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  1. I have not run codes yet, I am going to start isolating injectors to see if there is a faulty one. The fuel pressure blockoff is coming tomorrow. Hope between these two tests I will get closer to the problem.
  2. I have a 2007 5.9 in the shop with hard or no start issues (most of the time) It has the in tank stock lift pump, It seems to flow a lot of fuel with the line after the fuel filter disconnected I test about 9psi at the engine. Is that typical?
  3. NOT a filter filler here. Just for kicks start your cummins with the oil pressure line off.. It will squirt oil to the celing of your shop so quick you wont believe it (dont ask how I know this) Lots of oil in a fraction of a second LOTS and LOTS of oil.. IMHO
  4. I have a friends 2007 Dodge Cummins in the shop. The fuel lift pump does not always come on, Is this most likely a pump problem or a switch problem.. First thing to look at? It only starts hard when the pump does not come on.
  5. The bore was in very nice shape when I removed the burned piston. HOWEVER is has sat for over 6 years. I would not put it back into service without a through cleaning of the block. I would also lightly hone all cylinder bores and install new rings. I am positive that a shadetree mechanic could get by with less. This is a true 40.000 mile engine, it did tow nearly 100% of the miles on it. I appreciate the discussion on this block, however I am selling not only the block and crank but also my word. IF the buyer would find any reason to reject the block, I would gladly refund the purchase price.
  6. 5.9 24v engine. Has 40,000 miles on it. This is a block, crank, rods and pistons. Scored piston, no block damage, Asking $500 Bob three six 0 Nine 88 two 401 Sumas Washington
  7. I have 12 24v stock injectors to get rid of. I have no idea if they are worth $49 or $200 just need them gone.
  8. The DEF gauge on my 2013 3500 says full all of the time now. I have not had to add any for about 2000 miles of heavy towing.
  9. as far as I know that hitch only fits 03-09 trucks.
  10. This is a flush mount hitch.. I had 3 of them in my own 3500 trucks and sold more than a dozen. I like them because of a simple installation and they are VERY strong. The ball couples like a air hose (balls and a collar) This hitch is one I ordered for a customer, he changed his mind so I am stuck with it. http://rodoc.com/trucks/una-goose-trailer-hitches/
  11. I put 150,000 towing miles on my 04.5 I had lift pump issues, but that was about all. EGTs tend to run high on the stock engine (1450) but that seems to be OK.
  12. I have been busy building a pulling tractor... Competed in Wisconsin... AND WORKING.
  13. Selling a new in the box UnaGoose GN hitch.. Asking $410 Bob Grenzow \HITCH IS SOLD!
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