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  1. Piers


    Hi all, been a long time. Yes, I did drop in and read this thread & also replied to turbolvr's private message....so not sure why he said we hadn't hooked up. There was some dyno numbers and pictures posted years ago on the TDR site & I got hold of a buddy that works for Rick {it was Rick's truck we used for the TT/SC testing} He feels he has some pictures, hopefully he'll dig them up & send them my way for posting. HOSS, thanks for the kind words, looking forward to your visit. Ron A. Good to hear you finally have a combination you like....6.7L with a P pump, nice. BTW, the welder & table you gave me get used almost everyday up here & everytime I fire it up I say THANKS
  2. Hey Kevin, really nice write up. If I could add one thing...up here they use salt & other nasty stuff on roads, so getting bearing out is/was a real challenge. Now I loosen the four retaining bolts, then take and place a socket & short extension on bolt head, fire up truck...two poeple here is really handy here, slowly turn steering wheel until extension hits axle tube, turn gently & pop bearing slightly, repeat on other side, back and forth a couple times & bingo, bearing is out...undamaged, no puller needed.
  3. sides, he drives tooooooooo slow, darn oil burner barely make 32lbs boost...silly single turbo guy
  4. Piers

    Need Power Steeing pump and Vacuum Pump

    I have lots of parts, center section, etc if ya need them. And Chris is right, buy a kit from fixin rams for the new seals & gaskets
  5. All good info, the only thing I might add, billet input shafts are not all the same. Ask if the material is 300M ...unless you get one from Opie, he has his own special blend.
  6. I have a couple freebies kicking around. Trying to clean up the shop at home, get ready for the big move, so they'll be lot's of stuff up fro grabs. 604-309-9778
  7. Piers

    Poncis Diesel Drag/Dyno weekend

    LOL I only stir the pot when I can use a paddle Ron, i talked to Brad...he says he's gonna hook up a little nos to help out the bottom end and see if he can break something
  8. Piers

    Poncis Diesel Drag/Dyno weekend

    You're just not pushing the envelope hard enough out of the hole...stop worring about breaking stufff & give it $$$$ outa the hole and see how much it costs ya
  9. Piers

    tach sensor

    Isspro also makes a tach kit, comes with magnets you glue onto harmonic balancer, works well, have some installed for well over ten years without any issues. I'm assuming you are going to install a balancer on your 4b, the 6 cyl. ones bolt on
  10. Piers

    ARP head bolts ?????

    Add thread sealant down the holes, not on stud itself. That way, when you thread stud in place, sealant does not come out & you won't have a mess to clean up, before installing head gasket
  11. The years are usually 92-98 to get the 230hp with 6spd trans. If it's a 250, 260 or 275hp model, it'll have the VP44 pump. the 12 valve engines only ever came in the coaches at the 230 or less hp model
  12. My shop is at 2891 202nd street. If you're buying that coach, bring it on by, I'll give it a quick look over for you. Call my cel, make sure i'm around, 604-309-9778
  13. Which Allison? If the motor is a 160, 190 or 210hp model, it'll have a 4 spd Allison, no overdrive, no lock up torque converter. The best power train combo to look for is a 230hp motor, you get the Allison MD3060 6 speed trans, double overdrive & lock up T/C.
  14. Piers

    Deck height.....

    If the block was decked you need to check piston protrusion, depending on what you want to run for cam, compression ratio, etc. that will help you decide which head gasket thickness to use. 3283335 = stock thickness, 3283337 = .010" thicker, 3283339 = .020" thicker....... normal piston protrusion is around .022 - .028 stock head gasket is .064" thick
  15. Piers

    Timing Cover Modifications

    nope, you can't use a 24v cover to bolt a P pump on. Ron, the reason you don't have a timing pin is because I used that hole to mount your cam position sensor.