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  1. thanks all. It was a healthful drive with no rush and an easy pace. Never had anyone behind us. Not bad at all, I didnt think it was any worse than any other pass i have been on. Much easier than rattlesnake ridge in NE OR/SE Wa. Or 197 out of Mapin
  2. With the camper I would stay with the dually. Even a light camper is way more stable with a dually. Its a lot of money, and I went through a simular decission recently. I didn't want to retire and have a truck with 200,000 miles on it. After retirement I can not get another truck, so I got one now and the payment will be gone when I retire, and I will have under 100,000 miles and have the complete history of the truck.
  3. we are considering taking hwy 12 tru Idaho on our way to three forks Montana. Has anyone taken this road? Will be my big camper and a 24' travel traler behind it. Will be about 12.5' height. Looks like a beautiful drive, but don't want to loose too much time.
  4. I will only add a progrsmmer to my truck to get rid of the emissions when the time is right. I have more than enough power that I can pull any hill at faster than I want to with my camper (and now csmper and trailer.
  5. The cheaper ones are surge protctors, they help if the power spikes from lightning or electric grid problems . The higher end ones protect from high and low voltage and mis wired park pedestals. I have seen some parks that have very low quality power pedistals, add in years of bad weather conditions, there ARE some bad power pedestals out there.
  6. I did have one, and there are issues with them. One, goes thought glow plugs. Two, the intake fills with penutbuter like gunk fron the CCV. Three, almost need to tune them and delete the EGR for them to run right. Four, last time I looked engine parts where both hard to get and expencive. I was looking at them again last summer and found some good buys, but the more I looked into it the it looked like it might be an orphan if there was major engine problems. Five, the transmissions did not hold up well behind the torque, a upgrade to the torque converter might nmbe needed. As said, the MPGs where not great, just good. Mid twenty where about as good as it could get
  7. not mine, just saw it on line. It's for the Ram OEM puck system, 20,000lbs capacity, asking $450 Tualatin OR
  8. The one for the Ford is nice as it sits a lot higher than the others.
  9. Yep, they seem to be starting to find a little fan base, prices for all hummers are going up. The alpha more than others
  10. I thought it was odd that the tubes where all clear, I wonder how long the tube was disconnected? I really like this sunroof. It's sits farther forward than most because of the near vertical winshield.
  11. Got some free time to look at a frmew things.. First was the non working rear defroster. Found the connector in the tailgate had a bad connection and got hot. I just bypassed the connector. In the prosses I checked the CHMS and it was bad. So will have to follow up on that another time. I have read that some have just added a string of LEDs, that's cheaper than the $180 for a replacement factory unit. Next I moved to the sunroof. The person I gt it from told me the owner before him sealed it up. It was a crappy job with some type of calking. Figuring that it always sealed up because of a leak, I first checked out the drain tubes. They looked good. I made a tool to re-install the passenger front grommet that worked good and saved some time. So after about a hour of scapping and cleaning off the calking, it was ready to try. I was also worried that the sunroof might have been broken and that is why it was sealed. It worked perfact! Right on cue, it started to rain. Now to look for any leaks, and there it was. Water pouring in from the right A pillar. I already had the pillar off frome checking the drains so I quickly pulled the sun visor and the grab handle, dropped the headliner and found the drain tube disconnected from the sunroof. All fixed now and so far no leaks.
  12. It's the same chassis as the canyon/Colorado pickup, but a lot more cross supports, at least that is what is claimed. The H2 would be off the full size pickup frame. The H3 is smaller, closer in size to a jeep Wrangler. One of the reasons for the smaller vehicle is as I posted. It will be a TOAD behind the pickup and camper
  13. It's a 2008, the Alpa got you the 5.3 gas V8. This is the smallest Hummer, better for trail use. Full body on frame. They really have some neat features. The are built on a beefed up GM Colorado/canyon fram and have a 3.5 or 3.7 I5 engine as standard.
  14. I bought a 2006 Hummer H3 last summer, I really liked the vehicle and got it because it fit our intended use, toad and off road, but nice enough to daily drive. After learning more about them I decided I wanted the Alpha model for the 5.3V8. The adventure pkg for the electric locker(s), 33inch tires, and the 4:1 transfer case, Then the luxury pkg for the heated leather seats. Kind of a poor man's Wtangler Rubicon, that is nice to drive. The 2009 and 2010 models got a locking front and rear differential in the adventure pkg , while the 06 to 08 just got the rear locker. The Alpha gets the cast iron front differential that is better suited for a aftermaket selectable locker, the others got aluminum, so it's not hard to add the front locker on them. This one had high miles but looked to be well maintained, and looked very nice, and was in my price range. So far I found a few more things I need to fix than I wanted. But nothing major.
  15. I can ruin it for you. Have your wife sit in a Platinum and turn on tha massaging seats. That will cost you another $20k. That and adaptive cruse, adaptive stearing, and collision and lane departure alerts make it a comfortable and SAFE truck to drive.
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