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  1. Im changing oil once a month in the big truck, and I think its been around a year or so sense the oil been changed in the ford. 😁
  2. ram2pete

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Hey Hoss don't these remind you of the time we went to Spokane Raceway Park with the Rocket?
  3. Hey I don't remember leaving that stuff in there but it was a long time ago that I had the valve cover of that engine last.
  4. ram2pete

    Who was that masked man?

    Deputy Dog??
  5. Is that normal temp? Single screw or twin?
  6. What about engine coolant temp? If the engine is running cooler the oil would be cooler causing the pressure to rise.
  7. ram2pete

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Probably off a series 60. Could've been a 12.7L or a 14L as they made both in the early 2000's.
  8. ram2pete

    OK Help me

    Dave picks him up Ben pushes him down again. What great friends.
  9. ram2pete

    Another long weekend

    Sweet looking setup Hoss and so glad everything and everyone is home now.
  10. ram2pete


    I think it needs some stacks, twins, big injectors and a sled puller clutch.
  11. Glad things got all work out for you guy's. And yes I coulda made a couple calls and had a lowboy ready to go Saturday morning. I know a couple guys that own trailers like this one. [emoji6][emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Man this just plain sucks Hoss. Sure wish I had my trailer accessible and had seen this last night and I woulda been in Boardman first thing this morning after getting off work. Hope everything works out ok for you on the trip to Ben's.
  13. ram2pete

    [early] Gen2 headlight switch w/fog switch/function?

    I do believe the integrated head/fog light switch started in 99.
  14. ram2pete

    Big Load

    Not yet but have over filled one. Lol
  15. ram2pete

    Big Load

    Good thing you put a GPS tracker on it. The railroads tend to loose out flour cars that go to the bakeries from time to time. Lol