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  1. You know what's funny though, I have friends like Ben and Hoss who would be upset if I tried to take that from them LMAO
  2. Now I am curious what I missed.... Oh $#@% maybe it was me....
  3. Found this and thought of your truck... https://www.pscmotorsports.com/vehicle-specific-products/dodge-truck-steering/psc-sg852k3.html Basically the same box that's on the 4th gen trucks and what I have in mine now. HUGE difference...
  4. Was this truck lifted at all? Yogi is right, if the driveline angles are wrong you will have a shudder all the time no matter what you do. Sometimes people put shims in under the leaf springs and they are not needed.
  5. V8 conversions for them are really cheap too... I just watched a YouTube series, Lite Brite I think? They did a 6.4 hemi swap.... Now i am slightly torn between a Power Wagon and a Gladiator.... Ohhhhhh Old PW fenders on a Gladiator.... Squirrel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. If you need anything I can send ya the info for my buddy Marcus, he's a PSC dealer and is in Tigard OR, though probably just as fast to go through PSC
  7. Well that would have been good information to know LMAO.... Look forward to the pics and more information, especially if we can learn something.
  8. I can see where you would get better angles for the joints and clearance, but bending your drag link or track bar will not correct bump steer. No matter how many angles it's still a straight line from one joint to the other. That being said it's cool you did it yourself
  9. Are your track bar and drag link in the same plane? Because if they are and you drop the drag link further you will have much worse steering than you do now. If they are not, then you need to put an angle finder on your track bar, and then on your drag link to see how much drop you actually need. If you get it wrong this is what happens...
  10. Thermocouples? Do you have a link for those? I'm thinking water heater and obviously not what you're talking about.
  11. I really really enjoy catching brookies on the fly, probably the hardest fighting little trout I have hooked into.
  12. Yup I had one on... I held on to the grab handle trying to steady my phone, did not help really... I've surfed a Cal 39 on 30' waves under sail so this wasn't so bad. Actually having no wind in the straights with zero visibility right in the shipping lanes was way scarier for me. Dead quiet then you hear a bow wake but no idea where its coming from... Oh and having a Trident sub surface 30 yards off our stern by Blakely rock was kind of exciting, that pushed the boat around a little bit lol.
  13. I had a blast, I'd do that again in a heart beat. I even filmed some of it.... I should have filmed coming out of Deception, there were some gnarly holes in there. I told the wife I had permagrin and she looked at me like I was an alien LMAO. Hoss knows how to pilot a boat for sure. Oh I also learned to NOT point out everything for Hoss... He doesn't need that information when water is coming over the canvas LMAO... sorry buddy.
  14. IT WAS ONE TIME..... Sheesh.....
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