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  1. I just want to borrow one to be able to get the trailer home. Once its home I'll buy a goose box.
  2. Looking at buying a used 26-29ft 5th wheel, still searching for the right one . If someone has a companion hitch that I could borrow, it would be much appreciated.😁 I'm located down in south seattle west of the sea tac airport. Thanks scott
  3. If anyone is heading down to or through oregon city and dont mind picking up a set of brakes I have lined up.
  4. Picked up my truck up last weekend from John and drove it home 310 miles, with zero problems. It's nice to have the firm shifts again, especially going into od. Night and day difference from the way it was to now and only wish I would have found Dynamics trans last year ago before spending all my time and money at seatac transmission. John did a great job on building the trans, and spent a lot of time going over failed parts and operation. He is one of the last few guys out there that can actually build a great transmission for diesel trucks,
  5. Yes, but the master kit came from dtt and had the exact same parts that was coming out of the trans. It wasn't the parts that failed either it was how they were installed. Russ, I also would have stayed and watched Jon build mine, but had to head home. He will have it done on Tuesday and ready to go. I watched Bill from dtt build mine back in 2006.
  6. Here is my update on this shop for the 3rd time. I had a refresh on mine last September and now 4k miles later the transmission has been in that shop 3 times and a total of 7.5 weeks. Beginning of the month it left me stranded on hwy 2 while towing my trailer camping. The trans has been rebuilt 3 times now and when I went to check on it they say it overheats and gets hot quick. I had 140k miles on this trans with no issues and never got hot once. The truck is now on a flat bed getting towed to Spokane to Dynamics Transmission to have the trans rebuilt again. After 2 email and no reply, I c
  7. The owner Dave is a very knowledgeable guy and they do work for stock application.
  8. I had mine refreshed in September and I supplied the master rebuild kit and new converter. The truck was back in there last month with 3k on rebuild and needed to be redone again. The overdrive seal wasn't installed correctly, and cooked the clutches. The converters they use are really costly, especially the one that will hold more than 500 hp , which they have only installed 1 of them and that was last month. I went with DPC diesel performance converters out of Georgia. Phils the man and he makes a great converter and excellent customer service. Also, be prepared for them to have yo
  9. Recently did a refresh and a new converter on my 48 re that was orginally done by Bill at DTT and had 140k on it. The new converter is a tripple disc instead of a single and way too tight. Looking for some help on removing the old converter and installing the new one since Iv'e never R/R this transmission myself. Also, having my neck and back fused dosen't help much either. I have a garage and some tools but no trans jack.. If anyone wants or can help, it would be much appreciated.
  10. I checked all boost clamps and they all were tight. I borrowed tires from skyking and put them on yesterday. So far it's looking like the 35" tires were the issue. I'll know once I get a tank or 2 ran through, but still hard to believe since I had 33" tires before changing to the 35s.
  11. Nope new injectors, not smoky and crankcase oil is not over full, no fuel in oil.
  12. My rail pressure guage shows normal, like 7k at idle and 22 -24k getting on it. Other than the recent drop of mpg, nothing else has changed and I have been running the same equipment for 10 years.
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