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    Move a car out... Oh wait. What was i thinking. Put the refrigerator on the porch. LOL!
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    Starting to sound like Craig’s list in here lol
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    after much reading i chose mobile delvac 50 weight synthetic gear lube. slightly more effort to shift when cold compared to ATF, but fine otherwise,it quieted down the gear noise in the trans common with ATF. no special tricks i can think of,the crossmember is much easier than a 2nd gen!
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    Overfill by a quart through shift tower. Remember the dual mass comes apart more like a flex plate vs conventional Dual mass comes out.... sane people don’t put one back in (Peter has their organic dual disc rated at 550HP that is awesome and smoother than stock even backing up) Put an ear plug into cup holder bolt holes after tightening things up. It’ll let you easily clean out the holes for removal next time.
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    No that's not true. It will wait till I am 400 miles from home with the camper and boat then it will die. That's not gonna happen to me again. I hope the next owner gets 300,000 trouble free miles out of her.
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    Sorry to hear this terrible some people. I’ve heard of uhaul having problems with people drilling fuel tanks to steal gas. Guess this is case of remove warning labels and some problems will fix themselves.
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    I had a friend get killed because a tire came through the front of the van he was riding in. It was from a dump truck. I am very glad you are safe, but also very glad no one else got hurt.
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    That s400 is a really good size, and not very expensive. Many different combos work well in that range, but I'm not familiar with the turbo the starter of this thread is trying to use. Anything variable seems overly complicated to me.
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    Noted. I'm going to share this with Mike!
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    Spending Hoss's money is one of my favorite past times!!!!
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    Paul I was just yanking your chain ... no offense meant , my bad if you took my "humor" badly
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    Youre the reason I’m running them, I think I stumbled across one of your posts about them when I was putting the ‘98 together.
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    At that point... what is one more?😁
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    Driver seat is nice. I changed the seats about 2 years ago. They are heated leather.
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    Best of luck with the hunt and time relaxing with nature. Also best of luck when you get back to the battle. It is just my opinion but from my life experience I have concluded that not one single insurance company is a friend, they are all enemies of consumers with only company profit in mind. Same goes for governments. Sure they may make a decision that is in your favor but you can bet it was only because its in THEIR favor at that time as well. I agree with Scotty, pull no punches and expose them for all they are worth. Burn the entire company down.
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    Christmas gift idea ----Kim😎
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    No that's not true. It will wait till I am 400 miles from home with the camper and boat then it will die. That's not gonna happen to me again. I hope the next owner gets 300,000 trouble free miles out of her. Next owner will beat the dog snot out of it, ignore all the maintenance stuff..... use ALL the horsepower to pull everything all over.... and I'm sure other douchebaggery. And still get 350K trouble free miles out of it. Its how your luck goes!
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    Made a bit more progress. Pistons and cam were in a couple days ago. Measured piston protrusion. Between 0.026 and 0.019. I guess Mahle pistons aren’t sorted so some deviation between cylinders is normal. I got the exhaust manifold and intake plate on but had to walk away when I found one damaged and one missing ARP nut. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This sucks. Person doing it probably doesn't even realize their stupidity.
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    I certainly do consider myself lucky ! When I got stopped & saw the rotor hanging in the wheel no more than an inch, I bout crap myself. Glad it didnt cut loose & glad I had the tools with me to fast track the fix !
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    Your one to talk! The only difference between you and me is your younger. You know dang good and well you would do the same thing....... Just sayin [emoji1787]
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    Yep!!!!!!!!!!!Its insane how cheap a guy can get stuff. This car has nice alloy wheels as well and I think I am going to buy them for the studded snow tires.
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    13spd Eaton. Bout a 500RPM drop between gears IIRC. I agree with the BD towing compounds or something similar sized. My S300 57/65/14 over a S400 75/96/1.15 setup still amazes me sometimes. So far I have seen 15PSI by 1500RPMS. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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    I work on a LOT of gearboxes that need the lubricant carried up the the gears and bearings that are above the lubricant level. Thay all work without a close fitting cover next to the gears. Another thing that is left out is by his logic all 4X4 trucks would loose the front axle bearings because the the ring gear is rotating the wrong direction. If he is correct there should be a LOT of bearing and gear failures on all the rigs that had an aftermarket cover. There are a lot of covers in use. Has anyone heard of numerous failures AFTER an aftermarket cover was installed? I also totally disagree with his theory that the oil will have to make two 90 degree turns to get to the top. The oil between the cover and the ring gear will be a buffer. Most of the lube will cling to the ring gear and follow it around to the top And back down. Think about when you make a cake and use a mixer. If the mixer blades are in the batter, nothing gets thrown off the blades, take the blades out of the batter and you have a mess. I wont say that the aftermarket covers are as good as advertised, but I really dont think that are causing any damage or using up extra HP. (Unless you run a thicker lube)
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    For 2 gen rear is 210-0160 and front is 210-0213 both napa# I think the book said 2000-2002 though