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  1. LOL going to get some grubb wednesday after I got all this stuff done and went to hit the wipers to get some bug guts off the window and POP the passenger side stopped working... what the heck?? Went and got new wiper arms at Oriellys and I popped the old ones off and noticed the passenger side mount is just spinning. CRUD.... Pull the cowling off and the arm had popped off. I popped it back on but apparently it was done because it came right back off. Called Oriellys and they had new arms, so I went and grabbed those. Cleaned up the old sockets, dab of grease and the new ones popped right on
  2. After rebuilding my arb twin compressor and installing it in the new location for some reason only one side worked when I tried it out Tuesday. So yesterday I pulled it out and made some short leads and tried each motor out just running off of the battery. They worked fine, then I checked all the connections and everything looked fine. Checked the fuses again and they both looked new, but one read 0 ohms and the other no reading at all. You can't even tell by looking at it that it is bad. So I cleaned up some of the wiring like I had planned to do before and got it back in it's place and now i
  3. Oh yes, you can for sure get them too hot, I found out. I had the same issue that DJ is talking about and the solder melted through the plastic. I dialed back my heat gun and it was fine after that, I was just too impatient. You for sure can't go too fast with this style of connection... I also have 3 kinds of heat shrink, the normal stuff for like under the dash, marine grade, and then the stuff Pacific Power sells that is SUPER thick for battery ends (I think I still have some LOL). It's like 5 times thicker than the stuff that comes in the Larry B kit...
  4. Today it feels like the first two pictures are more accurate. Hoss had the shop open when I got there at 10:15ish... Left at Midnight.... A misalignment spacer came up missing, but was later recovered. Then a rear shock flag bolt decided to not play nice, that took a bit of time to get that sorted. And on the last shock one of the internal bushings got scratched and had to be replaced, luckily I bought extras and with some persuasion and a cutting torch it came out and the new one went in easy. Having done this would I do it again, yep. Some different tools would help but for the most part we
  5. I am using this video for reference... (18) King Shock Rebuild Instructions (Full Length) - Shock Service, LLC - YouTube I've watched it enough times now I think I can do it without too many issues... I bought every o-ring and wear band you can buy for these shocks from ShockSeals.com. By far the best place to get this stuff from, and they cover pretty much all 2.0" shocks all the way up to 4.5" full boogie 4' travel shocks. Yea Gary it shouldn't be too hard at all, 1 set screw, a couple snap rings... And yes keeping the stage 6 valving, Thuren's highest, and I may bump
  6. I don't think you could actually pull one of these apart without considerable effort. But totally understand what you mean, I also have a bunch of marine grade crimp connectors that if I need one around head I can use those. This type is fantastic when you have minimal room to work with.
  7. I forgot to add... These are the bomb (no pun intended).... I had been looking at these for a long time, then I was up at Hoss's shop and saw he had some and swore by them. I bought a big set, totally worth the money imho. I don't even use my old marine grade connectors now.
  8. Yesterday I took advantage of the weather and got my winch finished up. All the wiring is done now. I also repinned/replugged my controller cable. The winch works better with the new contactor, it will work even better when I get the 8hp Bow plus motor, the stock motor is 4.8hp (yes I am bombing my winch). Then I reinstalled my ARB compressor and tank, but this time I installed them in my tool box instead of under it. Hopefully I will have less issues with moisture and corrosion this way. I just need to make a divider to keep all my tools from landing on top of it. But everything works, there
  9. Oh now I really gotta get my RGB rock lights in........ I want one of those whips too...
  10. Got my new Gigglepin Albright installed yesterday, to replace the horrible 4 solenoid packs, 250a capacity vs 100a and 1 point of failure vs 4. The oem 2g is not very forgiving and doesn't like to bend very well, the 2/0 for power leads I made out of welding cable bends way easier lol, time to upgrade those wires when I get the bigger motor.. And not having standard wire colors is always fun, the controller is red, brown, black, green, and white and the Albright is red, brown, blue and yellow, F1, F2, A and +. But the only thing you really need to figure out is which one is power in and out, p
  11. I used to really enjoy going to Seattle... Now I take 405 to go around it, it's just disgusting. And I don't blame the homeless, I blame the city council, the mayor, ect ect who've taken millions for the homeless and the situation has got nothing but worse.
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