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    Drove it to work today. Took a couple guys at work for a little spin around the block. 45psi, boots held, tires didn't I'll admit, its hard to wipe the grin off my face when I'm behind the wheel! Thank you to everyone that helped me get this thing together!!!
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    Yup you sure have the view to die for , enjoy that place my friend , you deserve it !!
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    While replacing the NOX sensor in my truck I had to remove the passenger side front tire, when I took the tire off I noticed what looked like a quarter stuck to the tread right in the middle of the tire. It wasn't a quarter it was what is left of the head of a huge bolt or screw stuck in my tire! I came to Les Schwab after work and when they removed it they said they can't plug it the hole is too big ( yeah I know the story of my life) [emoji1787] So a new set of 285 75R 18 Toyo AT2's are going on right now. My feelers are not badly hurt I hate those highway tires that were on it anyway.
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    Finally figured out why it takes me so long to get stuff done. Polishing the car I suddenly realized how many times I just stop and look. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I wouldn't say it has scared me, yet I have no doubt its fully capable of it! It is allot more violent feeling than I thought it would be, but I'm good with that I know it scared my wife, her eyes as big as saucers gave it away but she wouldn't say anything because our daughter was in the back seat with her arms up like on a roller coaster ride, yelling, AGAIN! AGAIN! I should probably start shopping for a decent video camera.
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    You know I did, a little. 2nd trip this morning I saw about 30psi before it popped the charge pipe off at the intercooler. Its all back together now and has held the same amount of boost a few times. I think it may have been just loose. I wont claim to know much about compounds but these turbos seem to light very fast! Between that and the gearing it doesn't take much fuel pedal to make me laugh. Lol I am trying to be cautious though. I still need to do some work to the waste gate on the small charger and figure out why the backpressure gauge isn't working.
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    Finished up a few things Sunday. What better day to go for the first spin then a Monday morning before work! I didn't go far, no air filter yet. I've still got work to do to but it was a beautiful morning for a quick ride around the block!
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    Oh I know I will. Every time I hear a VP truck pull up next to me I make some comment about how horribly loud it is but what I am really thinking is God I love the sound of that! On the other hand I do enjoy the sound of silence for the new truck.
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    My daughter inherited my wife’s 2002 Honda Accord 2 years ago. The clutch gave up last week. Stroketeck(Dave) had room to fit it in and got the new clutch installed quickly and fixed a few of my errors on the car. Thanks pal. A great job as always!
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    It was great seeing Mark yesterday. I am sure a sad day for him. But I know someone that will try to treat her right. Dave
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    I have no leak EGR also
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    That's so funny, I saw this blue Megacab with Crayola flames on it when I was leaving.... LOL Actually your truck looked really good Paul, hit me up on text next time I was never cool Mark... Ask Ben LOL Suddup Nancy LOL....
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    I have Goodyear duratrac on my 2017. First set wouldn't balance. Second set is better but only about 95% of what I expect. Snow traction however is better then any Toyo I have ever owned.
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    Seems like we have had a few auto accidents lately. I had one today on our way home from Vacation, made us late for a birthday party. I was fueling um my truck when all the sudden I felt it move. I turn around to see a large motor home taking a turn too sharp in front of my truck. I yell at him, and he said "I stopper before I hit your truck" I replied LIKE H you did! Of course I am pissed. He parks his rig then starts to tell me that he want talk to me till I calm down, I tell this is as calm as I am going to be for now. So far it LOOKS like it just tore up the clear bra I had put on the bumper and the lower front fender flair right after I bought it., but cant tell for sure. The guy starts to say "let me take care of this what do you need? I say it hard to tell right now, need to get a good look at it. He said "ho about $100?" Now I start to get upset again. I say it cost me $500 to have the clear bra installed, so its going to be more than $500. he said I am not going to give you that much, how about $150? As you could guess I am getting mad, but staying calm and talking nicely. I knew nothing good will come of it if I get too mad. I ask for his information and he said he cant find the insurance or registration. I tell him I think we just need to call the police and help get this resolved. long story short, he did find his info, he admitted that I was parked and he ran into me to the officer. I got the officer name and number along with a person from the gas station that witnessed it. counting my wife who seen the hole thing, I have 3 good witnesses so I don't think he can change his story. So now the fun begins.
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    Because they "designed" it better. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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    I’ve had a Carter, Walbro and Air Dog fail on me. I have replaced a couple FASS and Air Dogs due to failure. I have pretty much changed every pump available except the hydraulic pump that is belt driven off the damper. Probably because there aren’t a lot out there. They all fail at some point... Nothing lasts forever. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    scotty if you jumped in the box a couple of times you would have made a sub-compact
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    Good choice Dave! I was seriously thinking about trying to sell mine to buy it.
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    I have these on my 2014 and they are really nice!
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    Aww yeah! 🤘Even better!
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    It's like the Saturday Night Live skit? Cris or Pat?? LOL
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    I love the warning flags. It needs a wide load sign on it! [emoji1787]
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    Been running cooper AT3's on my truck for the past several sets. Have held up better than any other tire short of the original Michelin road tires. They have done well on gravel, snow, & ice. Haven't been in any real sand or mud to speak of but would not expect to be that great as the are just AT tires. Price has been really nice as well.
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    After the past weekend on the water, so far this effort has been worth while. Lake scum washed right off. Hard Water spots weren't near as bad as the 3 past seasons. Now to find out how long it lasts. My last clean up took an hour, down from 3 to 4 hours.