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  1. Suprmn

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    I am fully synthetic rope and hawse fairlead.
  2. Suprmn

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    I recently bought a brand new warn M8000 winch. It is noisy, notchy, crappy made and in my opinion no better than the cheap stuff. If I was buying new today I would go for one of the Harbor Freight winches. The build quality there looks at least as good if not better than the lower end warn.
  3. Suprmn

    98 12V auto transmission problems

    Hmm, I will give that a try.
  4. o.k. As expected, issues are appearing on the new truck. The only one that concerns me is the transmission. Occasionally, when I am driving or moving the truck around, I start to move, or I am moving and coast a bit, and then when I go to give it gas, its like its almost in neutral. When it does that, I pull my foot from the go pedal and the truck stalls. That might be a different problem, or might be because of whats going on in the transmission. I have had this happen at about 15 mph, and while crawling in my drive way. The only thing I noticed, is when you pull the truck into drive, it seems like the detent in the steering column, might not be putting the truck all the way into drive. One of the times it happened, I pulled the truck down into second with no change in forward motion. When the transmission hooks up it seems to work fine. Shifts a bit firm for my tastes. No overheating of the transmission on the gauge and fluid is not burnt. Any ideas? I REALLY, dont want to have to rebuild a trans right out of the gate with this thing. Thanks.
  5. This is exactly my point. Welding it is a redneck way to fix an old chevy for the farm. Not a way to correctly address and issue on a $60K truck. Redesign the nut, the part, whatever it takes for a correct fix.
  6. Why the H E double hockey sticks would welding the nut be an answer to the problem? Every time I get comfortable with the brand, the pull some sort of dumb azz thing out of their butts like this. I just got rid of my 2018 Laramie Longhorn 1500 because it was a POS. Couldnt keep up with the issues it was having. Maybe its time to buy a ford.
  7. Suprmn

    Bunch of stuff

    Are you anywhere near exit 88? Big Russ is rounding Longview tomorrow and I am trying to bomber express those 2nd gen lights if you still have them.
  8. Suprmn

    Spray in Bedliner

    I have had good results with Linex.
  9. Suprmn

    Another "what's it worth?" thread

    I think the 12v market is hanging in there if the truck is in good shape. Not as much as the 3rd gens, but still pretty good.
  10. Suprmn

    New to Me 2016 2500 Megacab Longhorn

    Nice Truck!!
  11. Suprmn

    Anyone Know this Truck?

    Bump. Still looking for the prior owner. Dealer is no help so far.
  12. Suprmn

    Anyone Know this Truck?

    The experience at NWMS was fine. No high pressure. Price was good in my opinion. And on a used rig, its all on me to determine what I am buying. I don't trust dealer representations at all. I can say that their safety inspection leaves much to be desired. One injector line spewing diesel and a missing bolt from one of the sway bar mounts had the mangled mount just hanging there under the truck. That was offset but what I could see on the truck, how it drove and the considerable amount of maintenance that showed on the Carfax. So, in the end, yep, I am happy.
  13. Suprmn

    Anyone Know this Truck?

    The truck has auto start and an alarm that were not working. Also, the trans temp wasn't working. While poking under the hood I found a rats next and several chewed wires. Pretty hopeful that once the wires are reconnected that everything starts working again.
  14. Automatic. This is a non-runner. I don't remember how many miles on it, but I think it spun a main bearing based on what the prior owner said. He had it running. I have not tried to start it. Its actually a pretty straight truck and the service bed is good. Remote search light and some extra lights on the bed. Tires are real good. $1200
  15. I like this truck a lot. It is a nice drive. I bought it to part out but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Automatic. Has just under 113K on it. This truck is nice and someone loved it. It had a tree fall on the bed. Interior in very good condition. Exterior the same everywhere but where the tree landed. $2400