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    sold my 2005 in feb. got this 2017 today. flew to spokane this morning, sales guy picked me up at airport. dealer was pierce auto center in Sagle ID. just south of sandpoint. talk about a no hassle deal...anyways its an SLT with center console, aisin trans and 3.42 gears. 1 owner.
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    If you’re wanting deletes move now vs later. They’re going to be much harder to get.
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    Both shutdown cables are done. The air shutdown actuates nicely. Firm pull but not bad. I can easily reach it in this spot. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    i very much like the 3.42 gears.
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    Nice ride. I like using tow haul and exhaust brake even empty nice going down the mountains not using brakes
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    I remember my first time going to BD Diesel back when Piers and Bill both still worked there. I had just bought my 1993 Ram and coming home and seeing Randy at Randy's Off Road and telling him he needs to get into this diesel stuff. He told me there was no money in it and he didn't have time to mess with it because the jeeps had him way too busy [emoji1787]
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    That is a cool stereo. Very nice work Ben!
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    God I wish they were all chrome I jump all over them!
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    I just ordered one. I need to try this out.
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    Actually I did run out of pink ones LOL.... I have a giant bag of black ones, just using up all the colored ones I have LOL... Once they get dirt on them no one cares anyway LOL
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    Does the starter still work???? LOL! Couldn't resist. Also, nice purple zip ties! Did you run out of pink?
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    Depends on what state I am traveling in. Sometimes I have to have flags too. LOL Dave
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    Ahhh, I'll let Ivan know that didn't come through right. I'm going out to the house tomorrow. I can put everything in the truck and you can look at them... no obligation. Just went back to stock size. 17 & 18" tires are just too expensive. It's all part of our "get him through 4 years of college with a reliable, easy to maintain, car" plan.
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    That guy knows that lake! He can catch Kokanee anywhere.
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    It's a very compact 29'. Plus the bracket. Dave
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    Just something to think about ………….. Make sure it is MORE than easy to reach those shut offs! Take into consideration that under full throttle your butt is planted in the seat and that if you are at the track you will be strapped into a harness. It makes a huge difference in what you reach and what you cant. The belts are very restrictive. Even a factory seatbelt under acceleration will not allow you lean forward and extend the belt. Anything you need to grab for safety should be within reach when your shoulders are stuck to the back of you seat. Been there done that got the tee shirt (and the stained shorts) to prove it.
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    thanks guys! its been 2 months to the day (yesterday) that i sold the 2005. was beginning to wonder if i was ever gonna find the right one. today i moved the rubbermaid tub of the stuff i kept in the 2005 in to the 17, this truck has more storage. have space left over.
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    Wow, congratulations! That's an awesome truck! As these newer assassin tranny truck get older it sure makes it more and more tempting to follow your path and trade up. I think at 80mph I'm turning 2500rpm or more. lol
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    If you have the trans tuned to lock the convertor in 2nd, it is even better. I have exhaust brake function all the way down to 18MPH in our 2012. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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    The Aisin has had a lot of aftermarket builds and parts lately
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    Austin, I was complaining about how weak it was to Desperado. He asked if I had tried it in tow / haul mode. I hadn't. It definitely works then!
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    Steps in their retracted state and in their extended position. I also got the tailgate in the mail but forgot to order the latch. It will be here Saturday.
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    Already installed AMP steps. I've had them for a couple years thinking I would install them on the 02, but they didn't fit. So first thing I did to the 2015 was install the steps. They work great.
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    Right. I’m gonna shut up now...hold your applause 😁
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    Stock box and filter? My filter minder used to get sucked down on the first pull with a clean filter and a PDR HX40 with a #10plate and 370s, that was a key indicator it needed to be replaced. If your twins can’t suck that thing down with a clean filter then you either need more fuel or to look for the hole in your intake lol.