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  1. Someone just posted on another site that for the 2019 model year you can get 3.73 gears with non duallys. Is this true? Did ram finally give people an option other than 3.42 gear ratio on the diesel non dudllys?
  2. St Helens auto center has a lot of Ford trucks at close to $10,000 off MSRP. you can look on line at what they have. Not trying to talk you into any thing, just believe everyone should give all the trucks a look if buying new, they are all so close, they all deserve a look at.
  3. Have you looked at any Fords. I have to say I really like mine. The 2020 will have a new 7.3 gas that looks like it will have some decent output numbers for towing. It will also have a new 10 speed transmission. Wont get the MPGs of the Diesel, but with $8,000 to $9,000 less in initial costs, it might work for people who dont drive there truck every day.
  4. Before you commit to a stick shift you should drive any of the newest automatics. I was a die hard manual guy myself, but I tell you it takes out a lot of the chore of city driving, and without a doubt it is faster accelerating. On curvey mountain roads it is nice to be able to use both hands on the steering wheel. Most of the newer autos have some type of manual mode that let's you control the up and down shifts.
  5. Bob V

    Working on the camper

    Got the duct made and installed. The top ostrimmed out, had to put more gap between the duct and the wood because the duct get HOT! All that is left is the access holes for the controls on the left side a cord stotage/access on the right. I have some parts comming for triming out the access holes, should be here tomorrow
  6. Bob V

    My turn to get hit

    The body shop estimate was pretty low, only about $300 . That includes a broken bumper trim piece that I didnt see before. They thought the bad spot would buff out. I buffed on it some by hand with a very light compound and it is really hard to see, I think that after the clear bra is on no ond will know it was there but me. I am sure if I really looked I could find other flaws in the paint that are worse. I would also be worried about the paint mach is it was repainted. I have heard that this white with the heavy pearl is had to match. So I think I am better off leaving it as is.
  7. Bob V

    Working on the camper

    Very happy so far, and have dlsome ideas on how to make the duct work. The nice thing about modifying RVs is that it is very easy to meet the craftsmanship level of the OEM.
  8. Been wanting to permently mount an electric fireplace in our Eagle Csp 1200 camper. Still need to make up the heater outlet ductwork. It will be just above the fireplace
  9. Bob V

    My turn to get hit

    Got the call from his insurance and they are accepting falt. Need to take it in tomorrow to get an estimate. I called the clear bra place and it was $529 to remove and replace.
  10. As much as I loved the Rams I owned, there is so much I dont miss. Sence 2003 the factory Ford low pressure system fuel systems have been very reliable.
  11. Bob V

    My turn to get hit

    Had the truck almost a year, other than the bed liner, this is the first damage to the truck in any form
  12. Seems like we have had a few auto accidents lately. I had one today on our way home from Vacation, made us late for a birthday party. I was fueling um my truck when all the sudden I felt it move. I turn around to see a large motor home taking a turn too sharp in front of my truck. I yell at him, and he said "I stopper before I hit your truck" I replied LIKE H you did! Of course I am pissed. He parks his rig then starts to tell me that he want talk to me till I calm down, I tell this is as calm as I am going to be for now. So far it LOOKS like it just tore up the clear bra I had put on the bumper and the lower front fender flair right after I bought it., but cant tell for sure. The guy starts to say "let me take care of this what do you need? I say it hard to tell right now, need to get a good look at it. He said "ho about $100?" Now I start to get upset again. I say it cost me $500 to have the clear bra installed, so its going to be more than $500. he said I am not going to give you that much, how about $150? As you could guess I am getting mad, but staying calm and talking nicely. I knew nothing good will come of it if I get too mad. I ask for his information and he said he cant find the insurance or registration. I tell him I think we just need to call the police and help get this resolved. long story short, he did find his info, he admitted that I was parked and he ran into me to the officer. I got the officer name and number along with a person from the gas station that witnessed it. counting my wife who seen the hole thing, I have 3 good witnesses so I don't think he can change his story. So now the fun begins.
  13. Bob V

    Fifth wheel damage

    Good job getting it shut off quickly.
  14. Bob V

    Fifth wheel damage

    Soory to hear, and see Joe! A scary place to be hit. A ruptured propane tank or hose break could have made for a very bad situation.