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  1. Zero hate brother LOL was working on it today on our snow day, and lo and behold the snow we did not get showed up. That was fun... Trying to drill a mounting hole for the sliders while the down tube was not in the way, stupid drill bit dropped inside the frame... SO enough of that, just gonna do some nice tacks on the remaining 3. Got the gasket scraped off the block, kinda strange doing it upside down lol. OH and I found more turbo pieces LOL It's the gift that keeps on giving. But things can start going back together now. Once I get the truck back running it'd be awesome if I could do the fuel system up at your place. I need to drop the tank ect ect.
  2. Little update, and YES HOSS I KNOW YOU HAVE A WARM SHOP LOL.... Jacked up the engine, got the oil pan and sump out, got that all cleaned up and no metal parts in the bottom. Was waiting for it to get colder so there was less water under the truck so I can get back at it. The exhaust has been hanging there split in two draining oil for awhile now... holy crap that muffler holds a lot of oil lol. But everything is cleaned up and ready to go back together, next drop the tanks ect. LOL first time I jacked the engine up I wasn't gaining any clearance, then it donned on me the springs were unloading. So I ratchet strapped the crossmember to the front axle and started over, now lots of room.
  3. My truck never passed emissions, not once.... Buncha crooks.
  4. I prefill, always have... It was just what the old timers showed me when working on tractors and otr trucks. Never understood why light vehicles had such short oil change cycles
  5. JB came by last night, we got the truck pulled back to the garage. The rest of my parts should be here tomorrow. The XDP Cat filter adapter was on backorder until late January or early February. So I cancelled that and ordered Fleece filter delete and Fleece stand alone fuel filter, more expensive but they actually had them in stock. Now that Xmas is all out of the garage and all over the house I can start on the truck. Oh, I also sold my Carli front diff cover and a couple hundy for a set of power wagon wheels, no more steel spare and if I want to carry two spares I can. When I get a new set of tires I'll take the two best of the ones on the truck and they'll be spares.
  6. Soon as JB is able I'm gonna get the truck pulled back to the garage and get started on everything. Trying to decide if I should lift the engine and drop the pan or not.
  7. I got to be on the starting line when a nitro car did it's burnout and run.... It was almost as cool as standing between two jet cars up in Medicine Hat, not nearly as warm lol..... But that pass was insane.... I'm gonna have to watch that a few more times.... wow.....
  8. Mike only thinks I need twins, I do not. The 63/67 was suggested because of the EFI Live and the 90hp injectors by more than one person, plus I wanted more air to clean up the smoke. Lag is not an issue, my tires can attest to that. I also decided to upgrade my fuel system, Fleece drop in lift pump and XDP Cat fuel filter mount. I also ordered new boots since my factory ones had seen better days. Now since I have to drop the tank I can finish up one of the rock rail mounts and see if I can get that skid plate to work
  9. Driving through Seattle is fine, driving in Seattle is a whole other issue lol
  10. Well after I kinda chewed Austin out this morning and then apologized when the UPS email showed up 3 minutes later he never made mention of a bill, if there is one in the box I am gonna be super pissed. Byron thinks I should just sell it and get something else, I don't know if I want to go through the hassle, I was kinda thinking of selling this truck... but I have done A LOT to it the past two years so I'd be out a lot of money. As far as a different turbo I was looking at a Fleece Cheeta, which is I think a 63/68. And an HTT 63/68... Byron thinks a 62/65 would be better but I am pretty sure I need more air than that.
  11. Yes, most places are requiring a usable core turbo now. Thank you for the offer, I'm gonna do this once. If I had a garage it wouldn't be a big deal, well I sort of have a garage lmao... Right now we're working on getting a new car, then I can concentrate on the truck. Correction, most of the places I looked at for a turbo required a core lol...
  12. Just a couple weeks, and i sent it by snail freight. Got a hold of them today and they said $800... The thing is I am not sure I want to run another turbo of his if the last one only lasted 8 month and they want to charge me another $800, last one was $1400. Which I would understand if I raced or sled pulled, I mean everything under the hood is stock except the injectors and headstuds, I still have the crappy stock intercooler boots. The part the suck is I don't have a core if I decided to go with a different turbo.
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