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  1. Never made it the SLC, at Bruneau dunes state park near Mt Home. Very quite park, only about 10% full.
  2. Thanks for the info, probably won't drop the camper, so we will pass on it.
  3. So the thunder and lightning started about 22:00, rain about 22:30. Heavy rain about 23:00, then it started to downpour! We all survived. I am sitting, Actually reclining, In one of the recliners, wife is getting dressed and starting breakfast, and the boys are asleep on the rear couch. Man, it sure is nice to have room in the camper!
  4. We have one of our ex foster boys with us, to keep Riven company. Tomorrow we are buying a DVD player to keep them busy while driving. Riven spit his medication out that we gave him at 09:00 and 13;00, found the pills at about 15:00. We where wondering why he was so hyper. Right now the plan is Salt Lake City tomorrow. I wanted to do the Kennicutt Utah copper mine tour, but it looks like the tour is closed. Friday the plan is to get to Bryce Canyon. A couple days there then on to the south rim. BTW, this was the first pic I could post in the last several years!
  5. After a few delays we are on the road. First night at Emigrant springs between Pendleton and LaGrand.
  6. From what I have heard Castle does good work ,just expensive. I like Shap's, but he doesn't do diesel. I have heard there is a good machine shop in Chehalis.
  7. I am rebuilding the brakes on my 2011 f450 (same as an f350drw) and having problems finding torque specs Does anyone have the specs for..... Rotor to hub bolts (rotor bolts directly to hub, not with the wheel studs) Caliper mount bolts ( good and tight works here if I don't find the specs) Rear wheel bearing spindle nut. I found a lot of variation on this. Looks like tighten to about 70ftlbs. Back off 90 degrees, tighten to 18ftlbs till zero end play.
  8. Bob V

    Places to pull over on I 5 to sleep.

    It use to be that way, but a lot of them turned into homeless camps so some of them no longer allow overnight. I was elected out of one, didn't see the sign.
  9. Bob V

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    I think it is the coolant leak is from the turbo. After I drive it I can smell VERY hot coolant smell-like coolant on exhaust. It would also explain why I never see a drip.the turbo coolant outlet quick connect fitting looks like a common problem. Looks Like just the upper intake manifold needs pulled.
  10. Bob V

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    It didn't show up the first 3 times, blame it on the new website
  11. Bob V

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    I need to get the truck ready for my vacation next week. Got a very small coolant leak I need to find, new brakes, and new radiator and coolant flush. But will be there at some point. Probably saturday
  12. Bob V

    Well, I did it.

    Joe, the trailer place in Woodland is where I got mine. Was able to finance at less that 5% and monthly payments under $100. It almost paid for itself when we had all the foster kids. We had so much garbage that we would have been over $100 a month for service. We got 5 of the large garbage cans and I hauled our own in the trailer and it was usually less than $15 a load, about every other week. Even now it's used at least twice a month for projects and such. It really has been well worth it. Even my wife agrees, she was totally against it at first, but it wasn't long till she liked it, she is wanting another load of bark dust now.
  13. Bob V

    Well, I did it.

    I went with a cheaper one on Amazon. I think around $25ish
  14. Bob V

    Well, I did it.

    I have had one for 4 years now. I always planed on building one, then one day I realized it would be a long time till I had time to build it. Bought new and very happy with it. Mine is 6x10 with 2 5,000lbs axles. At times I think I should have gone bigger. Then get in a spot that what I have barely fits. As mentioned before a wireless controller is nice. I got a wireless winch controller and works great. In parerell with the wired pendant so can use either.
  15. Bob V

    I have a car stuck in my brain

    Keep in mind we all have survived the fall.