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  1. We got the camper loaded up then the inlaws decided to come slong also. Sisters OR. Beautiful yesterday snow(?) Today.
  2. Insted of just getting the weight off the hitch, you have to get the weight off the hitch then raise another 3 to 4 inches to get above the ball to unhook. Again, not saying it cases a problem, but more time and more raising and lowering to front jacks
  3. We talked a little about the Anderson hitch on another site. One THEORY is that because the trailer now needs to be raised up much higher to clear the ball the front trailer jacks have a shorter life span. If you think about the 5th wheel only needs to be raised enough to take thr load off the hitch. On the Anderson you have to take the load off the hitch AND raise another 4" or so, then back down to level, then, back up to clear the ball again. For sure a LOT more jack movement and more time to hook snd unhook.
  4. It's hard to tell by the pictures but it looks like that bolt is installed incorrectly. Usually it comes in from the other way and there is a jamb nut that holds it in place. There are so meny brands out there I can't keep them all stright. What truck and what trsiler is this on?
  5. Let me know. Happy to help. What brand is the hitch?
  6. If the spring bars are almost touching then you should pivot the head down a little. Do you have a button or adjustable bolt to adjust the head tilt? The button you beed to take the head off and add/remove washers to set the tilt. The bolt style you can loosen the head bolts and adjust the tilt by turning the bolt. I am in Rainier OR. A bit North of you but I can help you if needed.
  7. I had to delete my first responce becase I didn't fully read your post. I am not a fan of the way the adaptor to the trailer is attached. All the hitch weight goes on the tips of 4 set screws. I do see that a used one of these is for sale on a Facebook sales page in Oregon city $425.
  8. In my opinion the best way to do it is at a closed weigh station. This way you KNOW what you actually have. First step would be to have to empty truck front and rear axle weights, then the trucks axle and retailer axle weights with the trsler connected and no equlizer bars. The calculate how much extra weight is in the truck rear axle and how much weight was LOST on the front axle. then figure how much of that weight you want transfered to the front axle and the trailer axles. The shortcut is to know just to trucks front axle weight with and without the trailer.
  9. what kind of hitch do you have?
  10. If anyone has priced the beauty rings and caps thay are not cheap. With them included (if in good shape) this can be a really good deal. $100 ea for wheel, tire, ring, and cap.
  11. Not mine but just saw a posting near me, 6 steel wheels with good tires with beauty rings and caps off a 2015 truck for $600. Not a bad buy if someone is looking. I can look at them for whoever is interested.
  12. Ben its hard to see but the weight rating should be on the yellow tag, its in small print so you have to look hard for it. You can also get the model number from the yellow tag and do a search. This is the tag, the capacity is right next to the model and serial numbers in fine print. Did some more looking, your tag is different, the rating is still there just at the top, second box. I am sure you found it by now. O believe all of this series tirltches are 20,000 GTWR
  13. This is a newer companion with a nice cover in West linn for $550, might be able to grt it for $500 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4128722790490751/?ref=facebook_story_share
  14. This is way over priced and too far to go but it is a newer one that (should) have stifferners that fit into to corigations of the bed. My one problem with the companin hitches is 100% on the hitch weight goes onto the bed, and with the size or the footprint of the companion hitch it can deform the bed slightly and have some pivot type movement. The older companion hitched has much smaller feet. The newer ones are wider and with the stiffeners they distribute the load better so not as much of a problem. I put plywood down under my 2005 to give a little more surface area, but
  15. You can find used companion hitch for cheap, just make sure you get one of the newer ones. I can show you what to look for. Usually a couple for sale for under $600
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