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  1. Not sure of thr year of the old truck, but I believe you are talking about the proportional valve. It might just need a proper brake bleeding procedure to get things right. I belive that just has a rear wheel anti-lock system? Is the cruse controller vacuum or electronic?
  2. As far as the truck prices go I am seeing a softening in the market. I see DEALER adds for more reasonable prices, a few one year old trucks with low miles at or above the new MSRP, but Generally, more realistic prices. New trucks are available but need to be ordered, with several dealers giving discounts below MSRP, so more people are ordering and waiting. I am saying I believe the truck market has peaked and is on the downside now. I have read that Ford and other manufacturers are looking at a business model of forcing more trucks to be special ordered, and that makes a lot of sence for outlay of capital for both the manufacturers and dealers.. everything sold as soon as it hits the lot save both a lot of money. All that said, with the inflation issues and new truck prices increasing, older truck should also see higher values, used truck values are better than 4 or 5 years ago in my opinion as supplies are still tight, and in my opinion, will stay higher for quite a while. What was a $10,000 truck 4 years ago is closer to $12,000 now, just from what I have seen. Just my 2 cents
  3. I was a long time schwab customer, after Les passed away it has been going down hill. I BELIVE they sell 100% Chinese tires now unless you PUSH hard for specific tires. It is really sad that a customer based company that grew because if its service and value to the customer is 100% profit only now with no family members involved in the corporation. I know one guy that was fired because he didn't up sale enough off the rack. I still deal with specific persons at the local store, for my 19.5 truck tires. for others, Walmart sells more USA made tires than Schwab and a much better price. Again, its sad, but a window on corporate greed opposed to private ownership
  4. At one time the "self starter" (electric starter) , battery,, and charging system was considered just more stuff to go wrong. Even a cabin heater and windsheld wipers were an option Hydraulic brakes and transistor radios were new technology at one time. I do remeber having to wait till the tube radio "warms up" before they would work
  5. Thr F450 adaptive cruse can be selected as normal or adaptive. At least in 2018 trucks. Extereemly heavy rain or snow will keep the collision avoidance and adaptive cruse from working, but that is not common. Thr collision avoidance has help me a few times, once the sun was in my eyes. Always good to have extra "eyes" looking out. Mine will even tell me to rest if a wander too much.
  6. I am a huge fan of the F450 pickups, but price on them is high due to tight supply and high demand. Whole new trucks are not as simple to fix, but it can be done. Once you get use to how the computers work on the newer trucks they can be easier to fix, but MORE stuff that can go wrong. I have a loaded 2018 F450 Platinum. Would not be happy with less, the massaging seats are awesome. Same with adaptive cruse and collision avoidance and a ton of other safety features. By far the most comfortable, safest vehicle I have ever owned. The newest F450s have the same tires, wheels, and brakes as a F550/5500 truck, so really a great rig for a truck camper Before you buy anything look at all your options, that way you have a better chance to find the truck that is right for you. Gm, Ram, and Ford all make great trucks now. As far as campers, I have a Eagle Cap 1200 and love it, plenty of room and has two comfortable recliners. The bad it is REALLY heavy, and all the weight is on the rear axle, I am over 17,000lbs on just the truck with camper and family fully loaded. You are welcome to contact me If you have any questions on either the truck or a camper.
  7. This is not mine, but wanted to share it in case someone was looking. $600 isn't too bad, exspecally for tge apparent condition https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/985489505347108/
  8. I think you are on the right track. Reese under bed pucks with a B&W hitch. I just sold a Reese hitch I had, but it was not s slider. Keep looking at on line adds for the B&W hitch, I find some good deals on them.
  9. Only two kinds of wood frame campers, those that have rot, and those that you haven't FOUND the rot
  10. I am not 100% but the elite puck system did work on my Ford. But I had to buy new hold downs anchors for my elite hitch (Reese sells a kit with them) to work on the Ford system becase the elite puck system sits higher over the bed than the Stock foord puck system, the hitch would hit the bed before it sits on the pucks without the different anchors. So in short, that should work for you, and I agree, the pucks at 4 points that take the trailer pin weight stright to the frame is much better in my opinion and much more solid.
  11. I had it done at schwab, they said they have been having good results with them, but mostly heavy duty trucks. One of the employees used them in his truck and he could feel a vibration at certain times, but it quickly went away. I feel something ocationally also, in total probably 3 of 4 seconds ever couple thousands of miles.
  12. I had in tire balance beads put in my F450, so far no problems
  13. That one is not too far from me if you need a look at
  14. I went with these. Didn't have them a long time but did seem good in snow https://m.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1dGJBhD4ARIsANb6Odmdbw6wdE2XXaRiCPOgJeAyptWyuwyTKCAh9xZ5M80dbsT0ff1Qe0IaAi-9EALw_wcB&tireMake=Cooper&tireModel=Discoverer+S%2FT+Maxx&partnum=58QR7DSTM&GCID=C13674x012-tire&KEYWORD=tires.jsp_Cooper_Discoverer+S%2FT+Maxx_Tire&code=yes&ef_id=Cj0KCQjw1dGJBhD4ARIsANb6Odmdbw6wdE2XXaRiCPOgJeAyptWyuwyTKCAh9xZ5M80dbsT0ff1Qe0IaAi-9EALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!3756!3!72322456933!!!g!79583449933!&gclsrc=aw.ds
  15. I always tell everyone if you want ME to set the price on what you are selling, you won't like it. No offense, but you really have to give a price if you want someone to be intrested. No one knows of you want $5,000 or $50,000. Just something to think about.
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