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  1. megacabcummins

    Scribing on transmission

    First four digits year/month/day transmission was built, last four digits the amount of HP it can handle..... LOL I have no idea
  2. megacabcummins

    Headlight issue

    This was why I put a Control Freak in my truck. 1/3 the cost of a TIPM at the time, they are far cheaper now. Passenger side would not come on, made my own harness to bypass it, ran into other issues so I went the CF route. The advantage of the CF is your lights are always separate from the TIPM, just a normal relay setup you can get parts for at any auto parts store. And Innova's customer service is top notch.
  3. megacabcummins

    Wanted Built 47RE

    I would also contact Mike at Diesel Outfitters, he is also rebuilding transmissions now and might have something in your budget.
  4. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    LOL yea, I waited a few days before I posted, otherwise I probably would have gotten kicked off the board for what I wrote LOL... I sent it by ultra slow snailmail so I should know by Friday what's up. Oh and I bought some new winchlines for the truck, a new 7/16" 100' rope, and a 3/8" 100' extension both from Olympus Offroad, they were having auctions on Facejunk so I got both of them for under $200. Now I can get rid of the crappy ARE winchline.... http://olympusoffroad.com/copy-of-7-16-x-100-synthetic-winch-line-black-are-spidersilk-12-strand-non-sheathed/
  5. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    Truck is parked for the time being, turbo decided to let go. I got it all packed up and sent back to Taterbuilt, we'll see how they decide to charge me for repairs. Pretty much the only thing left is the center section, impeller was toast, turbine is either stuck in the muffler or on the side of I-5. The impeller shaft was snapped, so I am pretty sure that's what let go. Both housings had damage... Now I realize stuff happens, and these are aftermarket parts, but it should have lasted MUCH longer than 8 months. Especially since I am not drag racing or sled pulling, Austin said he'd take care of me, someone else chimed in and said I'd be responsible for the repair parts. I highly doubt I was pushing too much boost as everything except the turbo is factory, even the crappy factory boots are still in there. The fun part has been trying to clean up the mess, oil went everywhere... Got it all out of the intercooler, next I should probably drop the oil pan and make sure there's no pieces in there. Don't want to put the cart before the horse but if they decide to make me pay for the whole turbo I'll go elsewhere, downside to that is A. having to buy a new turbo, and B. I have no core because I sent them my stock one and they now have my blown up one... Right now I'll just try and stay positive...
  6. megacabcummins

    1000ftlbs of torque

    Dethloff MFG makes aluminum spacers to move the sway bar out, they are more for lifted rigs, but they do create enough room for a diff cover. A lift kit will not void the warranty, unless it is clearly stated in the warranty, otherwise AEV would not be able to sell their lifted rigs at dealerships, there are also local dealerships that advertise they will install lift kits and they will be covered by the warranty.
  7. megacabcummins

    I got a recall notice for my truck

    A few guys on the offroad powerwagons and rams FB page have upgraded to this part from Synergy and was paid for through the Chrysler recall, I'll post the link to the recall service when I find it. https://www.synergymfg.com/synergy-13-ram-truck-heavy-duty-drag-link.html?category_id=4060 Here's the link for reimbursement... https://www.chrysler.com/webselfservice/fcanorth/VinInputForm.jsp?fbclid=IwAR0uNk9G7GhBsBoCw0_abPFRp1Yp4qvnfEv9GDSTnGWogtGMNg_mFJ7Vk8w
  8. megacabcummins

    6x6 Ford doing it wrong. LOL

    This would be super simple to fix, replace the front rear with a pass thru ford 9", change the suspension to a walking beam setup so all 4 tires are squarely planted on the ground at all times.... problem solved.
  9. megacabcummins

    Thinking about 33X12.50X20's

    33X20's ride terrible, I could not wait to get them off my truck.
  10. megacabcummins

    Gary’s new truck

    Congrats Gary, I'm sure your not stoked about the payments, but that is a really nice truck.
  11. megacabcummins

    Replaced my "01

    Gary it depends completely on the condition of your paint and how much work it needs before the coating and which coating you go with. For a full size long bed truck probably $2500+ with paint correction.
  12. megacabcummins

    Replaced my "01

    If I had the money I'd go with Stek DynoShield, hydrophobic and self healing. Metropolitan Detail does A LOT of it, I know someone who has it one their rig and they off road a lot, and have done the Alcan Rally and the wrap still looks amazing. The downside is the cost...
  13. megacabcummins

    Time for a new hobby

    Mike at Diesel Outfitters just bought a 1290, really nice bike. I believe he is selling his KLR that is still in outstanding shape... Might be worth a call. I think if I were to get one it'd be the KTM 690 also... Just not sure how my knees would like it...