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  1. Suprmn

    2nd Gen Quad Cab Headliner - Gray

    I am in des moines. I set the thing outside a couple of days ago so it might be too late.
  2. I have a headliner out of a 99 quad cab, just need it out of my garage. Pretty nice condition. Free if you can come get it soon. I think I have most of the parts for the small overhead console that was on it, etc.
  3. I just switched to 17" tires and wheels a week ago otherwise we would be talking. What do you want for them? I have friends that would be interested.
  4. Another one of the jeeps in the group. Full 4 corner coil suspension 4 linked in the rear and on 40's.
  5. I bought the jeep with a partial cage and finished it to what you see today. I custom built the front bumper. A buddy of mine developed the winch mount that drops the winch below the radiator. The jeeping guys I hang with are into custom work. We got into tube bending last year. Its been a lot of fun. We all run Cherokees. Our builds have to be able to travel freeways. We do at least 1 week trip a year. Drive the jeep out, head into the hills, come out the other side and back on the roads. This year travelled about 950 miles in WA and OR. Camp in the jeep along the way. Tons of fun and its amazing where these things will go.
  6. Its a purple Jeep.... Nuff said.....
  7. Because I am constantly working on these...….😁
  8. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    Thanks guys for all of the support on this one. The truck was back in my life yesterday as I replaced the contacts in the starter solenoid for my Dad. Once contact was almost completely worn through. And the starter was working its way off of the truck. Gee Thanks Plateau Diesel.... I sold the truck to assure that I didnt spend any more money on it. I never intended to have that much tied up in the truck. My Dad drives it as is and it doesnt seem to bother him. I am not that guy. My stuff has to perform correctly or it drives me nuts. I think if I come back to a diesel truck I will have to go with a 4th gen. I have discovered I dont want to do a whole lot of wrenching on trucks any more, so I should buy one that doesnt need much.
  9. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    I have detuned the truck considerably so I am estimating output somewhere sub 400HP. My guess is 350 +-., My builder is not advocating for a full rebuild. And the $4K estimate is prior to digging into the thing. However, I do not go half way into anything. As maddening as this problem is, if I pull the trans, it is getting a full overhaul. My decision. No one elses. Well, it is someone elses decision now because the truck is gone. At some point you have to cut your losses and run. I hit that point.
  10. Suprmn

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    Well, I am admitting defeat. When I bought this truck I was with my Dad while he was truck shopping. He was going to buy this and backed out at last minute so I bought it. Last weekend he bought it from me. I am losing all the money I spent on repairs but to be honest, I could care less. My last trip in the truck was 3 hours of utter frustration as the truck about vibrated my drink out of the drink holder the entire way. So, I am out, I am done. And to be honest, I am going to back away from diesels again. Now, all that being said, I think I had a line on the problem. I ran across an outfit called Sonnex that either sells or manufactures transmission parts. They have an extensive article about a customer with the same problem as me. They discovered that there was a problem with the springs in the damper portion of the torque converter. Apparently in high power trucks, it is easy to sack these springs out, which can cause the issue that I was having. Talked to my transmission guy and if I was going to start digging into that I would just end up with a full $4K transmission build. My fear that it wouldn't fix the problem led me to exit out the door when it was presented to me. Now, perhaps the truck is cursed. I do the deal with my Dad, he gets in the truck to leave and it wouldn't turn over. I think its the contacts in the starter, but I never had that problem, so maybe the truck is trying to assert whos boss. Beats the heck out of me but I am grateful that the sucker is out of my life.
  11. I am looking for a 3/4 or possibly one ton 4x4 gasser truck. Prefer dodge or GM and looking for at least extended cab or crew cab.. Trying to stay under $15K. I would like to find something that had decent care and is up on maintenance. Tired of looking at craigslist junk.
  12. Suprmn

    Let's play "What's wrong with my truck?"

    Running 1st gens in Alaska, I used to have the problem just because the air temp was so cold. The water in the radiator would be pretty cold so when the thermostat opened, it would run the temp back down, so the thermostat would close, so the radiator cooled way down again, etc. etc. My fix was to run cardboard in front of the radiator, starting with half of the radiator and up to 2/3 when it got really cold. That was over and above a winter front. Helped this issue a lot. May or not be it, but thought I would bring this up as the air temps have been down a bit at night.
  13. This...... I was at the doc for a physical. He takes my blood pressure and says.... holy crap!.... We kind of go down the list and then he says... well, is there something bothering you? I told him Yes! My truck is at the dealer for warranty repairs.... Since its always such a "pleasant" experience I didnt realize it was effecting me that way.
  14. Suprmn

    Wtb second gen 4x4 cummins

    I don't know how to link it, but there is someone selling exactly what you want on Facebook. Down in Gresham Oregon. 24V for $5500 if I remember correctly. Group PNW 4X4 Buy, sell, trade!!! Guys name is Mark Hamilton. Looks like his number is 503-516-8468
  15. Suprmn

    Wanted Built 47RE

    I will check it out. thanks.