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  1. You are going to LOVE that car................we got our 2002 Jetta TDI about three years ago and have never gotten less than 43 mpg................and hit a high of 57 one road trip to Seattle. Great fun as well...........at least with a 5 speed. Congrats!
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  3. 3.54 gears.................315/75/16 tires................hence it is naturally a 'lugger'. I don't get over 1750 rpm till I'm up around 65. So I'll likely only let it go in OD till I'm over 60 or so. I'll drive it by feel in regards to that. Thanks ALL for the input.
  4. You can see by my signature what I'm running for power adders...............and yes, it is the stock HY-9 turbo, so I know that's the real issue here but.............love it for 99% of my driving. I was pulling my Springdale 266 (about 7500 lbs loaded) up highway 30 hills heading to the Long Beach peninsula this weekend - Smarty on 8, Drag Comp on 3 at times, and coming up some of the bigger hills EGT's got up near 1200, so I backed the Comp down to 1 and managed it by slowing down a bit. So I'm thinking for heading up over Mt Hood that it may be wise to program Smarty to 9 (or 7 or
  5. Had our maiden voyage in our Springdale 266RL this past weekend, towed NICE.............. Question for the experts (since my experience is pulling a 2000 lb tent trailer that you barely noticed was back there) - do any of you drive in overdrive on the flats? Trailer weighs about 7500 lbs 'wet' and tho I have a 'built' tranny I'm uncomfortable putting it in OD. Wise? Or just chicken? :-) TIA
  6. Looks like we're going to be getting a travel trailer pretty soon..................and with that the need for flip out towing mirrors comes to mind. If I remember right, there are factory ones (at least I think I saw them on a 2002 I looked at a few years back) - any input? If not factory then what other sources? Any ideas on cost? And how to do the swap out? Hope the heated mirror function and electrically adjustable would work. TIA
  7. Not mine but a friend of a friend has a pretty large supply of canola oil for sale. He's got 14 totes available. Specs are: 7.2 lbs per gallon 291.66 gallons/ tote 2100 lbs. per tote His contact info - Bill Wheeler 503-348-2111 billw@tbfoods.com Contact him directly. I'm only passing on the info.
  8. I bought the Geno's Garage seat covers (about $120 I think) - it's kind of a denim (charcoal color) material. Good but I'd prefer more cushion/softer material. Problem with our trucks is (not sure if it's the same for 1st Gens) is the seatbelt comes THROUGH the seat cover so we can't add just any type of seat cover. If you or anyone know of sheepskin covers that are able to work on a 2nd gen please let me know.
  9. Has anyone put in a pop up type sunroof in a 2nd gen with the trip computer/remote case/sunglass holder? Looks like it's marginal to start the install just at the end of the sunglass holder...............but maybe someone here did it. Any pics would be appreciated.
  10. The RS9000's on the front of my Ram are WAY hard to adjust..............and seems one of the knobs is stripped. What is the configuration behind it? A slot to maybe get a screwdriver on to adjust them? Any help is appreciated................... TIA
  11. Put a set of Rancho RS9000 XL's on the rig along with a set of Skyjacker D25's with stock rear springs. What settings have you guys found to be your favorite for general driving? Front? Rear? Started with front at 5 and rear at 1...........figuring the rear doesn't need much damping with the stiff stock springs.
  12. I've got about 110K on my '01 and was going to flush and fill the cooling system soon. Hoses look great............but was wondering if there is a recommended interval to replace them. Or how many miles you've gotten out of your original set. TIA
  13. Just got back from a trip from Portland to Bellingham..........overall average for the trip with the A/C on was 52 mpg including a fair amount of in town running around. '02 with a 5 speed here. My '01.5 Ram just registered 20.6 mpg (hand calculated) on a trip to Sunriver running over Mt. Hood with A/C on and loaded to the gills with people and bed full of stuff. Gotta love diesels.
  14. I've run 2 sets of BFG All Terrains for the past 4 years in size 315/75/16 on 8" wide Centerline Hellcats..............great mileage out of them (over 40K first set) and love them.
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