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    Four words: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! All of the aforementioned laws/bills are infringements to our God given right to self defense. Yes, I said God given. It is wired in from birth. Fight or flight.
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    He put in a timbo apps and it works great
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    Ben he did mention hunting and I understand what Cliff is saying that hunting or not is not relevant
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    Bill (Arthur) Allen has left Source Automotive and opened his own shop Pacific Northwest Performance Diesel. I am not sure exactly where the shop is I have just messaged with Bill a little about it. He is a great guy who I am sure will do quality work! I found out about this when I called to order an exhaust from Rip. Best of luck to you Bill!!!!!! Now I have two shops to visit when I get down that way Rip and Bill.
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    Heater box is cleaned up and re installed with a new heater core, evaporator core, and blower motor resistor. I also had to drill out and use some screws to re secure the arms to the plastic door actuators. They had little tabs that were very brittle and broke trying to bend them together to remove the arm. The screws aren't tight on the arm they are just there to keep it from popping off of the little shoulder on the plastic. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    Met up with SRT6 today, he hooked me up with a panel I could wire the whole neighborhood with. I’m going to shrink it down a bit and it should serve me well. Thanks Joel!
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    Doubtful. I don't know that the parent's motor home will be up here to get stuck in your field. Seriously, that is the day before Ivan's birthday and we will likely be moving him off to college right about then. He's accepted in the Aerospace Engineering program at Embry-Riddle in Daytona Beach. As a freshman, he has to show up 2 full week early for orientation but if he get's a NROTC scholarship, I think he has to show up at least a week before that.
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    Hopefully this link works. $1700 complete 12v engine. https://offerup.com/item/detail/616343791/ Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    Steve I had a guy yesterday send me a message over FB about a First Gen for 17K. I told him that's just crazy. He said find me a better truck. I instantly told him about yours.. If your ready to talk to a buyer. PM me the high number and your phone number. I'll pass it to him. Anyone willing to spend 17k on a first gen is who your looking for out of a buyer... LOL
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    Had it all squared away with Rob for borrowing a hay bale or five to sleep on. He pulled the ol' switcharoo. Pretty sure if I didn't sleep in the house, and insisted on the barn, he would have joined me. Good times for sure.
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    Like i said you get what you pay for sure runs so much better. dont go cheap or you will get to do it again.
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    Yes, O-ring are in the plan, and head rebuild as need.
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    The head coming off, I was told cylinder look good, so relieved.
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    1.25" I believe. It is greater than 1".
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    He has a 12’ slide in camper and a Lund fishing boat he loads it up with so I figure in our summer heat he’d be wise to at least monitor trans temp and EGT with that box. I hadn’t thought about a combo gauge Bob, thank you for the generous offer. I’ve convinced him to get a FP gauge as well since he already lost one VP. The combo gauge would allow him to have everything in one pod.
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    Is he looking to add more power as well as gauges? I just went through the same thing with my friends 01. He is not looking for power adders so we went with a fuel pressure and trans temp isspro gauges from Geno's and a pillar mount for them. The monitor with or without programming were not cost effective vs just gauges.
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    I was watching a YouTube channel (Demolition Ranch) and they demo'ed Skif Knives - they were shooting at them and splitting bullets... (The 308 finally broke the knife) They looked expensive, IE Spyderco, Benchmade, SOG and so I checked them out. They arent expensive... I bought a "Sturdy" for $29.99, it was $34 and change to my door. https://skifknives.us/collections/all I'm really impressed! It's made in Ukraine and the quality is outstanding! Time will tell on how the edge holds up but the blade is beefy. Here are a few pictures. My only complaint is its a bit stiff, but I'm sure it'll loosen up with use. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WAAn8Zx9MLPrHyDN9
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    If you bought a Timbo Apps they are adjustable for the voltage. Take a look at his Website.
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    That's a fact, the lives impacted not only of the lady who died and her family but the traumatizing experience for the other driver. The poor dude in that truck has to live with this now and that's not always easy, with respect to that I think it maybe helps if the deceased driver is the one at fault.
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    Oddly enough, '07 is about when the 66 was installed and also the last time I "tuned" the truck. Once you reach perfection, there's no need to change!
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    Comes with as much Lag as you could ever want!
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    This is where I"m at. I keep thinking of selling the 04.5 but the crazy thing is it's my wife who keeps saying don't sell. I now have 3 trucks I'm insuring, her van and a Grand Cherokee my daughter drives. My insurance guy likes me.