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  1. Very unique travel trailer model 23k. Triple bunk in back, queen bed in front, big fridge, electric awning, outdoor bbq. Like new in and out. I will post a link as I don’t know if I can get pics to show. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/rvs/d/2011-jayco-jayfeather-select/6632953575.html
  2. Drool! Now that is truckin! I want to do something similar, but my wife is pretty set on a motorhome. It will be down the road a bit, but I have been looking at the truck/motorhome conversions as a way to travel but have my truck too. Safe Travels!
  3. Suprmn

    Trying a couple new cleaning products

    I am curious to see how well this holds up. I have been using collinite on boats for years, but it seams like old hat with all of the fancy new products out.
  4. Suprmn

    OK Help me

    I'd keep the plate. The old truck however might have to be converted to gas to break the curse.
  5. Suprmn

    Replacing cracked dash

    I needed to replace my evaporator in my 2nd gen and quickly took it to the dealer after sizing up the job. I was able to look at the truck at several points in the job and the tech showed me all of the stuff they busted getting it apart and their repair techniques to put it all back together. The repair was good and it looked untouched when they were done, but the tech had way more hours into the job then I was able to commit to it so I was very glad I had it done.
  6. Suprmn

    I have a car stuck in my brain

    One bit of advice. I would check the cost of insurance PRIOR to purchasing cars like this. About 2 weeks ago I sold my Dodge Charger Daytona. I absolutely fell in love with the car when I saw it at the dealership and it followed me home. When my insurance agent told me the monthly cost to insure it I about dropped the phone. I tried to ignore it, but ultimately I couldnt stomach throwing that kind of money away for something I would drive on the very few sunny days of the year. When I found the Daytona I was actually toying with trying to find a Hellcat I could afford. I can only imagine what it costs to insure one of those.
  7. Suprmn

    TIPM ?

    I bought a new TIPM from CARID. Just happened to be the best price at the time. They are plug and play now. Just turn the key on once or twice and everything works. Did one in my 2007. Cant remember exactly how much but it was less than $400. Install was easy. Literally, unplug and plug in the new. Supposedly they are upgraded a bit when they are rebuilt, but not enough that you dont need to be careful with them.
  8. Suprmn

    Chasing the clunk

    Had a similar thing happen to me once and it was the battery loose in the tray. Ball joints get replaced?
  9. Suprmn


    Hoss, Sorry about your truck. I have been following your trucks story for many years. What I dont understand is why the engine keeps giving you problems. I consider you an authority on this engine and the cummins in general, so I have been seriously perplexed when the thing gives it up. As hard as it is to make the change, once you get the new truck it will be hard to look back. Best of luck with the new ride.
  10. Suprmn

    New truck needed.

    I have the air ride rear and love it. Rides the same as spring empty. Better when loaded. The autolevel is what I love the best.
  11. Suprmn


    I had a 1996 standard cab cummins 4x4 single wheel with a fleetwood elkhorn 10 foot camper with the extended front overhang. Towed a 4 place snowmobile trailer, tandem axel, about 4K lbs. This was in Alaska with really rough roads. Aux airbags on the back, used about a 24 hitch extender. The combination worked very well.
  12. I have been thinking about these warranties for both my truck and my wifes jeep. My only worry is that they would come back with some stupid answer how its my fault and not pay on the warranty. Anyone have that happen?
  13. I have a guy that wants to buy a classic car I have. He needs to get it to Oakland, CA for shipping. Just thought I would check here to see if anyone is heading that way with an empty trailer that wants to make some money. Thanks.,
  14. I will take it if gearhead doesnt.