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  1. I can ruin it for you. Have your wife sit in a Platinum and turn on tha massaging seats. That will cost you another $20k. That and adaptive cruse, adaptive stearing, and collision and lane departure alerts make it a comfortable and SAFE truck to drive.
  2. I had to delete my posts for new trucks, wasnt paying attention, they where 6.2 and 7.3 GAS engines
  3. I am on my 3 Ford powerstroke and very happy with them, The 6.7 Powerstroke has been a good engine but like all new diesels fuel quality is important. As far as price I would look at new, you can get a new XLT for about that price and the 2020 trucks have 450hp and over 1050ftlbs and a 10 speed transmission. Check new dealer inventory prices on the internet.
  4. It says a lot about the integrity of RIP to not go public with this information. One thing that he said did help him out is he did not keep any off the items that where taken off the trucks. It did come real close to putting him out of business. but he did survive.
  5. Does anyone know if you have the right connections, you can still get a delete tune.
  6. So there are more and more of us with newer trucks. How meny of you would do major, or minor tunes or modifications? The reason I ask is 1, delete tuners are hard to find now 2. Stock power is now at what WAS a tuned truck 3. The drivability of the new trucks are nice in stock form. 4. We are all getting older, reliability and ease of maintenance seem to be higher priorities now. How meny of you. If you did it all over, would go with twin Turbos again? I would love to get a delete tune for my 2018 Ford, but would be completly happy with the same power as it has now. As far as I know its extreamly difficult to get delete tunes now. You need to know someone, and they need to know you. I also dont have, or need, a pyrometer, so just drive and no worries. Lately is seems the aftermaket folks are scrambling to find stuff to sell for the new trucks, I just wonder is the Diesel power aftermaket taking a big hit right now?
  7. What I have found is you are ALWAYS heaver than you think. Everything you pack adds weight, clothes, Cooking gear, food, drinks, chairs, bikes, people. It all adds up. Our Eahle Cap 1200 actual dry weight when it left the factory was 5,300lbs. Total combined set up for a couple of weeks on the road is 16,500lbs. I have my own design UPPER stableloads (blocks controled by pneumatic cyls that move under the spring pads when in use) and air bags. I do not have lower stable loads and dont think I will ever need them The goal is the have ALL the different springs working together for the best ride and control. When it comes to camper the higher COG is helped by a wider footprint, duallys will do better than SRW. I will second that too much air in the air bags will.make the truck feel top heavy. I know a lot of people that have taken their truck and camper to automotive spring places and had custom spring packs made up.
  8. I talked to B&W a while ago and the said there have nmbeen no changes to the head design as far as capacity goes sence the first design.
  9. We might do the same this year, maybe Mesa Verdi also. We go as soon as school is out. Seems to be a little cooler then. Last year it was TOO cool.
  10. I am off that weekend. Might be able to make it.
  11. Did you try the vacuum tool to refill the coolant? I have hear d that there are a lot of newer vehicles need to refill this way as there is no way to "burp" out the air pockets. I have one if you dont.
  12. I think you can get by with just doing a relative compression test at this point. Disable the ignition, easiest way is to disconnect the primary side of the coil. Crank the engine over and listen for any change in engine speed as it cranks over. If you have low compression on one of the cylinders the rpm will change when that cyl is on compression stroke. If it cranks over nice and steady you PROBABLY don't have a problem with compression. I still would take #1 spark plug out and get it to TDC and check how close the timing marks are. Another way is to loosen the distributor hold down and start the engine. move the distributor till you get the highest RPM, then retard the timing back so you loose about 100 RPMs, check the timing with a timing light as see where you are at, you probably be around 15 to 20 BTDC. Do you have access to a vacuum gage?
  13. It will be a while before we head back over the mountains Mike, but would love to stop by again and drop off some stuff if it worked out. I might be making a trip to Tacoma this week so might be able to make it up to Kelley's.
  14. I will be the SOB (some other brand)
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