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  1. Well, mine are harbor freight and I bought them during the right time frame, but they are not pittsburgh and they don't have the right numbers so they don't appear to be part of the recall. However...… I am sure gonna be looking at these things sideways for awhile. I would chastise myself for buying harbor freight, but I don't care what the brand name on it is any more. I have a warn winch made in china, sears tools made in china, etc. etc. It seems to be luck of the draw if its good or not.
  2. I was looking at these a few years back and I was really drawn to the Honda side by side. Just seemed to have everything right where I wanted it. I don't know if they hold up or not.
  3. My jeep is on a couple set of these stands right now. I was under it yesterday. Just great.
  4. I will second the AT3's. Love them. Matter of fact I like the cooper tires so well I bought 26 cooper tires one year when it seemed like every thing I owned needed tires in one year.
  5. I didn't know you could get the 5.3 in those. That has to be a sweet rig.
  6. Holy crap. 3 min video and I am exhausted just watching it. That's a lot of work. But way cool.
  7. Awesome Rig! Bumper looks great,.
  8. Lol, I just saw this. It was great meeting with you and your family. We really enjoyed our time in Phoenix. Found a house we would have loved to have. Sold two hours after we looked at it. Talk about a hot real estate market.
  9. I have dug into this a bit deeper. Covers Ram and Chevy vehicles, but only some vehicles. I talked to Dave Smith and they had to find a vehicle that would qualify. Of course it was only the higher end priced trucks. Also, if you take the financing, you lose most of the rebates. And, the 90 days no payments is a different qualification yet again.
  10. I have a factory exhaust minus cat for an extended cab short bed 2nd Gen. Factory white running boards for extended cab 2nd gen. All in pretty good shape. Free to whom ever wants em. They are headed to the dump otherwise.
  11. Talked to Dave Smith. Apparently this is legit. Someone is supposed to call me back with the details. Seems to good to be true.
  12. I mean WTH?? Did I miss something in my history class? Do toilet paper factories explode in national emergencies? Does toilet paper have some medicinal qualities that I am not aware of? Are we about to move the country to the toilet paper standard for monitary equivalency? Why the heck are people doing this?
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