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    I am taking Ben and Pat out halibut fishing this morning! Making Ben get up at 3:00 am priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting them out in my boat and heading to Hein bank when the forecast is calling for 3-5 foot seas by 11:00 am even more priceless!!!!! Any bets on which one of them I can make puke first???????? Its going to be a great day!
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    I see I started this thread quite a while ago. After gathering info and parts, I finished this project. With the stay at home orders, I haven't had a chance to tow with it this way yet. I do like her new look. The bed looked pretty good after getting it back from Bates Auto body class. Since I had to run wiring in the fenders for the marker lights, I ran a third wire and put dual function LEDs in there so the side markers blink with the turn signals. I also mounted and wired a strip of LEDs across the back that can be seen below the tailgate but above the bumper. They have marker, turn signal, Brake and back up light functionality. I ended up using Steel wheel spacers in the rear. While the bed was off, I made new mounts/brackets for the fass fuel pump and the electric air compressors. My neighbor helped set the dually bed on the truck, with his tractor. Once this bed was in place, I learned, I wish I would have run a tap through the bed mount bolt holes, before it was on. Using the filler neck from the SRW set up, had it almost horizontal, so I cut it apart, modified it and welded that back together. I didn't want trouble when refueling her. Installing the wheel spacers up front. All 4 wheel spacers have me using the Ford style, hub centered wheels. I relocated the exhaust dump out location, added some little hub caps and there it is.
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    Well,two trips to Alberta under my belt. All is good, feeling better and better all the time. The truck is amazing, the 2020 Kenworth T680 didn’t get detuned before we got it and its set at around 500 hp. The Cummins X15 is really a joy to drive coupled with the Ultrashift 18 spd autoshift. The manual shift option with paddle shift is my selection for most of the time in mountain driving.. I have a Sirius XM radio that plugs into the stereo,so have good tunes all the time as well. Cooking in the sleeper is working out great to keep isolated. I got a Blue Parrot wireless headset last year and that works really nice to keep in contact with home and customers and keep both hands on the wheel . Bluetooth wireless is so good, don’t know what we did before that was invented! LOL! Spring is a great time to see the sights going to Alberta. Lots of wildlife everywhere. Every species now has their new babies with them. I don’t drive at night,pull over at dusk and call it a day. It’s like being a paid tourist most trips! Will try and get more scenery pics the next few trips where I have room to stop. I generally leave early in the mornings and that gives me a relaxing ,non hurried pace to get there and deliver the next day. My other coworker Darrel has the same truck and we alternate taking two trips one week and one trip the next week. I like that much better . When we are doing the two trip weeks they give that person the easy 4 or 5/drop trips. By June 10th we slow right down with perennials and the tractors generally get retired for the year.. I like the 8-10:week season. By the time it gets warm and Rv camping time we are finished driving. We call it our 18 wheel therapy. My pal Darrel and I are both retired firefighters.
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    Headed to Daytona Beach Saturday evening, arriving Sunday. We will pick the transmission up and do the install Monday. We plan on heading back Tuesday after a shower and a good nights sleep if all goes well. We did it pretty quick when we brought him back but we had a fully loaded car and the rental was horrible (Jeep Compass 4 cyl). We hope to make it back in under 48 hours if all goes well.
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    Exhaust manifold, exhaust brake, DDP 100HP Injectors, EGT, Boost Gauge, Fuel Pump Relocation, tune up, My son is getting it handle. Only a few curse words. Day one complete. I'm a proud papa supervising his work and talent. While working on my truck. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
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    If there was ever a truck that screamed "I need to be a dually!!!" this is it!
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    Speak for yourself! I am kissing everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    As far as I am concerned it's still a go. I feel pretty confident that all this stay at home crap will be over by then so I ain't scared.
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    So is that new mower for him to use at your house as a reward?
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    Finished up at High Noon. My Black Bart is alive again. So nice to have some power back under my seat. Big thanks too my son. Two days of working on my truck. I rewarded him with a new Honda lawn mover.
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    These stories about failing stands are scaring me into wanting to put a lift in. Anyone know if Harbor Freight sells lifts 😂.
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    Well this was a great decision. I had created the problem and didn't know it. Travis is Top Notch at doing wheels and tires! And his equipment, hell it was better than most of the tire shops I go to. He checked the wheels to make sure all was well there and than balanced each tire/Wheel. By what each one took he decided where it should be located. I was just grunt labor (mostly in the way) but I put the wheels and tires where he told me well he kept going. His tire machine is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a tire broken off the way this thing does. The ride is night and day different. I'll go across the pass today and get to find out the real rewards. Pictures to follow.
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    Toyota period. They run forever when properly maintained. Nissan...nope, Mazda...maybe but I think a good used Toyota Tacoma would fill all of your needs.
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    #$%$#$%^^^^^$#@@##%^^&&*****(*( New I should have asked questions first..... I just went with stock. Fortunately i'm not invested to much in this new switch 20 bucks so I can still upgrade...
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    Here is an update, still have to put the emblems and moldings on. \
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    I'm going to take bad Apps for a 100 Alex... I know you just bought one, I also know their bad right out of the box. Order a Timbo Apps, Replace and see.
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    This will be our third time in a year. The first one, with the known results in Yellowstone, was over 6000 miles since we wandered around then went all the way to Key West then back up Florida. Last time was pretty straight back only avoiding a few areas that were starting to block things off due to the COVID stuff. This time, we are pretty much going to take the shortest/fastest route we can.
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    Could be a cool 3D printer project.
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    40psi for me. That's with a clipped spring. LOL Dave
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    There are so many different directions to go with this that giving a straight answer without more info isn’t so easy. What is the plan for the truck? If you are looking for the path of least resistance and simplicity, I would look into this. It’s an all in one solution with gauges and tuning. https://edgeproducts.com/shop/98-5-00-dodge-5-9l-cummins-competition-juice-w-attitude-cts2 For a fuel upgrade pick your favorite. I’m partial to AirDog but FASS and Fuel Lab are good options. I have installed other pumps or even the budget pump options from FASS and AirDog. In the end They all seem to fail eventually. Just do the pump/filter set up from FASS or AirDog and be done with it.
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    Usually the importer will convert the dash for you too.
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    Talked to a registered importer today just to know for sure. Looks like it costs 1500 us to do it and it has to sit in a compound for 30 days i guess before it is released.... If the guy comes down on the price a little bit, it may be a viable option still....😉
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    As above looks great congrats you finally achieved what you were after 👍 nice work !
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    Ran into a little stumbling block last night. Tore the front end out and discovered the steering rack is dumping fluid.f Going to pick one up now then hopefully going to complete at least more of the reassembly of the front end. 30 minutes with a pressure washer to get the subframe, dogbone, and sway bar clean.
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    We set That truck up with a couple pressure switches that are adjustable, connected to the line pressure. By doing that you can adjust what speed the OD was shifted and then when the torque converter locked. There was some electrical circuits built into as well to lock out OD IIRC. Interestingly enough, the A518 removed From that 93 is the one that is now in the Rat. I bought the tranny from the owner of the 93. It’s OD is also controlled by a pressure switch with a lock out switch. It isn’t hard to do but it takes some time to get the switches adjusted properly.
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    Operation "lift the golf" is officially underway. After a quick trip to Portland today to get Ivan's transmission on its way to Florida for the swap next week, it was time to take care of the Golf suspension. With the new shocks and the jetta wagon springs, the rear is sitting 1.25" higher. The shocks were toast (no pressurization) and the rubber stops were completely rotted. I suppose they could be the original shocks with 350K on them. Whether the original or OEM VW replacements, they had definitely taken a . Tomorrow, the front. Here's a before picture. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    JMSO I’d go further east over to CO and then drop down and then east again Over to top of texas and straight down. You will have heat regardless and storms. I think its hwy 283 or 289 east of Denver, nice road. I’ll confirm...I was close lol, 287 by Denver. Less hills and heading east above Denver is easier drive (less grades) too. BTDT
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    Safe travels , good new Sis is home .. pray for healing and rehab success
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    These are bright. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    the lights on the late beetles are absolutely worthless, no bulb would fix the placement on those things. This is in a shop with plenty of windows so I could not get it that dark.
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    I would take Grandpa's truck for a try out also. if its a 3500 I bet you will like it, most likely with stock suspension and tires it will be a more stable tow rig.
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    I say take grandpas truck on a trip see what you think. ive owned 2 second gen Cummins 2 third gen now have a 2010 4 gen I love it ties great my 07 was megacab it was good truck my 06 was swb quad cab was okay. Each truck has it’s own personality
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    I’m partial to MB Quart and JL separates I did a 6-1/2 mid range and a 1” tweeter up front and 5-1/4 and 1” rear coupled with 3 JL 10W6 subs if you’re not doing subs or smaller/less subs, a bigger mid range in the rear should work. I did 6x9’s in some doors too but cant remember which trucks lol Last I checked on MB Quart, they’re no longer made in the USA so maybe not an option
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    Also needs a NHTSA sticker and EPA. If it was made to be sold in Canada it won’t have that. They’ll tell you you just need a letter from the manufacturer. Daimler Chrysler won’t issue one for you. Trust me on this, you will be forced to use a registered importer. GMC and Ford will issue the letters for you, DC will not.
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    stockers are 205/55R16 My snows are 225/45R17 IIRC My butt dyno knows the difference LOL!
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    I had to do that on my old Pontiac - A road sign and sheet-metal screws worked awesome - covered it all up with rubberized undercoating and it wasnt noticeable. It took them about six months to replace that speed limit sign 🤣
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    Probably handles like a go cart too... I wonder if Air-Ride makes a seat for it? https://www.amazon.com/Heritage-Silver-Air-ride-Adjustable-Truck/dp/B01NBRDKZQ?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1
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    Home Depot rents flat bed trucks... and you also happen to know a few guys with trucks
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    Well, sold the Acura last Friday and I spent the money. Got a set of Bilstein TC Sports, Jetta wagon rear springs, Jetta Wagon automatic VR6 front springs, along with all the extra required suspension goodies (TT control arm bushings, polyurethane front sway bar bushings, picked up a NEUSPEED rear sway bar, tie rod ends, balljoints, and Poly rear axle bushings, a new drivers seat cushion, and a few miscellaneous extras... that along with Ivan buying a new transmission for his car. Operation lift the Golf is almost ready to get underway. All of this should lift it about 1 1/2 - 2" over stock. Looks like him and I are going to try to head out to FL the very end of the month, get his new transmission installed and drive it back. I'll let him tell about his transmission (it is geared VERY differently) but lets just say, we should really do well on the long, relatively flat drive back.
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    Yes Paul I have one of those switches in my new 2003 beetle. it even has a fog light position that I don't have lights for it's like a second switch setting something to dig into lol.
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    I'd love to see the Barracuda ripping it up.
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    COOL!!!!!!!!!! I hope this happens its been a long time since we have seen each other!
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    Here's how I spend my Sunday. I participated in two different birthday cruises, one in Buckley and one in Lacey. It was pretty awesome seeing all the kids' faces. Families were standing in their driveways and yards watching the parade. Apparently both parades got calls to the police by self-righteous do-gooders. Little did they know the Sheriff was blocking traffic for us. I think I'm at the 8min 40sec mark.
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    As my 99 did also - kinda exciting when the crank sensor goes out while crossing the Hoods Canal Bridge towing and 8000 pound boat...
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    Nope, Gotta order from him on line. I think mine was here 3 to 4 days.
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    Heck on a cold morning I just hit the remote start button and let it do the high idle all by itself and it turns on the heated seats and steering wheel
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    If I'm launching a boat by myself and have to get out of the truck on the ramp, I always turn it off and put it in gear or park with the brake on. I think you could use a line lock on the back with a toggle switch. It would make me nervouse standing behind the truck though. Jon
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