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  1. Suprmn

    Wtb second gen 4x4 cummins

    I don't know how to link it, but there is someone selling exactly what you want on Facebook. Down in Gresham Oregon. 24V for $5500 if I remember correctly. Group PNW 4X4 Buy, sell, trade!!! Guys name is Mark Hamilton. Looks like his number is 503-516-8468
  2. Suprmn

    Wanted Built 47RE

    I will check it out. thanks.
  3. Suprmn

    Headlight issue

    The circuits in the TIPM also burn out. I had to put a new TIPM in my 07 to get the lights to work.
  4. Suprmn

    Wanted Built 47RE

    Good Idea. I would do this for sure if I could get a line on a transmission with a little background to know what I am buying.
  5. Suprmn

    Wanted Built 47RE

    awesome. Thanks!
  6. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    I have the 3 piece manifold. EGT's are reasonable at this point.
  7. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    At the end of the day, I am a bit suspect of the torque converter. It is nice that the driveline work gave me some relief but I can still feel the issue. So I am starting a longer horizon look for a replacement transmission. One thing that I find really interesting is that when I bought the truck, you could mash the pedal and nothing happened until high RPM. At that stage the tranny shifted like it is supposed to with no detectable slipping. Truck went like a bat out of hell. With all of the work that I have had done, the torque is fat down low where I want it to be, and if I am not careful I can slip the trans.
  8. Suprmn

    Wanted Built 47RE

    Starting this for the long shot chance that someone is selling their truck, or doing some changes where they have a built 47RE that would fit in a 98 4X4 for sale.
  9. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    So, here is the latest update on this. Starting at ground zero, I went back to the driveshaft. After playing with it for awhile I managed to get some movement on one of the sides of the ujoint at the rear axle. I pulled the driveshaft and the bearing caps that go into the rear end yoke were shiny like the bearing caps were spinning. I took the driveshaft to drivelines NW. They replaced the ujoints and straightened a slight 20 thousands bend in the driveshaft at the rear weld. I replaced the rear yoke with one that uses ubolts rather than the straps. I have only driven it a couple of miles, but it feels better. Not completely better, but considerably better. I need to get more seat time to really tell. Next stop.... Fluidampr.
  10. Looking to get a ride for a pair of 6 foot trailer fenders from the Oregon city area to Tacoma or thereabouts.
  11. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    They put a new lift pump on and verified pressure to the injector pump. Kind of in a weird place. Picked the truck up today, but really don't know where to look next. I am going to look particularly at the harmonic balancer, motor mounts, transmission mounts, etc. Next will be to run this by the transmission shop and talk about possible transmission contributing factors. It will vibrate at 1300rpm in neutral. However, running about 40 in underdrive, it will go through the RPM range pretty smoothly. Shift into overdrive and all hell breaks loose from about 1300 to 1600rpm. I can play with the vibration. shift into overdrive and it will vibrate pretty good if you are in the rpm range. Get a little harder in the throttle and it will vibrate a bit harder, back out of the throttle it will smooth out. Snap out of the throttle and it will vibrate harder again on decal. Stomp it and it stays above the problem rpm and is pretty smooth through the shifts and up on to freeway speed. 65 to 70 on freeway at 1900 give or take and the truck runs out smooth. Beats the heck out of me.,
  12. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    Well, back to square one. The pump work all of the other work and the truck still has a miss/vibration. When I first felt this I thought I might have been a bad ujoint. That's what the feeling is. Plateau called it a fishbite miss. At any rate, its still there. Plateau is stumped. However, one of the first things I asked for they never did.... a compression test. Early on they said they didn't think it needed it. Sooooo… come Monday it should be done. After those results we will continue to try and figure it out. The only part of the engine not looked at other than compression is the cam. At this point the torque converter has come up in conversation as well. If anyone has an idea on this, we are looking for things to chase.
  13. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    Finally some good news. Seattle injection found a piece in the governor armature broken and 5K springs installed. They said this definitely could have caused the missing problem. Otherwise the pump checked out good. They are going to correct the issues and the pump might be back on the truck as early as Friday. Hope she turns out good as new. Based on how the prior owner built this thing, I hope I got here soon enough before there was any damage done to the engine.
  14. Suprmn

    Who need's a classic truck?

    This! Yeah.... our second gen model citizen has jumped the fence to a 3rd gen.... I doubt he is coming back....
  15. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    It is amazing just how hard you can get slammed down when you break one of your basic rules. I have had a general rule to never buy a modified vehicle. I have bent the rule on a couple of occasions, but for the most part things I buy are stock and then I mod them how I want. Well, here recently I have put caution aside and have got my ass kicked. My 98 12v has been a disaster moneywise. I stopped by Plateau to get an update on my truck. Injectors are in. Timing was set by the previous owner at 20 degree. Now set at 16. The DDP stage 1s are in and smoke waaay less. Valves are adjusted and several of the exhaust valves were tight. So, at this point its running better than ever since I bought it. Except for the miss. it misses between 1300 and 1600 rpm. drives me nuts when cruising, even worse when towing. Soooo, the official word is that its the fuel pump. So, its coming off and going to seattle injector. Hopefully this cures all and I can have some run time with out spending money. By the time I get it back I will have spent $8000 over and above purchase price. Not happy..... Nooooot happy.... Ever wish you could go back in time and slap yourself in the face before you say..... I'll take it....