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  1. 6.0Lariat

    Machine shop

    Thanks for all the responses. I will check NW Customs out
  2. 6.0Lariat

    Machine shop

    I'm looking for a machine shop I Skagit/Snohomish county to rebuild and o ring the heads on my 6.0. Any help is much appreciated
  3. 6.0Lariat

    Looking for an experienced 6.0 mechanic

    Sounds like Diesel Outfitters it is. I've heard good things about them too. I know a few guys who have had their 6.0s worked on there with great results. Just needed a second opinion I guess haha Thanks for the input everyone
  4. I'm looking for an experienced 6.0 shop in northwest washington. Preferably near Skagit county. I like to keep my money local. Looking for anyone with a positive experience. I'm planning to have studs before i have to. Thanks in advanced.