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  1. megacabcummins

    Winch wiring on 2018 Ram

    I swapped all my winch cables out for 1/0... It was fairly cheap, and much more flexible thus easier to route.
  2. megacabcummins

    Lost another air dog on the 04.5

    I went to the AD per your suggestion, but mostly because of poor fuel quality.
  3. megacabcummins

    Winch wiring on 2018 Ram

    If you have the andersons why have another disconnect? Seems it would be faster to just pull the plug vs open the hood and find the disconnect???
  4. megacabcummins

    Lost another air dog on the 04.5

    I guess I've been very fortunate, my FASS on my Ford had an issue and they replaced it under warranty. My AirDog in this truck so far has been fine, I had that issue a few months ago when I needed a tow, but I never did find the problem and I would assume if it was the AirDog it would have come up again. Really though after 9 years I would assume I got my moneys worth out of it.
  5. LOL Byron and I left the Hosscienda one evening, made it to Big Rock Grocery in 11 minutes, we were only "slightly" over the speed limit LOL Karma bit me the very next weekend, blew a high pressure oil line on the straight stretch going into Big Lake.... couple gallons of oil GONE lol....
  6. megacabcummins

    Sled pulls at Skagit Speedway!

    Sorry I missed you guys, I took my grandmother to dinner
  7. I've been almost that fast, with a ZR1 right on my bumper... then he whipped over, pulled along side, gave me a nod and boom was gone... Never seen a car accelerate that fast, it was impressive. JB was behind me, I called him up... DID YOU SEE THAT.... wow.....
  8. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    You're welcome, I will say this steering box is one of those improvements that is up there with a built transmission or really good suspension, it makes that much of a difference. The fun part of all of this was doing the alignment in my driveway....
  9. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Oh of course, the standard PSC box is also about $200 cheaper than the box from Mopar and it's the same box. I ran without the hydro for a couple weeks and just the box alone was a huge improvement... Gary this is where I got my set up from, my friend Marcus Dethloff. https://dethloffmfg.com/products/steering/ However, PSC now has the same box made for the 2nd gen trucks (I just found this today) no hydro assist, but it would be a huge improvement over the 3rd gen boxes. https://www.pscmotorsports.com/vehicle-specific-products/dodge-truck-steering/94-02-full-size-p-u/94-02-dodge-ram-2500-3500-4x4-xd-steering-gear.html
  10. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    So small update.... Got my PSC big box and hydro assist kit from Dethloff MFG. The big box was fairly easy to install, couple hiccups. First the big line tried to cross thread, and I thought it was tight, it wasn't and it made a big mess. Ended up pulling the box back out and pulling the big line and installing it on the bench. Then putting it all back in and getting things to line up right I ended up having to cut the fan shroud, after that the box portion went pretty smoothly. While I was at it I had ordered a new tie rod and drag link, new 2008.5 parts, same as what I had on there but they seemed to have made some improvements. I made the mistake of skipping through the bleeding instructions, so it felt like there were rocks in the steering box, sat down and read the instructions on PSC's site, followed the bleeding instructions and the steering box is 100% better than the Red Head I pulled out. I could actually turn the wheels while parked on dry pavement, was never able to do that even when I had 33's. Drove that for a couple weeks, then installed the hydro assist. Another big boost in performance. The kit Marcus made actually makes the install pretty easy and straight forward, hindsight I would have drained all the fluid then installed the hydro lines, but other than the mess the install was super easy, and the reusable ends PSC uses work very well. This kit is 100% bolt on, you only have to cut the lines to fit. The downsides on my application, with my trussed and plated front axle, I had less room for the axle mounted hardware, but I got it to work. The new tie rod has a flat spot for the steering stabilizer mount, it made it a little harder to mount the Thuren stab mount. The upsides are much stronger system, no slop in the steering, at all. Steering is accurate and precise, took a few days to not put myself in the ditch. Once all the air is out of the system it just gets better, I told Marcus the truck is now just point and shoot and the wheels hold a line. I would put this kit on a stock truck, it works that well.
  11. megacabcummins

    2013 3500 steering box preload adjustment

    My buddy Marcus sells the PSC boxes, Dethloff MFG https://dethloffmfg.com/products/steering/ Red Head also has those boxes now, they could probably rebuild the one you have for the least out of pocket.
  12. megacabcummins

    2013 3500 steering box preload adjustment

    The big box is FAR better and stronger than the 3rd gen box, there isn't even a comparison. Here you can see the sector shaft size difference between the 3rd gen redhead box I pulled and the much larger PSC big box.
  13. megacabcummins

    2013 3500 steering box preload adjustment

    Define replaced everything, there are so many variables it can be hard to nail down, AND there are a lot of parts to replace. Even one control arm being worn can cause issues. If you do replace it, the one from PSC is quite a bit cheaper than the one from Mopar and it is the same box.
  14. megacabcummins

    (4) 18x9 KMC XD Hoss Wheels 8lugx6.5

    Thuren also has them, so if EA's backlog isn't to your liking Don is worth a call.