in the air and made sure the trans was in park, everything snapped into place. Cool.... The new fuel filter won't stop dripping, Hoss thinks it may be the water drain is too tight. I ordered a new filter off of Amazon, and the new one, same part number has another small gasket the first one
  7. Just a side note, my friend just had his unit bearing conversion completely fail on the way home from Moab Saturday, unfortunately for him he was in the middle of Nebraska when it happened Always carry a spare.... unit bearing or locking hub, always carry a spare.
  8. Mikes doors are pretty much closed to the public at the moment because of covid. Dave I had unit bearings making a popping noise, but mine had been in mud and water too... One went then the following year the other went. The only other thing I can think of is the control arm bolts or like Ben said steering. This would be a good opportunity to upgrade to the 08.5 steering.
  9. That's why I carry a full set when wheeling, and I have another set on the shelf just in case lol.
  10. This is what a unit bearing looks like... what year truck are we talking about here?
  11. Cool lets yard my junk out and get your springs ect on. Still haven't heard back from A to Z and my tv cable won't be here till Monday, but I found some JB weld I may try, it's specifically for that type of plastic... worth a shot.
  12. You should see Baca's arm, severe 3rd degree burns... Glad he's ok, could have been much worse.
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