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  1. megacabcummins

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    I have a VR12000 on my truck, and it is not that great of a winch imho, it is also notchy and noisy, does it work yes, would I buy one again absolutely not. It also came with a broken solenoid out of the box, the higher end winches do not have solenoids. I went with the VR because of size restriction with my bumper and the intercooler/transcooler, otherwise I'd have a 16.5. If I do get a larger winch it will be a ComeUp 18K. Budget plays a big part in deciding which winch to buy, you can spend from $300 to $7000 for an 8,000lb winch, so knowing the budget and use would help. The VR line of winches are made in china just like all the cheap knock off winches, smittybuilt, badlands, ect ect. So if that's what you are looking at might as well just go to Harbor Freight and get a Badlands and save your $$. If the winch is going to see frequent use or be used far from help, I'd spend as much money as you can afford. If it is just infrequent use around a farm, the Badlands looks even better pricewise. Because if you are just going to use it twice a year, it's not worth the added cost for a name. If it is going to get used a lot, more expensive winches have better internals that do not cause the winch to heat up as much and won't draw down your batteries as fast, ie thermal protection. If this winch is just going to sit in the weather I'd suggest a steel cable rather than a synthetic, synthetic needs to be replaced after UV damage degrades the fibers after a few years, or just get a decent cover. You also need to wash and clean synthetic as sand and dirt get into the line and damage the fibers, you'd be surprised how much dirt ends up in the bottom of a 5 gal bucket from washing a line. BUT a synthetic is far safer than a steel cable, it floats, it pretty much drops to the ground when it breaks (I learned this first hand), it is WAY lighter and you can get it just about anywhere. I'll be swapping mine out for a Master Pull (from Bellingham), mines a cheap knock off line from a company out of Issaquah that has horrible customer service and no longer carries this type of line.
  2. megacabcummins

    Ultimate Callout Challenge

    There is always room for improvement.. These rigs should have fire suppression mandatory, there needs to be a more robust air shutoff system closer to the intake that cannot be taken out by a failed turbo, there should never have been anyone ON the dyno shooting video with their phones, too many people too close to the dyno pulls... How is it insulting when someone makes a suggestion? Shame on you for saying that to Gary. The video doesn't lie and there was far too long before ANYONE got to the rig with a fire extinguisher and it was WAY too small, you can have 50 of them there but if no one is using it then what good are they. You aren't the only one who has been doing this, sure some of us have been away for awhile, but that doesn't mean we don't know anything.
  3. megacabcummins

    Ultimate Callout Challenge

    They seriously need to work on their safety. Nothing like that ever happened at any of my events, but the performance difference is like Pro Stock to Top Fuel. I was told Lavon ran with no door and a fire suit on the dyno, smart man.
  4. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Actually I did run out of pink ones LOL.... I have a giant bag of black ones, just using up all the colored ones I have LOL... Once they get dirt on them no one cares anyway LOL
  5. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Thank you Mark.... Paul, yea the wire reached the large terminal from the front but not the small post, and that was the reason for these batteries was to connect all the smaller wires to the little posts. The blue wire is power for the 150A Blue Sea circuit breaker that powers the AirDog, ARB compressor, Painless fuse block, headlights, fog lights. I'll probably redo that one also when I relocate my AirDog.
  6. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Yes I read some of those, but I figured if Pacific Power Batteries sells it, it must be ok to run. Finally finished up the new cables, I was procrastinating terribly... BUT they came out better than I expected, and everything lays nicely. Next thing is install the new steering box and hydro assist, and rebuild the starter (and drill out the stripped starter bolt). Oh and install the new a pillar lights I got.
  7. megacabcummins

    2nd & 3rd Gen Parking Brake Adjust

    Our trucks have parking brakes?
  8. megacabcummins

    Air Ride Suspension Seats in Ram?

    I found this place that says they have air ride seats for Ram trucks... might be worth a call... http://www.seat-specialists.com/categories/seats-by-truck/dodge.html
  9. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    I decided I did not like the crimper from Larry B's, I just didn't feel the crimps were good enough for my liking. So I bought a 10T hydraulic crimper off of Amazon. Then I went back to Pacific Batteries and picked up some new battery cable (welding cable). I got 2/0 because for some reason that's what I thought was oem, it's not, I think it might be 2ga. I also picked up some 1/0 for the power cables for the winch, don't know why those are so undersized. So everything will be new, and larger, and the cable is much more flexible. The hydraulic crimper is no joke, better crimps by anything I could do by hand, except for one of those big hand crimpers, but this will be easier to store and does from 12awg to 2/0awg. I even made new battery cables for the Troy Bilt lol.
  10. megacabcummins

    CR tuners- rail pressure

    How many miles on the truck and is the transmission stock? If that truck has a bunch of miles and you throw a tuner at it you're probably going to have to rebuild the transmission soon, mine didn't make it past 120K and was actually slipping before that. That was with an Edge, and then a Black Maxx (which I would sell for cheap) and now EFI Live (after trans rebuild). I got my EFI Live from Nick at HMS Diesel (and my transmission), which was tuned by Les at Silver Bullet Tuning. The truck has never ran this good. Mike at Diesel Outfitters is now rebuilding transmissions and using Suncoast parts, so even a stock rebuild is going to be better than stock.
  11. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    I finished rebuilding my control arms this weekend, the new tool I got from Thuren makes it much easier, plus you don't have to worry about taking a snap ring to the face... well as much. So relocating the AirDog would be more problematic than I had thought, really don't want to have to try and ad 6' to the wire harness and replumb the fuel lines. So my next option is ditching the water separator and run two shorter filters, then rotate them up 45*. I've never got water out of the water separator anyway.... The other option is pull the AirDog and hook the factory filter back up.
  12. megacabcummins

    4.30’s in the truck!!

    Just curious why 4.30's? I know why others have chose them I was just curious why you went with those vs 4.10's, 4.44's or 4.56's. I almost wished I went with 4.56's, but for completely different reasons than you, better power to the ground in the dirt. I have been averaging around 15.5-16 with my 4.10's, well when I can keep my foot out of it LOL. Ben you're a good man...
  13. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Because it would most likely get nailed by rocks wheeling, with the carrier bearing it's slightly more out of the way. I already had rub marks on the one I got rebuilt, and aluminum doesn't slide on rocks as well as steel.
  14. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Finally got around the replacing 5 of the 8 studs les schwab messed up on the drivers side rear. It was actually easier than I thought, I just used my ball joint press to get them out. It was kind of a weird angle, but it worked well enough. Then to snug them up I used a large nut and some really thick washers I had and just sucked it in with one of the lug nuts, worked really well. But that's one less thing I have to worry about, I have 2 to do on the other side but I am not as worried about those as I was the drivers side. Got some measurements so I think I should be able to relocate the AirDog without it interfering with the rock rails or the upcoming skid plates, if I could find out if the AirDog would run horizontal that would take care of 90% of my issues lol. If I have time I'll see if I can get the fuel tank skid plate to work that I bought. Oh and I have a couple new Baja Designs lights coming for the A pillars, going to modify the SDHQ mounts at JB's (BigBlackCummins), they'll look like what SDHQ sells now. They changed the design a week after I bought mine, so instead of mounting the lights on a vertical plane they will be horizontal.
  15. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    New brake lines in, picked up two new Northstar AGMs as well. Group65M, so they have the two additional posts on top for the small wires, should make things cleaner and more tidy. Old brake line was almost worn through... These new ones are much nicer though. New front diff cover is done, rear will come up farther, 1/2" AR 500 plate.