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  1. I am off that weekend. Might be able to make it.
  2. Did you try the vacuum tool to refill the coolant? I have hear d that there are a lot of newer vehicles need to refill this way as there is no way to "burp" out the air pockets. I have one if you dont.
  3. I think you can get by with just doing a relative compression test at this point. Disable the ignition, easiest way is to disconnect the primary side of the coil. Crank the engine over and listen for any change in engine speed as it cranks over. If you have low compression on one of the cylinders the rpm will change when that cyl is on compression stroke. If it cranks over nice and steady you PROBABLY don't have a problem with compression. I still would take #1 spark plug out and get it to TDC and check how close the timing marks are. Another way is to loosen the distributor hold down and start the engine. move the distributor till you get the highest RPM, then retard the timing back so you loose about 100 RPMs, check the timing with a timing light as see where you are at, you probably be around 15 to 20 BTDC. Do you have access to a vacuum gage?
  4. It will be a while before we head back over the mountains Mike, but would love to stop by again and drop off some stuff if it worked out. I might be making a trip to Tacoma this week so might be able to make it up to Kelley's.
  5. I will be the SOB (some other brand)
  6. I looked at a few vehicles that had the 4.7 and they seem to be unreliable. Seen lots of them that where seezed up. I decided to pass on them from the info I found. I have no direct info on them, just the research I did.
  7. As with any rebuild there are so meny things it COULD be, sometimes you just need to eliminate one thing at a time. One thing to consider, the crank pulley/ vibration dampener might not be installed correctly, or even the right one. You might have yo verify that TDC is the mark on the pulley.
  8. Boy, I am learnin lots now! Hot tires +warm truck +cold beer= clean truck
  9. Shawn, good point about a motor home. I will make sure I have my camper on. My wife saw this and said I was being a little "cheap". I guess she is right, AGAIN So Paul, er, I mean whomever, I will split your gas money with ya and save you A beer.
  10. This is hard for me, but the time has come to admit that I am in over my head. I NEED HELP! I have tried but just not getting it. I need someone to come SHOW me how to wash and wax my truck. This will take someone with patience and dedication, as it will probably take YEARS. In fact, I may never get it, but that is a chance I am willing to take. I will buy the beer, after all I will need something to do while I am watching, sorry, LEARNING. You will need to bring your own products. At least till I am confident that I can buy the right stuff, again, it might years. TIA!
  11. Way back in the 80s when there where a FEW turbocharged gas engine the OEM wanted the oil filter pre filled. Reason given was so the turbo did not stave for oil at start up, so I always prefilled the filters of turbocharged engines. As fat as most regular engines, a few second to get oil pressure is not a problem, any engine tfst has been ran in the last week or so will have a good ammount on oil on everything that moves. If the engine has been sitting for months, it might not have oil everywhere it should be
  12. I have a Snap On MODIS with 2013 software, it SHOULD be able to do what you are looking for, but I do not know if I have the "KEY" that you will need.
  13. If your brother is looking for a dually I recommend at least driving a newer F450, he would love the tighter turning, about 7 FOOT tighter circle than this truck, and they have a lot of nice features. Not saying to not buy another Ram, just saying good decisions come from good information, take a look at all the options before making one.
  14. Color of the fluid is not longer a good indicator. Several oils will turn brown with age. But smell always is one good indicator that it is bad, but may not be accurate that the trans is good. Shift quality after its warmed up is another, but you need to know what a good trans shifts like, they do have a differnt shift than most transmissions
  15. I have a electric heater that comes on to heat the cab on cold days.
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