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  1. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    Maybe that was because the old screeming, detroit, road oiler was so loud. this one does sit beside me
  2. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    When not towing or hauling, I leave it in high range and drive it like a 5 speed till I get up to speed on the highway, then click it up to OD, where she runs about 1750rpms for 70mph
  3. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    yep, I brushed in bed liner on the floor, added dyno matting insulation everywhere. It is still noisy. I would swap it out for a newer 13 spd, that has finer cut gears to quiet things a bit but, nothing else has this much OD ratio. this has a 0.87, 0.75 and 0.62, most newer 13 spd trannys top gear is only a 0.87 or maybe 0.85. there is no room for a bigger pinion gear in the dana 70 to go taller than the 3:54 gears back there. and though I've never had one, I just don't trust a gear vender type OD unit. I have compensated for some of the noise with tire size. My primary highway towing gear is 8th direct or 12th, when the splitter is in the OD position it is much louder.
  4. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    After breaking the automatic tranny & getting price quotes for a “durable” rebuild, that I didn’t expect to like the way it shifts either, this seemed cheaper and I expected to like it better. It is great for towing, but I never expected how loud it was going to be with gear whine in the cab.
  5. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    6 turbos! I would love to!!! even just for the fun of talking about it and how it all works. But, it looks like the turbos & piping take up more room than the rest of the engine i guess if you don’t want a hood or right fender you might have enough room for it all.
  6. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    A 220 volt Miller wire feed that I bought new about around 1995. This was the first project I built with that welder. When the kids were young and we towed the camp trailer behind this, they hadn't invented toy hauler camp trailers yet,
  7. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    I felt like I didn't make much noticeable progress this weekend. first I noticed that where I thought the waste gate actuator was going to be located won't give me enough room to route the 1 1/2" pipe from it, back into the intermediate exhaust pipe. I cut the spacer elbow apart, tried rotating it and tack welded it back together. I made another twisty brace, and welded a bolt onto the flange for it to mount to. I took everything back off the truck, extracted 3 studs, ran a tap down through those holes, and reinstalled longer studs. while I had the tap out, I ran it into all the manifold holes to clean them up. did some hopefully, final trimming on the lower turbo, exhaust inlet flange, cut that piece of pipe as short as I dare, not wanting to crowd wrench access to the mounting bolts, welded on a V-band flange, did some smoothing/porting work inside this piece. While playing with the deburring tool, I did some clean up, champfering and gasket matching on the waste gate piece. drilled, tapped, and installed a fitting in the exhaust manifold, (this will be the source to get exhaust back pressure gases to move the air cylinder controller and to monitor on a gauge), then smoothed it out on the inside. You can also see, in the top left, one of the studs I replace with a longer one. Started cutting and shaping the new, 1 piece lower turbo support brace. This is the point where I ran out of oxygen and no where to exchange a bottle on a Sunday afternoon. I called it quits for the day.
  8. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    I found there really isn't much room under the manifold for this VGT with its 45* cast iron exhaust elbow and my front tranny mount. I can't move it any farther forward due to clearance issues with the oil filter head. I had previously installed a remote oil filter kit, so the filter, and getting to it are not an issue. a view from the top. I can't raise the whole thing up any higher or the exhaust inlet will hit the bottom of the upper turbo. This whole VGT assembly, as pictured, weighs about 55lbs. I don't want to rotate it where the exhaust inlet is out from under the other turbo because any supports or mounts would just have to be that much longer giving the weight of the turbo that much more leverage, that will need to be stabilized. This shows the tight clearance under the top turbo. The low point is actually the waste gate flange. I need to leave enough room to bolt up the waste gate actuator too. This shows swapping the compressor outlet and the intake boot. I still use the stock air filter box. I have swapped it and the battery, so the air filter gets cooler air from around the headlight & core support. This configuration looks like it will be harder to get an inlet tube to line up with the outlet of the air filter. The blue pipe is the old charge air tube going to the air cooler. I know that will need to be modified or replaced. I'm thinking about putting a 90* boost boot at the air cooler and bringing the charge air tube down along the fan shroud where the coolant reservoir is. but that is a concern for later in this project. It will probably depend on how the intermediate boost tube ends up being shaped. I drilled one turbo stud hole all the way through, bolted this piece to the bottom, then tack welded this to another piece that bolts to 2 of the lower manifold bolts. Made this little twisty brace for the front of the turbo. I will have to put longer studs in the VGT & in the manifold, to get a few more threads on these nuts now. and the rear (closer to the flywheel) mount/bracket tack welded together. I will probably end up making new mounts but at least now I have a template for shape, size & bends. I will pay close attention to wrench access as I take this back apart. So I know where I may be able to add stiffener gussets and where it is already too tight. I having big fun so far.
  9. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    Started working out how to support the lower turbo. I didn't have a definite plan, but started by making 2 plates, that each bolt to 2, of the bottom manifold bolts I'm thinking, cut & bend these, so the wide flange I made, for the turbo, will kinda sit and slide onto these like shelves. Hopefully just need a couple bolts to hold it in position. we will see. I was also looking at where the motor mount bolts to the block as well as the 2 small holes on top of the motor mount. I moved on to cutting out a flange to bolt to that turbo. I made it bigger than it needs to be so I have something to weld and /or bolt the support mount to. I ended up making the inside of the flange opening slightly larger than the gasket so there was room to put the exhaust pipe on the inside. While I had the de-burring bit out, I did some gasket matching porting on the inlet of the turbo housing. This was a new 90*, piece of 3" exhaust pipe. But the cutting, bending, squeezing and banging has it looking a little rough here. Test fitting the pipe to the flange. welded together Then I took the de-burring tool to the inside again. When I put this on the turbo, I found I hadn't left enough room for the nuts to fit on the turbo studs, they were hitting the sides of the pipe. more heating, beating and bending this piece of pipe, then welding up and smoothing out any holes that process created. It is really surprising how many hours I have invested in fabricating these parts.
  10. Drooling Piston

    Theory of compound turbos

    A dual action air cylinder. drive pressure plumbed to one end (to push those vanes open), and the other end is plumbed to a pneumatic solenoid that normally lets boost pressure through to balance against the drive pressure, or when I push a button inside, it opens to let on board air pressure (about 90 psi) through to close those vanes to become the exhaust brake. My thoughts, on using it in compounds are, I will plumb an in-line, pressure regulator, on the boost side, set at whatever I want as my max boost. Then any additional drive pressure, will over come the boost (in that cylinder), pushing the vanes full open to dump the rest of the exhaust pressure without driving the turbo any harder. The external and internal waste gates would both be open by now so the top, hx35 should not be pushing any harder at this point either.
  11. Drooling Piston

    Theory of compound turbos

    Yes, you are correct. I want to keep the VGT for the ability to limit overall boost and I have come to really rely on the exhaust brake feature of this turbo. I don’t know the specs or sizes of the different turbos, is an S300 smaller/quicker spooling than the stock HX35?
  12. Drooling Piston

    Theory of compound turbos

    A year plus later and it begins
  13. Drooling Piston

    has anyone converted their srw to a dually?

    This doesn’t mean my “tinkeritus” hasn’t been busy with something else. I started fabricating a set of compound turbos. You can read more about that here
  14. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    Remove turbo, oil lines, piping and manifold. Since I had to do a 2 inch body lift as part of the tranny project, I hoped I would have room to use an older style (non inner cooled, 90*) manifold. With the added height, of the sandwich style, waste gate, the exhaust pipe, coming out of the turbo, was too high and hit the cowling, where the hood seals. pull that back off, install the stock manifold upside down. Stack the waste gate and the turbo on top of that and hang a piece of 3 inch exhaust pipe, with a 90* bend, on the turbo. It looks like there’s is a bunch of room, under the manifold, for the VGT to live. There is not as much as room as I first thought. In addition to leaving room for the air conditioning line to go under the turbo, without touching, and back far enough for the intermediate boost tube behind the alternator, things all of you had to deal with too. My flywheel housing moved the starter to the right side. I don’t want tooo much heat near that. And the exhaust has to go out over the frame rail, before the firewall (not enough room for the exhaust to go down the inside of the frame, with as wide as the tranny is).
  15. Drooling Piston

    Builing a compound set up

    I found something interesting when I turned the oil pan upside down. Im guessing it is my KDP that made it all the way through to the pan without causing me an expensive breakdown. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2056542394410487&set=a.2056541681077225&type=3