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  1. Long story shortened, I found some 2007 Ram dually wheels, tires, caps and rings on a Facebook page for $300. They won't be off the truck till next week but I am first in line for them, if anyone wants them I will let them have my spot and pick them up. They are in Shelton WA. The pics I have seen looks like they are in good shape. If any of you have priced the caps and rings you know this is good buy. Please let me know if you are interested.
  2. I tell prople that a SRW can make using a camper no fun.. you dread the thought of traveling and you might make excuses NOT to use it. Then you loose part of your vacation time fighting your truck insted of enjoying the drive. I love backroads and seeing the true country. Which my set up I can enjoy the drive. I tried to do a SRW with a big Lance. It was not fun and always felt like you where on the edge, no room for error. F450 WITH 19.5 tires even at over 17,000lbs on just the truck it feels solid as a rock, ready for any situation. I know some must stay w
  3. We can hope he did learn a lesson. He isn't the only one, seen lost of signs that post "you must use you sewer hose" at dump stations. I find it houmrrious when I watch people set up: water, power AND the sewer hose as soon as the get there. My sewer hose is only out when I need to dump. If the facility has both site and a seperate dump station i use the dump station. No need to dump my tanks wher e my neighbors front yard is. The separate dump station also allows for me to hook up a hose for thf black water flush system. I will admit i would be tempted to
  4. Hoss, we put 200 watts on our camper and the same charge controller. If in the sun I have gotten close to 170 watts out of it. I bought the solar panels on line from Home Depot of all places, and that same controller in the kit you posted, a less expencive PWM type insted of the mppt. My feeling is the PWM is fine for most and n easy upgrade to MPPT later. At the time we did ours I could get another 100 watt pannel for the same price as the controller upgrade. I had under $200 in mine becase the pannels where on sale, they are grape solar if i remember correctly
  5. Thst was the great thing about this, it has its own Jimmy Diesel!
  6. need some honest feedback, is this too much winch for my truck? Will it fit in a buckstop bumper without too much modifications? https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/hvo/d/hayward-diesel-powered-waterfall-winch/7147120268.html
  7. These are torklift, I cant find your number, text me snd I can send you a pic and his number 503 396 0572
  8. I asked him to send me a pic to my phone. They are still available and said everything is there. Is 16 snd 28 the same?
  9. There is a set for a 2016 in Vancouver for $200, but it lookd like parts of the rears are missing in thr pic. Its on a Facebook page.
  10. thanks all. It was a healthful drive with no rush and an easy pace. Never had anyone behind us. Not bad at all, I didnt think it was any worse than any other pass i have been on. Much easier than rattlesnake ridge in NE OR/SE Wa. Or 197 out of Mapin
  11. With the camper I would stay with the dually. Even a light camper is way more stable with a dually. Its a lot of money, and I went through a simular decission recently. I didn't want to retire and have a truck with 200,000 miles on it. After retirement I can not get another truck, so I got one now and the payment will be gone when I retire, and I will have under 100,000 miles and have the complete history of the truck.
  12. we are considering taking hwy 12 tru Idaho on our way to three forks Montana. Has anyone taken this road? Will be my big camper and a 24' travel traler behind it. Will be about 12.5' height. Looks like a beautiful drive, but don't want to loose too much time.
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