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  1. I've done 4... 2 from orilleys, 1 from napa, 1 from cummins nw.... One of the pumps from oriellys lasted maybe 20K.
  2. Well a lot of stuff I was just being too cautious. Next time I'll know more throttle... But there were sections I walked right through that gave other people a hard time and then other spots that gave me fits. Working on wiring right now. Way back in 2015 I think it was I installed the Control Freak light controller. It came with T-Taps and I really dislike those things so I soldered the connections. They corroded and caused issues. So the day before we left for Sand Hollow I redid all of it and it was giving me fits the whole time. So I just took all of it apart and rewired quite a bit of it. I was going to put that section of the harness but I didn't want to pull the dash to do it. I also sent my instrument cluster off to be repaired, I got tired of the tach not working. I'll convert that to blue leds when it comes back. And I changed my FCA, pulled out what ever orielly part was in there and replaced it with a Cummins part, Geno's also sent allen head bolts so you can toss the T25 bolts that love to strip out. I was going to work on my turbo but I ended up messing with one of the T25's. But I have a full turbo rebuild kit I need to install, I have quite a bit of haze at idle. So I replaced the FCA because that could be one of the issues, it has a stumble at idle too. JB said it smells like diesel, but it smells like oil too me which makes me thing of an oil seal in the turbo, they are easy to rebuild so why not. And I have a kit from Turbo Lab America which has really good bushings with better oil passages ect ect.
  3. If you don't/can't get those, the Falken Wildpeak AT3 is also a great tire and 3 peak rated. I know quite a few people running both tires are haven't heard anything bad about either. LS went downhill for me when they stripped some of my studs taking the lug nuts off on my truck, then messed up a couple more putting them on. Then wanted to charge me to change them out. I declined and did them at home and haven't had an issue since. Then they sold me the wrong chains for the car, I took them back in and they accused me of buying them elsewhere and they weren't in the system. I walked back out to the car and grabbed the receipt from the glove box, then they changed their tune and got me the right chains. All I wanted was to swap them for the right ones, not like i wanted my money back. I went in to get the battery checked, it was a LS 4 year battery that was 3 years old. They gave me the run around and upsold me to another battery because they didn't have the same one, whatever. Bought and paid for that battery, then they came back and said they didn't have any of those and wanted to upsell me again. I ended up getting the 8 year batter for the price of the 6 year because I told them just to put the old battery back in and give me my money back. The last straw was I took the car in to check the brakes because they were not acting correctly and I had to take the wife to a few consecutive appointments in Seattle. They said oh yea the brakes are perfect, but driving they still worked like crap. After i was done with her appointments I took the front tires off and the passenger side brake pad was visibly in pieces. LS installed these brakes... Paul I don't know why anyone would go to LS for a lift kit...
  4. I'd list it higher, they can always come down they will never go up.
  5. Flagship has them, but OMG they are not cheap https://www.fs1inc.com/1998-dodge-ram-truck-cummins-5-9l-engine-computer-pcm-ecm-ecu-programmed-plug-play.html Didn't MADS used to have these? Maybe call Source?
  6. I got a really good deal through Yukon, it was cheaper than a lot of other places I looked.
  7. Oh yea, soil drainage is huge for the dahlias if you winter them over in the ground. Still not 100% satisfied with the soil we got, but it's better than what we had. I would like to till but my wife has a problem called "she likes tulips and daffodils" so there's TONS of bulbs everywhere. I think last year we put in about 750-800 and this year will be more. I got her a bunch at Costco in the bulk bags, and then we get the big bulk bags at Rozengaarde. Used to be 50% of every first week of December but I think they quit doing that Yes we grow the begonias in pots, and then winter the tubers over in the garage. We have some that are 7-8 years old now grown from seed. If it gets really cold they get moved to the laundry room with a heater that keeps it above freezing and they do well. Then they get repotted in the spring, this year they will get divided. Kelly read that is better for them after they get a certain size and will bloom more. My grandfather used to work in the lab at Texaco and brought home vermiculite they used for packing and just threw them in that and stored them under the house.
  8. We leave a lot of our dahlias in the ground now. I think the only ones we'll be digging up are the ones that will get moved to a new location. We got several at the dahlia tuber sale and they were not what they were listed as, which is a risk when you buy there. All of the begonias are trimmed back and will get stored, there's like 60 of those. And then tons of fuchsias which will get wintered over in the garage, my work space gets smaller every year lol. Looking at getting a second cold storage greenhouse....
  9. I did, it was not 100% it would be here on time. Amazon's new trick is at first tell you it will be here Tuesday, but then when you get to check out it's actually next Monday, but in reality it's the following Friday.... Prime is so worth the extra $$$
  10. Hopefully I won't beat it up, and i told JB (he is going with me) if you think I am about to do something really stupid talk me out of it. Gary a little bit of everything it looks like.... Day 1 and 2 are both 5 rated trails, Day 3 and 4 are 6 rated trails.
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