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  1. megacabcummins

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    Looks like I won't be taking my truck into Seattle anymore, which is probably a good thing since the last time I went into downtown I "accidentally" left a bit of rubber on one of those steep uphills.... All the way to the next stop light 😈
  2. megacabcummins

    Owning a chainsaw does not make you a logger

    I won't drop a tree next to a building, I'll let someone who's covered by insurance do it. Anything else I have no problem with. I dropped an old oak not far from Byron's house, that thing spun 270* on the stump and ended up on the RR tracks. Then we were scrambling to get it all cleaned up before the train came through. A big mistake most people make is not a large enough saw, the faster you get through the wood the safer it is.
  3. megacabcummins

    Here is a working man's drag car!

    Oh dayum.... Throw some Micky T's on there and see what she does, that car has 9 seconds written all over it. What was the cut off time for a cage??
  4. megacabcummins

    Doin outside work

    That's really nice Mark :)
  5. megacabcummins

    Paint chips on the 2014

    I'm sure you know this, but check the paint in someplace you cannot see to make sure it's right.
  6. megacabcummins

    Paint chips on the 2014

    There's quite a few people on autogeek with some pretty nice show cars that use it with some pretty respectable results. It won't fix your paint to show quality, but it will put color in the paint chip.
  7. megacabcummins

    Paint chips on the 2014

    This is what Dr Colorchip has for your truck... https://www.drcolorchip.com/select-product.php What you could do is clean the spots you have best you can without removing the paint, then apply a small amount of primer with a tiny brush or toothpick, then go over it with the dr colorchip kit. That will do two things, stop any rust, and it "should" bring the paint closer to the right thickness. The dr colorchip kit puts color in the paint chip, it doesn't fill it unless you do several applications.
  8. megacabcummins

    Welcome to the Detailing and Paint Forum

    I've never been able to get paint chips to cover up well with out wet sanding ect. Which is probably why I never did it on this truck.... Bob, Autogeek.com has a ridiculous amount of videos on YouTube that cover everything for paint detailing that are very helpful. I need to spend a weekend and do some paint correction
  9. Sorry I was replying to your post and Hoss's... Now that I went back and read it I could have worded it better lol. FU Sally lmao....
  10. I think you would see an even bigger difference with HID bulbs, almost all LED bulbs are not made for projectors, they cast light differently. They change the reflectors in projectors specific to LEDs. I like my LEDs a lot, but when I go to D2S projectors I will go back to HID's, mostly because LED specific projectors are 3 times the cost, and then it'll be easy to upgrade to laser lights when they come out this fall or early next year.
  11. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    I'm just going to replace the rears, fronts are fine.
  12. megacabcummins

    New Transmission

    https://simpletire.com/milestar-lt37-12.50r17-22050500-tires I bought some new tires Friday. Milestar Patagonia 37"... I don't know how they did it but Les Schwab messed up a couple rear studs. Funny I have had these wheels on and off several times with zero issues. Oh well time to replace some studs and go to some open end acorns, never liked the lug nuts I have. I also replaced the passenger side unit bearing, much easier with a good impact. Now I just have to rebuild my ball joints and control arm joints.
  13. megacabcummins

    The question of the day

    His wife was PISSED, he was stoked cause he could get a Buckstop or similar bumper.
  14. megacabcummins

    OK Help me

    I knew you were going to keep them....
  15. megacabcummins

    Anyone want to list step by step car care?

    That stuff is pretty awesome, I know someone who has it on their Cayenne, it's been all the way to Prudhoe Bay on the Alcan Rally. Self healing, deep gloss, uv resistant... BUT way more cost than the ceramic coating, even if it's done by a pro. Cquartz Finest Reserve would be awesome for your gelcoat imho.