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  1. megacabcummins

    The end of last years list

    I don't know about that, but I do still have to work unfortunately. I thought moving to this big machine would be gravy, turns out it is a lot of work to clean a 4000sqft machine bed lol, oh well, keeps me busy and the days go fast.
  2. megacabcummins

    The end of last years list

    I know.... Somedays I have to twist my own arm pretty hard to get motivated.... But I got invited to go run Power Wagons in Moab so I have to get my butt in gear.
  3. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Stopped in and saw MIke at Diesel Outfitters today, dropped off the Mishimoto Universal transmission cooler and had him order me the Mishimoto OEM replacement unit. It is supposed to have double the capacity and cooling ability... and I won't have to fabricate anything.
  4. megacabcummins

    The end of last years list

    Mikey said that turbo is a 63/68
  5. megacabcummins

    The end of last years list

    I'll ask him, I may go up and see him today. He and Jacob were doing a project... Tent rack on Jacobs OBS.
  6. megacabcummins

    The end of last years list

    LOL no neither of you have to ask.... Went home early Thursday sick... still sick. Ben I also got a 63, Paul what's the spec on yours? I did manage to make it up to talk to Mike for a bit Friday, he's going to order me the new Mishimoto replacement trans cooler for the 03-07, and he'd like to check out the 63/67 before I install it.
  7. megacabcummins

    The end of last years list

    LOL still in the box... My "plan" is to install it this weekend, I have to do it soon so as not to have to pay the hefty core charge.
  8. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    That was going to be my next option... Funny thing is I normally get home at 2:50-3:05pm, rolled the truck off the flat bed at 3:30pm. I think that was the fastest I'd ever had a truck show up lol.
  9. megacabcummins

    Builing a compound set up

    My filter minder is there to plug up the hole LOL
  10. megacabcummins

    The end of last years list

    Just gut the stock unit like I did, I took the baffle out, drilled some holes in the bottom and it lets in plenty of air and still looks factory.... Best part is it was all free. Ben is the one who told me to do it this way.
  11. megacabcummins

    Operation Enterprise has begun

    Nice work Mark
  12. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Funny you mention a track bar.... Mine broke at work the other day, got a new one right away from Thuren so when I got back from Colorado I swapped it out. My old track bar was a used Thuren unit, it had been on at least one other truck, that I know made several trips to Baja, Pismo, Glamis and Ocotillio Wells. So the fact that it lasted me 6 years with just a bushing replacement is pretty good imho. New one is much better, everything feels tighter like it should. The fun part about breaking that track bar at work was getting outside the gate and over to the union hall so a tow truck could pick me up, several corners were questionable if I was going to make it LOL, turn a few times the direction I wanted to go and hopefully everything catches up before I hit something LOL. Going to try and get the turbo in this weekend.
  13. megacabcummins

    I acquired another truck

    I agree with this.... Billet input, billet TC, better trans cooler... run it. Mishimoto has that new drop in trans cooler that doubles your cooling capacity and mounts in the stock location. I may sell my cooler and get one of these, or use the one I have for power steering cooler.
  14. If you have time, that thread is like 28 pages long, but there is a ton of good information there, and there may be some other options for you that will help
  15. You can get the parts from any 92-97 F250/F350... The BEST Ford axle to get these parts from is from a 92-97 F350, I am pretty sure the 87-91 will work also but lets keep things simple. If you cannot find a 92-97 F350 front axle (they are hard to find, lots of rock crawlers want them) all of the parts from an F250 TTB50, spindles, wheel hubs, locking hubs, spindle nuts and calipers will work, then you'd need to source an outer knuckle and stub shaft for a Ford Dana 60. From page 4 of that thread: V6TOY4X posted.... "Well I can confirm this is a direct bolt in swap and a great upgrade. I just did my 98 dually and got much improved braking, deleted the unit bearing and with the locking hubs I now have the option of 2low at the boat ramp and shift on the fly capability, plus the comfort of knowing that if the transfer case lever goes into 4wd you ARE in 4wd and not relying on a vaccum system to finish the job. I used a 97 SRW donor and had custom 3-3/4"dually spacers made from Fred at wheel adapters.com that indexed on the ford hub and piloted my existing dodge alcoas. The stock dodge spacers don't have enough meat on them to be bored out to clear the ford drive hub. I am 1/2" wider overall but you can't make the spacer any shorter or you will hit on the calipers. I used the ford steering as the dodge TREs were the right taper but a little to small and sucked to far up into the knuckles. The ford system works fine you just need a 3-1/2" longer tie rod adjuster-custom made or you can weld two stock adjusters together if you are comfortable with that, but the draglink was the correct length and fit the pitman arm perfectly." I don't know if it will work as far as your wheels and maybe it is farther into that thread but if you could find a 92-97 F350 dually, you should be able to swap those parts directly over with minimal hassles as far as spacing and fitting your dually wheels??? So after all of that the 92-97 F350 is your best bet, but I would investigate further and see if the same year DRW parts will also work and save you time and hassles.