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  1. Drooling Piston

    Sled pulls at Skagit Speedway!

    it looks like it would be fun to watch! unfortunately, I already have a prior commitment for that weekend. Is this an annual event? that I/we could make a plan to attend next year?
  2. Drooling Piston

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    Well I decided it was time to do something. Good or Bad I had a smaller oil feed line made up with #4 hose and the #6 fittings to mate up with everything else I had already plumbed in there. After a few short test runs, all looked fine, no oil leaks and it didn't smoke the turbo due to a lack of oil. I thought about asking on this forum if anyone needed something hauled over the pass, but, what if I had a break down or whatever was being hauled wasn't very heavy, so I didn't post anything but took off on a test run by myself with no other time constraints or expectations. Sunday morning I put tools, coveralls, boost boots, hoses, clamps, jacks etc in the truck, loaded 3 yards of sand into the dump trailer and set out on a test run. I stopped at the Federal way truck scale on I-5, about 6am, while they were closed, and weighed my truck & trailer. combined gross weight was 17,780lbs. up hywy 18 over Tiger mountain, up I-90 over snoqualime pass, the other climb out of Cle Elum, I think its called Rye Grass, turned south on hywy 82 for Yakima, with 3 more 2500ft elevation climbs, back to the west on hywy 410, over White pass to I-5 and back to Tacoma. I pushed her hard and didn't let her get under 60mph up each climb and 65-68mph everywhere else (that I could, depending on traffic), using the exhaust brake on the way back down those hills. The trip was about 360 miles. The only trouble I had was a tire blew out on the dump trailer. Reducing the volume of oil, to that one turbo, fixed its oil leak issue.
  3. Drooling Piston

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    I've never thought about it and don't know for sure, but I would assume there is pressure inside the exhaust housing as well as back upstream for the whole exhaust. The VGT is not what is leaking though. No, I haven't tried to watch what might come out of the oil filler cap while driving. you mentioned a 3/4 or 1 inch drain line, I used a #10 hydraulic hose and fittings. They are a 5/8 ID. The adapter, that bolts to the bottom of the turbo, and has a #10 male JIC fitting, Looked to be about 1/2 inch ID. The drain hose from the turbo to where it enters the block is nearly a straight fall, with just a slight bend. So, the adapter, on the bottom of the turbo, may be my restriction, at only 1/2" ID. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SG495ST/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07SG495ST&pd_rd_w=uY2jY&pf_rd_p=8a8f3917-7900-4ce8-ad90-adf0d53c0985&pd_rd_wg=MQfmV&pf_rd_r=3BJ3WXMDJGXWXS8RPXXR&pd_rd_r=c379e2f0-8ddb-11e9-bd2f-f9fbdb80feb9
  4. Drooling Piston

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    Oil leaks, both exterior and inside the compressor housing, putting oil into the boost pipes
  5. Drooling Piston

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    I got everything cleaned up. figured out a way to secure an inexpensive boroscope, with its own lights, under the hood pointing at the turbo. This scope has a WiFi transmitter. My son sat in the passenger seat, looking at my I-pad while I drove and put the truck through different scenarios. The oil is coming out of the exhaust side of the turbo and wetting the center section. It seems to be happening under all, higher RPM deceleration, conditions. When consulting the very wise Google. The new working theory is, I need to reduce the volume, of the oil supply to the turbo. There were several threads, on car forums, about this same scenario, happening on deceleration. I used #6 sized hydraulic hose and fittings for the supply and #10 for the drain. Those other forums said when they reduced the size of the supply line down to a #4, the oil leak disappeared. On my build thread, there was discussion about using a "T" or not on the supply line. Since I did use a "T", where 1 port is divided to supply oil to both turbos, I never considered the possibility that I could still be over oiling this turbo.
  6. Drooling Piston

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    Yes, the oil drain goes back into the oil pan above the oil level. Actually, the top turbo (the HX35) drain, is plumbed into the stock drain port, in the block. I have not done anything with the crankcase ventilation, so it is just the stock, road draft tube, that drops down, near the left rear of the engine. When the trailer is pushing me down the mountain, and she is revved up to about 2,000 RPMS, and the exhaust brake is on, the exhaust back pressure can hit 50+ psi of exhaust pressure. I understand your working theory here, and it is only one that makes any sense to me. So, what can I do to . . measure crank case pressure? drill and tap a valve cover and move one of my boost gauge sending units there so I can monitor it while driving? then I can put a 1/8 pipe plug in it when I''m done. or maybe I can drill and tap the #10 JIC 45* elbow at the bottom of that oil drain line, put the sending unit there, then I would see the difference, in oil pressure, in that return hose, with and without the brake on. provide extra venting/breathing? drill a valve cover and put a gas engine style breather on top? and why just the HX35? its drain hose is longer since it is the top turbo. Why not both turbos? I has thought about trying to secure a Go Pro style camera, under the hood, pointing at the turbo, to see if I can get evidence of where the oil is coming from. The spray patterns (and shadows of them) suggest its coming from the center section of the HX35 but I can't recreate it in the driveway. Even if I was sure of where it is coming from, I didn't have a clue as to the why? Especially after having that turbo resealed and rebuilt. Thanks for the reply! it gives me something to think about.
  7. I built a small set of towing compounds with the HX35 over a He351VGT. They are working fine and giving me what I wanted which was quick spool up. With my 13spd tranny I really benefit from the quicker spool up. Anyway, The VGT has an exhaust brake feature in it. When I use it, it seems to cause oil to spew out of the HX35. I took the HX35 out and had it rebuilt at ADP, in Kent. I just came back over Chinook pass with my 11,000lbs camp trailer and there is an oily mess again. Has anyone ever experienced something similar ? Can anyone enplane why this might be happening? Is there, Something about slowing the flow & increasing the back pressure, of the exhaust gas, through the HX35 while still force feeding it some (even though small) amount of air from the VGT, lets oil blow through the seals? Thanks
  8. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    I found it! I've been tinkering and tweaking adjustments. As it turns out, at first I had too weak a spring on the VGT control set up. as soon as I reved her up the air cylinder was over powering the spring (before she made much boost) and was pushing it almost wide open. So my VGT was acting like a big turbo. Late to spool up and little to no exhaust restriction. I think this is why my overall boost numbers have looked lower than they used to with a single turbo. I put a stiffer spring on there and it was holding it closed too far, too long, putting the turbo into the exhaust brake mode. I put on a longer spring that was stiffer, Now, I have the 16-17 hundred RPM spool up I was looking for. and with the little bit of exhaust restriction this added, my boost numbers are back up to what I remembered them to be. I'm much happier with this set up now.
  9. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    Not much. After my truck being out of service for a while, I needed pellets and propane. I hooked up my dump trailer, put some empty propane jugs in the truck, filled up two 24 gallon and three 5 gallon propane tanks, dumped a load of tree trimmings out of the trailer, at the dump, my empty weight on the way out of the dump was 10,000 lbs., bought a pallet of wood pellets (bringing the estimated combined gross weight to 12,000 lbs). Then I ran it up and down the hills, close to my house, from Sumner to Bonney Lake on hywy 410 and then Puyallup fair grounds to the top on hywy 512, before heading home home. She pulled the hills pretty effortlessly, I could accelerate, in the middle of the hills, at will. Gauges showed only 10-15 lbs of boost needed. EGTs looked great. I know pressure is the result of a restriction to flow. If I am remembering correctly, the boost pressure numbers I'm seeing now are actually lower than what I used to see. I didn't think adding a second turbo opened up the exhaust, and reduced air flow restriction. I don't see how this project, reduced any restrictions, to increase flow, thus lowering boost pressures? I had set the external waste gate, to open, at about 18 psi, so, that is not even opening yet, at these boost pressures. These numbers surprise me (if i'm remembering correctly). Either way, she is running/pulling real strong.
  10. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    Now that I have driven her a couple times, made a few adjustments, and discovered my exhaust pressure gauge has officially retired. I can say I didn't quite get what I was hoping for. It was a fun project and I'm glad I did it. It kept me at home and tinkering for the last couple months. I will have to replace my exhaust pressure gauge before I can effectively do much more tuning. Tightening up the external waste gate or VGT controls could add to higher drive pressures. That would show me higher boost pressures but wouldn't necessarily mean better flow of air in and out of the engine. I was hoping to get a few pounds of boost quicker and lower in the RPMs, so that after each shift, or when cruising around at 1700 RPMs (not loaded) there would be more willingness to really "take off" from that point. It does feel a little peppier in that range, than it did before, but not ready accelerate hard. Where I do really feel the difference is at or above 2,000 RPMs. When you stab the throttle while she is up there, she pulls hard and fast. Since I built this primarily as a towing rig, when needing any amount of pulling power, I drive her in the 2000-2300 RPMS range. Since that's where the power comes on, I think it will do me well for that. I'm still a few months away from any planned trips, towing over a mountain pass, I expect it will feel much more effortless to do so, assuming the boost air temps are NOT considerably higher.
  11. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    You are right about that! I don't know why is was leaking around the compressor wheel but now it has stopped. Maybe an older seal, that sat on a shelf for a few years, needed some run time to get moistened up and start sealing again? I ran her like this several times and didn't see any more oil. https://www.facebook.com/joe.barczak/videos/2202571479807577/
  12. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    When tearing into things to find the reason for the oil leak, this sure scared me. I thought the turbo seal has let go and was slinging oil from behind the compressor wheel. What I did find was, I missed a piece of the old gasket on the oil drain adapter surface. I cleaned everything real good, put her back together to this point, and started her up to recheck for a leak. I didn't see any. I'm not sure how an external leak on the outside, allowed oil to get to this point on the inside? I finished putting her together, this copper line comes from the exhaust manifold, goes to a small finned cooler the rubber lines goes from the cooler to a filter (the black tube with the white arrow), the goes to a T, with a drain on the bottom, on top is another T, the rubber hose on the left goes to the air cylinder to push the VGT open, the other side goes to a pressure sending unit, so I can monitory the back pressure in the exhaust. Put the front tires on and took her for her first drive. Conditions were not great, 38*, raining and more traffic than I wanted on the highway. At first I didn't feel much difference. Then I realized with the extra air she will need some more fuel. I flipped the switch on "idiot" mode on the AFC Live 2, coming back up the hill, on hwy 512 by the puyallup fair grounds, doing about 65mph, at 1800 RPMs, I stabbed it to the floor and she broke the tires loose. That surprised me. To slow down the acceleration, I will hook up my dump trailer, put a ton of wood pellets in there and doing some driving around. then I can tune the AFC Live and get a better feel for how things are going to work.
  13. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    She finally made noise and smoke yesterday. after idling in the garage for a few minutes, I noticed some oil on the floor. It looks like the oil return, on the top turbo has a pretty good leak. I used JIC (or AN) #10 adapter and hose fittings. I can't rotate the return hose at all, so I don't think I left the fitting loose. anyway, it will require pulling intermediate boost pipe, final boost pipe and HX35 compressor housing off to get under there and see what is going on or put a wrench on that fitting. The adapter, that mounts to the turbo, and has the male JIC #10 fitting sticking out, is a pretty light weight aluminum part. I wonder if it has a crack? From what I can see, the oil is not coming out from between the adapter and the turbo. I'll get on it this weekend.
  14. Drooling Piston

    oil supply for a 2nd turbo

    Thanks for all your input!
  15. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    I got a little more done this weekend. the air cylinder that will be the actuator in installed and has the boost line plumbed to it. I put oil & coolant in it and pressure tested the cooling system. No Leaks. Installed the air filter box & intake piping. Re-routed the battery cable down to the starter (that is on this side). Things are getting pretty crowded now. I still want to install these, to cool & filter the exhaust gas that will go to the other end, of the air cylinder to push the VGT open and go to a pressure sending unit, to monitor my exhaust back pressure.