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  1. Suprmn

    Taking input and interest

    Looks like a possible tailgate for this https://spokane.craigslist.org/pts/d/four-lakes-dodge-tailgate/6842186961.html
  2. Suprmn

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    my 2016 had the 2.5" with adapter
  3. Suprmn

    Bunch of stuff

    I will take the second gen lights front and rear.
  4. Suprmn

    Might have to sell my ‘16 Ram...

    i would pick a US zip code in a metro market near you and punch the info into kelley blue book. it can give you estimates for private party value and dealer trade in. at least you would have a starting bench mark for consideration.
  5. Suprmn

    Know this pickup?

    man, you have a knack for picking out good lookin trucks.
  6. Suprmn

    2002 rebuilt title

    You have to sell that truck as built. It would be a real shame to part it out.
  7. Suprmn

    Project EOS

    Harbor freight has a bit selecfion that includes those kinds of sizes, and has the security bits as well. Price is very reasonable. I buy one every year or so and spend the rest of the year losing the bits.
  8. Suprmn

    1999 Pontiac Firebird

    did it sell?
  9. Suprmn

    Need new sport lights

    genos garage has sport light housings. stock though.
  10. Suprmn

    1999 Pontiac Firebird

    Wow, good price. That should sell quickly.
  11. Suprmn

    1000ftlbs of torque

    i am still trying to get past the looks. Dont care for it much.
  12. Suprmn

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Wow, glad someone else thinks like me. I am planning to pull the dash on my beast to clean it as well.
  13. Suprmn

    Diesel filler cap on new CTD.

    My wifes Grand Cherokee has a similar set up. Drives me nuts... But, in 25K miles I have yet to see anything sitting inside the filler neck. I am not sure how they do it. I would still go with a cap if I could find a way to do it.
  14. Suprmn

    New California exhaust fine

    Well, after spending all day a childrens hospital with my kid while he was getting cancer treatments, then coming home with him crying and finally getting him to sleep and then to have some dipstick with straight pipes go full throttle by my house and wake the kid up and start the crying all over again has totally trashed any tolerance I had for loud pipes. And after this happened the 3rd time in one night I almost stepped outside and did something stupid. This played out over and over and over for three years. At this point..... I say go get em!