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  1. Im changing oil once a month in the big truck, and I think its been around a year or so sense the oil been changed in the ford. 😁
  2. ram2pete

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Hey Hoss don't these remind you of the time we went to Spokane Raceway Park with the Rocket?
  3. Hey I don't remember leaving that stuff in there but it was a long time ago that I had the valve cover of that engine last.
  4. ram2pete

    Who was that masked man?

    Deputy Dog??
  5. Is that normal temp? Single screw or twin?
  6. What about engine coolant temp? If the engine is running cooler the oil would be cooler causing the pressure to rise.
  7. ram2pete

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Probably off a series 60. Could've been a 12.7L or a 14L as they made both in the early 2000's.
  8. ram2pete

    OK Help me

    Dave picks him up Ben pushes him down again. What great friends.
  9. ram2pete

    Another long weekend

    Sweet looking setup Hoss and so glad everything and everyone is home now.
  10. ram2pete


    I think it needs some stacks, twins, big injectors and a sled puller clutch.
  11. Glad things got all work out for you guy's. And yes I coulda made a couple calls and had a lowboy ready to go Saturday morning. I know a couple guys that own trailers like this one. [emoji6][emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Man this just plain sucks Hoss. Sure wish I had my trailer accessible and had seen this last night and I woulda been in Boardman first thing this morning after getting off work. Hope everything works out ok for you on the trip to Ben's.
  13. ram2pete

    [early] Gen2 headlight switch w/fog switch/function?

    I do believe the integrated head/fog light switch started in 99.
  14. ram2pete

    Big Load

    Not yet but have over filled one. Lol
  15. ram2pete

    Big Load

    Good thing you put a GPS tracker on it. The railroads tend to loose out flour cars that go to the bakeries from time to time. Lol
  16. What is it?? Im guessing for working metal but other then that I got no clue. Looks "fun" though.
  17. ram2pete

    Clutch time. G56

    We could but Im not that dumb. Hopefully I will have a shop by then but if not I will take it to a shop to have done. Lol
  18. ram2pete

    Clutch time. G56

    Peter will be getting the call when I need a new clutch for my truck as I will be needing one to hold some pretty good power.
  19. ram2pete

    So I did a thing......

    Nice. So when's the delete party? Got a little cummins and a big cummins to delete. Lol
  20. ram2pete

    De icer removal

    I did this same thing as my neighbor was a log truck driver and I kinda blame him for me not being able to find a decent truck washing outfit as he taught me to wash trucks like Paul does.
  21. ram2pete

    Dry side - Wet side and back

    If you was running 90 Id say keep an eye out for me but your not. Im leave Spokane at 4:30 headed to Kent, blow off my load of flour then back to Spokane. 580 miles hopefully tomorrow.
  22. ram2pete

    De icer removal

    I take my big truck to the local car wash once a week for a soap rinse. With the double frame and the many trips a week over the pass's I need to keep that stuff off the truck as much as possible. My stacks just clear the ceiling. Hahaha. Still need to find an actual truck wash that dose a good job, to get her all polished up once summer gets here.
  23. ram2pete

    ALH Cylinder Head from Longview to Post Falls

    Hey Ben I will have to check your place out in the daylight next time. Tell Kim Im sorry for eating n running and that the food was good. Mark got the head Sunday afternoon, if I had been thinking right I woulda tied a rope to it and drug it down the street some so it woulda looked like a normal fedex/ups delivery. 😂😂
  24. ram2pete

    new project in line after the broncoii

    Very one likes TDI's in pairs. Lol
  25. Hi Dave. I would just make sure all previous decals are removed, a tempory/trip permit, your bill of sale and just head for home. You only have the one scale to pass there in Ridgefield and I doubt they will give you any hassle. I brought my new truck home frim Montana and crossed thru Montana, Idaho, and Washington scales and not one pulled me around back, just rolled on thru. No names or numbers on the doors and the temp plare in the right windshield. You're not using the truck to transport goods so its not technically being used as a commercial vehical.