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  1. bump. Still looking for a truck if any candidates have come up.
  2. My all time favorite in that class is the Bigfoot 10.5. On the heavy side but I love the layout and the dry bath.
  3. Looks like I am going to be moving to Utah. I am looking for about a 24 or 26' enclosed trailer suitable to haul vehicles. Unfortunately I sold my 12V so I am trying to figure out what to do for a pull truck. I am not certain what I need or want at this point, but I know I want something clean, pretty much stock and in first rate condition so that I can rely on about 8 to 10 round trips between seattle and Utah loaded heavy. Yeah, go figure I am going to be moving 3 families total. I know I dont want a 2nd gen 24V, and I have never been fond of fords or some of the newer chevys. Otherwise I am open to considering ideas including near new trucks. This has come on fast and I am nearing the fragged stage so I do want turn key. No time to work on anything. Thanks.
  4. I have been contemplating a new truck again as well. This is going to seem really silly, but the huge shark fin at the front of the cab drives me nuts. What a goofy looking place to put it, and could it get any bigger? I have been very interested in the new cummins with the hydraulic Lifters.
  5. Sorry to hear about the truck, but its all fun and games bringing in a new rig. I drove a gladiator the other day.... got me thinking.
  6. Well, mine are harbor freight and I bought them during the right time frame, but they are not pittsburgh and they don't have the right numbers so they don't appear to be part of the recall. However...… I am sure gonna be looking at these things sideways for awhile. I would chastise myself for buying harbor freight, but I don't care what the brand name on it is any more. I have a warn winch made in china, sears tools made in china, etc. etc. It seems to be luck of the draw if its good or not.
  7. I was looking at these a few years back and I was really drawn to the Honda side by side. Just seemed to have everything right where I wanted it. I don't know if they hold up or not.
  8. My jeep is on a couple set of these stands right now. I was under it yesterday. Just great.
  9. I will second the AT3's. Love them. Matter of fact I like the cooper tires so well I bought 26 cooper tires one year when it seemed like every thing I owned needed tires in one year.
  10. I didn't know you could get the 5.3 in those. That has to be a sweet rig.
  11. Holy crap. 3 min video and I am exhausted just watching it. That's a lot of work. But way cool.
  12. Awesome Rig! Bumper looks great,.
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