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  1. Had the dealer do both of mine last wednesday. Based off of the mess they were cleaning off their floor when they were done, better their garage than mine. Truck still smells like raw diesel.
  2. I lived in an RV for 5 years. I was in a park that was about half "full timers". It was a good life and I enjoyed it. As far as coming back to PNW. Things seem to be constantly getting worse as far as sanity and safety. Truth be told, I would keep your phoenix house and do the RV thing up north.
  3. Those are solid setups. I would buy that combo without hesitation. Volvo parts are expensive. No way around that. Considerably more expensive than mercruiser. Thats the only down side I can think of.
  4. I have been running across posts talking about the electronic throttle being part of the torque management system and that there are products that get around that system and wake up the truck considerably. Does anyone know anything about that? I would agree, some tuning might be in the works for me as well. I like my truck, but honestly, my 2003 felt quicker than my 2020. The post on the trans tuning has my full attention. I tried to make heads or tails of CTT's website but I couldn't figure it out so I will give them a call.
  5. Just a while ass guess, but I would look at all of the ground points. Kinda sounds like high resistance burning things out.
  6. Holy Crap!! Really? Thats a lot of damage for spinning off a belt or two. Would have never guessed.
  7. So, to continue the story and some interesting observations. My cargo trailer is literally a brick. I am aware of wind resistance but I had never had pure proof of how it plays out. With both trucks, tow at 60mph and mileage wasnt too bad. A little over 11mpg out of the hemi and a solid 14 out of the cummins. Increase to 65 mpg, and the hemi dropped into the low 10's, the cummins went down to 12.9. Hit a windstorm and try to keep anything 60 plus, the hemi went to 7.8. I was coming back from Utah with the cummins when this last storm hit. I tried to run at about 61mph but I was battlin
  8. Funny thing is that I had my eye on an orange 2018 2500 cummins at a dealers lot. When I was coming back and decided that I was doing some sort of truck upgrade I had intended on getting that one, but it had sold. Good thing really because I got my 2020 for $3K more than they wanted for the 2018.
  9. Thats awesome. Once the mayhem dies down a bit we should meet up.
  10. I moved to Layton, Utah. Between Salt Lake and Ogden.
  11. So, suffice it to say, I am happy with the purchase. Its going to take a bit to get into a routine with DEF, etc. but I am really enjoying this truck.
  12. I decided that new it would be. Price was still a limiting factor, but I found that some dealers were getting creative with the Tradesman trucks and putting some options on them. Ends up that Enumclaw CDJ must have been looking in my head, because they had exactly what I was after. So, one of my big concerns was break in. I was leaving the next weekend with my next load to Utah and didnt have much time. So, I figured it would be days working, nights rounding Portland until I got enough miles to start towing. But....... Low and behold, the truck that had all I wanted..... Had 788 miles
  13. So, on the return of trip 3, I hit a wind storm coming back. The cargo trailer empty is just a big sail and it was having its way with the truck. Mileage coming back through Yakima and to Ellensburg dropped to 7.8 with the intense winds and I coasted into Ellensburg on fumes. So, when I got back to WA I started the truck search again. My Dad was going to sell me his 3500 12V, but then the trans went out. I started looking at used trucks again and just couldnt handle the insane prices that these things were being listed at. The prices were so high, it pushed me back to the new lots. So,
  14. I tried all sorts of angles to come up with a heavy duty option for towing. Looked at several used trucks but all fell far short of something I would want to log 10K miles towing in short order. So, I did some research and decided I would just rent a truck for each trip. Cost, about $800 per trip. Time was short so this had to be the solution. Right up until I went to book my first rental. Two weeks prior when I had checked, this looked to be a viable option. When I called, all pickups were booked for the remainder of the summer. Didnt matter who I called. Looked into going with a uha
  15. I don't post a whole lot and I took a hiatus from diesel trucks after my 98 12V emptied my bank account with few smiles in between. However, recent events are a story worth telling. Due to a lot of factors, one being some family issues, we made the decision to move to Utah. It was a quick decision and things started to move fast. We started house shopping and found one almost right away. 30 days later we owned it and the move was on. I bought a 24 foot cargo trailer and we started packing and stuffing. I really wanted to upgrade my truck because I was only driving a half ton.
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