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  1. Ben its hard to see but the weight rating should be on the yellow tag, its in small print so you have to look hard for it. You can also get the model number from the yellow tag and do a search. This is the tag, the capacity is right next to the model and serial numbers in fine print. Did some more looking, your tag is different, the rating is still there just at the top, second box. I am sure you found it by now. O believe all of this series tirltches are 20,000 GTWR
  2. This is a newer companion with a nice cover in West linn for $550, might be able to grt it for $500 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4128722790490751/?ref=facebook_story_share
  3. This is way over priced and too far to go but it is a newer one that (should) have stifferners that fit into to corigations of the bed. My one problem with the companin hitches is 100% on the hitch weight goes onto the bed, and with the size or the footprint of the companion hitch it can deform the bed slightly and have some pivot type movement. The older companion hitched has much smaller feet. The newer ones are wider and with the stiffeners they distribute the load better so not as much of a problem. I put plywood down under my 2005 to give a little more surface area, but
  4. You can find used companion hitch for cheap, just make sure you get one of the newer ones. I can show you what to look for. Usually a couple for sale for under $600
  5. For your year of truck that is what I would do.. a B&W turn over ball hitch and a companion. That are a few other hitch options, like the Reese Goosebox or the Anderson gooseneck adaptor. Of there teo I would go with the Goosebox, it it would work with your 5th wheel trailer
  6. I think the factory plucks started in 2013, so not sure if a 2012 would have the factory system
  7. I have a 20,000lbs GTWR B&W Hitch for the newer Rams with the factory puck system $500
  8. I installed a Compustar in my 3006 F350, it really wasn't bad after a found a great wire diagram with wire locations. If anyone does there own install I did buy the little programmer to set all the different parameters on the compustar products
  9. The first time a factory exhaust brdke appeared was in 2011 with the 6.7. It, like the Rams, needs to be turned on at each start. It is not anywhere near as string as the Cummins, but it does a good job of controlling speed and drowning down, just needs a lot on downshift to keep engine RPMs high
  10. I just saw a full set of 4 aluminum and 2 steel with good tires off a 2020 Ram. $1,650. In Oregon City. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/293038512021545/
  11. It sounds like he was talking about a dual mass flywheel, how it "absorbs" the speed ups and slow downs power to compression strokes of the diesels
  12. The lower support bar added one more 1/2" bolt at the lower part of the bracket. I needed to lower the tow bar mont as low as practical for a flat tow bar angle
  13. The frame stiffeners, a total of 4 that beef up the flange where the factor tow hooks mounted
  14. The plan for our Hummer h3 has been to set it up to tow behind our truck/camper. I got a great deal on a tow bar and brake unit, but needed the brackets for the Hummer. I looked at a few and for over $400, I figured I can do it myself. Made frame reinforcement brackets and new front tow hook mounts to replace the factory ones, these will also hook up to the Towmaster Sterling tow bar and winch mount. The top of the brackets are for mounting a winch plate
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