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  1. gonzo 1066

    2001 5.9 Cummins engine

    5.9 24v engine. Has 40,000 miles on it. This is a block, crank, rods and pistons. Scored piston, no block damage, Asking $500 Bob three six 0 Nine 88 two 401 Sumas Washington
  2. gonzo 1066

    24 v injectors.for sale

    I have 12 24v stock injectors to get rid of. I have no idea if they are worth $49 or $200 just need them gone.
  3. gonzo 1066

    New truck def gauge

    The DEF gauge on my 2013 3500 says full all of the time now. I have not had to add any for about 2000 miles of heavy towing.
  4. gonzo 1066

    03 to 09 RAM GN hitch

    as far as I know that hitch only fits 03-09 trucks.
  5. gonzo 1066

    03 to 09 RAM GN hitch

    That would be fun.
  6. gonzo 1066

    03 to 09 RAM GN hitch

    This is a flush mount hitch.. I had 3 of them in my own 3500 trucks and sold more than a dozen. I like them because of a simple installation and they are VERY strong. The ball couples like a air hose (balls and a collar) This hitch is one I ordered for a customer, he changed his mind so I am stuck with it. http://rodoc.com/trucks/una-goose-trailer-hitches/
  7. gonzo 1066

    2004 - What to look for?

    I put 150,000 towing miles on my 04.5 I had lift pump issues, but that was about all. EGTs tend to run high on the stock engine (1450) but that seems to be OK.
  8. gonzo 1066

    03 to 09 RAM GN hitch

    I have been busy building a pulling tractor... Competed in Wisconsin... AND WORKING.
  9. gonzo 1066

    03 to 09 RAM GN hitch

    Selling a new in the box UnaGoose GN hitch.. Asking $410 Bob Grenzow \HITCH IS SOLD!
  10. gonzo 1066

    2016 Ram EGR Delete

    I have been very happy with my 13 ram.. 45000 towing miles no issues at all.
  11. gonzo 1066

    4bt cummins expedition

    Dave stopped by this week.. GREAT job on the conversion. Kind of got the wheels turning..
  12. gonzo 1066

    4bt cummins expedition

    NICE work Dave... Hope to see it sometime...
  13. gonzo 1066

    Sublimity pulls, Saturday 9-12-15

    I was there Thursday-Friday-Saturday. Great time, lots of iron,lots of smoke. The pull committee had a BBQ for the Mod pullers every night. Salmon-Crab-Corn-Pork and Beef loins. Great group of folks. I am still recovering from staying up till 1:30am two nights.
  14. gonzo 1066

    Truck and tractor pulls

    A shot of the big green tractor laying down a monster pass.
  15. gonzo 1066

    NEW (to me) Diesel lawn tractor

    I have a small Garrett charger from a JD 1.7L diesel.. If you want to try it.