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    How did shawns poor vision turn into me not being able to tell the difference between a 6BT and a 4BT???? I have personally removed the engine from this truck alone more times than a lot of mechanics have done these engines....... I am a freakin expert at this and not in a good way.
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    So shiny!!! Now the reassembly begins
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    Well Mike, since we volunteered you to have a Bomb Party, do you want us to pick the date for it too?
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    That may have already happened.. 35 psi of boost, 900F EGT’s and half throttle. Pretty sure it went clear to overdrive fast!
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    Ya gotta love ( not really) a armchair quarterback. No possitive info or even constructive criticism, just always telling you how you screwed up........ I for one greatly appreciate you putting it all out there for us to watch. It has been a blast watching you build and engineer this project as you go. Keep up the good work and please keep letting us watch!
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    I took Terry to Rufus woods fishing for her birthday since our trip to fish Columbia River salmon got cancelled. We had a great weekend the campground was almost empty and very few people fishing. I would have loved to find some walleye but this is a lousy time of year for fishing them. We caught few decent fish the first couple days and on her birthday Terry got a real treat! I had just got lines in the water when the first pole went off and she brought in a nice 8lb fish and she got that pole back in the water and I was cleaning her fish when the same pole went off again. Before she could get it out of the pole holder it started taking line! She fought it for 10 minutes and I had to beg her to not try to horse it to the boat. The first time she saw it she went nuts! After a couple trips to the boat and a couple runs we got it in the net. She landed a 13lb hog. That was the best birthday present I could have got her. The first couple pictures are the 8lb fish the rest are the big boy.
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    Carl came by tonight and helped me tack the exhaust in it’s final position. Nothing left but filling a couple gaps.🤣 Thanks Carl!
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    Nope, definitly not. The Smith family has just been relegated to third place on our favourite family friends list after the Harris family and the Sappington family. They could drop lower if we get to know any more families.🤣
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    City of Ephrata said this project wasn't permitted and must be removed...... So I have a new location for it....LOL
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    Here's how I look at it. Whether or not I like his products, Gale Banks is no dummy. I like the effort he's putting into this test to try and get what seems like accurate unbiased results. I'll save judgement on his bias until after I see his final results. So far this test doesn't feel like I'm being advertised to or sold something. I hope the last part is the same way. If it turns into "we make this new cover and it tested the best" well then I'll show my typical skepticism. But in the meantime, my opinion on Banks parts and their pricing doesn't invalidate this current testing process.
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    With a crew doing the work you should be free to come up! Just steal a plane and fly up! Too soon?!?!?!?!?
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    #6 and #7.... how did you get them to add an extra cylinder.... nobody has that!!!🤘
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    Well, I registered to take the Rat to Battleground on Friday night for a car show and cruise. I am a little nervous about it but it should be fun. I painted the rear wheels and cleaned them up a bit. I know I said I don’t paint but I liked the red in the front wheels and decided to go with it. Might repaint the front later so the colors match but for now it will work the way it is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The air shut off is fully functional and the speedometer is now working. Put the first 6.8 miles on the odometer today driving down to County line park and back. It felt really good and cruised fine. I need to lower the rear view mirror so I can see what is behind me. I like to see.
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    Great pictures Ben, we all loved our time on the coast and we’re definitely going back. The man says it’s wrong for me to let my 10 and 7 yr old boys take a motorized dinghy out fishing, I say otherwise [emoji867]. A picture from the dinghy of our current camp, for a few days. Not much service here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Totally unnecessary comment. Opinions are like A holes, everyone has one and all of them stink. Have a nice day Robert.
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    Pics as promised. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    Well played Ben...... Well played!
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    My new title is Bob V, Mosquito Slayer.
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    Thanks for the offer Guys but I was giving it some thought last night and i think I am going to buy the one that Mark posted. At the rate I am going I should have one anyhow. Plus, i really hate borrowing peoples stuff. I am always afraid something bad will happen.
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    I stopped at a rest area / weigh scale around Tacoma to make a quick supper. There was parking for around 12 trucks. Finished supper took a walk around the area and crawled into the bunk. Next thing I knew at 4 a.m. 10 hours had passed and my alarm said hurry up and get up before Seattle gets plugged. Guess I was tired,LOL! Off we go and ripped along all the way home... Dumped truck off after fueling and walked into the house as my bride had the coffee fresh made! Perfect timing..
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    Typical Canadian... LOL!
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    We can have a mud pit if you want to run the Challenger through it. 😛 If we do it in the yard I can almost guarantee you will just slide off into highway 4. LOL!
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    You can show up tonight if you want. 😁 It may be a little quiet but I will party with anyone.... til 8:00pm. LOL!