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  1. Drooling Piston

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    We were there last year on my wife's birthday, she wants to spend her birthday weekend at the ocean this year. so we won't make this one.
  2. Drooling Piston

    Camping trip this spring/summer?

    Sounds like an interesting trip. my trailer is not a 5er but is still 34 ft long and I have the same trouble getting into places. What time of year or month are you thinking and how long do you (your wife) plan to be gone?
  3. Drooling Piston

    Theory of compound turbos

    Something I've never paid attention to is, how is the lower turbo supported? do you bolt a plate to the side of the block, make your own t-flange for the lower turbo with it sticking out the block side far enough to weld & gusset it to the plate bolted to the block? then connect the hot pipe to that?
  4. Drooling Piston

    Theory of compound turbos

    This sounds interesting. I already have a HE351VGT (84mm exducer and about a 75mm exhaust opening) installed, springs hold it in the closed/small position, a pneumatic cylinder is fed drive pressure to open things up, and on-board air applied to the bottom when I want the exhaust brake feature. I thought I made a good score, when I recently, aquired a newer (red, ISX engine?) Holset VGT, the ID tag is missing so I'm not sure of its model number, I took it apart and measured things, the inducer is about the same size as a HX35 at a 54mm inducer, 82mm exducer, 60mm turbine and the exhaust outlet on the cast housing is equally as small at 56mm. I expected/hoped it to be bigger so, I can picture the theory to set up Dual VGTs, change the top controller/cylinder to be fed with boost pressure let it go full open sooner (15-20psi boost) sending exhaust heat and volume to the bottom turbo to get it spooled up, the bottom VGT could use just a single action pneumatic cylinder set to open at what ever total psi boost I think is my engines safe limit. Does the rule of "2 of the similar sized turbos won't work well" still apply to VGTs?
  5. Drooling Piston

    Theory of compound turbos

    these are great observations to compare to my own experiences! My numbers are very similar to yours on the first 2 scenarios but the last time I came back (westbound) over snoqualmie, when it was 90*, and I had the water injection going, my water temp started creeping up beyond the 220* point. I backed out of it a bit and turned off the A/C.
  6. Drooling Piston

    Theory of compound turbos

    I hadn't thought about how often I have to let off the power to shift. Fortunately, its not that often when pulling a grade, drop a few when it starts to get steep and keep her there for the endurance.
  7. I want to learn more about the theory of compounding turbos. I know there are a lot of smart people on here who have set up compounds and hope you will help educate me. my goal is for a nice towing set up. Picture about 18,000lbs combined gross vehicles weight. I have more fueling available but have my fuel plate slid back a bit so it is not smokey and my current limit is watching my EGT. It seems more air is needed. And it sounds like a fun project to build. Tell me if the following statement is true. the smaller turbo (bolted directly to the exhaust manifold) will spool up quicker, at lower exhaust volumes and give you the boost for your lower fueling/lower RPMs, at a point before this turbo is at the upper limits of its rated CFM, there should be enough volume of exhaust, because of more fuel/higher RPMs, that the larger turbo, which would have felt too laggy by itself, will be spinning fast enough to take over and is pushing air into the intake of the smaller turbo. I need some help with definitions too. which is considered the primary? which is the secondary? I think "turbine" is the wheel on the exhaust side? the compressor wheel is on the clean air side but what is the the difference between the "inducer" and "exducer"? Since any single turbo has to suck air through the air filter and piping before it can shoot it into the charge air system, wouldn't 2 of the same size turbos, set up to be compounding, still give some benefit? one would be pushing air into the other. Just for round numbers and easy math, if they were both rated at 100CFM, would you expect the combined out put to be a usable (not too hot) 150-160CFM? Or would 2 of the same, though offering more air, give you a pretty narrow power band because they would both spool up at the same time/RPM? Thanks in advance for your input!
  8. Drooling Piston

    16th annual Bombers party

    It looks like we will get there around 4pm this afternoon.
  9. Drooling Piston

    Bomb party food list

    I second this. My wife's birthday is Friday the 18th. I can bring a cake to this party. Hoss, do you want/need me to get things like a costco stack of paper/cardboard plates, bag of napkins, box of plastic flatware, solo cups, a case of bottled water? Its not food but, I can bring some lawn games like Ladder ball & Croquet (I usually set this up and play it like goofy golf, the more obstacles the better).
  10. Drooling Piston

    Bomb party roll call

    My wife, Debbie and I are planning to come up, with our camp trailer, Friday afternoon and stay through Sunday morning. I will bring a store bought cake to share with everyone. It is my wife's birthday on the 18th so you might have to sing to get some cake. Let me know if there is anything else I can bring to contribute to the group for the weekend.
  11. Drooling Piston

    16th annual Bombers party

    Now that we are just a few weeks away it seems there should be some other threads, related to this get together, started. How about a northbound Bomber convoy some time Friday afternoon? I haven't made it to one of these weekend camping get togethers before, it sounds like the dinners (is that both Friday night & Saturday night?) are pot luck style. What other food, supplies (like a stack of paper plates, box of plastic utensils, case of soda pop) or donations are needed/wanted? If most of us will have some kind of RV there, Is there a need for a port-a-potty? and a donation to it? I want to contribute something but I'm not much of a cook.
  12. Drooling Piston

    3.08:1 rear end

    You have tickled my interest a little. I'm on vacation right now, let me get back to u in a few days when I get back home.
  13. Drooling Piston

    3.08:1 rear end

    Livingez, if only it was that easy. I would go even taller to something like a 2.75:1. I have plenty of low gears with my 13 speed Trany. Most newer Dana 70 housings won't accept a pinion gear larger than the one that gives u the 3.55 ratio.
  14. Drooling Piston

    3.08:1 rear end

    Thanks for that link Austin!
  15. Drooling Piston

    3.08:1 rear end

    I am hoping u guys can confirm something I was told recently. The early dodges, with the Cummins, had 3.08 rear ends before they came up with a suitable over drive Trany. Is that true? What years would that have been? Was it in both the 2500 and the 3500? Were there any duallys with this gear set? What housing was it in? He said Dana 71. If I could find one, can I expect it to bolt right into my '97 2500? And do u know of one for sale? Thanks