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  1. I forgot to update this, got the truck back together last weekend. Went to go start it and it just clicked, first thought was I put the starter back together wrong, then I remembered I disconnected the battery cable on both ends. Got that back on and started it up, for a few seconds no oil pressure again, then BAM oil pressure right up to where it is supposed to be and the engine quieted down a bit. Decided to take it for a drive, and see if any of the dump stations were open. Mechanical unloading only Glad I didn't load the truck up, headed up towards Hoss's to see what he was up to. We walked out of the shop to take a look at the truck and noticed there was quite the mess under the truck. Well two things were going on, A there was a bunch of oil going every where, and B the serpentine belt was almost gone. Hoss let me borrow the Hyundai and I ran down to Napa to get a new belt, wouldn't be there till the next day. Got back up to Hoss's and first thing I did was remove the oil pressure gauge and the line, I stretched it just a bit too much when I moved it and the seal wasn't that great, so oil every where. Then I got what was left of the belt off, Ben thought maybe one of the pulleys was off, but I ran a straight edge from on to another and then all seemed to be lined up. So I put the new one in, and then inspected the old one. I had dropped a cover bolt and did not find it with a magnet, so I figured it must be in the grass somewhere. NOPE, it cut the belt and caused a big mess, especially when mixed with oil, a small piece of it wrapped on the fan clutch and was smacking the cable for the solenoid under the airbox. I brought my marine heat shrink but it was just a bit small, I left the bigger stuff at home. Hoss had some bigger stuff so I got that fixed and reloomed, and rerouted so it's better protected. Started to leave after thanking Mark and my truck got really loud again, I had ordered some 5" band clamps, I should have ordered a 5" band clamp for butt connections... Some exhaust wrap and heavy wire to keep the exhaust from pulling away and good to go. Ran to the car wash and got it cleaner, it's not clean by any means, but far cleaner. Now I have to figure out where to oil drip is coming from, hopefully not from the crank seal... Right now I need to track down a dump trailer, I think Home Depot rents them...
  2. Its a gas one.... Got the starter back on and the engine all back together, still need to tighten the engine mounts, put the shroud back on and put the oil back in. This time I coated the gaskets with Permatex Aviation Form A Gasket per Mr Quinn. I made sure I torqued everything to spec. So tomorrow finish up and see whats what, double crossing my fingers that this time there is oil pressure.
  3. Small update, got all the bolts ect and the starter mostly put back together. The kit from Larry B' says some soldering required, no worries, but it didn't say you need the hottest soldering iron known to man to stick these dang brushes back on. Going to try a torch when I get home, and NOT burn the sleeves on the wires. On the plus side I now have 3 soldering irons and a pretty decent mapp torch. Does anyone know where to get other types of tips for Benzomatic type torches? On a side note, brakes on the car were getting bad which was concerning, I had Les Schwab do them a couple years ago, but they only had 12K miles on them. So I took them in and had them check them out plus rotate the tires, funny thing was they had no record of them doing the brakes, then why do I have this receipt? (same thing happened with my snow chains). Anyway they said my brakes were fine, you have to pull the caliper off the rotor to see the pads, you cannot see the pads otherwise. They kept getting worse so the other day I pulled the front apart and sure enough the caliper side pad was 70% gone, I went and got new pads and rotors, then new boots the next day and more pin grease. Far better brakes than what I had before. Not gonna let anyone else touch my rigs again, even if it takes me 5 times longer. They couldn't even get my snow chains right (completely the wrong size), so I'm done with Les Schwab....
  4. Yea ☹️ I'm using it as a learning experience. Next is going to be my fuel system, rear springs and rock lights. Then I may rewire my auxiliary electrical system since I have it split into three sections and it's kind of a mess. Plus I am going to have time since my Moab trip just got pushed out to September.
  5. Nope we rent for now, and our rent is so cheap it's hard to think about switching to a mortgage. Plus our landlord loves us. But eventually the rent will get high enough that it will be worth it to leave. At that point we will be looking for a place with an existing shop.
  6. I'd be willing to bet there's more pieces of my turbine in the exhaust I didn't get to. I know for sure there is more oil in there lol.... I figure a couple hard pulls on the freeway might dry that up a bit, whomever is behind me won't appreciate it though. Now i need to track down some bolts for the starter housing that stripped out on me, had to drill those out. Think I might just replace them with M6x50mm machine screws and call it good. Heat, PB Blaster and an easy out and they finally came free. Don't mind the weather so much now, just dislike it when it's super cold.
  7. My Ford was more fun to drive on the street, one it was lighter and two it was slightly easier to park. That truck was much easier to throw around so to speak. Off road no question the MegaCab outperforms the Ford, and has far more horsepower. All that said, I still want a new Power Wagon, I just can't justify the cost and hit to my wallet, this truck is paid for and I have a bit of time invested into it. I actually think I have more wrench time on this rig lol....
  8. Thought I'd throw an update up here, with help from Hoss, Dave and Ben I've been slowly working on this amid other projects. I replaced the oil pump and the crank seal on the front cover, set the seal to 6mm instead of 5mm from the front of the cover, easier than installing a wear sleeve (Thanks to Ben for that tip). Cleaned everything up and reinstalled the front cover, sealed the front cover up with Motorcraft TA-31, that stuff just works awesome. Got everything back together and no oil pressure. Dave had me make sure the oil filter was full and add another half gallon of oil. Still no pressure, so he had me add the other half gallon and jack the back of the truck up (to cover up the p/u tube junction with oil) still no oil pressure. Shut the truck off and closed the hood, contemplated the best way to burn the truck to the ground to collect the insurance money. Sunday since the weather was so nice I went out and started in on pulling the pan again. Last time I jacked the truck up the ground was still solid, with all the rain ect it had softened up and the truck started to lean. Grabbed an old 2X12 I had and made some new jack pads, far more stable and they are taller so the jack stand don't have to extend as much. Raised the engine back up (remembered to strap the axle to the frame this time) and had the pan off fairly quickly. First thing I noticed was the new pan gasket had let oil seep through, it wasn't leaking yet but I did not like what I saw. The p/u tube gasket was wet on both sides, but both bolts were tight, right there I am thinking this is the culprit for no oil pressure. Then I was checking the gasket surface on the block and noticed broken pieces on top; of the stiffener plate. I grab those and can't see anywhere they may have come from. So I pulled the stiffener and didn't find anymore pieces. Dave is pretty certain they were from the blown turbo, and they just happen to be at the outlet for the turbo drain, which I am going to need to pull to make sure there are no pieces lodged in there. Got the pan all cleaned up for the new gasket, ordered new ones from Cummins NW, no more Amazon gaskets for this guy, even Dave said ONLY Cummins gaskets EVER. While I am waiting on the gaskets, and the new torx bolt for the stiffener plate I semi stripped and new starter bolts, figured it was a good time to rebuild the starter since I rebuilt the alternator. I had a kit from Larry B's on the shelf so that's what I get to do when I get home today. On the upside, I have a new oil pressure switch, oil pressure bypass, oil pressure regulator, spring and plunger, oil pump and front cover crank seal, and new gaskets on the pan and p/u tube, and fresh seal on the front cover. None of those needed to be replaced it turns out, I was just paranoid about turbo parts in the pan which is why I pulled it. BUT now they are new and the engine leaks are taken care of. Plus I now have an oil pressure gauge under the hood and I made a new mount for the ARB manifold. Once this is all together I can move on to the fuel system.... maybe.... lol
  9. XRF's are known to ruin the tapers, if you're going to spend the money go with Dynatracs. Yes they are far more than the cost of XRF but are indeed rebuildable on the truck. Mine were on the axle when I installed it on the truck, I just greased them and drove. They had several trips to Barstow, Glamis, and Baja before I got it in 2013, I just rebuilt them last year after I put 150K on them. The only other ball joint even close to that quality are Carli and EMF.
  10. Yup, got a manual gauge. I found a couple people with '06s on TDR that had their pump gear shear off. So my thought was the turbo let go, the pump was working fine until it dispersed all the oil, then took itself out. Only reason I say that is how much oil was pumped out of the oil pan into the exhaust, unless crank case pressure would do that. Then maybe the pump let go and then the turbo???? Either way, the engine is getting a new oil pump now.
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