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  1. Ben, I have a pretty full week but can try to get over there. Saturday would probably the best for me
  2. We recently purchased a low mile 2008 Chevy Uplander. I want to purchase a FACTORY service manual for it. I had a few electrical issues and down to the last one, the compass works intermittently and seems to be in the compass module. Problem is I cant find the compass module for a 2008 uplander. I think it might be part of the BCM in 2008, but don't know for sure. It does have a code for an open to the compass module. Can anyone recommend a good place to purchase a factory service manual, preferably a download. There are a lot on them on line but I am not comfortable giving out my credit card number to a sight I don't know
  3. I have a friend (that's a surprise) that has a 2004 Ram. He wants to rebuild his own transmission. He wants to find a good rebuildable trans that he can go through and still drive his truck. Does anyone have one or know the best place to find one?
  4. Bob V

    Finally found our camper!

    The overhead to top of cab looks really close, have you had any problems with contact of the two?
  5. Bob V

    Heavy haul semi setup

    Sounds like the same one that is parked on the side of the road in St Helens OR. Looked like a large transformer. Wanted to stop and get some pics, but there where a lot of vehicles parked there with it.
  6. Bob V

    Fire pit patio project

    Well Mike, since we volunteered you to have a Bomb Party, do you want us to pick the date for it too?
  7. Bob V

    2003 Ram 3500DRW 4X4

    I don't see it now
  8. I agree with Paul, In the long run I think you would be better off putting yours up far sale, at the high end on price sense you are not in a huge hurry to sell. After the sell you can get an idea what you want to do. I will tell you the 2013 and newer Rams are so much more civilized, the brakes, steering and interior are way above the previous years. A mild delete tune on the 4th gens can get you into the 400hp range, and all of it is useable power, no worries about EGTs or blowing something up, if used with common sense. You would have to ask around about witch is better, the 68RFE or the Asian (sp) for your application, I now I am not up on them enough to give you good info, but there are others here that can. Of curse I have to say that you should look at the 13 and newer fords too, they do have a very solid transmission and over 400 (engine) HP and not a bad truck. the 6.7 powerstroke may not be a Cummins, but it is proving to be a solid engine. I am happy with my Ford, and don't think I will regret buying one. (or three now) I just spent a lot of money on a new truck, but at my age I wanted to get a truck that will take me well into retirement, so I went ahead and bought what I wanted, knowing we would be stuck with each other for a long time. But you cant go wrong with Ram of Ford or even GM, just know none of us will talk to you again if you buy a Duramax (jk)
  9. Bob V

    Fire pit patio project

    VERRY NICE Mike! We might have to stop next time we come through and look at it. Maybe we all could plan a trip to Silverwood next spring/early Summer before the boat is in the water. Riven really liked playing with your boys.
  10. Bob V

    Removing the tailgate

    I think you just named the table, a PAL table. I like it. How meny PAL tables do you have?
  11. Bob V

    Removing the tailgate

    Yes, its thr 1,000lbs capacity one. It's really well built for HF. I do see lots of used for it, that is one of the reasons I got it. I wish I had one when I unloaded this one. It's a little heavy and awkward for one person. But, like everything in my garage, it will be covered in junk in no time.
  12. Tried something different removing the tailgate this time. In the past I have done it myself meny times. But I did drop it once. I had my son help, this was best, be it's hard to catch him at a good time for the both of us. The 2018 tailgate is lighter, but still awkward, and my wife really has a hard time helping with it. So this time I bought a 1,000lbs capacity hydraulic table. The hydraulics let you raise and lower the table to any height. I placed an approx 2'x4' 1/2" plywood on top of the bumper and under the tailgate and supported it with the hydraulic table. The table is under the plywood enough to supports all the weight. Added a moving blanket to protect the gate. I then unhooked the wires (camera and auto tailgate release), pulled the cables, lifted the one end then slid the tailgate off the the other side. Then with help from my wife we lifted slightly and swung the bottom away from the bed so the inside of the gate would be on the plywood and the hydraulic table. The table does have brakes so I did not have to worry much about it moving. This was very quick and less stressful than lifting and carrying the gate
  13. Bob V

    Here's a head scratcher!

    One small broken piece in between the gears would do it. Bearing failure SHOULD have been heard before a lock up. Cluster gear is where I would be looking.
  14. I usually dont have runs a good luck. Usually, its bad and worse. But yesterday things really went good for me. We bought a newer 2008 Chevy Uplander minivan last week. Nice rig with only 90,000 miles. Anyway, it did not have the key fobs with it, did not have the built in child seat like our old van, and did not have the storage bin behind the rear seats (mostly because it makes a flat surface when the seats are folded down) that my wife really liked on the old van. And REALLY wanted on the new one. First thing was to order remotes, I got two with the power door openers for $25 on line. BUT, they have to be programmed with a programming tool. This is where my good luck started. Hooked up my Sanp On MODIS got to correct section, followed instructions and bang, both remotes programmed! Next, off to South Portland pick n pull that has 4 Unlander series vans. I find a rear seat storage bin in the correct color, and a few other small things I needed, but no child seat chair. The Sherwood PnP had ONE uplander van. I thought "I am only a half hour away, might as well go look at " Get there and find the one they have. Hey, the interior is the right color, and even the right pattern, and could it be, YES, that is a child seat! It's a little dirty, but no tips or tears. I spent less than $100 total on everything including the remotes. Yes, I did buy a lottery ticket on the way home, haven't checked it yet. But it looks like no one was the big winner. But, my wife is happy, and that can be just as good as money