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  1. The Renton Target is all wiped out of Cheese Puffs........
  2. My Superglide 24K uses those, but that hitch wouldn't be on a longbed. Must be something Pullrite something or other though. That's about the cleanest you'll ever see those pockets......
  3. You guys got me riled up..... We got a grant to build an 80K all electric truck that runs Seattle - Portland twice a day on two shifts next year. It is supposed to inductive charge (the coil in the road thing, no charge cord) in 30 minutes during their lunch and between shifts. Basically it is the 1 megawatt charger made wireless and to truck specs. Not exactly sure how it is going to work out just yet, but I'm not sure I want to be standing by it while it is charging! Think I'll shove some tinfoil down my pants... One thing I'm a bit bitter about is the L9N electr
  4. I had a slow week while it was dry last week too. My daughter said we killed all the dumb ones and have just the smart ones left. Same thing, I brush the mound off and put my hands in the hole to find out which way it goes. Then I put the probe in there to see what it is. Even though the mound looks the same, a lot of them don't go more than 8" and then stop, or it hits a root where they are eating all the stuff off of it and don't go any further. I've never caught one in those spots. The holes that go two directions are where I have success. Still make sure you open the ho
  5. Yes very good find. Thanks Hoss! I got two of them and if I stay up with it they'll catch em within an hour of loading. If I wait too long they seem to go deep or something. Swear I need a wifi version that texts me when sprung so I can reload and get another! I put the compactor on the backhoe and shake the ground for a bit to get em all pissed off. First mound up gets a Gopher Getter next to it!
  6. That's usually not a factory problem. They subassemble the whole thing from tip to elbow in a jig that holds them straight and clocks them the right way. It puts the u-bolt nuts right in front of you and makes it real easy to tighten the hell out of them. At the factory they just grab the whole thing with a crane and set the bottom elbow flange clamp in place and then tighten the muffler bearing to the cab. You can't mess it up. But when the truck gets decked or put on the T680 transporters for delivery the transport co takes the upper pipe off to make height. It then gets rei
  7. The black DTMs are great. They are small and easy to work with and easy to change around when you change your mind on what you are doing. They only do 16-22ga wire and 7A though, but are great for LED lights and stuff. Bigger than that then you have to step up to the DT, which is the same deal but do 14ga and 13A. Their splices, err "Bussed Feedback Receptacles" are great. You run a bunch of wires into one connector and then just one out to splice them all together. It's all sealed instead of stacking 8 ground rings on a bolt or doing a whole bunch of wires out both ends of a butt splice
  8. If I was still your engineer I'd have it fixed already! 😀
  9. Don't hit the down button on the Jetta's windows when they are frozen........Didn't even realize that was a problem and broke both of my front ones in about 2 seconds! 😞 Darnit!
  10. Those tubes are silicone, so any sealant that shrinks when it dries or that reacts to the silicone and makes it shrink or dry is going to put you right back to where it was. Mine factory had two dabs of glue that hardened and caused the same daylighting situation and leak. I pulled the tube out, cut that hardened end off, slid a short piece of stainless tube inside of it, slid it back into the sunroof fitting, then clamped it down with a spring clip (like a heater hose clip). Leak free for two years. Haven't put the headliner back in for 2 years either though.....☹️ https://www
  11. Those little lights are addicting. Started off with a few here and there but then 160 some lights and a couple all nighters under the truck later I still have about 10ft to go!
  12. Yea MK5's got it easy. Get some E-code projectors and drop a D2S HID kit in. https://www.ecstuning.com/Search/SiteSearch/mk5_jetta_projector_headlight/ I put some Morimoto's in my MK4 and it is insane, but same thing - lower than I'd like. 😞 Spent forever with the Beamaligner and a bunch of shims but it just can't get there and be adjusted right. The car's too low. But I can see every droplet of rain hit the pavement and I swear I've seen the seeds falling out of the tumbleweeds!
  13. I think Dodge already did their three recalls didn't they? This one is for trucks, busses, probably chassis cabs, that have the two real big cans. Same thing as the Dodge recalls though, -replace scr can, ditch ammonia sensor, install software, and probably change out the DEF sensor to the concentration type. Basically puts everybody at 2016 emissions level.
  14. Our electrical engineers seem to like their Tool Vault boxes. They seem to be holding up just fine in everyday use but theirs are really only holding hand tools and wiring stuff. I think they are annoyingly a foot too tall though. But still might be worth a look? http://www.strictlytoolboxes.com/tool-vault-tool-boxes.html?source=nav-bar
  15. That CARB retrofit DPF in regen burned up half of Yakima a few years ago. That was the fire at that Monestary. The DPF maker says the turbo died and filled it with oil while everybody else says they hold too much soot, overtemp at regen, then shoot out molten pieces of substrate. That wasn't their only fire, but they've since been sued out of business so they aren't a problem anymore. Do they wrap all of the pipes on the DEF pickups? The DEF trucks have so much insulation wrap that I don't think the pipes could ever start a fire. Still, we take all the covers off at the start of harve
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