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  1. Bob Wagner

    1998 Dodge 12 valve 2wd auto pcm

    I flash ecm's not pcm's. Thanks
  2. Bob Wagner

    The question of the day

    It was the older Italian guy i think his name was John
  3. Bob Wagner

    Updated forum!

  4. Bob Wagner

    Black Bart is alive...

    You have a great son.
  5. Bob Wagner

    Auto insurance

    State Farm was our insurance for 30 years, Sarah got us farmers and it was a huge saving. Told State Farm to shove it many years ago . Same coverage and lower rates. Farmers may have switched to 50 and older for coverage though.
  6. Bob Wagner

    I have a car stuck in my brain

    Why was the insurance so much more? My challenger srt8 is no more to insure than our Honda Pilot or Dodge truck. just curious
  7. Bob Wagner

    One of a kind

    It takes all kinds.
  8. Frontier Automotive in Silverdale would be another .Mike
  9. Bob Wagner

    Big Load

  10. Bob Wagner

    The Day Has Finally Come

    Cash is king. Congrats
  11. Bob Wagner

    The new setup

    Good luck on your new adventure.
  12. Bob Wagner

    so who is fix'n great food today

    Did tri tip's and enjoyed the game.
  13. Bob Wagner

    2nd gen dash

    I will pass for now. Thanks
  14. Bob Wagner

    2nd gen dash

    was it a bitch to fix the dash. mine is all cracked on the passenger side. I could use this