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  1. Bob Wagner

    Finally found our camper!

    Looks very nice. Enjoy
  2. Bob Wagner

    Ram 2500 Wheel Caps,

    What control are you looking for? Spell check screwed you
  3. Bob Wagner

    4 each 35 inch wheel and tires to Tacoma for Nov 5th

    I can meet you at the museum if we find a time and date. Happy to help and I owe Rob a hug or two.
  4. Bob Wagner

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Don is a super nice guy. Met Don many years ago when he worked at Hinshaws Honda body shop. Glad to see all is well.
  5. Bob Wagner

    Site Artwork Files

    Anyone heard from Robert Stohl lately?
  6. Bob Wagner

    Fire pit patio project

    nice job. super duper.
  7. Bob Wagner

    Sad day...bye bye our 12V

  8. Bob Wagner


    I still have my botle of slick too.
  9. Bob Wagner


    I remember way back in the day it was "slick" That goes back a few years
  10. Bob Wagner

    WTB bricks, lots of bricks

    There is a person in Poulsbo that has 1500 for sale. 1500+ beautifully aged bricks. We believe they could be more than 100 years old as they were deconstructed from a brick building in Yakima in the 1950s. These are not what you’ll find at Home Depot. Less https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2148173071877681/
  11. Bob Wagner

    Jesse /Profinish Kent WA

    one week turn.. I was in no hurry.
  12. Bob Wagner

    Jesse /Profinish Kent WA

    Jesse has always been to known to be the best shop around and I had the pleasure of having Profinish repaint my 2001 truck that was sun beaten over the years. I now have a truck that looks almost brand new after 18 years of being non garaged. I would have never trusted my truck to any other shop. Thank you Jesse for a job well done. it is nice to have a bomer member to trust and not have to worry about. Hope ole this helps someone in the future.
  13. Bob Wagner

    Helping my neighbor.

    Right on Gary.
  14. Bob Wagner

    Tool Box from Longview, WA. to the Goat Ranch.

    Thanks Ben. will do.